Would It Be Remiss To Suggest That Bob Dupuy And Bud Selig Are Baseball’s Answer To Beavis & Butthead ?

Back in its heyday the show ‘Beavis & Butthead’ had its legion of fans. And many an adolescent male and those older would follow these characters and their escapades religiously. It was pretty safe to say that the shows didn’t care what social graces that they would decry. It was the comedic element of it all that made the show and its characters so hilarious !

Beavis and Butthead ‘vaya cornholio’ .

The same sort of intolerance and their desire to be crude ,lewd, irreverent and loud are the same traits that are now being shown by baseball’s two highest officials, in Bud Selig as MLB’s commissioner and Bob DuPuy as the game’s President of Operations. Major League Baseball (MLB) is in something of a mess ,with regards to the health of many of its franchises. Financially the the clubs are now about the haves and have nots. Those who’d try and tell you different , clearly are out of touch with what’s now going on with the game.

Clips showing episodes of the best of ‘Beavis and Butthead’ .

In the case of both Selig and DuPuy they’re simply about making money and very little else with regards to the concerns of the fans and in great many cases the concerns of its players and perhaps even more so the their biggest benefactors, the US Congress. Who in large part having allowed them anti trust exemption have seen the game’s hierarchy under Selig’s tenure make a complete hash of things in terms of baseball’s operations and its goodwill amongst the majority of its fans.

Here we see commissioner Bud Selig addressing members of the House Oversight Committee up on Capitol Hill, in Washington, D.C. If we can cast our memories back to the testimonies given by such luminaries as Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro , Curt Schlling , Sammy Sosa, Andy Pettitte,Miguel Tejada and Roger Clemens. Well , from there we can clearly see that the commissioner and former MLBPA Chief Executive, Donald Fehr – that the game and its various entities were all involved in the subterfuge that took place. And it has cost the game its legacy and goodwill amongst the fans so dearly. Albeit, that there was a great deal of grandstanding by both sides. From those who gave testimony and from the panelists of House Oversight Committee.

MLB President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Donald  DuPuy  , seen here addressing members  of the  convened  press .    picture  appears courtesy  of   getty  images/ Paul  Rosenbaum  .................
MLB President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Donald DuPuy , seen here addressing members of the convened press . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Paul Rosenbaum .................

Though the caricatures of DuPuy and Selig weren’t created, their persona was there to begin with and it would suggest that at times they are clearly out of touch with what’s going on around them in the world and particularly within their very own sport of baseball. Moreover, it has been both DuPuy’s and Selig’s obfuscating of their responsibilities and their custodianship of the game that has led many to believe that unless something drastic is done. Then we’ll see a number of baseball clubs continue struggle financially. Not only that but with the continued empowering of the sports agents wherein, they are able to force up the asking price of impending and free agents with their exorbitant salary demands. And clearly when the likes of uber-agent , Scott Boras states that the game can withstand the upward climb of the escalating salaries of many of the game’s top players. With the general managers of the teams are in obeyance and acquiescing to their wishes, then not only is the game’s hierarchy to blame. But clearly so too are the general managers and the very clubs themselves, with their brash stupidity and lavish overspending. Given the fact, that the small and mid market teams haven’t the vast financial resources of teams such as the Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets and of course ‘The Evil Empire’ – the New York Yankees.

The now disgraced former first baseman, Mark McGwire, seen here giving testimony to a congressional committee up on Capitol Hill. Seated alongside him is fellow player, Rafael Palmeiro. Whose own testimony to the committee would come back to haunt him some months later.

All kidding asides, other than the playoff format and scenario, wherein, the winner of of All Star Game has home field advantage for their respective conference throughout the playoffs. What other major innovations has Bud Selig really brought to the game of baseball ? The ‘steroid issue’ abounds throughout much of the nineties and game’s hierarchy remained deafeningly silent, when it was quite obvious that there was something amiss with many the game’s records were being broken at rapid fire pace. Not only that but many of the game’s biggest stars were part of the ever present ruse with regard to steroid abuse and the cheating that went on. But yet it’d appear that Selig’s only concern was with the coffers of MLB’s treasure chest. The tens of millions of dollars that found its way into MLB’s coffers, courtesy of the Sosa -MGwire summer slug-fest of 1998. Wherein, Roger Maris’ single season home run record was breached and subsequently obliterated by Mark McGwire. The ‘boys of summer’ took on a whole new meaning that year. And for McGwire , the fans of the St Louis Cardinals and of the game in general, that was most certainly a year to remember.

Home run king Barry Bonds seen here hitting his 758th home run. Bonds has set the all-time home run mark with of 762 home runs, eclipsing the figure of Braves’ player, Hank Aaron’s mark of 755. Bonds holds the single season home run figure as well as that of the all-time home run mark.

McGwire would finish the season with 70 home runs ,eclipsing Maris’ mark of 61. The record would again be broken by another controversial slugger in, Barry Bonds. The San Francisco Giants’ player and the subsequent turmoil that has since followed him. Bonds’ shattering of the record amidst the allegations that his feat was enhanced by his taking of steroids only adds to the disgust of the era and its overall travails. The new mark set by Bonds of 73, in 2001, is looked upon with a great deal of disdain. And it has been suggested that an asterisk should be placed against the mark- designating it a feat of dubious distinction. Somehow that hardly seems to matter at this juncture. Given the fact the game’s hierarchy looks upon it with validation and that any subsequent record surpassed in the game will be looked upon with a great deal skepticism. And that is in spite of the fact the commissioner believes that its steroid policy is the most stringent in all of professional sports. We ought to remember that both the MLBPA (union) and MLB, itself, had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty first century just to adopt a policy that would be equitable for all of the parties concerned.

As much I’d like to put a positive spin on the achievements of Bud Selig and some of the things that he’s brought to the game. I view that the negatives that can be associated with his tenure have far outweighed the positives that are said to have taken place. Both he and Bob DuPuy have done the game and its many fans worldwide, a great disservice. It were as if their only concern was to fill the coffers of their treasure chest , without having ever genuinely making good stewardship of the game they were chosen to oversee. And like the animated characters Beavis and Butthead whose antics from the start has been to show their idiocy. Bud Selig and his partner in crime , Bob DuPuy can be compared to the cartoon characters in question. Their task over the years, rather than doing what ought to have best for the game. They’ve chosen instead to make it something that now has become almost unrecognizable to the fans in its purest form.

Bob DuPuy , President  & COO  of Major League Baseball (MLB)  and  Commissioner, Bud  Selig .   picture  appears courtesy of  getty images/  Hugh  Daniels  ................
Bob DuPuy , President & COO of Major League Baseball (MLB) and Commissioner, Bud Selig . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Hugh Daniels ................

What we have in essence in the guise of Selig and DuPuy , is baseball’s own answer to Beavis and Butthead. Whose very own idea of having fun , are crude sexual innuendos , acts of flatulence and not a whole of common sense being in their day to day lives. Unfortunately for Selig’s detractors , even with his announcement that he’ll be stepping down from his position upon the expiration of his contract in 2012. For myself, that moment can come soon enough ! I’d rather have seen him step down immediately ,rather than endure another three more years of his inane sound bytes and asinine buffoonery. Could it be that they have close affinity for those very same cartoon characters ?

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

6 thoughts on “Would It Be Remiss To Suggest That Bob Dupuy And Bud Selig Are Baseball’s Answer To Beavis & Butthead ?”

    1. chappy 81

      OK I’ll give you that ! What else ? God knows this duo are about as useful as a packet of condoms would be for Tiger Woods. Woods doesn’t need ’em because he apparently doesn’t like to use ’em. And Selig and DuPuy are of no use to the game.

      Look at their legacy , the ‘steroids’ scandal’ , labor unrest , a labor lockout, a disrupted season and the list goes on and on.

      By the way I think that ol’ Beavis and Butthead could do a far better job than these two bumbling buffoons.
      Heh, heh, heh ! She wants to touch my scrotum , heh, heh !

      Alan Parkins


  1. chappy 81

    The only thing that has benefited the game of baseball has been the influx of money via the television rights and the game’s patronage by the major corporations. Other than it’s essentially been quid pro quo !

    Alan Parkins


  2. Al… do you think Selig is having to tighten his bootstraps this Christmas season? Probably not.

    Hey, I have a great idea for your site since you’re among one of the strongest opponents of Selig’s regime I know.

    You know how those Irish pubs have a scrolling counter counting down the days to St Patrick’s Day. Well, you should have a scrolling ticker counting down the days to Selig’s retirement.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      That’s something that I might look into.
      Like you said I’ve never been a great admirer of Selig at all. The guy is disingenuous and a complete idiot.

      One more thing , Selig pulled down in excess of $17.5 million last year, as his salary. That’s more than 5 times the average salary in MLB . Tell me what the hell he did to earn that much money ?

      Alan Parkins


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