Batter , Batter , Batter , Batter Up ………..

Well finally, here it is , Major League Baseball’s (MLB) showcase event is now about to commence. And the two participants , representatives of the American League and the National League are the very best that the game has to offer , this season alone. And for the New York Yankees (103-59) as winners of the AL Pennant, they’re now on the cusp of trying to attain their twenty seventh World Series‘ title. Their opponents, as the representatives from the National League will be the Philadelphia Phillies (93-69). Two diverse ball clubs that you’re as likely to wish for, in this showcase event. The big spendingYankees matched up against the team from Philadelphia, seeking to win only its third World Series title, in their one hundred and twenty six years of existence.

The  2009  World  Series  between the  New  York  Yankees  and  the  Philadelphia  Phillies.  Tonight's  starters  are   pictured  ,   Cliff Lee  of  the  Phillies ,  left and  the  Yankees'   C. C  Sabathia  ,  right.         picture appears  courtesy  of  getty  images  .....................................

The 2009 World Series between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies. Tonight’s starters at Yankees Stadium in the Bronx will be , C. C Sabathia for New York and Cliff Lee for the Phillies. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Mark Cromwell ……………

The battle of two teams with a great deal of legacy behind them. And then add into the fact, that the bylines in terms of the additional stories. You have an instant classic in the making , one would hope. Both teams have an excellent roster , with a litany of All Star players in a number of positions. The Yankees and their roster reads like a who’s who ,of major league talent . And the same too can be said of the Phillies and their roster. And both teams are lead by shortstops who just might be the best players at the position in either league , in terms of sheer determination and leadership qualities. And that’s not to detract from the players in either league who play the position. But in Jimmy Rollins , of the Phillies and Derek Jeter of the Yankees , you might have two of better players at the position, when all is said to be on the line.

Rollins and Jeter are seen as the respective figure heads of their team and are accorded as such, the roles of captain. But what may well prove to be focal point to my mind , will be the experience shown by both team managers. The Phillies as defending champions , have the veteran presence and experience of Charlie Manuel. Whereas, the Yankees will have Joe Girardi , who’ll be making his first appearance in a World Series as a manager.

The story lines will be amp’d up , merely because of the teams and in particular their respective fans. Bot ball clubs have very passionate and vocal fans. And in New York, well, they like to seen, heard and be just downright obnoxious when the case calls for them to be so. That’s not to say that the Phillies’ fan can’t reciprocate in the same manner. If they can boo Santa Claus , well who won’t they boo in terms of voicing their disapproval ? So, for the faint of heart , this won’t be your ordinary run of the mill World Series , in terms of fan presence and demeanor.

Televised coverage of the game will be carried by the Fox Network and the broadcast will also garner great deal of interest not only nationally , but also internationally. They’ll be looking to maximize the attention that they can muster, in the hopes of ratings’ bonanza. Something that Fox hopes will be played out by having both the first and the fourth largest tv markets in the nation being represented in the ‘Fall Spectacular’. And it’s hoped that this’ll be borne out by the viewership response . It they can garner anything of in excess of a 12.5 Nielsens ratings’ share for the series as a whole, will be considered to be a success not only for Fox but also for the denizens of corporate giants on Madison Ave. Because, at the end of the day it’s the viewership that drives the ad revenue rates, that in essence makes both Fox and MLB a great deal of money. And that’s not to say that the Yankees will be left out of the equation at all. They have their own cable tv broadcast outlet that carries their ball games in the local and surrounding media market. And therein , for the Steinbrenner family, as the team’s owners , lies their monumental cash cow , known as the YES Network. And one wonders why there’s said to be a major financial imbalance between the haves and have nots– when it comes to Major League Baseball (MLB) ? Look no further, than what the Yankees are said to be capable of doing almost at the drop of a hat, at will. For lesser teams around the league ,they can only wish that their harvest was as bountiful , in terms of the Yankees’ cash windfall each season.

Tonight’s pitching match up will have both team’s aces on the mound. For the Phillies it will be former Cy Young winner,Cliff Lee. And not to be outdone, the Yankees will throw out their former Cy Young winner as well , in C. C Sabathia. Both Lee and Sabathia were teammates in Cleveland, with the Cleveland Indians.
And this first match up may well dictate the pace , tempo and quite possibly the direction that this series could well take. The Yankees may well be seen as the prohibitive favorites. But being as they’ve not played in a World Series since 2003. I’d have to say , that if anything they’ll be under a fair amount of undue pressure in that presumed role. I, for one, feel that this will be a hard fought series and it will be dictated by which team can deal with any unforeseen adversity the best. There’s really not that much to separate the two teams in terms of overall talent. As they’re both equally adept in churning out runs with their how powered offense. Though pitching wise, the New York Yankees might hold a slight edge over the Philadelphia Phillies. The margin isn’t that great on the face of it. These two teams are evenly matched in more ways than one would care to presume. It’s just a matter of looking at the intangibles to see who might have that slight edge, overall. From that we might be able to determine who could eventually end up being the World Series’ victor.

Perhaps, the hardest part may well be determining who could end up being the MVP of the World Series. There’s a plethora of talent there on either side. And though it mightn’t be one of the more recognized stars who’ll step up to the plate. I’d like to think that one of the run of the mill behind the scene’s players could end being a noteworthy winner. But that’s merely my own wish for the accolade. And so there you have it as to my own thoughts on this World Series between two very worthwhile adversaries. Let the games begin and ultimately may the best team win. What else ,could an ardent baseball fan ask for ?

NB : The Yankees’ YES Network not only carries the Yankees’ ballgames but also a slew of other sports’ events ranging from the NFL , NBA ,College Football , College Basketball, NHL and other sports’ events that encapsulate the tri state area.

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

14 thoughts on “Batter , Batter , Batter , Batter Up ………..”

    1. Al Clement

      I think that with the obligations that both Fox Networks and MLB have , the games will get played . Eeven if it has to be done under inclement conditions. There’s far too much to lose for all of the vested parties, financially . And that is what it’s all about at the end of the day now isn’t it ?

      I’m no doubt sure that you’ll be rooting for the Phillies ?

      Alan Parkins


  1. Honestly, I’m not all that excited about it for some reason. I’ve been pretty into the playoffs, but this one isn’t attractive to me… I really like all the offense that is possible in this one. I hope the Phillys take it though…


    1. chappy 81

      Given the makeup of the two teams, I’d have thought that this’d be a World Series that’d have drawn your attention ? But to each his own as they say.
      I think this has the makings of being a very good series to say the least. And it’s by no means certainty that the Yankees are indeed the better team and favored to win it all. Aa I alluded to in this piece , I’ll look to the intangibles as a way of determining this all.

      Alan Parkins


      1. Yeah, I’m sure I’ll be watching, but I just am not feeling it for some reason… Oh well, doesn’t really matter. I’m sure I’ll get into it after a couple more games go by!


    1. Bobby Gee

      The Phillies put a world of hurt on the Yankees last night with that (6-1) shellacking they received.

      Now if the Yankees should go down (0-2) in game 2 against the Phillies . Then there’s a remote possibility that they might not be able to overcome that deficit. And with ‘Pedro’ on the mound , I expect there to be lights out baseball from him in terms of his pitching, as he’ll be amped up and determined to show the Yankees that he’s indeed …………” their daddy “
      And if anything MLB would rather see a prolonged series rather than one cut short by a blowout.

      Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Just as long as (Pedro) able to back it up then it’s OK. However when he’s out there just throwing bombs and not landing then he makes himself look like an absolute fool. Tonight he did well but the Phillies’ offense seem to have misfired for some reason.

      Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpherys

      As I’ve already alluded to before , these two teams are equal in terms of real talent. But it may well come down as to who desires it more and the coaching talents of Girardi and Charlie Manuel.

      The Phillies’ offense just never got going at all and after game one’s production. It came as something of a surprise to me. Now it’s as if they’re both back at square one, having to start all over again. This may well be how close this series may well end up becoming . As neither side can really eke out a real advantage over the other.

      Alan Parkins


  2. chappy 81

    The series thus is very much like a prize fight as each team has landed a blow in terms of one win apiece. The next thing is to see who’ll land the first knockdown punch. From there then we’ll see who’s got the best chin or body that can take a blow.

    Fortunately for us there isn’t a Mike Tyson type of player on either team. Otherwise, it could get extremely nasty ! I can’t quite equate cannibalism with baseball . Can you ?

    Alan Parkins


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