Boat Trip ……….. A Dud of A Movie But Seeing Rosalyn Sanchez Gave Me A New Found Respect For Her As An Actress …….. And Then Some !

Boat Trip ……….. A Dud of A Movie But Seeing Rosalyn Sanchez Gave Me A New Found Respect For Her As An Actress …….. And Then Some !

Though she might be considered to be among the second or third tier of ‘Hot Latina’ actresses behind the likes of Salma Hayek , Penelope Cruz and Paz Vega . Rosalyn Sanchez if nothing else, has proven to be resilient. Though more widely known for her recurring role as an FBI agent, Elena Delgado, on the ‘CBS’ hit drama ‘Without A Trace’ .

The  <strong>  delectable <em>  and   always  delightful </em>  Roselyn   Sanchez</strong> . Who  could  ask for  anything  more  ?

Though she’s had her fair share of tv roles and a number of films to her credit, amongst which was the blockbuster Jackie Chan , Chris Tucker sequel ‘Rush Hour 2′ , in which she co-starred alongside the two comedic action stars. She was also in the depressingly ‘unfunny comedic’ vehicle for Mariah Carey’s ‘cougar husband’ Nick Cannon . Anyone who might have had the stomach to witness ‘Underclassman’ must now be completely devoid of all of their faculties. But having recently had some spare time on my hands and with the Netflix subscription found to be wanting. I thought better of it and requested the movie ‘Boat Trip . In which she co-starred alongside Oscar winner , Cuba Gooding Jr , in this somewhat rather mundane comedy. That asides, there is one scene that will have all testosterone driven males yearning to have Sanchez reproduce the scene , in which she suggestively performs fellatio on a banana. That scene alone was worth watching, the no more than four minutes therein , that just wets your appetite for something more lascivious to be forthcoming from the actress.


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Here you see Rosalyn Sanchez perform her now famous “banana scene” from the movie ‘Boat Trip’. Sit back and enjoy , as you’ll have a new found reverence for Rosalyn Sanchez one way or another. Make of it what you will.



And just to make you feel even better here are some pics of the delectable Rosalyn Sanchez. Hopefully you’ll find the content matter to your liking ?

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ………… :)


<strong>  Roselyn  Sanchez </strong>  all  wet  and  wild ......


<strong>  Wet  that's  how  I  for  one   would  like to see  Roselyn  Sanchez  !  </strong>  Is  there really  any  other  way   to  view  her  ?


Stills  from  that  now  <strong><em>'infamous  scene' </strong</em> from  the  movie <strong> ' Boat  Trip'</strong> .    Who wouldn't want  to  be  that  banana  for  at  least a   couple  of   minutes  ?

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14 Responses to Boat Trip ……….. A Dud of A Movie But Seeing Rosalyn Sanchez Gave Me A New Found Respect For Her As An Actress …….. And Then Some !

  1. chappy81 says:

    Haven’t seen the movie, but she’s pretty damn hot!


  2. al clements says:

    Ain’t seen the movie either…but thoroughly enjoyed her figure when on “Without a Trace” Even clothed she is one hell of a woman.


    • tophatal says:

      al clements

      Clothed or unclothed , I’d still tap that a_s ! I’m an equal opportunity hound dog , that’s for sure.

      Both Sanchez and Poppy Montgomery are perhaps the ‘best things’ about the show entirely !


      In her role as Samantha Spade, Montgomery is truly ‘hot’ !

      Alan Parkins


  3. aero says:

    No that's not a banana in my pocket and yes I am glad to see her.


  4. tophatal says:


    Sanchez gives a whole new meaning to pulling back the skin to see what there is inside and then licking and eating it all, don’t you think ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Alan Parkins


  5. tophatal says:

    chappy 81

    I thank you my good man and once again for your unwavering support as usual !

    Alan Parkins


  6. Um…. she looks pretty good from here.


    • tophatal says:

      Chris Humpherys

      She’d look good in any position , especially lying beneath me as I get into all of her nooks and crannies . And boy ‘how do I love to get into a woman’s nook and cranny !

      Alan Parkins


  7. Second tier my ass, she’s top shelf trim.

    I suffered through her stripper movie Yellow just to ogle her.

    She can act in my home movies anytime.


    • tophatal says:


      I think we can all agree that no guy in their right mind would kick Roselyn Sanchez out of their bed on a wet and cold dark night. If anything we’d prefer to have her spend at least three or four consecutive days in our bed sharing something ‘extra special’ shall we say ?


      Now this is what I’m talking ’bout ! Hot damn !

      Alan Parkins


  8. aero says:

    Ay carumba!


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