Fill In The Blank or Blanks As The Case Maybe ……………….

Fill In The Blank or Blanks As The Case Maybe ……………….

Well now that the NBA Playoffs have reached the conference semi-finals stages. It’s beginning to look like the “presumed favorites” as it now stands ought to be making their way to the respective conference finals. As an avowed Spurs’ fan all I’ve got to say about the team at present is “……….what the hell are you guys doing or thinking” ? Were the San Antonio Spurs a race horse and they came up lame up as they have done is this series against the Phoenix Suns , thus far. Then I for one would have them euthanized. How the hell can Gregg Popovich have himself be out-coached by Alvin Gentry ? That’s akin to having someone subscribed to the statement that Britney Spears is a far much better performer and singer than Alicia Keys ? So now lip syncing now beats out sheer raw talent ? What is the world now coming to ? I guess that’s why we’ve got “American Idol” on Fox television ?

Performers can come and go but “real talent” stands the test of time !

Fill in the blank as to what Kobe might be saying to Lamar or vice versa ?

Here are few suggestions to start you off concerning the perceived exchange being made between the duo.

1) “Man, Khloe is a ‘ho in the bedroom but a lousy cook” ! Lamar

2) “Vanessa doesn’t like it when I ask her stop drop and roll during sex” Kobe

3) “I still think that I’m in with a chance of nailin’ Khloe’s mom , Kris Jenner “! Lamar

4) “Damn man that’s what I was thinking too ” ! Kobe

5) “I’d definitely like to try having oral sex with Kim just to see if she’s any different from that chick in Eagle, Colorado. She gave “good head” and that was it . The rest wasn’t all that “! Kobe

6) “Dang Kobe why you gotta go there man” ? Lamar

7) “I dunno’ ’bout you but I don’t think LeBron is all that ” !___ Lamar. ” That’s for sho’ he ain’t got goin’ on like me. He ain’t poppin’ it like me and I’m off the chain fo’ shizzle ” ! ____ Kobe

(8) “Kobe do ya’ think the sistas hate us ’cause we’ only been with “white chicks” ? ___ Lamar. “Man shut the _uck up I dated a sista’ in high school and I took Brandy to her prom. That’s gotta count for somethin’ ! ” _________ Kobe.

So guys chime on in with a comment concerning the caption as well as your thoughts on the NBA Playoffs so far.


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For now I’ll abide by whatever, fate has in store for my “team” but I can’t say at all that I’m entirely happy with their display in the series so far ! It’s as my Royal Marine drill instructor one told us on an exercise . “We’re not here to merely play games we’re here to fight and it’s my duty to make men out of you ……… “you bunch of cherry assed choirboys ” ! Do I like what I see from the Spurs as of now ? Hell no ! But I’ll support them come hell or high water but at the same time I’ll call their asses out if they’re playing like a “bunch of wimps” ! Which is exactly what they’re now doing in this series. It’s hard to believe that this is the same team who dealt with the Dallas Mavericks so clinically in the previous round !


Picture gallery .


Click on the respective links provided to view the details of the series now underway in the NBA Playoffs.

Conference semi-finals

Eastern Conference * Denotes team with home-field advantage.

* Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics . _____ Click here .

* Orlando Magic vs Atlanta Hawks . ____ Click here .

Western Conference

* Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz ___ Click here .

* Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spurs ___ Click here .

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ………………..

Jamie Foxx feat’g Justin Timberlake & TI ………….”Winner”


<font face="andalus"  size="3">   Brittany  and   Surelyn   packin'  a  whole  of  <b> fire   power    in  their   "as_ses" </b>   don't   you  think  ?  </font>

Models Brittany (left) and Surelyn (right). Each seems to be packin’ a great “deal of firepower” in their “bootylicious” booty’s don’t you think ?

Author: tophatal

Born in the UK of Caribbean parentage.College grad with degrees in the following , Economic and Int'l Finance. MBA attainnee . I'm a former member of the British military (Royal Marines). Now residing in Central Fl. I now work within the corporate business division of a law firm . Where we specialize in the legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Avid martial artist and sports fan.

10 thoughts on “Fill In The Blank or Blanks As The Case Maybe ……………….”

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Their performance is an almighty come down when compared to their play against the Mavs in the previous round . If you go to a knife fight you don’t come along with a dinner knife . And that’s essentially is what we’re seeing from the Spurs and their lame a_s play at present !

      If they let the Suns close this series out “in four ” then the blame rests squarely on the players as well as “Pop” and the coaching staff ! “Adapt and evolve” and they’ve done absolutely none of that at all ! Which is all the more surprising given Popovich’s background !

      Alan Parkins


  1. How ironic would it be if this Suns team was the best of any of those assembled lately?

    Gotta hand it to Alvin Gentry. I am very impressed.

    And Steve Nash just does not get old.


    1. Chris Humperys

      The funny thing is that Nash despite his age is one of the quickest and fittest guys on that Suns’ roster . His fitness regimen is unparalleled by all accounts , as he’s a real fitness freak !

      Nash at work professionally

      He plays a slew of sports (golf,soccer, tennis,rugby and skis as well) and was considered good enough to become a professional soccer player and he was being closely watched by a number of Premiership teams from the UK .

      Alan Parkins


  2. Man, I wouldnt’ be doubting your Spurs yet. Remember what they say, a playoff series doesn’t start until someone losses at home. As much as I hope the Suns win, I still think it will be tied 2-2 when they go back to Phoenix.

    What do you think Boston’s chances are of knocking off Cleveland? If they do, does Lebron head out of town, because he knows his supporting cast isn’t what it’s cracked up to be? Without him they are a 7-8 seed. I’m sure he looks at the Lakers and wishes he had that good of a supporting cast!


    1. chappy 81

      I sat and watch the Spurs play some sloppy basketball ! And I can swear that on at least three occasions I scared the crap out of my dog. He must’ve thought that I’d gone mad . It was infuriating to watch the turnovers and at times the lack of real effort.

      And given the fact of Pop’s military background. I thought that he of all people would make the team adapt and evolve the changing environment. But apparently not as the Suns literally had their way with us. 0-2 down in this match-up places us in a precarious situation. The Suns aren’t the Mavericks as this team is a hell of a lot tougher and they have a real leader in Steve Nash . Unlike the Mavericks who literally had no one with backbone !

      An 0-2 deficit is hard to overcome when your team is playing inconsistently. And that’s the problem I’m seeing with the Spurs at present. If we’re to expose any flaws that the Suns have then the brand of basketball being played by Duncan and his teammates has to be of “a much higher standard “ than what we’re witnessing at present.

      Even lingerie model Petra Nemcova agrees with me and she’s not even a basketball fan , much less a Spurs’ fan. But my God she’s friggin’ hot wouldn’t you say ?

      Alan Parkins


  3. I don’t know much about basketball, but I sure wouldn’t mind letting Brittany and Surelyn teach me a thing or two:)


    1. aero

      All you need to know ’bout Brittany and Surelyn is that they’d gladly play with your balls and make you feel extremely happy , ‘nough said !

      Denise Richards
      wouldn’t mind playing with your balls either. Look at the way she’s pouting as she’s definitely ready for some action don’t you think ?

      Alan Parkins


  4. The Magic are playing great right now Top… unreal.. sweep done tonight. Atlanta mailed it in and you wonder now if Orlando needed some more adversity before the conf finals… that could have helped.


  5. KP

    Whomever Orlando faces in the Eastern Conference Finals will know that they’ve been in a series ! This team is far more determined and resolute than the team that lost to the Lakers in last season’s NBA Finals . The difference maker this time around are the Magic’s bench and the play of Vince Carter .

    And don’t for one minute think that the Magic aren’t capable of beating either the Cavaliers or Celtics. Because they are more than capable of beating both of those teams !

    Alan Parkins


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