You Either Love ’em Or You Hate Them … There Are No In Betweens The ‘Evil Empire’ Known As The New York Yankees ………..

You Either Love ’em Or You Hate Them … There Are No In Betweens The ‘Evil Empire’ Known As The New York Yankees ………..

It seems that with each passing year ‘The House That Ruth Built’ just seems to be getting intangibly richer with each passing moment. Having won their their ’27th World Series title’ to go alongside the AL pennant and AL East division. The New York Yankees will embark upon yet another season, looking to further rewrite the history books and the annals of baseball overall. Not content on being the most valuable sports franchise in the world. Their tentacles are now beginning to reach beyond the field of MLB and into various other commercial enterprises. If only the other franchises within the game of baseball were so adept ? But alas, so many of ‘the owners’ and ‘general managers’ don’t seem to be that bright to begin with ! Perhaps at present only the Boston Red Sox under their principal owner John Henry has sought to be that asture at the prompting of Team President Larry Lucchino and their General Manager Theo Epstein. Everyone else within the game is now simply playing catch-up with the Yankees on all fronts.

New York Yankees 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez smiles during batting practice before the Yankees game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Knology Park in Dunedin.  New York Yankees Spring Training 2009.  photo appears courtesy of  Associated  Press/  Terrence  Knox .........
New York Yankees 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez smiles during batting practice before the Yankees game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Knology Park in Dunedin. New York Yankees Spring Training 2009. photo appears courtesy of UPI Newsire/ Jay Antonelli .........

And now for the Yankees under the watchful eye of GM Brian Cashman and Principal Chairman & owner Henry ‘Hank’ Steinbrenner and his brother , co Chairman Harold Steinbrenner , things for the organization and the team seems to better than ever before. Albeit, that their 2009 series’ title was the franchise’s ‘first since 2000’. And the series win of 2000 was part of the four wins during the decade. And team manager Joe Girardi and his entire coaching staff , it all augurs well as to the team’s impending future.

Courtesy of the New York Daily News

World Series champion New York Yankees return to Tampa looking to win it all once again

By Mark Feinsand

For the first time in nine years, the Yankees head to Tampa as the reigning champions, though the group that will gather at Steinbrenner Field this week will be a little different than the one that rode up the Canyon of Heroes in November. Gone are popular players such as Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui and Melky Cabrera, while Curtis Granderson, Javier Vazquez and Nick Johnson join the Bombers as they look to become the first repeat champions in baseball since Joe Torre’s Yankees won three in a row from 1998-2000.

Left field and the No. 5 starter spots figure to garner the most attention during the next seven weeks, but there’s plenty to watch in Tampa as Joe Girardi’s club gets ready to defend its title. Here are five questions the Yanks must answer as they defend their title:

1. Joba or Phil … or neither?

When a team’s biggest concern is who will fill the No. 5 starter job, it is entering spring training in pretty good shape. Then again, not many teams have two young pitchers who have been in the spotlight as much as Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes, who will fight it out for that coveted final spot in the rotation.

Chamberlain has finally put the “Joba Rules” to rest, having thrown 1571/3 regular-season innings in 2009. The Yankees seem prepared to let the righthander loose for 200 innings this season, making him the favorite for the No. 5 slot. Then again, there are those inside the organization who fell in love with Chamberlain as a setup man during the postseason, leaving the door open for Hughes to claim the starting spot.

Hughes was lights-out in the relief role last year, though he faltered a bit in the postseason. Most scouts believe he’s better equipped to be a starter, but having thrown only 1051/3 innings between the majors and minors in 2009 and 692/3 the year before, Hughes would surely be subjected to some Joba-like rules if he was placed in the rotation.

The dark horses here include Sergio Mitre, Chad Gaudin and Alfredo Aceves, any of whom could win the job if both youngsters implode this spring.

2. Who’s in left?

Most people believed that Johnny Damon would eventually find his way back to the Bronx, but as camp kicks off this week, he remains the biggest name available on the free-agent market. The Yankees have moved on, giving Brett Gardner and recently-signed Randy Winn their chance to claim Damon’s old job.

Gardner, who beat out Melky Cabrera for the starting center field job last year, has youth and speed on his side, while Winn, a 12-year veteran, possesses valuable experience.

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New York Yankees short stop Derek Jeter  at Tuesdays workout.  New York Yankees Spring Training 2009.   (file  picture   from  2009)   photo  appears  courtesy  of   UPI/ Jay Antonelli  .........
New York Yankees short stop Derek Jeter at Tuesdays workout. New York Yankees Spring Training 2009. (file picture from 2009) photo appears courtesy of UPI/ Jay Antonelli .........

Brian Cashman in the off-season has been prudent in his spending and has brought in players that he feels will add to the team’s roster in terms of talent and commitment in terms of the organization’s overall goals. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the players actually relish the chance to play for the team, as it may well give them the best opportunity of winning a World Series championship. And that’s not meant to be an intention slight to the likes of the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels , Dodgers , Philadelphia Phillies or St Louis Cardinals for that matter. But in what other sport is it almost a given , where year in, year out , one team simply stands above the rest and is continuously viewed as the team to win it all ? Some might say the New England Patriots in the NFL and that’s about it. But other than that , there are none !

On a side note , it’s well known that the Glazer family, as owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the English Premiership (EPL) soccer club Manchester United had asserted , that they would like to be viewed as a viable commercial enterprise alongside that of the Yankees’ organization. And I’ve even read it where some have felt that Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment could even give the Yankees a run for their money ? Well that’d be like suggesting that Stevie Wonder could outrun Usain Bolt in a 100m or 100 yard foot race. Asinine comments have no bearing, when you’ve no actual facts to back it all up. Here endeth the lesson for those who view ‘MLSEL’ as a viable going business concern that could tackle the Yankees on any sporting enterprise front. The Glazers for their part, have an acute financial solvency problem which they refuse to acknowledge . And at the same time it is somewhat troubling to see that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t overly concerned by this at all. But I can only surmise that until a member of the Glazer family comes with cap in hand begging for financial assistance , we’re unlikely to hear anything from anyone within the NFL hierarchy make a formal statement on the matter. But I can only attribute that to the fact that with the ongoing negotiations with the NFLPA , as to the league’s collective bargaining agreement. Everything else , for the time being, will take a back seat as the two sides bombard each other with allegations , rather than trying reach an amicable agreement that’s equitable for all.

With Spring Training just around the corner and with pitchers due to report within the next few days to their respective facilities. It will be interesting to see which teams if any, are prepared to tackle the Yankees head on. We know that within the AL East over the last few years , it has been simply a ‘two horse race’ between the Yankees and Red Sox. With the exception of the 2008 season , when the Tamp Bay Rays ‘shocked everyone’ by not only winning the division and pennant but also making it to the World Series. They would go on to lose to the Philadelphia Phillies, in something of an uninspiring World Series showcase. This time around , it’s an unlikely that the Rays will be back at that level but they could still make things very interesting within the division and the American League as a whole. With the division being such a competitive and contentious one , it’s understandable why it’s looked up as the ‘best division’ within baseball, by far.

What obviously gives the Yankees its added advantage over its competitors by far is the fact apart from being in the nation’s number one add market. The organization as owners of the Yes Network has a ‘cash cow’ on its hand with the cable provider and sports programming network. And with that entity as well as several commercial tie-ins with local and national corporations. Furthermore , it’s quite clear that the Yankees’ front office and that of its corporate partners have made great in-roads in making sure that the Yankees’ brand name and product becomes more widely known on a global scale and not just within the North American American. That’s not something that one can attribute to that many of the other franchises around baseball (MLB). Some organizations have only aspirations of making it big within their own locale rather than looking for opportunities beyond their own boundaries. And that if anything stifles them as being a viable commercial entity. Never mind the fact MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and the game’s hierarchy steadfastly believes that events such as the World Baseball Classic does a great deal to make the sport more accessible globally. Had he and the hiearchy had any common sense to begin with they’d have done their utmost to make sure that the sport was still part of the Summer Olympics and pressed the International Olympic Committee (IOC) harder , to make sure the sport remained as part of its sporting events calendar for the Olympiad. And it certainly doesn’t help that MLB acts likes the 1,000lb gorilla in the room being bellicose and belligerent towards the international governing body of baseball, International Baseball Federation (IBAF) . As to what Selig and his minions would hope to achieve by this would be anyone’s guess. But given the fact that a commercial exploit the Baseball Classic has made nowhere near the projected anticipated profits that were targeted by the IBAF and MLB jointly. It clearly shows us that the game while growing in popularity globally. It’s clearly at an impasse as to how the organization ought to be governed internationally and what strides that ought to be made in order to raise the game’s profile even more so on the international stage.

One would’ve thought that with all of expertize shown by the franchises such as the Yankees, Red Sox and to a lesser extent the Los Angeles Dodgers . The game’s hierarchy domestically would be helping not only its own cause domesticallyy but as that of the game’s own cause internationally ? But alas, the hierarchy of MLB were never known to be the smartest guys in the room. The lead is there for them to learn from the Yankees but Selig seems set to follow the beat of his own drum and march down another path altogether . And as with the Pied Piper of Hamlin others erstwhilely follow along, rather stupidly marching in tow to a rather mundane rhythm and beat.

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………..

Robert Palmer gives you his rendition of the Marvin Gaye classic ‘ Mercy, Mercy, Me… I Want You’.


Actress  <strong> Carla   Gugino </strong>  looking   ever so  luscious  and   lithesome .  Makes you  just  want  to   dunk  something   of your  into  a  very   nice  warm  orifice  of   hers    doesn't   it ?
Actress Carla Gugino looking ever so luscious and lithesome . Makes you just want to dunk something of your into a very nice warm orifice of hers doesn't it ?

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

15 thoughts on “You Either Love ’em Or You Hate Them … There Are No In Betweens The ‘Evil Empire’ Known As The New York Yankees ………..”

    1. Chris Humpherys

      If it’s the Yankees, Red Sox , Phillies or Cardinals at the top of the baseball heap then it hurts no one. But in the case of the Yankees , then MLB’s hierarchy views it as everything is right with the world.

      Alan Parkins


  1. The Rays are a better team this year with the addition of Soriano they have a legitimate closer. This will allow their bullpen to be more effective. J.P. Howell will prove to be one of the best relieve pitchers in baseball now that he will be utilized properly.
    The bottom line is that the Yankees will have a tougher time winning the east this year.


    1. aero

      I don’t doubt that the Rays are a considerably stronger team with the addition of Soriano. But as they’ve made just that addition . Consider what both the Yankees and Red Sox have done in the off-season ? Now you still believe that they can really give both a run for their money ? If they’re to do so then they’re going to have to play at least .650 baseball throughout much of the season . And that’s not something that I for one believe that they’re entirely capable of doing. And that’s even with Joe Maddon at the helm as the manager.

      The AL East apart from being the ‘best division’ in baseball is also the most competitive and contentious , by far .

      Alan Parkins


    2. aero

      I think that Stuart Sternberg and Andrew Friedman know that if they want the fans in at the ‘Trop’ , then now is the time to prove and show their worth on improving the depth overall of the Rays’ roster . We all know that they’re limited by their overall financial resources and what little monies they receive via the league’s tax sharing revenues. But they have to do a far better job of marketing the organization not just locally but also on the state and national level.

      I know that both Pinellas , Hillsborough and the state governments are still balking at the expense of a state of the art venue for the team. But one way or another something needs to be definitely be done. Otherwise I can see Sternberg relocating the team elsewhere. If by all accounts Las Vegas wants them. Then why not go there and have them build them 50-60,000 seat facility ? Vegas wants a professional sports franchise within their midst. About the only thing that stops the situation is the perception of the betting that’d no doubt take place concerning a team within its vicinity.

      Alan Parkins


  2. Your’re right my friend. In order for the Rays to be competitive they must be firing on all cylinders. That means the hitting must be much more consistent. They need B.J. Upton and Pat Burrell to step up their game.
    I’m looking forward to baseball season.
    Good luck to your Marlins.


    1. aero

      My biggest concern isn’t the offense as such, with the Rays . But more so ‘their pitching’, as it’ll have to be consistent throughout the season. There can’t be any tail-off under any circumstance whatsoever! It’s been their achilles’ heel now for far too long.

      As to the Marlins , I’m really looking for them to challenge the Braves and Phillies within the NL East . It’ll be tough trying to obtain the wild-card berth much less win the division outright. As the division is one of the most competitive in all of MLB !

      Alan Parkins


  3. I have to say… I put Boston right in the same mix with these guys… New York does spend more money but many seem to leave Boston out of it… they spend a ton of cash too and get about anyone they want…

    Strictly as a fan – I put myself in the cat of disliking them… but all teams in the AL East, well except for the team that I root for…


    1. KP

      I think that this season the Red Sox will give the Yankees a run for their money in the AL East . Unfortunately for the Rays , unless they can play consistently at a high level throughout the regular season. They will be left on the outside looking in , within the division.

      The Red Sox has the financial acumen to that’s equal to the Yankees. But it’s the Yankees ever deepening pockets that gives them the edge over everyone else. They can blow ‘$10 million’ as if it were nothing. Not so for the vast majority of the ‘teams’ within baseball (MLB).

      I’d certainly like to think that the game is ready for a hard and fast salary cap . But the game’s hierarchy and ‘the owners’ don’t seem to want that as of yet.

      Alan Parkins


    1. BleedLakersPnG

      It’s as the title would suggest ..’You Either Love ’em Or You Hate Them’. There are no in-between’s when it comes to the Yankees .

      I fully expect them and the Red Sox to ‘slug it out’ for supremacy not just within the AL East but within the entire AL as a whole. Whoever wins out will be favored to win the World Series.

      Alan Parkins


  4. I’ve always rooted against the bigger market teams! Hopefully they won’t dominate again. They looked pretty unstoppable though. They have so much talent in their prime it’s hard to see them not repeating… Hopefully that doesn’t happen though!


    1. chappy 81

      It’s not just the talent that plays into this but also the vast financial resources at the disposal of teams such as the Phillies , Yankees, Mets , Angels , Cardinals and Dodgers . Everyone else gets left out in the cold.

      That’s why it’s now imperative for Bud Selig the MLB hierarchy and the MLBPA (Union) do something to sort out the imbalance between the big market teams and the small to mid-tier market teams . Otherwise at some point in the future one of those teams will fail and have to declare bankruptcy because of their financial instability.

      It’s happened within the WNBA , so there’s nothing to say that it can’t happen in major league baseball (MLB). You’d have thought that all of the parties concerned would be ‘smart enough’ to realize that to begin with ?

      Just look at the already grave situation facing the Wilpon family and the Mets’ organization ? Because of the ‘Madoff scandal’ the Wilpons are said to have lost in excess of “half-a-billion dollars” ($500 million ) . And much of that money they’ll never be able to recoup . Think they’re not worried at present ?

      The Yankees are lucky enough to have the Yes Network and the Red Sox have NESN . What do ‘the other teams’ have at their disposal ?

      Alan Parkins


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