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I don’t know whether it’s sheer stupidity on my part or just my love of sports and the fact that I love to exchange thoughts on a wide variety of subjects that are far reaching and that have depth. But sports for me is the one topic I find that the inter change between myself and others within this particular forum can be insightful. Obviously we can’t always agree on any one particular aspect of a subject matter. But as long as there’s a healthy respect between the two parties then it’s all well and good.

As  long as  we  can  have   fun  doing  this  , then  it  all becomes worthwhile   !
As long as we can have fun doing this , then it all becomes worthwhile !

Within the wordpress.com forum, I initiated four sites that I actually write within. I was also asked to contribute to another site wherein there was a sister site also. The two sites in question were the basketballoracle.com and the americansportsblog . Both of the proprietors of the sites in question , are rabid sports’ fans . But unfortunately, their naivete’ and a total lack understanding of what it takes to build up a site to respectability and interest in my opinion, has led to their somewhat lack of interest and response from readers this sphere and forum.

Since my departure from the Fox forum and their somewhat archaic values ! I’ve found a ‘new lease of life’ branching out and doing my own stuff, here within wordpress. And along the way it’s been fun to find out that many of my other acquaintances from Fox have gone and branched out themselves. From Moon Dog , to sportschump to , ‘KP’ with his , ‘the wife hate sports’ site ( http://thewifehatessports.com/ [ highly recommended reading !]) . Well, it’s been fun to find out that these guys now flourishing in their new endeavors and that the content of their work is still, as good as ever !

Along the way also in surfing the ‘net’ and the blog sites devoted to sports, I’ve found the following that I for one thoroughly enjoy. These sites though sports oriented , do cover other off-beat and topical subjects as well as sports. The guys of ‘Too Old For Maxim Too Young For Esquire http://2oldformaxim.wordpress.com have a ‘great site’ that is as funny as they come. Often topical, often upbeat but always very sincere and reverent, with regards to their subject matter. ‘Ronin’, ‘Erik’ and ‘Steve’ make this a fun and topical site, where your comments though not always initially answered are given due respect when they respond. The same too can be said of the guys of ‘doin-work.com’ ( http://doin-work.com) and their site. Chicken soup for the soul shall we say ? Boy, do these guys know how to have fun or what ? Never mind that they’ll blow their own trumpet as with regards to their teams with their unbridled passion for them all. And given the fact that their support for teams such as the ‘Raiders’ and ‘A’s’ is unyielding. I wouldn’t expect any-the-less from this quartet of rabid sports’ fans ! chappy 81, mceezy, dyslecix and cali4dre just seem to have been ‘hittin’ the long ball’out of the ballpark for quite a while now. Kudos to them for the efforts !

<strong>  And   guys  <em> for  God's   sake try  not  to  do  this </em>....at  home    !  </strong>   In  the end   <strong> it  hurts us  more than  we tend  to  gain  from  it  ! . Please ......... learn  </strong>  from  the  experience   ?
And guys for God's sake try not to do this ....at home ! In the end it hurts us more than we tend to gain from it ! . Please ......... learn from the experience ?

Bobbygee , ( http://defutebol.net/ ) the ‘irreverent soccer nut’, simply won’t let the sport go down without an impassioned fight. He gives you updates on all of the major leagues that matter and his insight on the sport is second to none. And even if you aren’t a fan of the game he simply lays it out all to you in layman’s terms. If you’re unable to comprehend then there’s got to be something wrong on your part. Either that , or you find the sport about as interesting as watching paint dry or Rosie O’Donnell disrobe, while trying to prove to you that, she too can be as sexually overt as Angelina Jolie . Heavens forbid but O’Donnell stripping has to be an utterly ghastly sight !

Staying with the sport of soccer in general . There aren’t too many females with a knowledge of the sport , much less a thorough and wide ranging knowledge of sports in general. But here I’ve found a fellow Brit, like myself, who knows a thing or two about the sport. Her in depth look at the Premiership (EPL) and the teams therein, are as factual and insightful as any guy or reputable writer on the sport there is. Vaishali Bhardwaj’s site(http://vaishalibhardwaj.wordpress.com ) is good as they come but as I’ve alluded to before . Unless you’re a keen ‘soccer buff’, then you won’t find the sport or her analysis at all interesting. But make of it what you will.

The quartet of sites that I maintain within the forum are essentially on all on sports. But I have been known to delve outside the genre to cover politics and international affairs as well as business. But that asides, sports is an unbridled passion of mine. Just call me a sport’s geek , as that’s how I like to think of myself. Especially as an avid fans of the Spurs (NBA), Patriots (NFL), Marlins, (MLB) and of ‘both’ Premiership (EPL) soccer teams, Chelsea and Manchester United . What can I say ? I’m literally ‘torn between the two teams’ when it comes to my supporting them both. Four sites , 350 posts, well over 153,000 hits and 2,200 plus responses. So to my mind, there’s to be room for improvement on all fronts, creatively and content wise. I’ll aim to do my best in offering up pieces that you’ll not only find interesting but will also provide you with some room for thought ? So thanks as always for your continued support and comments . For my fellow bloggers out there , just keep up the good work !

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Alan Parkins aka ‘tophatal’ …………..


Bollywood star actress and model Anjanu Sukhani . Voted one of India's most beautiful women , she's one of her country's most sought after and well respected celebrities , male or female.

‘Bollywood’ actress and movie star Anjanu Sujkhani. Voted one of India’s most beautiful women , she’s also one of her country’s most sought after celebrities , male or female. Though yet to make it big internationally , Sukhani is now beginning to reach a much wider audience internationally as her movies are becoming more widely accepted on the international film arena. She’s quietly building a budding international fan-base.

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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

10 thoughts on “Volume ………………..”

  1. Thanks for the shout out Alan! You’re the man! When we started the site, I had no idea that I would get into it nearly as much as I did! Hopefully the passion for writing keeps up!


    1. chappy 81

      You and the guys of doin-work have been intense and the same time courteous. And that’s to be appreciated . The content of your work has been wide ranging and inspiring to say the least. Like I said …’I call it like I see it , good bad or indifferent. The one thing I try not to do is to denigrate another person’s work. After-all it’s a matter of respect at the end of the day !

      Alan Parkins


      1. Well, honestly you’ve helped keep me going! It’s always good to have a few loyal readers that like your work whether they agree or disagree! Keep it up! I like how you always have an opinion whether I agree with it or not!


  2. Ah well…you write some good stuff…most stuff I do read, even though I may not comment on.
    I really enjoyed Fox until they changed their formats…we did have the “clique” for a time…but then some turned nasty.
    Best thing we did then was getting the laptop for the lady in Fla who was terminally ill with Cancer. Seemed after that our clique went down a slippery slope…I then became an outsider.
    Ah well, I have the Steeler Chat network which uses the internet and of course you. I especially enjoy your comments on my comments thru the internet. Al


    1. al clements

      I try to be as informative and entertaining as I can , without going over the top.

      Foxsports’ blog site started to go ‘downhill’ the moment it changed its format and seemingly wanted to become that ‘paragon self righteous beacon of virtue’. And it didn’t help that certain idiots who weren’t in their paid employee but who were merely asked to write a couple of pieces for them , thought that they could become the ‘censorship stazi’ for Fox.

      From thereon in, it was to move on and say goodbye to the ‘crap’ that was taking place there. In all honesty it’d become a complete joke as a blog forum altogether !

      Thanks as always for the continued support. I feel humbled by it and it is most definitely appreciated !

      Alan Parkins


  3. Thanks for the tips Al. I’ve often wondered what happened to some of the writers. There is a couple I would like to look up.

    Thanks again and have a good weekend.


  4. chappy 81

    If we can’t be constructively critical of each other without subjecting each other to insults . Then we can’t grow as individuals or give the perception that we have any intelligence. It’s a fact not a misnomer !

    Alan Parkins


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