It Wasn’t That Energizing To Begin With ………. !

It Wasn’t That Energizing To Begin With ………. !

Nothing says “thud” like an uninspiring weekend when it comes to sports. And anyone who’d suggest that this past weekend was awe inspiring. Well I’d like for them to suggest what events that actually took place would suggest that ?

The Kentcuky Derby ran at Churchill Downs elicited about as much excitement as watching paint dry and that was given the fact that the premiere race on the NTRA circuit was ran on a rain drenched track. But the only decent thing to come out of it all was that history was made by the winning jockey Calvin Borel . As he became the first jockey to have won the race three years out of four. It now becomes an unprecedented feat. Now we’ll have to wait to see whether or not Borel and winning trainer Todd Pletcher will saddle up winning horse Super Saver for the next two legs of the “Triple Crown” . The Preakness and The Belmont being the other two legs leading to equine immortality.


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Start as you mean to go on . Well that’s at leas the mantra that’ll be used by the Los Angeles Lakers as they go about now taking down the Utah Jazz in the conference conference semi finals of the NBA Playoffs . Now as intriguing as this series may well appear to be. If the Jazz aren’t on the very top of their game then in all probability the Lakers will make light work of the Jerry Sloan coached team . That’s not to say that Deron Williams and his teammates will seek to make the task any the easier for this Phil Jackson coached team .

The other conference semi-finals within the Western Conference pits the Phoenix Suns against the San Antonio Spurs . That series in of-itself should prove to be rather entertaining to say the very least.

In the Eastern Conference semi-finals’ matchup we’ll get to see the Boston Celtics match wits the Cleveland Cavaliers . Can we say that with LeBron James now adding another piece of silverware to his cabinet there’s still work that’s left to be done ? It was formally announced over the weekend that James was the regular season league MVP . And having won the award for the second consecutive season he joins a select few players that’ve won multiple league MVP awards consecutively.

<font face="new times roman" size="3">  Floyd Mayweather Jr. throws a right to the body of Shane Mosley during the welterweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.   Getty  Images/  Ethan  Miller  </font>
Floyd Mayweather Jr. throws a right to the body of Shane Mosley during the welterweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images/ Ethan Miller

The other semi finals matchup within the Eastern Conference will see the Atlanta Hawks taking on the Orlando Magic . And there’s a distinct feeling that Magic will actually convincingly win this series with a blowout of the Hawks. This Mike Woodson coached team had its struggles in the previous round against the Milwaukee Bucks . And if anything they’ll be physically and mentally worn down with fatigue from that particular series . So any expectations of this series going at least five games might see out of the question at this juncture.

Now pardon me for saying this but will the remainder of the NFL offseason be merely about Brett Favre ? I mean I’m no soap opera fan but the only thing that seems to be missing from this particular melodrama as it unfolds has been the lack sexual of intrigue and violence. Oh I forgot there’s been no indiscriminate drug use or the usual homicide to leave us guessing. But who knows what to expect down the road at this juncture ? I’m sure that ESPN’s Chris Mortensen will continue to dumpster dive through Brett and Deanna’s garbage to let us know what they’ve eaten for breakfast and the type of feminine hygiene products that Brett’s wife has become accustomed to using. I mean if there’s a story to be had about Brett Favre and his impending return to the NFL. Then Mort is the man who’ll be bringing us the story. Can I get an amen on that ?

There was a time when Shane Mosley (46-6-1NC, 39 KO’s) was viewed as an elite fighter within the sport of boxing but based on the evidence that was put forth on Saturday night in his welterweight bout against the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather (41-0, 25 KO’s). I can think we can now pretty much say those days have been laid to rest with the thought of Mosley being an elite boxer . Though he wasn’t pounded into submission in a unanimous decision loss to Mayweather. Other than round two of this welterweight bout, Mosley gave little indication that he was even a participant in the fight , much less that he came to fight to begin with.

And the pitiful excuses that came from Mosley afterwards was enough to suggest that the $7.5 million payday was just about enough to make him feel good about himself. Mayweatther for his part earned a guaranteed $22.5 million , with the anciilary rights still yet to be tallied up. But if the projected estimates are to be believed then Mayweather could very well walk away with at least $45-$50 million when it’s all accounted for . What’s a cool $50 million between friends ? I mean at $54-95 via PPV , either you’re making a great many friends or a hell of a lot of enemies ?

With Mayweather now cementing his legacy , all that now awaits, is the highly anticipated bout that all that the fans want to see. And that is a match-up against Filipino titlist , Manny Pacquaio . The Filipino fighter says that he felt slighted when it was insinuated that he was a cheat for not wanting to adhere and take a blood test in adhering to an agreement made between his manager Bob Arum and Mayweather’s people . Stop this bullsh_t Manny , the only person being slighted here are the fans and you damn well know it. You’d feel slighted if someone suggested your mother was a “street walker” . So toughen the f_ck up and let’s get this going with Mayweather !

It’s not often that you’re able to witness someone performing at a high standard at the latter stages of their career. OK , granted we had George Foreman unexpectedly regain the world heavyweight crown by knocking out Michael Moorer . Foreman at the time became the oldest heavyweight boxing champion at the age of 45. But really, was it that much of a surprise ? I mean Michael Moorer couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag were his fists covered with plaster of paris to give him an additional advantage.

On Saturday just in case you missed it you’d have had the privilege of seeing the Philadelphia Phillies’ Jamie Moyer at the age of 47 pitching like a young phenom as he and his team curtailed the New York Mets . At the age of 47 when most athletes are either on the latter side of the careers or they’re pretending to start a new one by entering the Champions Tour of the PGA . Though the limit there is 50 before you’re allowed to enter an official event on the Champions Tour.

Jamie Moyer is simply proving the old adage ……….”that age is most definitely nothing but a number ” . Having now pitched in four decades do you get the feeling that Moyer could pitch well into his fifties if his health holds up ? Admittedly , with Brett Favre not showing signs of slowing down but still having that zest to compete at the highest level within the NFL . I’ve got to admit that it’s not such a bad feeling. But then again it’s Brett’s continuous offseason antics that has me now pis_ed off ! Are we there yet concerning Brett and his imminent return to the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings ?

Moyer for his part rarely complains and merely goes about doing his best to be supportive of his team and leader to the younger players on the Phillies’ roster. And with the experience that he brings as a seasoned veteran on this pitching rotation . I think that the Phillies, if anything , will be the prohibitive favorites within the NL East to take the divisional crown and quite possibly repeat as NL pennant winners at the end of the season .

Saturday’s 11-5 victory for the Phillies , saw Moyer in large part out-pitch the Mets’ ace Johan Santana . And how often is it that we can say that we’ve seen Santana being outpitched by an opponent , much less someone who’s 47 years of age. Santana was only able to go pitch 3.2 innings , have been rocked for eight hits and 10 runs during three innings of work and ending the game with a 10.00 era . I’m not about to suggest that things for the Mets are bad. But given the fact that Santana is the team’s “alleged ace in the hole”. I’d be extremely worried right about now , if I were either Mets’ GM Omar Minaya or team manager Jerry Manuel .


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For the Phillies , if they merely followed suit by the example set by their seasoned veteran pitcher then I honestly can’t see any reason why they cannot repeat as the NLCS champions. Is there really a team in the NL that can hold a candle to them at this moment in time ? In the game Moyer’s stats (6.0 IP, 6H, 5R , 5ER, 2HR, era 5.70) showed that he’s determined to show that she’s still got what it takes. That sort of determination is not something that you’ll now often see from an athlete at the ripe old age of forty seven much less from an athlete at least two decades younger. In the age where the culture is now defined by the “me or I generation”. It’s good to see that there’s a seasoned veteran out there showing the young kids how things ought to be done. Unfortunately , examples such as this are so few and far between that when they come along there aren’t always too many people willing to admire the achievement either near or from afar !

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………….

Tony , Toni , Tone ………………… “Leavin’ ”


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6 thoughts on “It Wasn’t That Energizing To Begin With ………. !”

  1. I’m definetly going to pay attention to which mounts Calvin Borel will be aboard in the Belmont and the Preakness. The man is a great jockey.
    Jamie Moyer is all about location and when he is on it is great fun to watch him pitch. It gives me the feeling that I’m not quite as over the hill as I thought:)


    1. aero

      The thing with Borel is that he knows his way ’round Churchill Downs better than most. As to whether or not he’ll be on board Super Saver for either the Preakness or Belmont remains to be seen . And as you know it’s so difficult to even try and win all three legs of ‘The Triple Crown’. It hasn’t been done in over 30 years.

      The Mayweather Mosley bout was an abomination ! OK we know that Money may well be the most dominant fighter of his generation but that’s certainly no excuse for Shane to put up such a pi_s poor display ! He now walks away with $7.5 million with a grin like a Cheshire cat.

      As for Moyer what he’s now doing for the Phils is exceptional . He may not be viewed as a dominant pitcher but the guy has guile and when he’s on top of his game he makes the opposing batters look ever so tame ! If he should attain 300 wins he may well become a borderline candidate for Cooperstown .

      Alan Parkins


  2. I’m glad I didn’t buy that fight! Let’s hope that Mayweather and Pac-Man can finally get into the ring. Sounded like Pac-Man is down to move the blood test to 14 days before the fight!


    1. chappy

      Personally I’d like to see them not only conduct blood and urine samples but also a trichological testing as well , taking a hair follicle sample . That test is highly accurate and almost infallible ! It can pinpoint what opiates that’ve been taken by the subject matter to within 48 hours of ingestion. That way no excuses can be made .

      It’s already being used within the legal system in the UK .

      Personally I don’t know if the fight will ever get off the ground. Not with Pacquiao now said to be harboring political ambitions in his native Philippines.

      What’s next for Manny ? Politics or boxing ?

      Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpherys

      How ’bout trying to pick a Triple Crown winner ? We haven’t had one in over thirty years.

      In the case of of Mayweather _ Pacquiao fight that’d definitely be a toss up ! The slight edge may well favor Floyd. But anything is possible !

      Arum is a closeted bigot !

      Thinking tells me that unless Bob Arum , Manny’s promoter, agrees to comprehensive drug testing during the immediate build up to a proposed bout then in all probability a fight won’t ever take place. Not even if there’s a mountain of money at stake and it’s Manny’s favor. Someone is hiding something in Arum’s camp ! Bob Arum has no honor and can’t be trusted to tell one iota of truth at any given time !

      Alan Parkins


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