Was It Meant To Be Like This …………?

Was It Meant To Be Like This ?

As entertaining as the NBA postseason has been this all took something of a respite concerning the news of Denver Nuggets’ coach George Karl . Having undergone chemotherapy for throat cancer it appears that the coach’s health may well be taking a turn for the worse . Karl’s situation is said to be dire and acute. A blood clot has been discovered in his right leg. Should the clot spread to his aortic valve then it could bring on a coronary attack . If this hasn’t proven to have been a season of missed opportunities for the Nuggets then it appears with this latest news , the whole future for the franchise may well have taken more than a turn for the worse.

The biggest problem facing the franchise now is the fact that a season that was expected to be one of great expectations has merely crumbled in front of everyone’s eyes including that of their fans. Heavily favored to at least make the conference semi finals. The Nuggets were subjected to a rather humiliating series’ loss _(4-2) in the opening round of this season’s NBA playoffs against the Utah Jazz . There may be not much that one can take away from this all , other than the fact that the loss of Karl on the sidelines during the series essentially laid to rest that the Nuggets were capable of winning without their much storied and well loved coach.


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As much as I’ve admired the Nuggets from afar the thought of the Nuggets without Karl is like trying to imagine the Los Angeles Lakers without Phil Jackson . Just as Jackson has reinvigorated the Lakers the same can be said about Karl and what he’s done for the Nuggets since his tenure with the organization . Led by billionaire owner Stanley E Kroenke it has to be said that there has go be great deal of stress that the franchise and team must now be going under concerning the very welfare of their coach. The thought of Karl not being on the sidelines coaching this Nuggets’ team is very dour to say the least ! Karl’s resume` as a coach speaks for itself and it says much about the erstwhile coach and the respect that he commands within the game . And that’s not just from the Nuggets’ players and his peers but also from the “fans around the NBA” .

Courtesy of Associated Press & Yahoo Sports

Karl has more complications in cancer recovery

By Arnie Stapleton , AP Sports Writer

Denver (AP)
—Nuggets coach George Karl has another blood clot in his right leg as he recovers from radiation and chemotherapy treatment for throat and neck cancer.

Karl’s partner, Kim Van Deraa, wrote on her blog this weekend that the 58-year-old coach was rushed to the hospital Friday afternoon with the clot. She said doctors were trying to determine the cause because Karl already is on blood-thinning medication.

Van Deraa also writes that doctors reinserted a filter into his abdomen. The filter had been removed two weeks ago.

The filter prevents the clots from traveling to his hart or lungs. It initially was inserted in March when Karl was first treated for blood clots.

Van Deraa and Karl, who are raising their 5-year-old daughter, Kaci, together, had been writing increasingly upbeat blog posts about Karl’s slow recovery from squamous cell carcinoma.

But the latest post said Karl mentioned his right big toe was hurting Friday and that it felt swollen, so Van Deraa called Karl’s doctor, who set up an ultrasound.

She wrote that “it turned out he has a blood clot in the same right leg so he was admitted to the hospital to break up the clot.”

Karl was diagnosed with cancer late last year and informed his players and the media after coaching the Western Conference in the All-Star Game in February. He began a grueling six-week treatment of radiation and chemotherapy that eventually sidelined him in mid-March.

He had hoped to return to coaching in the playoffs but his treatment caused him to lose 25 pounds along with his strength and stamina. His voice is a raspy whisper, his mouth full of sores and his neck red and tender from the radiation.


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Now while the postseason continues it will be great to see how the more favored teams continue to parlay their presence and make it felt. The series between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers seems to have already have taken on a life of its own. And with LeBron James seemingly out on a mission to prove that he and his teammates are there to redeem themselves for last season’s abrupt failures. On the flip side of this all the Orlando Magic awaits the winner of the Atlanta Hawks _ Milwaukee Bucks’ _ series . And as good as the Hawks are presumed to be at this juncture there’s not one absolute guarantee that this will be the team that Magic is liable to face in the conference semi finals.

The Western Conference has the match-ups that most might not have envisaged. The defending champions, the Los Angeles Lakers face the Utah Jazz for the third straight consecutive season in the playoffs. Now as titanic this series could turn out to be. A lot of it will hinge upon the play of Kobe Bryant and Deron Williams . The two best players on the opposing teams to face each other in this series . The second series’ match-up will have the Phoenix Suns facing off against the San Antonio Spurs . And there were those who felt that the Spurs weren’t expected to make it beyond the opening round of the playoffs. Much like the prognosticators who tend to just buy into a team and its immediate season rather than looking at its overall body of work . Well let’s just say with the Spurs have made it no surprise to those who actually know something about the game of basketball. And where are the idiots who stood steadfastly behind the Dallas Mavericks now ? No doubt scratching their anus and wondering what the hell went wrong ? The Mavericks are team merely built for a short journey and not the rigors of the postseason. Those bitches wouldn’t know how to be competitive , much less spell the word competitive if you spotted them the letters ………. C O M P T T IVE ! Need one say anymore on the subject ?

And as an added footnote it appears that LeBron James will become the tenth back to back winner the league’s season MVP award . He joins a select few players that’ve “won back back” league MVP awards. And while the feat is commendable, for James their is a bigger goal to be achieved and that is to secure the Cavaliers “their first” NBA title . Anything short of that this season and it could well be deemed somewhat a failure for the franchise.


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So what are your own thoughts concerning the NBA postseason thus far and that of the news concerning George Karl ? I look forward to reading your comments and responding in kind.

NB At the time of the initial producing of this piece it wasn’t yet known that the Hawks had prevailed over the Bucks in their series.

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Santana ……………….”Black Magic Woman” One of the group’s more underrated hits.


Playboy Playmate Kayle Collins ............August 2008. Is there a need to proceed further concerning Kayle's attributes ?
Playboy Playmate Kayle Collins ............August 2008. Is there a need to proceed further concerning Kayle's attributes ?

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4 thoughts on “Was It Meant To Be Like This …………?”

    1. Chris Humpherys

      The scary thing is even if the stop the clot he’s still not out of the woods as of yet ! The Reilly interview was very heartfelt and even with his kids and grand kids around him. You got the impression that even if this was his last public interview he’s been happy with his lot !

      My condolences to the Karl family in this their hour of need !

      Alan Parkins


  1. Poor Coach Karl… It’s too bad his team fell apart without him, they didn’t look nearly the same!

    I hope the Suns can take out your Spurs 🙂


    1. chappy

      The moment had to take a leave of absence for treatment . You knew that the Nuggets were encumbered. Adrian Dantley is not an NBA coach , he’s merely a good but average subordinate and that’s it ! Should Karl be unable to return to the team . Then I for one would like to see Avery Johnson become the coach of the Nuggets.

      The Mavericks should never have gotten rid of Johnson to begin with ! He wasn’t the problem as it stem from the idiocy of the Mavs’ front office and the decision making in conjunction with Mark Cuban. It’s all come home to the roost with the asinine idea that Haywood and Dampier made this team better ! In what light of day was that said to be happening ? I think you were one those who insinuated as much ? Here endeth today’s lesson .

      It’s not only about the makeup of the team that counts but also synergy , character and leadership. And the Mavericks hasn’t even got that to begin with ! . So what was it that made you think that they were that good to begin with ? And is that how you come to making a decision concerning how good a team is to begin with ?

      Alan Parkins


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