It’s All About Me ……, Me …… Me …….

Was there ever a more over-hyped player in the NBA than the Washington WizardsGilbert Arenas ? The self proclaimed ‘Agent Zero’ has been very much that for a franchise that has paid him well over the past few years. And in return the dividends yielded have been meager. Say what you will but to my mind the player has outstayed his welcome in DC. Others may well feel and think somewhat differently.

Gilbert  Arenas (0)   of  the  Washington  Wizards  seen   here  at   the  team's   training   facility  at  the Siegel  Center   on  the  campus  of   Virginia  Commonwealth  University  in  Richmond  , Va.    Facing  off    against   Arenas  is   teammate     Nick  Young  (1)  during  team practice.       picture appears   courtesy  of  nbae/getty   images/   Ned  Dishman  ...............
Gilbert Arenas (0) of the Washington Wizards seen here at the team's training facility at the Siegel Center on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond , Va. Facing off against Arenas is teammate Nick Young (1) during team practice. picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/ Ned Dishman ...............

Seemingly non peturbed with the fact that he’s only had to play 15 games for the franchise over the past two seasons due to injury and repeated surgical operations to repair damaged knee ligaments – the removal of scar tissue. Arenas is said to be of the opinion that he can rediscover the form that made him one the game’s most prolific and productive scorers.

Arenas at his very best , seen here in December of 2006 , he put up 60 points against the Los Angeles Lakers.

In the meantime the franchise hasn’t shown a competitive presence in the league. Never-mind the fact that they’ve had to languish within the Southeastern Division of the Eastern Conference of the NBA. There resides conference champions , the Orlando Magic , alongsides the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Bobcats and the Miami Heat .

Coming off a desperately poor season from 2008-09 , wherein the team posted a 19-63 record over the regular season , last within their divsion. A record which they shared jointly with the Los Angeles Clippers. But it was by no means the worst in the NBA. As that dubious distinction went to the Sacramento Kings who posted a mark of 17-65 for the season. But since when did being competitive matter to the NBA ? Commissioner David Stern has made it more of a point to hype up the personalities of the marquee players of the NBA. Rather than seemingly marketing the teams as a brand in large part of being their product. So for all sense and purpose the failings of franchise aren’t always brought to the fore. Not unless it highlights one the league’s elite players .

As to what awaits Arenas this season , there’s not really much that one can expect from the team. Other than seasoned veterans such as Caron Butler , Antawn Jamison, Mike James , Mike Miller and Brendan Haywood . There isn’t much on the Wizards’ roster to suggest that they pose a serious threat to the supremacy of the Orlando Magic , Clevleand Cavaliers or Boston Celtics within the Eastern Conference. Much less be taken as a serious threat to the rest of the NBA. This in essence is an aging roster whose window of opportunity has long since closed. And even if they do have an experienced coach in the guise of Flip Saunders to guide them. It’s hard to see this team as being able to acquit themselves with a great deal of presence and authority to begin with.

Arenas has a lot to prove. Not only to himself but also to his teammates , the Wizards’ fans as well as the rest of the NBA. Far too long the players has marched to the beat of his own drum and singing his own praise along the way. Without in effect have anything tangible by way of success to show for it all. It begs the question what will Agent Zero now do for that grand finale as he embarks on the twilight of his career ? There’s but one not so big paycheck out there left for him to make. So what’s up next for Gilbert Arenas aka ‘Agent Zero ‘ ? If it ain’t about him then who’s it going to be about – his teammates ? I think not !

There’s no I ….in team and there’s obviously I in we . So one can surmise that it’s going to be about ‘me’ …….as in Gilbert Arenas .

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports :

Arenas silences Agent Zero act – for now …..

By Adrian Wojnarowski Yahoo Sports Writer

RICHMOND, Va. – Back in the summer, Gilbert Arenas(notes) had rediscovered his old game as these young, earnest NBA guards begged for him to unleash his old act, too. The shots were dropping out of the sky inside a Chicago gymnasium and witnesses watched the uninitiated players desperate for the full treatment.

They barked “Agent Zero” and “Hibachi” and wanted to see the cartoon character come alive. Only, Arenas refused to play the part anymore.

Three knee surgeries limited Gilbert Arenas to playing only 15 games the past two seasons.

Perhaps Arenas is too sheepish to bring all that back until his greatness, until his knee, has shown staying power again. Through training camp and one preseason game, through word and deed, this has been the calculated presence of a man with an impulsive past. Three years ago, Arenas never stopped shooting and never stopped talking. An improbable rise out of nowhere had elevated on the precision of a peerless jump shot and the power of a peculiar persona.

“Just straight Gil,” Tim Grover remembered Arenas telling them in his gym.

In order to read Wojnarowski’s article in full just click on the text link provided

If there’s a better song that best describes Arenas . Then it’d have to be Mya’s sexual suggestive song ….. ” It’s All About Me ” Doubt my word ? It’s always been about Arenas …… on or off the court !

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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

12 thoughts on “It’s All About Me ……, Me …… Me …….”

  1. Hmmm, I think you are really undermining how great he is. The Wizards were a playoff team with him(4 seed), and irrelevant without, that has to speak volumes for how good he is. I’m not sure they are going to contest the Cavs or Celtics, but I think they could give them a run for their money. I haven’t ever seen anything about him being a bad teamate, so what’s up with the negativity? I root for him to do well, especially since he has worked very hard to come back. He was pondering retirement last year, but decided to try to make a comeback, and it sounds like he’s nearly there if not already there. We’ll see how he does this year, but watch the youtube clip I have at the end of this post…


    1. chappy81

      No one is denying his undoubted talents. But in all honesty what has he ever led this team to ? It’s been merely about him and he’s acted like a jack a_s at times when it comes to his teammates. And now that he’s back , we’re to believe that he’s changed ?

      This team has an aging roster and very little in the way of true leadership on the team. They’ll be lucky to get out of the first round of the playoffs , should they qualify for it to begin with. I mean we all saw how atrocious they were last season. All it’ll need is for any of their ‘Big Three’ (Arenas, Butler or Jamison) to go down injured for any prolonged period of time and their season is in the crapper !

      He’s primarily ‘amped up’ now , is because he’s in the last year of his contract. And he knows that there aren’t going to be any more big paydays ahead for him in the future. Not with his gimpy knees.

      Alan Parkins


      1. Well, I have to agree with you that if any of their big three gets hurt it’ll snowball into many losses, but I honestly think they are a pretty good team when they are in tact. I don’t buy your argument that he’s just amped up because it’s the last year of his contract. He just signed a contract in 2008 for six years! He is playing because he wants to, and even was considering retirement part way through his rehab…

        I agree they might not go very far in the playoffs, but for a crappy franchise making the playoffs is considered a successful season. As a Warriors fan I know that getting to the playoffs can feel the same as winning a championship from a fan base perspective!


  2. The two knee surgries may have ruined his career. This kid was a high school sensation. I saw him play high school ball in the valley. He played at Arizona and he displaced Bell Jeff high school star Ruben Douglas. Douglas left the wildcats and play at UNM. With that said Arenas may not be the payer that he once was. Time will tell. Once the knees go the player loses lot of hops. I wish him the best.
    The Wizards used to be the bullets- Wes Unseld, Earl the Pearl Monroe, Gus Johnson and the rest. This is too bad for the Bullets-Wizards used to be a top flight team in the 1960′-1970’s and early 1980’s.


    1. Bobby Gee

      Arenas will be lucky if he’s able to rediscover that form. In all actuality he’s merely now playing for pride , if nothing else. The team doesn’t really pose a real threat to any of the big three ….Orlando, Cleveland or Boston in the Eastern Conference.

      So now for all sense and purpose he’s just got to show everybody that he’s not forgotten how to play the game and at the same remind the fans what once made him one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA.

      Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Saunders barely can make the case that he could rein in Latrell Sprewell or Sam Cassell . So what makes you think he’d be able to rein in Arenas ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Arenas is merely looking now for that one final payday , should he be able to rediscover his old form. But I sincerely doubt that there’ll be a team out there willing to pay him what he’ll no doubt be looking for. He’s more likely to get the mid-level cap at best -given his medical issues over the past few years.

      Alan Parkins


  3. Overhyped? I wanted to tell you to go watch some Arenas highlight reels on youtube, but clearly you did that and you’re still not convinced?


    1. mceezy

      It’s clear he’s overhyped. It’s one thing to put up 30 and 40 pts during a game. But it counts for nothing when your team isn’t winning . And pray do tell what have they won in all these years with or without Arenas ? Or is it that the Wizards’ fans just want to be given sedentary highlight reels , night in , night out ? I doubt if you were a fan of the team attending their games – that’d be what you’d want to see , considering the money you’re spending to attend those games. Or would you ?

      Alan Parkins


  4. chappy81

    It’s as I already said if either of their Big Three go down , then that’s it ! And the team is nowhere near as good as some would have you believe. It’s an aging roster that in no small part won’t be any better than a 6th through 8th seed at best – should they make the playoffs.

    Alan Parkins


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