’til You Do Right By Me, Everything You Even Think About Gonna’ Fail.

“Celie: [to Albert] Till you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna’ fail. ” A memorable line quoted from the movie ” The Color Purple” (1985) – a line uttered by the Whoopi Goldberg character ‘Celie’ to her then husband ‘Albert’ played by Danny Glover .

The best scene from the movie The Color Purple, which depicts the lines uttered above. In many ways, the words uttered may very well sum up how the Redskins’ fans feel about the team and its owner, Daniel Snyder. Disgusted ,just plain fed up, with the lack of nothingness to begin with-as the team head aimlessly nowhere .

I’ve always been something of a movie buff , chick flicks notwithstanding . Of which I can take or leave, dependent upon the subject matter. And if only to keep in the good graces of the girlfriend from time to time when she asks if we can take in a movie. If it’s her choice, then I know 9 times out of 10 , I’ll be almost bored to death. And then on the odd occasion that a movie has me thinking – this is great or OK ! Well , I don’t so much feel so hard done by. Which brings me to these two focal points. If you’re an avowed Washington Redskins‘ fan , how must you be now feeling about the team and the ownership regime of Daniel Snyder ? And in what direction is the franchise ultimately heading ? As to where that might be at this juncture, nobody within the organization seems to know.

From left to  right  ,  Vinny Cerrato  , Exec VP & General Manger  of the  Redskins   alongside  the  newly minted  team  coach   Jim Zorn and  finally  team  owner  Daniel Snyder.    The  three were  at  the  team's  training  facility  in Ashburn  , Virgina ,  to  make the  formal   announcement  to the  convened  press  that  Zorn  had  been hired as  the  head  coach  of  the  Washington Redskins.  This was  made  effective  10th February  2008.  picture appears courtesy of   upi photo/  Kevin  Dietsch  ..........

From left to right, Vinny Cerrato , Exec VP & General Manger of the Redskins, alongside the newly minted team coach , Jim Zorn and finally team owner, Daniel Snyder. The three were at the team’s training facility in Ashburn , Virgina, to make the formal announcement that Zorn had been hired as the head coach of the Washington Redskins. This was made effective 10th February 2008. picture appears courtesy of upi/photo/Kevin Dietsch ……………

The Redskins at present are 2-5 in the NFC East and are a far cry off from even where many NFL fans may well have envisaged them to be. But then again, they may not have. As this team hasn’t bordered on anything resembling an NFL team or franchise.Seemingly, with ever larger and ever deepening pockets but hopelessly misspending on otherwise useless talent by way of their free agent acquisitions. The Jim Zorn coached team under the flamboyant ownership of Snyder and the obeyance of team General Manager & V.P. of Player Personnel Vinny Cerrato. The Washington area franchise has in effect become the butt of far too many NFL related jokes about mediocrity , a lack of heart but overall the will to win.

Courtesy of Profootballtalk.com :

Redskins add Sherm Lewis

By Mike Florio

The prevailing thought regarding the job security of Redskins coach Jim Zorn has been that he’s insulated from in-season termination by the number of hats that he wears.

Zorn, after all, is the head coach, the quarterbacks coach, and he calls the plays.

On Tuesday, the Redskins arguably took a step aimed at easing any eventual transition that might occur.

The Redskins have announced that Sherm Lewis has been hired to serve as an offensive consultant.

“Sherm Lewis is an outstanding coach who has been an instrumental member of four Super Bowl championship teams,” executive V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato said in a release. “Sherm’s history started with the innovator of the West Coast Offense, Bill Walsh, and over the past two decades he has directed some of the best offenses, and coached and developed some of the league’s premier players. He has a diverse NFL background, having coached running backs, wide receivers, and serving as a coordinator. Jim and Sherman share a common bond in that they both worked for Mike Holmgren at different times in their careers. Sherman’s overall experience and expertise will be a tremendous addition to our coaching staff. His track record humbles us all.”
Click here or on the above link to read further……..

Redskins' offensive  consultant  Sherm  Lewis on the  sidelines  watches   the  warm ups  prior  to the  game  played  against the  Philadelphi Eagles  at Fedex  Field , Landover, Maryland .  Lewis  has  taken over the  play calling  for the  team  after  Zorn had  been  relinquished   of those  very  same duties.     picture  appears  courtesy  of  getty  images / Win McNamee  ......................

Redskins’ offensive consultant Sherm Lewis on the sidelines watches the warm ups prior to the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Fedex Field , Landover, Maryland. Lewis has taken over the play calling duties for the team after Zorn was relinquished of those very same duties. The Redskins would go on to lose the game 27-17 in game between the two divisional rivals in the NFC East. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Win McNamee ………..

And much of what has transpired over the past few weeks has left many on the outside looking in, asking what now for this team ? Zorn has now become a de-facto lame duck head coach . As he’s been relieved of his play calling duties , which have been handed over to team consultant Sherm Lewis.The fans themselves, have not only shown their disgust with the team but the entire management and hierarchy of the organization. They’ve voiced their displeasure towards Zorn, and directly at Snyder and Cerrato , as well. It seemed only a matter of time before Snyder would respond. And seemingly , he has done so issuing a very terse and in some might deem a tepid statement. He acknowledges that there have been misjudgments on the part of the coaching staff and the organizational structure of the franchise. But what seems more incredulous, has been Snyder’s response in stating that he’ll seek to sue fans who’ve yet to pay for their premium tickets and at the same time enforce a ban on fans carrying signs or banners inside Fedex Field, Landover, Md, – the team’s home facility. Though not unprecedented , this hardly seems the appropriate action to be taking when your team and organization is said to be under siege from its very own fans. But that now seems to be the wherewith-all of Snyder as he tries to resurrect some sense of normalcy to an organization that is essentially in complete turmoil. And one that’s lacking in leadership on and off the field.

As for Sherm Lewis , it’s hard to see what he can do that hasn’t already been done. The roster of this Redksins’ team is replete with players who essentially, have given up on the season. Their demeanor says as much and clearly the likes of Albert Haynesworth , Jason Campbell , Ladell Betts , Chris Dooley, Santana Moss and Clinton Portis have sold the Redskins’ fans short , by way of their complete lack of commitment. Furthermore, for a team that’s said to have a number of seasoned veterans on it – it’s surprising to see such a lack of cohesion and leadership from those very same players mentioned. Whether or not this can be attributed to the lack of coaching shown by Zorn and his coaching staff is open to speculation. But it’s clear that the Washington Redskins as a team , are a complete bust, if you’re measuring a team by its resources and their abilities on the field of play !

If this Redskins’ team is fare better down the stretch run of the season . Then it’d better facilitate an immediate turnaround. Rather than, there being a bunch of excuses being made by Snyder and Cerrato, that they’ve got things well in hand. Clearly that hasn’t been the case under Snyder’s tenureship as the owner of the team. He’s failed the fans and the community miserably, by failing to do what was needed to be done in an appropriate and orderly fashion. Instead it’s been a constant revolving door in terms of coaches , players and the just that of the ego driven stance of both he and Vinny Cerrato to shortchange the fans by whatever means necessary. And ’til he does right by them , everything he thinks and does , will fail !

Courtesy of Associated Press and Yahoo Sports:

Redskins’ Snyder says team has ‘let everyone down’

By Joseph White , AP Sports Writer

CLINTON, Md. (AP)—Dan Snyder is embarrassed. He feels terrible. He’s also hurt, frustrated and apologetic. Name a downbeat adjective, and he’s all over it.

The Washington Redskins owner made some rare in-season comments about his team Tuesday, speaking at an event to celebrate the franchise’s charitable program to renovate football fields at Maryland high schools. He received nothing but cheers from appreciative students and faculty when introduced, a change of pace from the reception he and his team have heard at FedEx Field during a 2-5 start.

“We feel frustration and are disappointed for our fans,” Snyder told the crowd. “Obviously our performance to date is not what we expected, and we hope to turn that around.”

Afterward, speaking to a small group of reporters in a parking lot, Snyder elaborated—although only in general terms. Asked a question that referenced two recent controversies surrounding the team—the suing of fans who couldn’t pay for their premium tickets, and a total ban on fans carrying signs and banners into the stadium—Snyder addressed neither issue.

“I feel bad for the fans. I feel sorry for the fans, and we’re very, very appreciative of our loyal fan base,” he said. “We just feel terrible. We’re disappointed. We’re embarrassed, and we hope to get it going soon.”

Although the team says the ban on signs took effect at the beginning of the season, it was announced only recently, coinciding with an increase of negative signs targeting Snyder and front office chief Vinny Cerrato. Asked how he is affected personally, Snyder said: “It hurts.”

“It really hurts,” Snyder said. “We are really trying very, very hard, everyone at Redskins Park, the coaches, the players. The organization’s quite frankly held together well, and I think we’ve got an opportunity the rest of the season to hopefully get it going. But to date we’ve let everyone down, including ourselves, and we know that and we’re just apologetic. We’ve blown some games that obviously we think we should have won.”

The questions got more pointed as the interview progressed. After 2 1/2 minutes, in the middle of a question about stripping of coach Jim Zorn of play-calling duties, the Surrattsville High School marching band happened to approach the area, playing at full volume. Snyder stopped the question and made small talk about the fact that Tuesday was Election Day while waiting for the band to pass.

Just as the music was quieting down, Snyder said he had to go. He walked away, leaving the question unanswered.


Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

14 thoughts on “’til You Do Right By Me, Everything You Even Think About Gonna’ Fail.”

  1. I really don’t care what the Redskins do at this point…their glory days are gone…as you say there is no “team spirit”, all have basically given up. What has occured reminds me of the movie “The Caine Mutiny”; if one recalls it was a happy ship, although dysfunctional…the crew “got along”. When Captain Queeg became the “boss” he tried to right the ship into some semblence of a Naval ship with distrastous results.
    The same can be said for the Redskins, even though Snyder has been owner for a while. Snyder affects me as an arrogant martinet akin to Queeg, even Henry Fonda’s character in John Waynes’s classic classic “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” (if I recall the title corrctly….one of the trilogies). Snyder has proven this by his latest “edict” to the fans. He also wanted to be Steinbrenner and “buy the best players money could buy”. Thank God he didn’t take a lesson from the Rooney’s….draft and bring along an athlete until he is either a bust or a success…but don’t break the bank doing it.
    His other erro was making Zorn Head Coach, keeping him the QB coach AND the Offensive Coordinator; just too much on on anyone, let alone someone with not much experience and a team of individuals who think “I” is the way to spell “team”. Remember, there is no “I” in “team”, a thing the Steelers AND theor QB knows, alongwith Coach Tomlin who retained Sick Lebeau and others.
    What you think?


    1. al clements

      You want to know how bad things are for ‘skins fans ? They’re going to confession and not even the priests are willng to hear their confessions or absolve them from being ‘skins’ fans to begin with. That’s how bad it’s now become.

      Snyder and Cerrato are two buffoons who rival the great comedic duos such as Laurel & Hardy, Martin & Lewis , McCain & Palin , Obama & Biden and off course Reid and Pelosi.

      It’s sad to think that Snyder has to resort to threatening Redskins’ fans for his own obfuscation as to the trust placed in him and his regime to place a good product on the field of play. He’s got no one to blame but himself.

      Alan Parkins


  2. My apologies…that was supposed to be DICK Lebeau, not “Sick” Lebeau…..the S is too close to the D for my fingers.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Snyder may well spend the money but he’s got no one within the Redskins’ hierarchy that actually knows a damn thing about the game to begin with. Had that been the case then they’d have fared much better in terms of their roster and onfield success. Needless to say they still do things by trial and error , as their want.

      And this is said to be the wealthiest franchise in the NFL by value which is on par with the Dallas Cowboys at in excess of $1-$1.5 billion and counting.

      And until Snyder actually gets someone other than Cerrato to deal with that area and show some more insight. Then it’ll continue to be the same for the foreseeable future.

      Though I’m no Redskins’ fan I do feel their pain at this moment in time as the ownership’s real failure in addressing the downward slide into mediocrity and then some !

      Alan Parkins


  3. Yeah, we’ve been down the Zorn road. I think I sent you that Kawakami nostadamous prediction… Anyways, the skins just suck, that’s about all they have going for them is that they suck… Did you see that they aren’t letting Skins fans in with negative posters about the team and mangement? Hilarious!!!


    1. chappy 81

      Everyone’s down on Zorn , and that includes the hookers in the D.C area to begin with. I hear that Congress is trying to get legislation passed banning him from being involved in the NFL at anytime in the future. They’ve more chance of passing that bill at the moment than they do with healthcare reform in the premise that the President wants . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      As to Snyder and his plans , well that shows how naive and stupid he really is to begin with. He’s got to be one of the dumbest owners in all of professional sports , if not the dumbest ?

      Alan Parkins


  4. It would be funny if it were not so bad in DC.all the way around, what with the debacle that is our guvmint (notice my disrespect), the ‘Skins…etc, etc. We like to be entertained by sports and other things and when the product does not entertain us…..?
    However, no one is on the high horse about Detroit…..maybe because they don’t really have an arrogant ass for an owner…or even the Titans who don’t look good right now.
    I guess it boils down to “what have you done for me lately”. We have the “haves” and the “have-nots”, the “haves”, including Snyder, don’t really give a shit how the “have-nots” feel. That is what gave Lenin his start……Obama”s too. Things need to turn around, not just in Sports either.


    1. al clements

      I’d also condemn the Ford family for their own ineptitude in the running of Lions’ franchise. Much like they almost ran the family business into the ground. Now they’ve leveraged the company to the tune of $25-$30 billion. Luckily for the taxpayer there’s no hope that they’ll soon come running to the government trough. Bill Ford Jr looks as naive as he appears to be in person.

      As to the ‘skins ? Snyder and Cerrato are the biggest jokes this side of the Potomac River. All of their bellyaching when it’s been primarily them who’ve been at fault with much of managerial malaprops . Who can forget the mess that was the Steve Spurrier saga ? That went about as well as a dose of the bubonic plague. Everything he did was a complete disaster.

      Alan Parkins


  5. Oh….and cannot forget the poor belabored Cleveland Browns and ALL the teams in Cleveland and until thbis year the Cincy Bengals.


  6. al clements

    Neither side has an answer for the political mess the country is in. Under Bush , the administration basically eschewed the idea of doing anything . Even when the situation became acutely grave. Now under Obama the left is of the belief that the best way is to spend your way out of trouble.

    When in actuality what they should be doing is reinvesting in the country’s infrastructure and cutting the loopholes that allows US companies to repatriate profits to their offshore entities abroad. Much as in the same way that Halliburton has been allowed to with its KBR offhshoot in the UAE. How comes no one on the left or right is actually appalled by that ?

    That’s what makes the idiots on both sides of the political divide so insiduously stupid. They seemingly want to see and talk about the bull_hit they think they know about. When in essence they simply know f_ck all about anything whatsoever !

    As to the Bungles – oh , I do mean the Bengals , while Palmer is healthy, they’re always in with a chance. The moment he goes down for any reason , then they might as well shut up shop. If they fail to make the playoffs , I still think that Marvin Lewis‘ job will be in jeopardy !

    Alan Parkins


    1. chappy 81

      It’s not necessarily the coaches that’ve failed the franchise . Though come to think of it both Spurrier and Norv Turner did rather stink up the joint ! It got so bad that even the rats moved out. LOL, LOL ,LOL,LOL !!!! But it has been the sheer ineptitude shown by both Snyder and Cerrato that’s been a complete failure. And this from a guy in Snyder who’s said to be a thorough by the books type of guy when it comes to business . The only reason the Redskins are making money is because they’re only game in town in the DC area. I mean the Nationals are a joke and who the hell goes to watch either the Wizards or the Capitals nowadays ? You’d be better off either picking up a hooker or taking in a movie !

      Alan Parkins


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