How Many QB’s Does It Take Indeed And Need To Change A Light Bulb ….?


How  Many  QB’s  Does It   Take   Indeed  And  Need To   Change  A  Light  Bulb  ? 




Well  the  NFL   Draft  has  come  and  gone.  And   no  doubt  many  of  the  fans  who  prognosticated  the  decisions  that  were  made  by  their    respective  teams  may  well  have   been  heartened   or   disgusted with   those   choices. 



Josh Freeman  seen  here  alongside NFL  Commissioner   Roger  Goodell  on  Draft  Day.   The venue  for the  draft  was the  Radio  City  Music  Hall  in  New York  City , New York.
Josh Freeman seen here alongside NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Draft Day. Freeman was taken as the seventeenth pick overall in the first round by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Stuart Burroughs .........




Well  the  butt  of  jokes  here   in  the  Tampa  Bay   area   is  alluded  to  in   the  title  of  this   piece.  How  Many  QB’s   Does It  Take   Indeed ,  And   Need  To  Change   A  Light  Bulb  ?  If   you  can   answer   that   question  ,  then  I  for  one   am  not  prepared  to  question   your    intelligence. 



Freeman   poses with  family  and  friends  at  the  Radio City  Music  Hall  in New York  City.
Josh Freeman seen here with family and friends at the Radio City Music Hall, New York City. Venue for the 2009 NFL Draft. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Stuart Rice ...........





Suffice  to  say  with   the  decision  made   by  the  Tampa  Bay   Buccaneers  hierarchy.  One   has to  be  now   questioning  the   direction  of  this  franchise  and  the   intent   of both   the  coach  Raheem  Morris  and  that  of  the  GM  Mark  Dominik.    





In  making    Josh  Freeman  the  quarterback  from   Kansas  State the   seventeenth  overall  pick  in  the  first  round  of  the  draft. I  can  only  surmise  that    Morris   might’ve  been  pressured   into  this  decision .  Or   primarily   from   his   knowledge   of  a  player  whom   he   knew   from   his  days  with  the  university  as a  defensive   coordinator.   His   love  of  the   player  can’t   have  gone   unnoticed   to  those of  us  in  the  locale.  It  quite    literally  bordered   on  unadulterated    lust.  And  that  if  anything   should   really  have  been   cause  for  concern.



The  Buccaneers   with  their  first  round draft pick  Josh  Freeman
Josh Freeman (center) is seen here alongside Buccaneers' coach Raheem Morris (left) and the franchise's GM Mark Dominik (right). The player was introduced to locally convened press at a conference held at the team's headquarters. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Brian Scovell ................





That being   said   with   there   being   so  many   deficiencies   on this   Buccaneers’  team  on  both  sides  of  the  ball.  I  for   one  feel   that both   Dominik  , Morris  and  the  Bucs’   coaching   staff  neglected  their   duties  in   getting   real   value  with  that   number   one  pick.   They  could’ve   chosen  to  have   traded   down  or   go  out  and   obtained  a  defensive   tackle  or   offensive   lineman.   But instead  they  chose  to  go  with   a  player who  shall  we   say   can   be   described   having  a  strong  arm   but   prone  to  making   mistakes.  And   whose   accuracy   is   less  than  can  be  desired.





Josh  Freeman
Bucs' first round draft pick Josh Freeman takes questions from the locally convened press after his arrival at the team's headquarters for a press conference inTampa. pictures appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Rod Gilliam .............



Whatever    Morris  sees  in the   player  isn’t  apparent  to   us  all.  I’d  dare   say  that  it’s   not   completely   apparent  to  even   the   most   ardent   of  Bucs’  fans   at  this  juncture.   Many   of  them   summarily   booed  the   choice   when  it   was   announced  to   those  in  attendance     at the    franchise’s    annual      draft   day  turnout.   Suffice   to  say   they   felt   that  the   pick   could’ve   been  made  better   use  of  with   another  choice  completely.  Some   might   agree   while   others   will   disagree.     Though   not  a Bucs’  fan   ,  I   do   live  within  the  community  where  the   coverage   of the  team  is  almost  incessant  day  in  day  out   when  it comes to  the  local  sports’   talk   radio shows.   And  it’s  not  lost  on  the  local    tv  media  either.  As  everyone  wants  to  have  a   say   in the  fortunes of   the  team.





And with  the  upheavals that   took   place  still   fresh  in the  minds  of  many   concerning  the  roster   in  the  offseason.   This  may  well   have  brought   things  to   boil .   And   now  it’ll   continue    foment   whilst  we  await  to  see  the  progress  that   may  or  not  be  made  by  the   young   quarterback.     The   franchise  as a  whole   are  still  waiting   to  see the  premiums   of  former   draft   picks   in  the   guise of  Gaines  Adams,  Carnell  Williams  ,  Michael  Clayton   to  name   but  a  few. But  then   again   Morris’   predecessor   Jon  Gruden  and   his    partner  in  arms  Bruce Allen   were    never  known  as  great  assessors   of  college   talent.   Their    proclivities  if  anything   came   about  from   picking   up   free  agents   of   the   rosters   of    other   teams  and   turning  them  useful   pieces   on  a  team .   That   can  be   best  described as   objective   driven.  Doing the  basics   but   doing  them well.   Nothing   flashy  ,  just  what  needs  to  be  done ,  nothing  more  and  nothing  less.







At  the  start  of  this   new   regime  under Morris   we  could   see that  both  men  (Dominik and  Morris)  wanted   and   envisaged a  change.  A  change  that  they  no   doubt  felt   would  be  for  the  better.  Albeit  that   the   instructions  were  coming   down  from  upon   high   at  the  behest of  the  Glazer  family  as  owners  of the  franchise.   But  case  in   point   were  the   changes   and  how  they’ve  been   dealt  with.   Were  they   meant  to  be  done  expediently  and  with  a  sense  of  purpose  ?  Or   were  they   being   done   merely   to completely   disassociate    the  fans   from the  previous  from  the   tenure   of   Jon Gruden ?



Free  agent   signee   Byron  Leftwich.
Byron Leftwich who'd been recently signed by the Buccaneers to a 2 year $7.5m contract. It's thought that Leftwich would be viewed as either a starter or challenger to the announced incumbent Luke McCown . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Stan Matthews ...............




With  quarterbacks  on this   team  it’s   hard to  see what this   will   allude  to  and  what it  represents  to   the  fans.   Having   signed   Byron  Leftwich  it’s  assumed  to   challenge   the  incumbent   starter  as   named   by  Morris  in Luke  McCown.  It  was  thought  that   with   these  two   battling   it   out   for  the  position.  The   rest  would  take  care  of   itself.  You  also   had an  experienced  journeyman  in   Brian  Griese  and  an   erstwhile   project   in  the  making   with  Josh  Johnson.  One   would’ve   thought  that    there   were    enough   quarterbacks  on the  Buccaneers’   roster.    But  then   again  you  can  never  have too  many.   Especially   if  there’s  a   light  bulb  to  be  changed  or    you  really   just  aren’t   enamored  with   what    you’ve   got  at  present.




Luke  McCown   the  presumptive  starting  quarterback   for  the  Tampa  Buccaneers.  Or  so  it was  thought  ?
Luke McCown the presumptive starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . Or so it was thought. But now with a plethora of qb's on the roster . Who's to say how things'll turn out ? picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Steve Mayhew .................



It’d   be  remiss  to  suggest   that  the   subsequent    picks   made   by  the   team  aren’t  of  any   value.    But   based   on the   judgment  shown  and   the   predilection   of  both   Morris  and  Dominik  in  terms   of  the  announcements  being   made.  I’d  fare  to  say   that   we’re   going   to  be   in   for  one   hell of  a  ride   in  the  preseason  and   regular  season.  As  the   team   goes  about    finding a   new  identity   under  that   of   its   new   coach  and  GM.  If  nothing  else  the  thinking  will  be  that   this    team   will   struggle  in  large   part  as   it   comes  to  terms   with    a   young   roster  and    no  apparent   veteran  leadership. Something   that  if  anything   would  have  provided   more  stability   for    a  team    looking   to   finds   its  way    in  under    a    new  leadership    off  the  field   in  a  young   coach  and   executive.  




Brian  Griese (8)  seen  here  playing   for   the  Tampa  Bay Buccaneers.   Griese is  now  in  his  second spell  with the  team as  a  player.     picture appears  courtesy  of  getty  images/   Chris  Covey
Brian Griese (8) is now one of five quarterbacks on the Bucs' roster. Griese seen here playing against the Chicago Bears is in his second spell with the team as a player. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Chris Covey .............



As  to the   veteran  leadership   on  it   may   well  be  left   in the  hands  of Ronde Barber .  Who if  anything ,  his best   days  are   behind   him  and    not   ahead   of   him.   The   team  will   live and   die   by  the  decisions  made   ,  but  none    perhaps   more  so  than  with  the  decision  perhaps  in the  drafting   of  Josh  Freeman. 



Josh   Johnson  .
Josh Johson a work in progress ? Johnson is one of 5 quarterbacks on the Buccaneers' roster. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo / Clive Hamilton ............





It   may   well  take  a  while   for   the  light  bulb  to  click  with   Freeman  but  perhaps  he might   just  have  some fun  being   part  of  the  experiment  with  his  cohorts  in  Griese,  Johnson,  McCown  and Leftwich.  I    mean   Josh  can   stand  on their  shoulders   while  they   spin  him  around   enabling   him   to  place   the  bulb   in  the  light  socket   all   under the   watchful   eye  of   Raheem   Morris   who’ll  be  shouting   the   instructions  as  to   how  to  get  the  job  done   efficiently. 




Picture  it   in  your   mind     but  also   have   fun   doing  so.  I  will  !






Bucs’  draft   picks.    Expanded   draft  coverage   link   here.  Click  on  text  provided.


3rd  round  17th  pick   81st overall  Roy Miller    DT  University  of  Texas

4th round   17th  pick   117th overall   Kyle Moore   DE  University of  South  Carolina 

5th round   19th  pick    155TH overall  Xavier   Fulton  OL   Illinois 

7th  round   8th   pick  217th     overall    E  J    Biggers   CB  Western  Michigan

 7th round  24th  pick    233rd  overall  Sammie   Stroughter  WR  Oregon  St 




It  should  be   noted  that   Moore  ,Biggers   and  Stroughter   came   by  way   of   Dallas  ,  Jacksonville  and  Baltimore.

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

2 thoughts on “How Many QB’s Does It Take Indeed And Need To Change A Light Bulb ….?”

  1. Well, this is a tough call.

    I mean, they wanted Freeman all along. I’m guessing landing Leftwich just kinda happened, so at least there’s some veteran presence. But you’re right. 5 is a lot.

    I’m guessing Johnson will be the first man out, but either way, unless Gruden is still pulling the strings somewhere, we’re not starting the season with four QBs.

    I have an idea. Maybe they can start Freeman at tight end like everyone thinks Tebow will play at the next level.


  2. Sports Chump (Chris)
    They’ve made a mess of this all. And it’s becoming abundantly clear the fans won’t wholeheartedly tolerate sheer ineptitude. And that’s what Dominink and Morris are now providing at their expense.

    Do you in all honesty think that they’ll be willing to part with their hard earnt cash to still see the Bucs play at this juncture , economic strife or not ?

    Morris may well be saying all the right things but he’s not necessarily doing the right things to improve this team.


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