Likes And Dislikes When It Comes To Sports …………….

Some sports I could watch to my heart’s content ! Whilst others , I just can’t stand in any shape or form . Much as I can’t stand the NHL ,as seemingly the action all gets caught up in the fact that the players in essence are either out there at times,trying to decapitate each other. Or they’re ready start a fight at the drop of a hat. Penalty minutes and all of the so called brouhaha that’s associated with the sport. I simply, just don’t get it !

Alexander  Ovechkin (#8) of the  Washington  Capitals  often  described  as  the  best player  in the  NHL battles  for  the  puck  against  the  Columbus Blue Jackets'  Jason Chimer  (#25) in  game   played the  Verizon  Center  in  Washington  DC.    picture  appears courtesy  of   getty images/ Greg  Fiume  ..............

Alexander Ovechkin (#8)of the Washington Capitals battles the Columbus Blue Jackets Jason Chimera (#25) for the puck in a game played at the Verizon Center in Washington DC. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Greg Fiume ……..

But also, is it me ? A game goes into overtime after both teams are tied at the end of the regulation period and both teams attain a point because of that ? What sort of incentive is that for a team anyway ? Nonetheless there are fans out there who eat ,breathe and live for the sport of hockey. Not I , said the fly ! As physical as the game is , I still believe that when compared the game of rugby , it fall short in terms of the real physical aggression and the imposing of your will on an opponent. And besides the guys playing wear nowhere near as much protection as the guys playing professional hockey. What’s more the rugby players are just as physically imposing as the hockey players of the NHL, if not more so.

The Lowes' Chevrolet (#48)  of  points'  leader  Jimmie Johnson  pits  during  the  NASCAR Sprint  Cup  event   Amp  Energy  500  from  Talladega  Superspeedway , in Alabama ,.     picture  appears  courtesy of getty images/ Chris  Graythern  .............

The Lowes’ Chevrolet (#48) points’ leader Jimmie Johnson pits during the NASCAR Sprint Cup race , the AMP Energy 500 from Talladega Superspeedway , in Alabama. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Chris Graythern ………..

For all of the vagaries of the sport of NASCAR and the throngs of fans that are entirely devoted to watching these monstrous metallic beasts encircle an oval track repeatedly. Unless, I’m mistaken there’s something inherently awry with the sport. Granted , it’s a grand spectacle, if watching a race live at the venue , then it becomes a scintillating exercise to be a part of. Especially when these vehicles are traveling in excess of 200 mph down a straightway before having to make a right turn and brake hard with the precision of a locomotive having to come to an almost immediate stop. The adrenalin rush that it creates for the driver and the fans , can be quite exhilarating . Never mind the fact that it’s said to the crash that draws the fans to such an event. And for the super fast tracks such as, Daytona and Talladega Super Speedway . Well, these are the tracks where the most excitement can be obtained and in essence more bang for your buck . Pardon that , but there’s meant to be no pun intended.

I feel compelled to watch some of the races but honestly , I’m not a big devotee of the sport ! I can tell you the names of several of the drivers within the top ranks of the sport , which happens to be the Sprint Cup Series . And along with the very fact that for much of the time many of the races seem unendurably long and tedious. More often than not , that’s because for some needless reason there tends to be one pile up after another with ever increasing regularity. And when in essence it’s merely 43 high powered vehicles repeatedly making left turn , left turn , one after another. Let’s just say , that the momentum from the perceived excitement, just isn’t there. It’s simply akin to watching grains of sand fall through an hourglass. Tedious or what ?

Formula 1 World  Champion  Jenson Button  celebrates  his  third  place  finish    at the  Abu  Dhabi  Grand  Prix  as the  Yas  Marina  Circuit  in Abu  Dhabi     .       Button   is   a  first  time  winner  of  the  world championship   and  has become  the  second  consecutive  British   driver  to win  the  championship  in the  last  two  years.   He succeeds  Lewis   Hamilton  who  became  the  first  black  driver to  win  the   prestigious   title.       picture  appears   courtesy  of  reuters/  Steve  Crisp  .........

Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button celebrates his third place finish at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi,. Button is a first time winner of the championship and has become the second consecutive British driver to win the championship in the last two years. He succeeds Lewis Hamilton who became the first black driver to win the prestigious title in 2008. picture appears courtesy of reuters/ Steve Crisp ……..

For myself , the thrill of watching motorsports came from watching the races on the Formula 1 Grand Prix Circuit . And even though the races there are favored road course events. The prerequisite skills required by the drivers are very much in a similar vein to that of their counterparts within NASCAR. And with the sport’s governing body Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) being of the a disposition to make their events much more popular and internationally relevant. This is the primary reason why I tend to veer towards the races that take place within this genre of racing. It’s fast , it’s exciting and most of all the races aren’t always convoluted with the spectacle of repeated crashes or stoppages for cautions from pieces of debris falling from a race car. That’s something that tends to be the norm within the realms of NASCAR, more often than not.

Pele`  seen  here  as    member of    the  New  York  Cosmos   of the  NASL

Pele`seen here as a member of the New York Cosmos of the NASL. The league at its inception in 1968 lasted for 17 years. But then folded in 1985, with its last champions being the Chicago Sting in 1984. picture appears courtesy of ….


Love it ,or hate it, soccer is the predominant sport played on the planet. That being said, I have to ask myself what is it that makes the vast number of US sports’ fans so oblivious to the sport of soccer ? I understand America’s proclivity for wanting to be competitive and be dominant in every international sporting event that it participates in. But given the fact , that its desires upon the sport stems from the fact that if they’re not dominant in it. Then, it bears no interest to them or to the social graces that comes with being an ardent fan of the sport. Perhaps , much of this stems from the very fact that at the height of the seventies , when a number of international soccer stars were lured stateside for vast amounts of money. Well , the game and what it represented , the U.S was place to be seen. And at the height of the euphoria surrounding the game here in North America. The venue to be seen at was at the home venue of the New York Cosmos , with its litany of world class international superstars. At that time, no star was more widely known than that, of Brazil’s Pele’ . In many people’s eyes, the greatest soccer player the world has ever seen, or will ever see.

The  New  York  Cosmos  line up  prior  to an  NASL  match  held at  Giants  Stadium  , East Rutherford ,  New  Jersey .   At  the  time  Pele'  was  one  14 international   players on  the  Cosmos  roster.   There  weren't   any  rules  in   place   limiting  the  number  of  international  players  a  team  could  have  at  its  disposal   for  a  game.    picture appears  courtesy  afp/  Paul  Wright  ...........

Pele’ seen here the sixth player from the left is lined up alongside his New York Cosmos teammates prior to an NASL match played at Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey. picture appears courtesy of afp/Paul Wright …..

With the inception of the North American Soccer League (NASL) and the governing board’s proclivity for wanting the brightest and the best that the game had to offer by way of international talent. No stone was left unturned in terms of money to lure the likes of Pele` , Giorgio Chinaglia , Franz Beckenbauer , Johann Cryuff , Graeme Souness, Hugo Sanchez, Gerd Muller , Rodney Marsh , Marinho` and a slew of other world class , who all inked their name on the dotted line. And the financial rewards for the top stars ? Well it was immense .

Fast forward to today and with the demise of the NASL . We now have the MLS and its sundry of players , primarily native born . But amongst them also are a number of international stars and some nationalized citizens, who’ve made the US their home. But nowhere is there the dearth of world class stars that once graced soccer here, as of now. OK , so fan favorite David Beckham of the Los Angeles Galaxy was lured here to try and make the sport relevant amongst a certain type of male demographic. But as of yet that hasn’t really been parlayed into anything of significance. Granted , at first the curiosity factor was there. And inspite of it all , the Galaxy have still struggled to fully live up to expectations. As too has Beckham to some extent. But now with the team in the MLS playoffs, great things are expected of them.

The Los  Angeles  Galaxy  team  seen  here   prior  to the  MLS Western  Conference  Semi-finals  match  against  Chivas  USA  in  game   played at the  Home Depot  Center  in  Carson,   California,.   The  game  would  end  in a  2-2 tie  .   picture appears  courtesy  of  getty images/  Victor Decolongon  ..................

The Los Angeles Galaxy team seen here prior to their MLS Western Conference Semi-final match against Chivas USA in a game played The Home Depot Center in Carson, California . Also in picture is David Beckham in the back , first player on the left. In the front row is Landon Donovan, 2nd player from the left. The game would end in a 2-2 tie. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Victor Decolongon …..

For the sport to really make its presence felt . Much of that success will not only stem from the league’s chance to resonate with its fans. But also much of that success will also be predicated by the amount of success that can be attained by the men’s national squad. Inasmuch, as the women attained a great deal of success at the international level and then sought to follow that up with the creation of its own professional domestic league. The success there was only fleeting and much of that was derived from the fact that they took far too long in setting up a league in the first place.

For MLS and its hierarchy under the guidance of Commissioner Don Garber. . He’s entrusted with seeing that the game flourishes around the league through its franchises. And at the same he also seeks the maturation of such homegrown talent in Jozy Altidore , Landon Donovan , Marvell Wynne and a slew of up and coming players with the wherewithall to make their presence felt at the domestic level. And then all the way at the international level, if the game is to truly resonate with the fans here. And then, and only then, can the game consider to have been a success domestically as well as at the international level. Albeit, that the quality domestically doesn’t rival that of their European counterpart. The rise of US soccer has been incremental. And it is to the credit of template set by MLS and USA Soccer !

In parting , the thoughts made here within this piece are purely my own as to my likes and dislikes, when it comes to sports. If as such, there are certain sports that you consider to be mundane , either in part because they’re too monotonous to watch. Or perhaps in your eyes they just don’t elicit enough fervor and excitement . Then by all means, feel free to pass judgment by leaving a comment.

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

8 thoughts on “Likes And Dislikes When It Comes To Sports …………….”

  1. Sorry I haven’t been responding as much. It’s been a tough time for me over the last few days, but I’m back now!

    Anyways, I don’t really like the car sports, I feel like it’s just plain boring to watch. I don’t have a problem watching hockey, but most of the time I only watch the playoffs… I usually will try to catch a few games during the season, but overall I wouldn’t miss it if I didn’t see them play.

    Soccer is fun to watch when it’s GOOD soccer, and not MLS soccer. I can’t say I understand all the intricacies of the game, but I do like the gracefulness of the flops in soccer over NBA flops 🙂


    1. chappy 81

      I love all forms of sport within reason just as long as it’s competitive and the two teams individual athletes are giving it their all.

      Boxing is very much my first love but the likes of Don King and Bob Arum have spoilt it for me over the last decade at least. The sport in many ways has become a complete laughing stock. It has rested on its laurels while UFC and WEC have been on the rise. And now they’re afraid to acknowledge the fact that their sport is essentially now on the decline.

      Soccer here will become relevant once the men’s national side has attained a level of success that resonates with the fans. The CONCACAF tournament recently in South Africa proved that. And with next year’s World Cup being held in South Africa it augurs well for the team.

      Alan Parkins


      1. Yeah, I pretty much like all sports as long as it’s the cream of the crop or amateurs ready to break out!

        I hope boxing makes a comeback, but looking around at the names I don’t see that happening soon. Have you seen the Tyson documentary? It was pretty good, it made me actually feel a little bad for him!


  2. chappy 81

    Boxing is my passion and my all time favorite fighter is former middleweight champion Marvin Hagler !

    I’d seen the Tyson documentary and I’ve no empathy for the guy. He very much acted like a goon and he was enabled primarily his entourage and Don King in particular. The latter of whom bled him dry and then left the remains for others feast off him like a rotting carcass by a flock of vultures. Much of the time I doubt if he even cared or knew what was really happening. And that included when he was gettin’ a great deal of ‘tail’ from Robin Givens. She and her mother were essentially two peas in a pod. Merely after his money and the notoriety that they attained at the time.

    Not until he declared bankruptcy , he actually realized the gravity of the situation . How the hell over the course of your career earn in excess of $250 million and then manage to lose it all ?

    He and MC Hammer are equally dumb as they look and they probably remain so to this day.

    Alan Parkins


  3. Chris Humpherys

    NASCAR for me lost its relevance the moment they went to this specific format. The races are nowhere near as exciting as they make them out to be. If anything the primary reason most fans watch is either because of the prospect of seeing an accident or the likes of Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards having a hiccy fit. Real men throw down in NASCAR they caterwaul like old women ! I mean Kyle Busch is barely over 100lbs ringing wet and old woman could probably kick his a_s ! But yet he carries on like he could beat the crap out of anyone who crosses his path . Not so !

    Let Kyle come into ‘the hood’ and let’s see how he’d do then ? I’d dare he’d end up sh_tting bricks ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

    ‘Real men throw down’ in NASCAR they caterwaul like a bunch of old women throwing the odd hiccy fit all too often !

    Alan Parkins


  4. It is true that there are some sports I feel obligated to at least know some surface value imformation about as a a writer. For example, I don’t know a whole lot about NASCAR, but I do know that Jimmie Johnson is one hell of a NASCAR driver and a proven winner. I like Tony Stewart because he’s outspoken. But then other than that, I can’t really tell you much about the sport. It’s good to have at least some reference point for discussion you need to know SOMETHING, but then again if you’re in any situation where you’ll need to discuss NASCAR for more than a couple of minutes, you should leave.



    1. Meehan

      Sports lover through nd through but I’d rather see something exciting rather than being told by an ingrate that the sport is exciting . NASCAR at times borders on having your urologist give you the customary finger wave. They couldn’t make that sh_t anymore exciting if they had Danica Patrick and Milka Duno racing naked. Come to think of it that mightn’t be such a bad idea afterall ! At lest we wouldn’t have to put up with wusses like Jeff Gordon, Edwards and the Busch brothers trying to act tough ! Those assholes are scared of ther own damn shadows !

      Milka Duno


      Danica Patrick


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