Titillation ……. Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That At All ! … The NFL Does It ..

Titillation ……. Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That At All ! … The NFL Does It

Well ever since my weary a_s departed from Foxsports.com’s blogsite. I have to admit, I’ve received a new found burst of energy, that has made me all the more analytical and discerning when it come to not only my writing but also the succinct commentary that I try to offer up on contributor’s website. Granted, at times the contributor and I may well have a differing opinion on a subject matter. But I feel that it’s imperative not to offend but merely offer up a comment offering the reasons why I might disagree with an a opinion or quite possibly a ‘misquoted’ fact. I think that we can all agree, that’s the appropriate etiquette to be shown between a commentator and someone who as a reader patronizes a blogger’s website ? It’s far better than behaving like an infantile child and resorting to < ‘name calling’ or stating that you don’t want to be entertained or return to someone’s site. That sort of behavior smacks of sheer stupidity and immaturity to my mind and ought to be treated as such ! But I digress, as that’s not what this piece is meant to be about.

Here's something  that I'd like to  stick  a <strong> 'certain  appendage' </strong>  into   .  It's a  nice  looking<strong>   'hot  chick'</strong>  wearing  a  South  Beach  t-shirt .
Here's something that I'd like to stick a 'certain appendage' into . It's a nice looking 'hot chick' wearing a South Beach t-shirt .

My venerable acquaintances , chappy 81 of doin-work.com and sportschump of the similarly named site that bears his name, sportschump.net obviously share a taste in fine wine and no doubt the love of a good woman. Ain’t nothin’ wrong in that, is there ? And as we are about to proceed into the dark days of ‘Spring’, as far as I’m concerned. Wherein, the NFL regular season has ended and all we’re now left with, is that of the NFL Pro Bowl game and Superbowl XLIV to be played between NFC representative, the New Orleans Saints and their AFC opponents , the Indianapolis Colts. As I’ve previously stated to my buddies, chappy 81 and sportschump , the thought of ‘Brett Favre’ envisioned Superbowl would’ve created the worse case scenario as far as I was concerned, with regard to the ‘NFL’s showcase event’ !

Mansion Night Club on South Beach is a happening place and you’ll definitely find yourself ‘a bevy of hot beauties’ there , for sure !

Well the Pro Bowl to be played this weekend at the Sun Life Stadium, Miami, South Florida – home to the Miami Dolphins. Let’s just say that the fans there will be getting ‘two for the price of one’ in consecutive weeks. Well, at least it appears to be that way on the part of the NFL hierarchy. With interest waning in the Pro Bowl and the fact that its customary stage is that of Honolulu ,Hawaii . League Commissioner, Roger Goodell , really needed to do something that would provide the event with a jolt and some new found interest from the fans. His idea and that of the NFL owners, was to stage the game in the preceding week of the Superbowl and at the same venue. The economic impact to the South Florida region and in particular to the city of Miami will run into the hundreds of millions of dollars over the next two weeks. Is it any wonder what City of Miami Mayor Tomas P. Regalado is licking his lips like a rabid dog ? With the blight that has taken hold of the city, some much needed PR is here to offset many the city’s problems. And with Miami Dade County Mayor, Carlos Alvarez not wanting to be left out of the festivities and the spotlight. The whole event will be used as one big ‘PR event’ to espouse the virtues of the city of Miami and Miami Dade County , as not only as a center of finance , commerce and a gateway to Latin America. But also the event will be used as a ‘marketing tool’ to ‘sell the city’ and the surrounding areas as somewhere one can live , work and raise a family.

 <strong> Ain't  nothing  wrong  with    these  babes   !   Nothing  wrong  at  all   ! </strong>  Can I  get  at least  three amen's  on   that  ?
Yowzah ! Yowzah , yowzah , yowzah ! Ain't nothing wrong with these babes ! Nothing wrong at all ! Can I get at least three amen's on that ?

Hot women abound in South Florida and especially on South Beach , where they are replete in ‘various ethnicities’. It’s enough to make a grown man think that he’s died and gone to heaven. And for those who shall we say, who choose the ‘alternative life style’ ? Well, there’s something there for you as well. It’s an equal opportunity den of debauchery and whatever else might take your flight of fancy.

She may well have nothing to do with Miami and the Superbowl . But there’s a reason why both sportschump and I love Denise Milani. Who could miss those ‘very ample assets’ of hers ?.

Now I’m not about to make a prognostication as to how I see the big game going. But all I know, is that these are by far the two best teams in the NFL, regular season wise and in the post-season as well. They’re proven it with their consistency and be damned about them not going unbeaten during the regular season. That’s for the likes of idiots such as former Dolphins’ player Mercury Morris, as it gives him something to hang his hat on , from the unbeaten ’72 Superbowl winning Miami Dolphins’ team. The question one ought to be asking Morris ‘……is what the hell have the Dolphins done since then’ ? Much like a geriatric with early stages of Alzheimer’s disease , the Miami Dolphins can’t win a game , much less a Superbowl , since those halcyon days under their former coach, Don Shula. And they’ve forgotten how to, as that can borne out by this past season and their less than stellar mark of 7-9 within the AFC East. Wherein , they finished third, behind the division winning New England Patriots and the New York Jets. Well the state of Florida has always been about their ‘fair weather fans, rather than supporting their home-state teams earnestly . One minute the support is there , the next there’s deafening silence and you’d have thought you were in a confessional box because of the deafening silence that can be found from the none appearance and complete lack of vociferousness of the fans showing support for the local teams. That’s how bad it can get and still does to this day ! Just check out the fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Rays, Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida Panthers and to a lesser extent the Florida Marlins. Albeit , that the Marlins will be soon seated in a state of the art facility within two years. The caveat as it concerns myself , is that ‘I am a die-hard Marlins’ fan “through and through” !. My support for the team has never once wavered and I’m as critical of them in the good times and the bad.

Whatever   the Czech  born  Milani  wants    ,  she  can  have  !  I  ain't  too   proud   to  beg    !   No sir,  not at  all.
Whatever the Czech born Milani wants , she can have ! I ain't too proud to beg ! No sir, not at all.

The most discerning of football fans nowadays, has to be enticed by the NFL in large part to attend a game. One can stay in the comfort of one’s own home and watch a game or a plethora of games if you either attend of local sports bar or you indeed subscribe to the NFL Networks’ ‘Season Pass’ or Direct Tv’s Sunday Ticket, their own enhanced service of the NFL. One thing that you can rest assure of, is that the enticement is no less different from that of a scantly clad female walking into crowded filled with testosterone driven heterosexual males. The result will always be the same , our eyes will be agape, as we look lasciviously at that scantly clad female. I most certainly wouldn’t want it any other way !

<strong> You  cannot  try  and   take  your  eyes  off those  wonderful   round  voluptuous   breast  of   hers</strong>.   It   just make  you  want   to  do  something   either  with   them  and  then   to   her .
You cannot try and take your eyes off those wonderful round voluptuous breast of hers. It just make you want to do something either with them and then to her .

The NFL knows when it’s on to a good thing , so it can ill afford to lose the goodwill of the fans and its corporate patrons. But with there being talks a labor dispute and threat of lockout between the NFLPA (Players’ Union) and the NFL. Well it suggest that the possible confrontation between the two parties isn’t at all far off, at hand. he game is still being sold to us religiously nd we the fans devour every morsel that is thrown our way , ravenously. Now imagine the possibility of there being no NFL games for a prolonged period of six months or more ? What are we as the fans expected to do ? It’s obvious that the likes of Goodell and his union counterpart ,NFLPA Executive Director, DeMaurice Smith, haven’t exactly thought this all through. As they seemingly continue to lock horns with neither party prepared to give ground as the contest the veracity of each side’s claim of the collective bargaining agreement and as to the spoils that awaits the winner.

Show us what  you're  working  with  Denise  ,  please  ?
Show us what you're working with Denise , please ?

The loser in all of this tends to be the fans exactly 100 % of the time as both parties aren’t overly concerned as to what we want or think. It has more to do with what they want, what they think and how best to go about it , even when it is the consumer who in the ends up paying the cost of their sheer greed and downright stupidity. All the while , we’re still being titillated by their ongoing sales’ pitch. Nothing wrong in that , just as long as we’re not the ones in the end who end up paying . But alas, that scenario is not about to change. So keep on just being titillated by the NFL . But remember being titillated by a female can be far more pleasing at half the cost of an NFL game. What do you think ?

Mystikal gives to you , upside your head . ‘Shake Ya Ass’ . Do you think that Denise Milani can shake her a_s and show us what she’s indeed working with ?

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

18 thoughts on “Titillation ……. Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That At All ! … The NFL Does It ..”

  1. Guys

    I’ve got to admit that I was a ‘Mystikal’ fan when he first hit the scene. But once he got sent to ‘big house’ then that was it as far as I was concerned.


    Mystikal feat’g Nivea ‘Danger’

    Alan Parkins


    1. aero

      I thought that the piece might perk you up ! How’s it hangin’ my brother ?

      Boy am I glad that Favre and the Vikings didn’t make to the Superbowl ! Otherwise we’d have had to put with that cabal of diatribe coming from that veritable rogues’ gallery from not only within Fox Sports, CBS Sports, NBC Sports and then those holier than though ‘morons’ within ABC/ESPN as well. And as we all know their love of Favre borders on being as close to homo-eroticism as one can imagine.

      The likes of Schlereth, Hoge , Berman, Mortensen and Clayton would like nothing better than to go ‘Brokeback’ on Favre’s sphincter, while ‘spooning’ him.

      I don’t see why they don’t form a group in the mold of the ‘Village People’, suitably attired and start singing either In The Navy or YMCA , for good measure !

      I cen see it now , those morons from ESPN all dressed up in costumed attire and channelling their inner homosexual tendencies. All the while wanting to take extra ‘TLC’ of Brett.

      Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Mango’s is a great place to go and hang out. And I’m sure that a number of players and fans will be going there to soak up the atmosphere and anything else that happens to be on tap. And that may well include the women there as well.

      ‘Come to Papa darling, come to Papa’.

      So what do you think about Denise’s ample assets ? Does she have what it takes or not ? My good ‘sir’ , I await your succinct answer.

      Alan Parkins


  2. Say…..whut? Someday, I swear, the powers that be will realize whut attracts fans….the gore and violence that is feetsball.
    I liked to attend basketball games, collegiate and high school but never so much feetsball. Why you many ask…or not.
    Because I can see every hit, every sack, every pass interference (D or O) every malfeasnce and misfeance on the field that takes place on the wonderful invention, televison.
    I don’t have to pay HUGE entrance fees or put up with drunken fat ass fans who know nothing about feetsball who slop their beers over everyone…..I can even enjoy watching the sexy cheerleaders, cause when things get boring the cameras almost always gives us some peep shows.
    Even if they lowered the price of admission I would still have to drive to the Burgh and put up with obnoxious fans and fellow motorists…texting and otherwide commuting on their damn cellphones. I am so damn comfortable, sitting on my fatass watching the sport on TV at home….just hope that the NFL doesn’t all of a sudden get smart and go the route of Pay TV for each and every game.


    1. al clements

      Of course all the professional sport’s governing bodies realize what lures the fans . Though I must say I’m not so sure that either NASCAR or the NHL have it figured out. Both now have declining attendances and revenues. But still their spinning their wheels trying to tread water.

      Professional sports is meant to be just that. But when the lines gets blurred between amateur and professionalism , that’s when the wheels begin to fall off the vehicle and the whole thing becomes ‘a complete sham’ just as it is in collegiate athletics. And hence the reason why there’s seemingly no longer any ‘purity there whatsoever’ !

      Collegiate sports’ governing body , the NCAA , has become a complete joke ! And to suggest otherwise would show someone’s lack of intelligence and ignorance altogether !

      Alan Parkins


  3. It is indeed the dark days of sports. There’s not a whole lot going on except the NBA and Super Bowl hype machine. Love the pictures you threw up! Makes me want to take another trip to south beach, but then again there’s plenty of girls in Orange county 🙂


    1. chappy 81

      I’m an equal opportunity lover when it comes to the women. Prior to being married and then divorced . I did my fair share of inter-racial dating.

      The present girlfriend is of Asian American ethnicity . So it makes for a good mix as a topic of conversation as well.

      And you’re right this is something of eclipse or dark days of early Spring. The Pro Bowl and then Superbowl and then that’s essentially it. The NBA and the teams are merely just jockeying themselves at present. The ‘trade deadline’ may well spring one or two surprises.

      Then comes the ‘NFL Draft’ will come around and the ‘draft geeks’ will come out of the woodworks like termites that’ve just been sprayed with a deadly form of a repellent. I’m not so much ‘into the draft’, as it’s more of a ‘hit-n-miss’ selection . The ‘premium picks’ come in the first half a dozen or so picks of the 1st round, dependent upon the perceived talent available and then you just take it from there. Though the likes of ESPN’s Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr would have you believe that it’s an ‘exact science’. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s like walking into a casino and playing roulette or blackjack . You win some, you lose some and that essentially sums it all up !

      And anyone who thinks that Jimmy Clausen is a ‘top 5 pick’ in the draft, needs to be placed in an asylum. He’s not that good . It was the Irish’s Golden Tate that made him look good.

      Cop a ‘feel’ of Traci Bingham’s ta-ta’s as they’re plentiful and most definitely bountiful !

      Alan Parkins 🙂


    1. Chris Humpherys

      I know you’re a big fan ! But how are you with the mocha chocca variety ? As in Meagan Good or Gabrielle Union ?

      Meagan Good

      It was D-Wade’s ‘alleged relationship’ with Gabrielle Union that supposedly led to the breakup of his marriage.

      Alan Parkins 🙂


    1. Anthony Burrola

      Tittilage ,tits , call it what you will. We ex-pat Brits males, like ’em all the same !

      One has to be a huge mammary’s fan don’t you think ? And not just a sport’s fan mind you !

      Alan Parkins


  4. chappy 81

    The worrying thing as far as I’m concerned , is that you had both Goodell and DeMaurice Smith representing the NFL and the NFLPA (Union) go up to Capitol Hill to meet with members of Congress to discuss their labor dispute. Nothing was solved .

    And the very fact that appears to be the case , leads me to believe that if push comes to shove there very well be union unrest leading to a lockout. I wouldn’t put it past the the owners to do that altogether . And then Goodell would apportion the blame elsewhere, as in on the union.

    Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpherys

      I know that ! You and I both like minded individuals when it comes to the women ! And nothing says that more than a lil’ bit of Halle’ with a dose of either Charlize or Ashley Judd thrown in for good measure ! Or whatever else might take one’s flight of fancy ?


      Charlize Theron

      Ashley Judd


      And of course always a fan favorite Denise Milani

      Though I’m not averse to Bianca Beauchamp !

      Alan Parkins




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