Meet Some of My Newest Friends From ’round The Way …………….

Meet Some of My Newest Friends From ’round The Way …………….

Well guys now that the Duke Blue Devils have done their thing in winning a fourth national men’s NCAA title in defeating Butler 61-59 . We can applaud them and coach Mike Krzyzewski on a job well done ! Now let’s get down to brass tacks ? Here are just a few of my latest friends courtesy of a certain renowned men’s magazine commonly subscribed to by many African American males . King Magazine is the publication in question and its content of luscious females goes unmatched even surpassing I’d say, the “swimsuit issue” of Sports Illustrated to my mind ! So without further ado enjoy the content matter . And by all means do chime in with a comment as each and every one is more than welcomed !


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Enjoy contemplate but most of all do have fun while perusing the slide-show gallery .


Picture gallery ………. click on each pic to view up close and personal.


Alan Parkins aka tophatal ………………………. 🙂


LL Cool J ………………“Round The Way Girl” Ol’ school grooves are always “ “the best” and this one of the best of ’em !


More of LL feat’g LeShaun with “Doin’ It ”


Author: tophatal

Born in the UK of Caribbean parentage.College grad with degrees in the following , Economic and Int'l Finance. MBA attainnee . I'm a former member of the British military (Royal Marines). Now residing in Central Fl. I now work within the corporate business division of a law firm . Where we specialize in the legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Avid martial artist and sports fan.

9 thoughts on “Meet Some of My Newest Friends From ’round The Way …………….”

  1. Guys

    I really do hope the subject matter is up to par ?
    So please be straight with me in terms of if you feel letdown by the quality therein ? And next time ’round I’ll raise the level .

    Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Duke’s student athletes don’t roll like that as they’re all either geeks or they’ve taken a vow of celibacy. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      My favorite scene from ‘American Pie’ – Denise Faye (l) & Lisa Arturro (r)

      They’re far to scared to let their hair down and have some real fun ………i.e as in a ‘three-way ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

      Alan Parkins


    1. chappy 81

      As an avowed Blue Devils’ fan and an ardent admirer of coach Krzyzewski. I’m completely happy with the win. I also admired the sportsmanship shown by both teams throughout the Finals.

      Who can forget this scene from American Pie ?
      Denis Faye & Lisa Arturo – the alleged ‘hot lesbians’ ?

      Alan Parkins


    1. BleedLakersPnG

      Whatever you put there you’d better clean up after-wards. Bodily fluids over a desktop or laptop is an unseemly sight ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

      Play your cards right and a female like this could become the woman of your dreams or your “worse nightmare” ? Petra Verkaik

      Alan Parkins


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