I Think I Could Do That ………… !

As the eldest of three , with a younger brother and sister. It was such bestowed upon me that I’d have to be a protector of my younger siblings. Well with the fact that my father thought it best to desert this his then family and start life anew elsewhere. It left me angry and my mother an emotional wreck at the time. At the age of nine , a ‘father figure’ as such became unknown to me. So instead , it was left a distant relative to come along and bestow his own knowledge and kindness upon myself and younger siblings.

 Roundhouse   kick  in   karate
Roundhouse kick in karate

And with the fact that now my now deserted mother had to work all the hours that God could send. It left all three of us (kids) with a great deal of time on our hands. To say that we weren’t mischievous would be putting it mildly. But if there was one thing clear … ‘it was the unconditional love ‘ that our mother showed us , no matter what her emotional mindset was at the time. She’d regale us with the fact that she was proud of us and the way that we were beginning to overcome the departure of our father. She stated that we weren’t at fault in any way. Somehow , I wasn’t sure that was true but later on , I believed her . And that came about in the most unusual of ways.

'Kata'   the  traditional    karate  movement   format
'Kata' the traditional karate movement format

‘Kata’ the traditional terms used in any martial arts movement format. Closely associated however, in the genre of karate.

Grant, who was my mother’s cousin , felt it was necessary for my brother and I to take up a sporting endeavor that he felt would toughen us up. Well in high school , I played and participated in a number of sports, from soccer , to boxing, to cricket , to tennis, to track and field. But if anything it was those sports he felt wasn’t what he felt would make men of my brother and myself. He introduced us both to the martial arts. Karate to be exact. And that was how it came about that I fell in love with the martial arts . The first time entering a martial arts dojo . and seeing karate first hand , up close and personal. And it were as if I’d finally found my calling . I became enamored with the thought of being a martial arts practitioner. I’d seen the movies of Bruce Lee and loved them ! Though the story lines were somewhat far fetched and the action seemed implausible. Those times I shared with friends watching those films at a late night showing in a movie theater ,were memorable in more ways than one.

Muay  thai  boxing
Muay thai boxing

Boxing and soccer had always been my first loves when it came to sports. But now karate had become my mistress . And if anything , I found it far more exhilarating than that of soccer and boxing. My brother wasn’t one for discipline insomuch as the teachings of the discipline and he soon dropped out attending the classes. His passion , he felt at the time was to play soccer and no doubt chase the female form. Not that I for one wasn’t interested in the latter. But by my way of thinking at the time. You could always impress the females with something shall we say ….. different ? And so it came about that the genre of the martial arts and that of karate became my passion. Over the years I’ve immersed myself in the art , its teachings and Far Eastern philosophy. Along the way I practiced other forms of martial arts , including savate, taekwondo and muay thai . Karate however, was where I honed my skills and became proficient enough to earn a Black Belt in the art. Upon entering the military (British Royal Marines) I taught the art to members of the military whilst in the service. Those ten years initially spent learning the art gave me a good grounding , for which I’ll be forever grateful upon my uncle for bestowing upon me. Were it not for him. I seriously doubt that I’d have come this far , much less learned the lessons that have made the person I am today.

Taekwondo    tournament
Taekwondo tournament

And whilst my stay in the military was a fruitful one . Where I served my country, made a slew of friends and have seen various parts of the world. I still at times hearken back to that first visit to the dojo and wondered what might’ve been, had I not chosen to remain there and learned something.

Has there been an experience in your life that has been somewhat similar ? And if so what was it and how was it beneficial for you ?

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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

8 thoughts on “I Think I Could Do That ………… !”

  1. Alan:

    There have been many in my life but it was Karate and Tia chi That I learned from a fellow class mate (A black belt at 18) who got tired of seeing me get the dickens beat out of me when I got in a fight at our high school. He was also an awesome drummer in a school Jazz band too so we hit it off pretty quick.

    The most important thing I learned from his instructions was self confidence, humility, peace of mind, knowledge, and when to know when to back away from a fight but still defend one self. He was a great friend and instructor.

    Thanks Charlie Dickens where ever you are.


    1. Larry

      Any martial arts discipline if taught by the right teacher. It can instill a great into you. That’s what I’ve taken out of this all. It’s the code I for one live by. Even though my spiritual beliefs are somewhat different from others. I do believe that there’s a higher being in whatever form he or she takes. And that we all have a moral compass that we live by. We all know what’s right from wrong and we don’t need to be cajoled and told what right from wrong is , at all ! As children , we may well do. But as adults we ought to enough by then to know that. Unfortunately nowadays society makes to many excuses for one’s behavior. And blames it on a number of things , rather than holding the individual accountable.

      Alan Parkins


  2. Yes I do. I have a few life changing experiences in my life. There is not enought space nor time to go into them. Yet, those experiences shaped my life. I thank God for all those changes.


    1. Bobbygee

      Those experiences tend to shape and mold us into the people we end up becoming . Grant you though, our parents are there to provide us with a sense pride , purpose and sense of well being . Not only that but also provide us with a set of morals that can guide us.

      Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpehrys

      Unless your back happens to be shaped like Charlize Theron’s or Halle Berry’s, bro , it just ain’t happening . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Na I’ll watch your back and I mean that in the true sense of the word .

      Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpherys

      If there were a woman of that pedigree in Dundee to begin with. I’d have probably nailed her already . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! A large part of the population here is over the age of 55.

      Alan Parkins


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