It’s How One Plays The Game And Its Principles

It’s How One Plays The Game And Its Principles

Perhaps I was under the mistaken impression that the game of soccer was being ran by FIFA to be a game about fairness ? But with the recent news that French international soccer star Thierry Henry won’t be punished in any way for his blatant hand ball in the World Cup qualifying game played against Ireland , smacks of complete idiocy and contempt of what the game purports itself to be all about. In not acting to act even suspend Henry at all , it merely suggests that they condone cheating in whatever form it now takes.

As reported by Britain’s Sky Sports and ITV News .

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Statement on Thierry Henry

On 2 December 2009, the FIFA Executive Committee asked the FIFA Disciplinary Committee to analyse the handling offence committed by Thierry Henry during the France v. Republic of Ireland match on 18 November 2009, and to consider the possible disciplinary consequences.

At its meeting on 18 January 2010, the Disciplinary Committee reached the conclusion that there was no legal foundation for the committee to consider the case because handling the ball cannot be regarded as a serious infringement as stipulated in article 77a) of the FIFA Disciplinary Code.

There is no other legal text that would allow the committee to impose sanctions for any incidents missed by match officials.

The  French  national  soccer  team   seen  here   prior  to  a  World Cup  qualifying   game.  Bottom  left  corner  is  Thierry  Henry (12) ,  who  was  the  center  of  the   controversy   concerning  his   actions  in  the  World   Cup  qualifying   game  against  Ireland.     photo  appears   courtesy  of  Getty  Images/   Pascal   Bouzonne  ....................
The French national soccer team seen here prior to a World Cup qualifying game. Bottom left corner is Thierry Henry (12) , who was the center of the controversy concerning his actions in the World Cup qualifying game against Ireland. photo appears courtesy of Getty Images/ Pascal Bouzonne ....................

The French international clearly states in his postgame interview that he intentionally handled the ball that led to France scoring a goal, that in essence garnered the team a berth in the upcoming World Cup. Thereby denying Ireland a chance of a place in the upcoming tournament to held in South Africa. The game’s hierarchy itself have been somewhat suspect in dealing with a number of issues. It has been very proactive in dealing with the racial bigotry that has been going on at league games throughout the continent of Europe that has been directed at a number of players of various ethnic origins.

Though there seems to be a marked improvement in the behavior of the fans at the league and international games . It still hasn’t entirely stamped or dampened this vile behavior of the fans. And as acute as this situation appears to be . I believe this particular faux pas by FIFA clearly sends the wrong message to the fans of the game in general. If they can condone a clear act of cheating then what else are they prepared to condone ? I can understand the referees who officiated the game may well have missed the blatant act during the game. However , what I cannot understand and fathom is why FIFA would choose not to act and send a clear message to players that cheating will not be tolerated. What will it take for FIFA to be proactive when it comes to cheating and stamping it out of the game ?

What’s even more remarkable about this incident is the indifference shown by FIFA President Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter and his continued obliviousness as to what took place. And even now I have to consider this decision merely another idiotic stance taken by the federation altogether. If they want the organization’s credibility to remain in tact, then clearly Blatter and the game’s hierarchy have to look at acts such as this and clearly make a point that this cannot be condoned in any shape or form. It gives the impression that ‘cheating ‘ will become an acceptable part of the game. And this is meant to be ‘the beautiful game’ and the world’s most popular sport ? . What are the young fans of the game to think of this , as of now ? And are players such as Thierry Henry still to be looked upon as role models after an incident such as this ? Especially given Henry’s statement to the press that his act was blatant and he felt he would get away with it because the officials didn’t see it . However, the cameras caught it all and it was there for the whole world to see.

FIFA President Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatters shows how much a real ass he is as the game’s most powerful individual, as he apologizes for an ‘off the cuff’ remark made about the Irish Soccer Federation (FAI).

Not wanting to be a conspiracy theorist or anything of that nature pertaining to the ‘Thierry Henry Incident’ but I do believe that FIFA has made ‘an enormous blunder’ with regard to this lone decision. Because should ever another situation like this arise again, with them having taken a totally different response. Then what will that suggest to the fans of the game of soccer on a worldwide basis ? Make of it what you will but this is just merely my thoughts on the matter ! When a sport has been brought into disrepute by the lone and deliberate act of a player, then there ought to be a price to pay. And not something where game’s hierarchy simply doesn’t admonish or make a clear statement on the incident that took place to begin with.

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4 thoughts on “It’s How One Plays The Game And Its Principles”

  1. This incident makes the Tuck Rule look bland by comparison.

    Too bad a country had to get screwed out of a World Cup appearance as a result.

    I heard that one of the US’ key players is likely out due to injury. Too bad. I think we really needed to be at full strength to make a splash.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Luckily enough the injury to Clint Dempsey isn’t as serious as first thought. He’ll be able to play in the World Cup as well as play in the remainder of games in the English Premier League (EPL) for his club side Fulham. All that’s needed is rest and recuperation.

      That ‘blatant hand ball act’ amounted to ‘cheating of the highest order’ . And by FIFA not even suspending Thierry Henry , it essentially condones his act and makes it acceptable in the eyes of others. As to what this implies to the fans, it’s so clear to see. Sepp Blatter the FIFA President is a complete ass to begin with !

      Alan Parkins


    1. Ravenation LLC …… Meehan

      You’re preaching to the choir man but idiots like FIFA Chairman Sepp Blatter and to an extent MLB’s Bud Selig don’t want to use it in all facets of their respective sport as they feels it takes away from the human element and the drama . WTF ? When the fans start to say that they’ve had enough then they may well change their mind on the matter !

      Alan aka tophatal


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