It’s The Gift That Keeps On Ticking , Ticking And Just Keeps On Givin, Otherwise Known As Basball’s Dirty Little Secret ………

It’s  The Gift  That  Keeps  On Ticking , Ticking  And  Just   Keeps  On  Giving  ,  Otherwise  Known  As  Baseball’s  Dirty  Little  Secret  .





Well   now  that  the   World   Baseball  Classic  has  past. And   it has  no  doubt  faded  off   long  into  the  memories  of    most.  Especially   considering   the   United  States’  team’s    ever  so   disastrous   efforts   in the   tournament.    Now  I’m   not   going  to  lament   on  what  went   wrong  there.  As  it’s   best   left  to the  likes  of   Tommy  LaSorda.    He  knows   better  than   most    how   ineffectual   the  team  actually  was. 



Former Senator  George  Mitchell  and  Major  League Baseball  Commissioner  Allan 'Bud'  Selig  seen  here   at the  announcement   that  the   announcement  the   reported   investigation   known as The Mitchell Report  has  reached  its  culmination.
Sen. George Mitchell (foreground) and Major League Baseball Commissioner Allan 'Bud' Selig seen here announcing that the conducted investigation into steroid use within the game known as The Mitchell Report had reached its culmination . The contents of which haven't been readily made for public consumption. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Patrick Rycroft ..............




It’s   now  coming    more  the   fore   as  to  how  much   of  a  conflict   and  corruption  there now   is  when   it  comes  to   recruiting    young   players   from the  Caribbean  and   the  South  American   continent   into the  major  leagues.  So   much   so   that   even   when  The Mitchell Report  touched   on the  matter  it  was  somewhat   ignored.   Those  of  who  were   interested as  to  the  content   of  the  report   were    primarily   concerned as  to  what  it  have   to  say  with  regard  to  the   players   involved   in  the   steroid  abuse   scandal. 





That   situation   in   of itself   continues   unabated  and   it  hasn’t   helped  that  the   game’s   biggest  star   Alex  Rodriguez   has   admitted   to  using   steroids.  And   whilst  the  player  has   offered   what   one  would   deem  a  contrite   apology   to  the   fans ,  public  ,  his   teammates  and  the    New York  Yankees  organization.   The   latest   rumors    surrounding  the   player   only  exacerbates  the   situation  even  further .  Added  to  the   fact  that  he’s   lost  to  the  team  before   the   regular  season  begins   due   injury  and   surgery.



Alex  Rodriguez (right)  along  with  Yankees' GM Brian  Cashman (center)  and  the  team's  manager Joe Girardi.
Alex Rodriguez (right) seen here alongside Yankees' GM Brian Cashman (center) and team manager Joe Girardi. All three are there at George Stennbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida. Where the player made his public statement announcing his use of steroids. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Al Messerschmidt .............



This   has   become   nothing   but  an    unmitigated  disaster    for  Major  League  Baseball.  Their   effort to   try   and   clean  up  the  game  has  been  about  as  effective   as   throwing   a   half   empty  kerosene  gas  can   into  fire   thinking  that   nothing   will  actually  happen.  And  with  evidence  now   swirling   around  that  young   players   in  particularly   from  the  Dominican  Republic   have   been   used  as   pawns   in    the  deceptive  practice   of  enticing   big  league    teams   to    pay  exorbitant   sums   of  money  in  terms   of a  signing   bonus  to  effectively   have  a  player   sign  with  them.    It   only  adds     further     to a  percolating    pot  of  misdeed  and    plain   ineptitude    within  the   upper  ranks   of  the game’s   hierarchy.     And  it   certainly   hasn’t    helped  that    officials    from  within   some   of  the  major    organizations   might   well   have  been   involved  are   infact  implicated  in  payoffs to  the  buscones /agents (facilitators)  who    offer  the  players   to  the   teams.



Esmailyn Gonzalez  as  he's  known  the  Washington Nationals  but  the  player's  actual  given  birth  name  is  Carlos Alvarez  Daniel  Lugo.  He's  seen  here  signed  as a  top prospect   with  then  coach  Frank  Robinson.
Esmailyn Gonzalez as he's known to the Washington Nationals. But whose given and birth name is actually Carlos Daniel Alvarez Lugo. The player seen here with then coach Frank Robinson was signed as a top prospect by the team. picture appears courtesy of ap/ Victor Matthews ..............





This   all   emanated  from  the  Esmailyn Gonzalez  scandal  that  exploded    with  the   player   having   signed   with  the  Washington  Nationals. Not   only  had   the   player’s   birth  certificate   been    falsified   with   regards   to   his   age.   But   a  large   amount   of   money  exchanged   hands   between  the   team   ,  the   player   in   terms   of  his   signing   bonus.  But   also    with   the   agent   getting   his   cut.  It’s   believed  that   also  several  of   the  Nationals’ own  staff    profited   from  this    by  way   of   a   cut   from   the  money   that  was    paid  to   the  player.  It’s   not    uncommon   for   this   to   happen  within  the  lower   echelons  of   organization   if  it’s   deemed  to  be  happening  amongst  a  team’s   scouting   staff.    But    what    makes  this  all   so   unpalatable   is   that  it   is  believed  that   in  the   case   of  Gonzalez  .  It   may  have   involved  the   team’s   general  manager  at the  time  Jim  Bowden  and   his special  assistant   Jose Rijo .   And  while   both    are   no    longer  with   the   team with   Rijo   having    been   fired  and  Bowden   re-signing    while   proclaiming   his  innocence  as   to   any   wrongdoing.   The   facts   speak   for  themselves     as   very    little   was   done   to   verify  the   player’s  records.  Much   less  they, themselves    conducting   their  own  internal investigation.



Nationals' principal  owner  Stan  Kasten .
Washington Nationals' principal owner Stan Kasten. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Paul Thornton ..................





While  on  appearance  this  may   not   seem   a   serious   transgression.  Consider the  fact   once    money   was   pocketed   by   anyone   within  the  organization   who  wasn’t  entitled  to it.  It   then  becomes  a  federal  offense   and   as   such  is  indictable     by   law.   And  with   the  FBI   now   conducting   its  own  investigation    into   what  it   is   believed  to  now   be  a   widespread   practice   throughout   the   league.  One   has  to   ask  the   question.    What   is   going   on     behind   the  closed   doors   of   Major   League  Baseball  and   its   franchises   ?  If  there’s  now  that  much    widespread    corruption   from  the   top  down  then   surely   the   game’s  own   hierarchy    ought  to  be  looked  at  as  well  ? 




Former  Washington  Nationals'  GM  Jim  Bowden  seen here  holding  up a  player's  jersey at  a  news  conference to  introduce  newly  installed  team  manager  Manny  Acta.
Former Washington Nationals' GM Jim Bowden seen here holding up a player's jersey at a press conference to introduce the team's newly installed team manager Manny Acta. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ David Hurst .................



And most   certainly  this   isn’t  an   isolated    incident  as  far  as  a   player   lying   about  their  age.  As   several  of  the   game’s   top    stars.  Who   in  this  case    happen  to  be  from  the  Dominican  Republic    have   either   had   their     records   falsified    or   actually   lied  to  their   respective  team  at  the   time   in  order   to be   signed  at   the   same  in   order  to  obtain   the   signing   bonus.  What   no   one   knows    is   the  extent   of   the  subterfuge  that  may   or  may   not   have   taken     place  at   the  time  to   elicit     the   transaction  that   took   place.    Suffice  to   say   that    players    such  as  Miguel   Tejada  ,  Vladimir  Guerrero  ,  Rafael  Furcal, Bartolo  Colon,   Ervin  Santana   and   Octavio   Dotel   have   previously   understated  their   age   in    order  that  were   signed    by   their   prospective   teams  when   first  entering   the  big  leagues.  One   can  surmise     that     had   they   not    offer   up   that  morsel  of   information   then  it   would’ve    gone   undetected. 



Fomer  Nationals'  special  assistant   Jose  Rijo.
Former Special Assistant to GM Jim Bowden who has been implicated in the Esmailyn Gonzalez Affair. Rijo is no longer with the team having been relinquished of his duties and fired. picture appears courtesy of afp/ Tom Richards ..........







As  to  the   practice   itself    and   how  it’s   conducted   in the  Dominican Republic.  One   can  understand   that  the    facilitators  themselves    the   lure   of    obtaining   a  player    who  they’ve   groomed  to   play   in   The  Big Leagues. It’s   viewed  as  their    meal   ticket   to    prosperity.    And with  a  never  ending   supply   of    young    player   all  willing  to  be   a  part    of   it  all.   There’s   no  end  to  the  willingness  to  make   this all  a   profitable  endeavor    for   those  willing  to  participate   on   both  sides   of  the   bargaining   table.   For   these   young   players  it  is  their    dream     to  escape   the  poverty    on  the  island.  And  the  dream  of    playing    in  the   majors    is   indeed   a   hard   thirst   to    quench.  So   should   they    actually   make   it   there   then   it   becomes  all   the   more   satisfactory   that   the   thirst   is   quenched.  In  the  Dominican  Republic  where   its   GDP  (gross  domestic  product) USD45.8  billion  and  the  earning   per   capita  US$ 5132-00.   A   signing   bonus    for   $1m is  immeasurable  and   ensures  a   life    of   luxury     for    their   extended   family.     What’s    unfortunate   however  is  the  lengths   to  which   some  will   go  to  ensure     that    many  of   these   players   are   enticed  to  sell  their   souls    so    that   other    are  able  to  profit.   That’s   not  to   say   that   they   aren’t   able  to   fully    comprehend    what’s   happening.    But  all  too  often   they’re  often   kept   in  the   dark   as  to     true   extent    of  what’s    going   on.   Either    through   naiveté  or  the   fact   the   parties   involved    other    than    the   player   are      only  all   too  willing   to    make  the    deception    on  the   surface  above    board  and   legal. 






That   web   of   deceit   and  lies   as   it   now  stands    appears   to be   the   gift   that   keeps   on   giving,  giving  and   keeps   on   ticking.   And   the  fact  of  the  matter is   baseball  was   only   all  too  willing    before   it   got    caught   with  its   hands   in  the  cookie   jar,  to  act  as  if   nothing   wrong   had   been   going  on.  .



Angels'  outfielder and  slugger  Vladimir Guerrero.   picture  appears   courtesy   of  ap/photo/  Matthew J  Hodges ............
Angels' slugger and outfielder Vladimir Guerrero. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Matthew J Hodges .................




Needless  to  say    that     the  game’s  hierarchy  will  once  again  deny   that   it   knew   anything  as   to   what   had   been    going  on.   But   if  the  likes  of   the   players   named  earlier  in this  piece were  are  able  to  get  away    with    one   subterfuge   enacted    under  their   very  nose.   Then    who’s   to   say   that  they  weren’t   aware  of  it  all  to  begin with ?    The   same   stance   has  been   taken  with   regard to   the   steroid  issue. And  we   all   know  how   much   the    game  ,  the   owners  and   the   players    profited   from   it  all.  Much   to  the   dismay   of  the  fans    who  stood   by  and   were   unable  to   do  anything   about  it  all.  The   same  thing    is   now   happening again   we’re    none the  wiser.  And   so too   it appears   is   Major League  Baseball  when  it  comes  to  acting    responsibly  and   with    any  semblance   of  intelligence.   





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