Who Knew ?

Well the United Football League (UFL) is up and running. And though in no way is it being ran in order to try and usurp the stronghold that the NFL has on the game of professional football here in the United States. The events of the league itself has been as welcoming a nor’easter within our midst. That’s not to say that the UFL is here to contend with the power that is the NFL . But I’m sure that the hierarchy within the UFL has greater ambitions than to be merely seen as some sort of feeder system and a springboard for the talent (college or otherwise)that may in the end want to make the jump to the NFL

A  UFL game   between  the  Las  Vegas Locomotives  and  the  California  Redwoods  .   The  game was  won  by the  Locos  over  the Redwoods  30-17  .

A UFL game between the Las Vegas Locomotives and the California Redwoods . The Locos would end up defeating the Redwoods 30-17 in a game played at Boyd Stadium , Las Vegas , Nevada. The game was the season opener played 8th October 2009. picture appears courtesy of inquisitr.com ……….

To date the four team league has started its schedule and the games have been sparsely attended . The play,though not outstanding is somewhat on par with that of Division 1AA college football. Many of the players on team rosters are former NFL stars in some way shape or form. Some are college players not picked up in the NFL draft but are looking upon this as a chance to be seen by an NFL scout in the hopes being seen. Others , well for them it’s just a chance to play the game that they love and perhaps make a decent living from it.

Calfornia  Redwoods'  owner  Paul  Pelosi   holds  up   a  Redwoods'  jersey  at the  unveiling   of  franchise's    formal   entrance   to the  UFL .    picture  appears   courtesy  of  sfblog.com   /  Joe  Eskenazi  ..................

California Redwoods’ owner Paul Pelosi holds up a team jersey to formally announce the arrival of UFL team there in the state. Alongside is UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue . picture appears courtesy of Joe Eskenazi ………

The league itself , has its own programming schedule in place and their games are carried on several independent broadcast outlets in a number of tv markets. But its primary source is via the Versus cable channel outlet. Now whether or not you can get this outlet via your cable system is another thing altogether. Versus as you may well be aware , or not be aware , as the case maybe. Well they’re the primary carriers for many of the games of the NHL as well as Professional Bull Riding (PBR) . Ride ’em cowboy ! That’s how far the game of professional hockey has sank when you need to consult your cable provider’s guide to find out where and what the hell is Versus to begin with ? As to whether or you not you have a fascination with professional bull riding ? That’s something that can be discussed in another forum altogether.

Some of the coaches of the teams now in place, are either former NFL coaches, or as the case maybe they’ve held a similar position within the college ranks. The California Redwoods are coached by former Minnesota Vikings‘ coach, Dennis Green . The Florida Tuskers are coached by Jim Haslett , the Las Vegas Locomotives by Jim Fassel and the New York Sentinels are coached by Ted Cottrell . Names that are if anything are more synonymous with the NFL than a newly organized professional football league. But such are the machinations of the league and its founders.That they’re intent on making a success of the endeavor.

Dennis Green, head coach of the San Francisco franchise in the newly-formed United Football League (UFL), looks on at a news conference in San Francisco, California March 11, 2009. The league, with teams in San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York and Orlando, begins its inaugural season in October. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith (UNITED STATES SPORT FOOTBALL HEADSHOT)

They’ve already the corporate sponsorship to make it somewhat viable from the start and the intent no doubt is to be there for the long haul. Unlike the premise behind the upstart United States Football League (USFL) of the early to late eighties. The intent was there for that particular organization to be an immediate success. But once it sought to usurp the NFL and challenge its position of strength of operating in the Fall. Its sheer greed and conceit led by the ubiquitous and self aggrandizing Donald Trump, doomed it for failure. And that was essentially the case when they folded their tents in 1985. For a mere five years ,from 1982-1987 the USFL was all the rage. When they (USFL) ceased to operate it was to a great deal of acrimony within the organization and embarrassment as well. Their challenge to the NFL’s anti trust exemption 1987 in the US District Federal Court System, New York (USFL vs NFL @ circa 1986) created more of a media frenzy, instead of trying to right a wrong. The aftermath led to some rather insidious rants and tirades between the then remnants of the USFL and Trump. One hardly think that’s liable in the case of the UFL, as they know their place. And they’re not about to incur the wrath of the NFL. Not under any circumstance at all. They’ve seen the cost of going up against a giant such as, which was evidenced by the impetuousness of the USFL.

Bill Hambrecht a venture capitalist and founder of the investment and capital equities firm W. R. Hambrecht & Co,. Here he discusses the issues of IPO’s (initial public offerings) and the fledgling UFL. Hambrecht also is the founder and Chairman of the UFL.

A sound business plan is in place for the UFL and it would appear that they’ll take their time in increasing the size of their fanbase and the number of franchises in operation for the time being. It’s main focus however, is to operate under a viable set of parameters and to create an environment where they can be sustained long term. The founders of the UFL and in particular Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Bill Hambrecht .A founding member, he and his partners all come from a sound business background covering a variety of corporate fields. It is their intent to see this all come to fruition with their own legion fans and at the same time looking to coexist alongside the NFL , rather than being in servitude to them.

If these two entities can coexist without either side trying to outdo each other in certain areas. Then there’s no reason to believe that there isn’t a place for them both at the table and in the grand scheme of things with regards to professional football. Certainly as a fledgling organization the UFL will have its detractors. But I’m no of doubt also that it has a great many supporters. Its brand and product line may not reach the larger markets. But given time one is sure that they’ll aspire to meet and achieve those goals. The UFL can ill afford to go the way of the USFL. Five years in existence and at the end of it all they had nothing tangible to show for it. A $165 million dollar loss covering those five years and a $ 1-00 check as a financial settlement award in federal lawsuit brought against the NFL in 1986. Not much to show for the USFL despite the initial success and then its downward spiral thereafter. Safe for the sake of the glowing reputation of Donald Trump and his belief that he been listened to – the USFL would have gone on to outgrow the NFL and be the superior brand in the marketplace. Sadly then, Trump now , is still very much the same person. A loudmouth ,self serving , publicity seeking and top it all a narcissistic individual who cannot admit when he’s in the wrong. He may well have been a self made man and a multi-billionaire . But to most , he’s simply a legend in his own mind.

Jim Fassel   seen  here  addressing  the  media  as  to his  aspirations for  the New  York  based   UFL  franchise  .  The  New  York  Sentinels   took  to  formally to  life   after   Fassel's   introduction as  the  team's  new  head coach.       picture   appears   courtesy  of  ap/photo /  Paul   Howard  ...................

Jim Fassel seen here addressing the media as to his aspirations for the New York based, UFL franchise. The New York Sentinels formally to life after Fassel’s introduction as the team’s new Head Coach. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Paul Howard ………..

So, as of now there are entities taking center stage in terms of professional football.One has a vast legacy behind it. But as of late its image has become somewhat tarnished and the public seems to have lost faith in it hierarchy and to lesser extent its players. Simply in the case of the latter it’s because those players don’t want to be at all held accountable for their actions off the field. And in the NFL where image is simply everything. Where any light that’s shed brightly on it, to show its warts and misdeeds.Well, let’s just say if the new kid on the block simply learns from what the older that did wrong.Then the new kid is bound to prosper.

Certainly that’s something that fans of the game would like to see. And hopefully for the UFL it will be a starting off point for them , from which they can learn.

NB : The four professional teams of the UFL are –

California Redwoods

Florida Tuskers

Las Vegas Locomotives

New York Sentinels

UFL Standings

Team W L T Pct PF PA
Florida Tuskers 4 0 0 1.000 125 58
California Redwoods 2 2 0 .500 68 84
Las Vegas Locomotives 1 2 0 .333 69 73
New York Sentinels 0 3 0 .000 33 79

UFL Schedule

Week 1

October 08, 2009
California Redwoods 17
Las Vegas Locomotives 30 Final
Box Score Game Book

October 10, 2009
New York Sentinels 13
Florida Tuskers 35 Final
Box Score Game Book

Week 2

October 14, 2009
Florida Tuskers 29
Las Vegas Locomotives 15 Final
Box Score Game Book

October 17, 2009
New York Sentinels 7
California Redwoods 24 Final
Box Score Game Book

Week 3

October 22, 2009
California Redwoods 7
Florida Tuskers 34 Final
Box Score Game Book

Week 4

October 29, 2009
California Redwoods 20
New York Sentinels 13 Final
Box Score Game Book

October 30, 2009
Las Vegas Locomotives 24
Florida Tuskers 27 Final
Box Score Game Book

Week 5

November 04, 2009
Las Vegas Locomotives 41
New York Sentinels 10 Final
Box Score Game Book

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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

13 thoughts on “Who Knew ?”

  1. Guys note that there are some prominent ex NFL players now trying their hand in the UFL. Most notably J P Losman , Simeon Rice, Brooks Bollinger Patrick Chukwurah and a slew of others . As well as college players who failed to make it unto an roster through the NFL draft or even a team’s practice squad.

    This may well create something of a respite and stepping stone for a possible return. If not they can still make tidy sum there in the UFL.

    Alan Parkins


  2. Not really a bad deal for those who left the NFL for one reason or another and stilol wish to play football. Also those who didn’t make the rosters of the NFL teams.
    Doubt if it will ever compete with the NFL….but there area cities that would like a pro team…this may be the answer for them.


    1. al clements

      It’s not really their intention to compete with the NFL. As you can see they’ve started off small and they’ll grow their share in incremental stages. There’s a room for two forms of professional football here in the US. And it’s not as if the NFL’s (‘No Fun League’) image is as pristine as Goodell and others are trying to make it out to be. Look at the crap that’s happening now with the Raiders’ Tom Cable ? If ever a guy needed to be suspended immediately without recourse, then now would be time to do it. Not taking any action by the NFL or the Raiders, essentially condones his acts. And with him making the asinine statement that he only slapped his ex-wife once, when the police records show different. Well, it shows what an as_hole he really is and that he’s in a complete form of denial.

      As to the UFL , I truly don’t think that they’ll go the way of Vince McMahon‘s XFL or indeed the Trump led disaster that was once the USFL . Less we forget both of the latter wanted to challenge the legitimacy and dominance of the NFL ? Bill Hambrecht, who’s the co-founder of the UFL . Well, he’s a the consummate businessman, who’s respected by his peers and a businessman who knows the ins and outs of what it takes to build a business successfully. The guy is a billionaire and his company W R Hambrecht & Co is in the specialized field of equity capital and investments. So I’d say he knows a great deal more than that _ss, Donald Trump ! They’ve been associated with some of the biggest IPO”s (initial public offerings) over the last decade. One of which was Google’s monstrous IPO. Now that company (Google) is said to be worth in excess of $160 billion.

      Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpherys

      The UFL may or may not end up providing the NFL with some real talent. But if it doesn’t then it still gives these players a chance to play the game that they’ve come to love. And it doesn’t hurt that they can make some ‘coin’ along the way.

      As for you wanting to be the league waterboy , I’d have thought that way beneath you ? Why not try out as the GM of a team ? I’m sure that you can assess prospective NFL talent way better than a number current GM’s in the NFL ! There’s at least half a dozen of them at the moment that oughtn’t to be in the league in their current position !

      Thankfully there isn’t a Trump like figure amongst the guys of the UFL . It appears that they’ve all got their heads on straight as well as their hair and they’re not prepared to rock the boat. Hambrecht , the founder has said as much in stating ……..’ we know our place amongst the landscape of things.’

      Alan Parkins


  3. Yeah, I’m not really sure how this will all pan out. I think it’s not the worst idea in the world, but seeing how no league that is under the professional level succeeds (D-League, AAA, etc.) never really amounts to anything and goes away sooner than later! Have you been watching your Florida team?


    1. chappy 81

      You seem to forget that I’m no fan of any of the Florida NFL franchises ! This league will prove to be a feeder system for the NFL and it’ll provide a place for player who can’t presently make an NFL roster.

      The quality of the play may not be up to NFL standards but along the way it gives them a chance to hone their craft and no doubt become better players.

      All Trump wanted to do from the outset with the USFL , was the challenge the dominance of the NFL. His tragedy of butting heads them during their regular season schedule was a non starter and an asinine idea to begin with. Is it any wonder that when they folded as an entity , the USFL had a loss in excess of $165 million in the five years of its existence ? They were throwing money around like drunken sailors on furlough ploughing their way through hookers.

      Alan Parkins


      1. Well, one thing is for sure he has the money to throw around! I guess it is good that there is a place for guys to hone/keep thier skills, but what about the CFL! I think he should’ve looked at their limited success along with the XFL’s miserable flop before he jumped into this endeavor. I guess in a business perspective from Trump you can’t always succeed!


  4. chappy

    Trump is a graduate from the Wharton School of Management with a degree in Economics. But he come across as a pompous a_shole ! He’s twice declared bankruptcy having speculated foolhardy in the commercial property real estate market. And his Trump Casinos are said to bleeding red ink as if they’d pillaged. Trump wants to be all things to all people.

    A study of the guy is a study in conceitedness ,being ostentatious and above all a narcissist. Nothing at all wrong in that ! But when you don’t have the respect of your peers then it actually counts for nothing.
    And that’s the case with Trump and his relationship with women. I dare say he’s also not that well liked by some of his business contemporaries.

    He would’ve succeeded in the endeavor with the USFL had he listened to Chet Simmons and several of the other more prominent and knowledgeable owners. Then the USFL wouldn’t have folded the way it did with a great deal of egg on their faces . And there with Trump apportioning blame on everyone else but himself. All he’s out for is the self promotion and not much else. He’s a disingenuous blowhole !

    Alan Parkins


  5. al clements

    Snyder and Trump are like two peas in a pod. The only discerning difference between the two is that Snyder isn’t as loud and obnoxious. Also he doesn’t have the comb-over that Trump does.

    Trump’s advantage is that he’s always seen with a hot chick.

    Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpehrys

      I say give the UFL some time to make a success of it. I think that they’re going about things the right way. Unlike the idiots of the USFL once Trump entrenched himself there and started to bark out orders to guys who had far more experience than him in dealing with a professional sports franchise.

      All Trump was in it for was to see his name up in the big bright lights to begin with and to make money. Obviously he’s been successful at doing that. But along the way he’s pissed people off with his obnoxious and boorish attitude.

      Thankfully neither he or Vince McMahon is involved in this endeavor.

      Alan Parkins


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