ESPN Acronym Entertainment Sports Programming Network …………………

ESPN Acronym Entertainment Sports Programming Network

The title says it all…ESPN. It’s no longer a sports broadcast network. It’s merely a network that happens just to broadcast sports. It’s main shtick is to get an assortment of former jocks coaches and journalists whose best days are behind them to give us their insight on a number of sports events.

Now to say that they actually provide us with any insight, is to say that you’d be able to understand any one of the numerous legislative documents that’s passed as a bill in the US Senate. As we all know there’s more legalese in those precise documents than anyone would care to acknowledge.

To listen to the likes of Chris Berman, Mark Schlereth,Desmond Howard, Lee Corso, Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit, Mark May, Lou Holtz, Jesse Palmer and others within what is meant to be a professional programming establishment. Well, it’s reminiscent of listening to a bunch of drunken old farts talk about the days when they were actually very good jocks in high school. Of late, ESPN has become as controversial as some of the athletes that it covers. What of the reports of sexual harassment by certain analysts against female employees ? And one can well understand why it is that they’re saying that ESPN has become similar to that of a male oriented adult club. And the network itself, has been less than forthright when it has come to light when one of ‘their esteemed’ on air personalities gets caught in a plot of sexual intrigue. And now the idiocy of listening to Lou Holtz opine of the merits of Notre Dame as an esteemed football colossus. Well, it now borders on being asinine, given the fact that the Irish’s football program is about as relevant as a piece of dog excrement that’s stuck to the sole of your shoe.

Once again the asinine and incessant rants of Lou Holtz. And his justification in stating that Notre Dame is still a relevant collegiate football program.

My biggest gripe however, is listening to the paeans within ESPN try and legitimize the BCS system as being fair. One man, one vote is fair ! The BCS system most definitely , is not fair !And what does it say about the system wherein, it denies the right of lesser programs to be part of the national championship process ? But yet for certain members of the BCS conferences, a chance to play in a Bowl Game game if they meet the criteria of winning 7 games as a benchmark. To me, that’s preposterous and lessens what the BCS ought to be about. But considering that the six major conferences that essentially makes up the system is rife with graft. And the fact the only incentive for which the BCS stands -that’s essentially to make money for those conferences and it major partners. None more so than the networks that carry the games. They, if anything have more to gain, if the current system stays the way that it is and for the scenario to play itself out.The deck is stacked right from the start, as too is the veracity of what it is that ESPN purports to portray to us in terms of their coverage of college football and a wide variety of other sports that they broadcast.

What is now becoming even more telling, is that the network doesn’t try to be impartial as to the way it provides its analysis for the viewer to consume. One can appreciate that the viewer wants to hear the insights of the analysts. But they also want to be informed and be informed with insightful information. And not essentially anecdotes from their playing or coaching days. If that was what the fans desired, then they would be clamoring for it. That doesn’t appear to be the case at present for the viewer when ESPN’s analysts decide to regale us with their alleged insight and anecdotes.

Jesse Palmer discusses his career in the NFL , or lack of one as the case maybe

Thankfully, as the regular season of college football comes to a close. I for one just hope that the championship games that we’ll be privileged to see by way the respective conferences are a great deal better than that of the major Bowl games, themselves. God knows, more often than not, they‘ve either tended to be competitive or just downright abysmal, in terms of the quality of the play between the two teams.

Corso gives it to you straight from the horse’s ass – in other words, his mouth.

ESPN and the BCS system , two peas in a pod. Essentially flawed from the outset and it’ll continue be flawed until radical changes are made , in order for there to be some perception of fairness. It’d be a great deal better than what we’re being offered at present. But then again one doubts that either set about to be perfect or fair to begin with. It’s been essentially about the chance of making money and not much else beyond that. Both the BCS system and ESPN , whatever it all entails are merely there to entertain us, nothing more nothing less. What both ESPN and BCS conferences have been failing to realize , is that they’ve failed to deliver on both counts. And it’s not as if they were concerned to begin with. Had they done so , then perhaps there wouldn’t be the outrage we’re now seeing ?

Week 12 College Football Results

(6) Boise State 52-21 Utah State

Colorado 28-31 (12) Oklahoma State

(9) Ohio St 21-10 Michigan

(1) Florida 62-3 Florida Int’l

California 34-28 (14)Stanford

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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

11 thoughts on “ESPN Acronym Entertainment Sports Programming Network …………………”

  1. ESPN is a joke. I don’t watch them at all. Not even the games. If I do I turn the sound off. I don’t want to be bugged by idiots and bigots and sexual perverts.
    Lou Holtz ruined ND football. Holtz is as crooked as the day is long.


    1. Bobby Gee

      In essence now the only things I tend to watch on ESPN is their coverge of the Premiership soccer , the scores and results around the NFL. And one or two of their new magazine programs such as E: 60 and OTL (Outside The Lines).
      The rest of it is essentially mundane and garbage !

      Alan Parkins


  2. Hey Al,

    ESPN is just one of the culprits responsible for the over saturation of sports coverage. To tell the truth it’s all getting a bit too much for me and I am striving to spend more time enjoying my family and less time on sports. I backslide from time to time, but I’m working on it.

    Keep up the good work brother.


    1. aero

      There ain’t nothing wrong in spending time and devoting it to the family ! Without them there wouldn’t be much to life at all.

      The paens within ESPN have become a bunch of clowns , nothing more nothing less. Instead of trying to be informative and insightful they’ve become no better than a bunch of mentally retarded numb skulls !

      Berman has idiot shtick and Lou Holtz has simply a voice box of everything that’s wrong with their coverage of college football. The same can be said of Lee Corso as well. Everyone wants to come as looking as something of an a_s in some form or another !

      Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpherys

      It may well be the only sports programming network player in town. But their analysts have become all too mediocre and a complete bore !

      Is that what you really want to see from a network ?

      Janet Jackson isn’t the only female to have had a wardrobe malfunction on tv. Here’s Kelly Monaco’s by way of a picture.

      Melanie Brown and Kelly Monaco gives you their own Burlesque version of ‘Peep Show’

      Alan Parkins


    1. Meehan

      Lee Corso is someone’s child , someone’s father and genuinely someone’s whipping post for all of the asinine bullshit that comes down the pike from ESPN . Where the hell do they get these guys from ? I know he’s meant to have an extensive background but damn some the sh_t that comes out his mouth makes him look a complete a_hole !

      Sean Salisbury and Kirk Herbstreit are cut from the same cloth as they’re apologists for their alma-maters. Need one say anymore on the subject ?



    1. Meehan

      You have to remember that ESPN wants to create the perception that these guys in large part know what the hell they’re talking about. The one problem is however that for many of them their careers in the sport ended eons ago. And so much about the game has evolved .



  3. Meehan

    Magic is OK when you can actually understand his enunciation and diction. Other than that who the hell knows what he’s talking about half the time ? His late night talk show was never riveting stuff . It was so bad that I felt that most African Americans were embarrassed for him ! It made me cringe !

    Could it get any worse than this ?



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