I Know Crap When I See It And I Don’t Need To Be Reminded Of It …………..

I Know Crap When I See  It  I   Don’t  Need  To  Be Reminded  Of  It 

Well  as  we all know  last  season  the  Detroit  Lions  went 0-16  and  brought  about an end  to a  season  of  complete  ineptitude for   the franchise.  That  being  said  many  felt  that  there may  well  have  been  something  that  could  be  learnt  from  all  of this. 


Coach  Jim  Schwartz of  the  Detroit Liosn  seen  here  at  the  team's initial   rookie  training  camp.
Jim Schwartz coach of the Detroit Lions seen here at the team's rookie training camp and OTA workouts. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Russell Thompson ...........


 I  personally   can’t  see  what   can  be  learned  from  such  an inept  display   in futility.  For  the last   six  years  at  least  the  franchise has  been  mired  in mediocrity.  And  the  ownership  of  the  franchise has  remained deafeningly  silent   whilst  much  of  this  has  all  played   out   for the  public’s and  fans’  attention  alike. 


Martin Mayhew (center) Lions' GM seen here alongside Team President Tom Lewand and team owner William Clay Ford Sr. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo / Tim Shaw ..............

What can  be  said  about the   franchise and  the  Ford  family  that  hasn’t   already  been  said  ?  I’d dare  that  a  number  of   us   would  have  a  few  choice  adjectives  that  can  best   describe  the  organization  as a  whole  ?  And it  certainly  hasn’t  helped  in  seeing  the  Ford  family  fortunes  taken  such  an  abrupt  turn  with regards  to the  family   business. It’s   not  exactly   a  whole   hearted  endorsement   for  the  NFL  franchise as a  whole  when   you  see  the  fortunes  of  the  Ford Motor  Company  itself  remain  somewhat  bleak.  Even  if  on  paper  it’d   suggest  that it’s  better  shape  than  that  of  its   counterparts  GM  and  Chrysler.


Lions'  offensive  coordinator  works  with young  recruit  and  overall #1  first  round  draft  pick  quarterback  Matthew  Stafford.  picture appears courtesy  of ap/photo/ Tim  Westfield  ...............
Lions' offensive coordinator Scot Linehan works with #1 overall first round draft pick Matthew Stafford. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Tim Piggott-Smith .................


Which  brings me  on to the point  of  this  piece   in particular.   Lions’ running back  Kevin Smith    who  at  best  can be  described as  a serviceable   sophomore  running  back   has  been  bold  enough  to  make  a statement….nay    a  prognostication  as to   how the  team  might  well  fare.   It  is Smith’s  belief that the  team  is  capable  of  making  the  playoffs  in the  upcoming  ’09   season.   On  the  face  of   it  the  announcement   alone   is  comical .   And   those  who’d   view  it  with   any  degree  of  respect  may  well  be  laughing  amongst  themselves  also.


Matthew Stafford the #1 overall  draft  in  this year's  draft  .
Matthew Stafford the #1 overall draft pick in this year's draft undergoes a rigrous workout the team's training facility. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Tim Schwein ..........................

One  can only surmise  that  Smith  is  looking  as  this  as  a motivational   tool not  only  to  inspire  himself  and   his  teammates  as  well.  And what  with  the  recent  upheaval  within  the  franchise , with  the  firing   of  Rod  Marinelli as  coach.  It  can  be  said  this  season  alone  for the  Detroit  Lions  will  be  one  intrigue  ,  interest  and    a  great  deal of  mystery  all  wrapped  in  a  neat  parcel  waiting   for  anyone  part-take  of  its  no  doubt  unique  pleasures.   


It could well  be  that  with  the  acquisition  of  their  number  one  first  round draftee  Matthew Stafford  .  Smith   may  well  be  viewing  the  situation  that  with  the  signing  of  a  franchise  quarterback  that   things  are  about  to  change   for  the  better   for  the  organization  as   whole  on the field  and   within  the  halls  of the  franchise  itself.    With   the  departure  of  former   GM  Matt Millen  .   It  has  been  left  to  his  successor   Martin Mayhew   to   try  and  turn    around   the fortunes  of   the  franchise. 


Kevin  Smith (34) of  the Detroit  Lions  seen  here  at  the  team's  training  and  practice  facility  in  Allen  Park  ,  suburb  Detroit  , Michigan.  picture  appears  courtesy  of ap/photo / Lindsay Hough  ..........................
Lions' running back Kevin Smith (34) seen here at the team's practice and training facility in Allen Park , a surburb of the city of Detroit, Michigan. Smith was a member of the Lions' winless 0-16 team from last season. He's now entering his second season with the team. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Lindsay Hough .................


But  unless there’s  divine  intervention and  an  alignment  of  the  stars,  one  doubts  that  the  fortunes   of  the    franchise  would  be  regained   so  quickly.It’s  bad  enough  that an  inexperienced   player   such  as   Smith  has  opened  his  mouth  and  placed  even   more  pressure   upon   his   team  than  is  necessary. It’s  not  as if  they’re   equipped to   make  this  all  become  a  reality.  


The  fact  of  the  matter  is  that  the  Detroit  Lions   hasn’t  been  of  relevance  within  the  NFL  in  over  a  decade.  And  will it  as  we   all  may  things   are  unliable  to  change  all  that  profoundly  even  with  the  acquisition  of  Stafford  and  their  sampling  of  draft  picks   brought  into  bring  back   life  to   a  lethargic   and  quite  often   moribund  franchise.   Nothing  has  deifned  sheer  failure  and  ineptitude  than   what  we’ve  all   witnessed   from  this  franchise over  the  last  decade.   And  one  would’ve   hoped   that  before   Smith   opened   his   mouth  to make  such  an  asinine  statement   that  he  infact  would  have   remembered  this.  


Whatever  expectations   that  are  felt  by  the  Lions’  fans  in  general.  One  truly  doubts that  their   expectations   will   be  exceeded  with  Smith’s   wishes  coming   through.   So  often over the  years   they’ve   come  to    willingly accept   futility  as  a way  of  life.     Anything    beyond  that  as   of   now  can   only  be  viewed  as  a  gift   .   But  more  to  the   point     were    this  all  to  happen   how  would  the  fans   in Detroit  really    feel  ?   Winning  at  the  collegiate  level in   basket  and  football  has  been  one thing.   And  when  it  comes  to  their    professional  hockey  and  basketball  teams  they’ve   had  success  there  as  well.   But as   an  NFL  franchise   the  Lions  have    been  the  butt of  jokes   around  the  league  where   they’ve   joined   the  likes  of  the  Los  Angeles Raiders  as  cannon  fodder   when  it  comes  to recent    exhibitions   of   mediocrity  and   lack  of   reall  leadership   from  the  executive  office   on  down. 



You  don’t  have  to  be  an  officianado    to   know  crap when   you  see  it  .   But  it  does  help  when  the  level of   mediocrity   being  viewed  the  level  of  which  it’s  been  attained  is  often  attatched  to  one  particular  franchise  primarily.  And  that   franchise  is   ………………………. 








We Played The Game To Win But The Magic Were Simply Better …………….

We Played The Game To Win But The Magic Were Simply Better


Somewhere somehow it’d appear that the Boston Celtics have lost their poise. What’s more they’re now beginning to resemble a team that’s not physical enough to impose their will on an opponent . Tonight inexplicably they succumbed to an Orlando Magic team that seemed ready to acquit and redeem themselves.

Paul  Pierce  of the  Celtics ....
Paul Pierce of the Celtics goes for the layup while the Magic's Dwight Howard tries to negate the play. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Leon Hollenbach ..........................


Albeit that on papers the Celtics would appear to be the better team. But as of now it appears to be that the Magic are in the driver’s seat . The Magic got a total team contribution from all of the members on the roster in one way or another. So much so that a wilting Celtics’ team had no answer for the Magic and in particular Dwight Howard , once again.


This was an empahtic win for the Magic as they derailed the Celtics with a totally lopsided 117-96 result for the third seed in the Eastern Conference. What was even more astounding was the lackluster display by the Celtics. There initially was a sense of purpose from the Celtics. But once the impression was that they’d settled down. The Magic basically imposed their will on this Celtics’ team.


The Celtics’ bench though having contributed somewhat . But their frontline players were not up to the task. Rajon Rondo failed to deliver as it was left to only Paul Pierce and Eddie House on this Celtics’ team to actually show some grit. The rest of the roster were wayward and undisciplined. And if this is an indication as to what we’re yet to see . Then the Boston Celtics now face an uphill task against a Magic team that now seems undaunted.

Paul  Pierce  of  the  Celtics  is fouled  by  the  Magics'  Rashard  Lewis   during the  game  .
Paul Pierce of the Celtics is fouled by the Magics' Rashard Lewis during the game. picture appears courtesy of getty images / Elon Gould ........................


 Going 2-1 up in the best of seven game series and one can surmise that Magic may well feel that this series could be their’s for the taking. Albeit that Celtics’ coach Glen Doc Rivers may well view this otherwise. He’s all but said as much in his postgame interview. But saying it and then going out to achieve that goal are two different things completely. And therein lies the quandry for the Celtics if they’re to make a return the conference finals.


Big games call for big efforts from a team and in particular its stars. However the stars weren’t aligned for this team. For the Magic and their fans they well feel finally that this is where they’re meant to be. Though always a great regular season team. The Magic have never acquitted themselves well in the postseason. They’ve not been to cusp of such heights since their halcyon days of Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway. Names from a bygone age for most of the Magic faithful.

Hedo  Turkoglu  reacts after scoring  a  three  pointer  during  the  game   whilst  his  teammate  Rashard  Lewis looks  on .
Hedo Turkoglu reacts after nailing the three pointer whilst his teammate Rashard Lewis looks on. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Matthew Pearson ..........


And if they should find themselves in the Eastern Conference Finals where it’s contemplated where they’ll meet presumptively the Cleveland Cavliers . The anticipation is rife that this could do something rather special. But as stated earlier the team hasn’t been to the big dance since those halcyon days.


For the Boston Celtics at this juncture it’s now all or nothing . Or it’ll be a disappointing end to their postseason ambitions. Simply on this night it wasn’t to be as the Magic were simply better when it mattered most.



It’s Hard Out There Being A Pimp When You Ain’t Got Money To Pay The Rent….

It’s Hard Out There Being A Pimp When You Ain’t Got Money To Pay The Rent ……….

Unfortunately  it’d  appear  that  some  didn’t l read the words written when I stated “Ricky This Bud Isn’t For You”. In the piece I detailed the reason why I for one believed that light welterweight champion Ricky Hatton didn’t have what it takes to defeat Manny Pacquiao of the Phillippines.

Pacquiao lands a crushing blow to the  head  of  Hatton.
Pacquiao lands a crushing blow to the head of Hatton.

Pacquiao lands a crushing blow to the head of Hatton in their light welterweight title bout held at the MGM Grand Garden Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas , Nevada. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Ethan Miller ………..

And I proved to be eerily correct with my thoughts on the bout. It didn’t take the Fillipino champion but two rounds to completely manhandle his opponent and derail his ambitions in a one sided fight. It only served the purpose of showing that Hatton had absolutely no right being in the ring that was by far his superior mentally as well as physically and in every way possible when it came to boxing ability.

What Pacquiao was able to do for the short time that both fighters were in the ring. It was a devastating exhibition of punching power and complete dominance of a fighter who at best didn’t possess the physical gifts to make this bout a competitive match from the start.

It proved that once and for all that Pacquiao is the most complete fighter in the sport of boxing at present. And that others could only wish to possess his abilities when it comes to the sport.

In two devastating rounds Pacquiao dispatched his opponent with ease. Having knocked down the Englishman twice in the first round with some punches that one can only describe as being lethal in their execution.

Hatton for all the good intentions in the world must’ve known that tonight was not to be his night. As he was completely outmatched by an opponent , who came to fight as well as box.

The events of the second round can best described as a lion descending on its prey and feasting on its carcas after the initial carnage wrought from the apparent initial attacks. Much of what took place can be rated PG for parental guidance.

As for what the future now holds for both fighters. It’s abundantly clear that the fortunes of Pacquiao are on the ascent. Whereas it’d be in Hatton’s best interests now to call it quits once and for all ! Clearly for him to recover from this defeat will take a great deal of time not only mentally but physically as well.

A prostrate Hatton lies on the canvas  motionless after  the third and  descisive knockdown of  the  bout. The  referee  would  stop the  fight with Hatton  being  unable  to come out for the third round  of the light welterweight title bout.  picture  appears courtesy  of getty  images/Ethan Miller ..............
A prostrate Hatton lies on the canvas motionless after the third and descisive knockdown of the bout. The referee would stop the fight with Hatton being unable to come out for the third round of the light welterweight title bout. picture appears courtesy of getty images/Ethan Miller ..............


And finally a word of advice to the respected boxing coach ,trainer and tv analyst Teddy Atlas on the sport. It’s best when making a prognostication to at least have some semblance of thought when making that statement. Rather than it being based on nothing more than you’d rather be viewed as someone having insight on the sport. If nothing else you make yourself look a complete a_s_s to begin with !