Hypocrisy Is The Norm Nowadays ………. !

Hypocrisy Is The Norm Nowadays

It’s not to my chagrin but the apparent hypocrisy shown by the USOC in now getting the satisfaction they sought in seeing several Chinese gymnast stripped of their Olympic medals for being under aged. So unless the the USOC has now become a conduit of the Roman Catholic church in its suborning and condoning the actions of many of the swim instructors and trainers within the governing body of USA Swimming . Then it had better get its head out of its own ass and tackle this particular subject head on .

Now while this was going on several young females on at the youth and junior level of USA swimming. Now comes the most reprehensible fact of this all, several female members have the victims of sexual abuse by their trainers who all sanctioned by USA Swimming . What may seem even more perverse in all of this , has been the fact that while this has going on . Well it has been the fact that the USOC has simply turned a blind eye to this all . Pardon me for saying this but I would’ve thought the apparent safety of a child far outweighs that the USOC simply chasing down the Chinese in conjunction with the IOC to go after the Chinese Olympic gymnastic federation. We’ve had more US athletes in the past two years banned for the use of illicit substances than there has been the accusation of the use of underage performers at the Olympics. Which to your mind is the more egregious of the alleged acts ?

Courtesy of The New York Times

Medal of Underage Chinese Gymnast Revoked

By Juliet Macur , The New York Times

After an investigation that lasted more than a year, the International Gymnastics Federation announced on Friday that a Chinese gymnast from the 2000 Olympics had been too young to compete.

The gymnast, Dong Fangxiao, a member of the Chinese women’s team that won the bronze medal, was found to have falsified her age in order to meet the requirements at those Olympics. The gymnastics federation said in a statement that Dong was actually 14, two years younger than the minimum. Her results at those Games and at several other major competitions have been revoked.

The federation — which goes by its French acronym, F.I.G. — submitted a request to the International Olympic Committee to strip the Chinese team of its Olympic bronze medal. If that happens, the United States women’s team, which finished fourth, will move into third place. The gymnasts on that squad were Amy Chow, Jamie Dantzscher, Dominique Dawes, Kristen Maloney, Elise Ray and Tasha Schwikert.

“There still is what I believe to be unanswered questions about this issue, but there is only so much you can prove when it comes to falsified documents,” Steve Penny, the president of USA Gymnastics, said. “I feel that the F.I.G. is taking this matter very seriously and has done a very responsible job here. They’ve done absolutely everything in their power to get to the bottom of a very sensitive issue.”

Mark Adams, a spokesman for the I.O.C., said the gymnastics federation’s recommendation to strip the Chinese of their medals would be studied by the I.O.C.’s executive board before any action was taken. That would probably happen at the board’s next meeting at the end of April, he said.


Click on link to read article in its entirety.

How is that they are so steadfast in doing this but given the fact over two dozen young females have sexually abused have never been given the recourse sought ? Now recently one of the biggest predators in the midst of this scandal is now housed in California state prison for eight counts of sexual assault and battery that he has committed over the course of the last fifteen years. Now to say this is reprehensible wouldn’t do this statement justice but I guess it will have to do . I at times wonder which is in fact more disdainful when it comes to ambition as it concerns a governing body ? The actual pursuit of excellence or the actual commercial success ?

Courtesy of Seattle PI Sound Publishing

Oak Harbor swim coach convicted of rape featured Friday on national TV

By Jessie Stensland , Whidbey Times

The popular ABC News show 20/20 is running an investigative piece Friday night on Andrew King, a former Oak Harbor swim coach convicted of raping young swimmers, and the organization USA Swimming.

The piece investigated by Brian Ross, entitled “Inside USA Swimming: Secrets and Betrayal,” will run Friday, April 9 at 10 p.m. on ABC. A brief segment is also scheduled to be aired Friday on the 5:30 p.m. World News with Diane Sawyer.

Andrew “Andy” King, 61, is a serial child molester who used his position as a swim coach to molest at least a dozen young girls, allegedly including one Oak Harbor girl, over his 30-year career. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison earlier this year in a California courtroom after pleading no contest last fall to 20 child molestation charges.

King coached the Aquajets swim team at the North Whidbey Park and Recreation swimming pool in Oak Harbor during the 1990s, then left mysteriously amid complaints about his contact with female swimmers.

A couple of years later, one of the Oak Harbor swimmers reported that King had molested and raped her from 1994 to 1997, when she was just 12 to 13 years old. Detective Teri Gardner with the Oak Harbor police investigated the allegations extensively, but the Island County prosecutor declined to charge King.

After leaving Oak Harbor, King moved to San Jose and continued to coach swimmers associated with USA Swimming, a national organization that has been criticized over allegations that it hasn’t protected children adequately. North Whidbey Aquatics Club is affiliated with Pacific Northwest Swimming, a committee of USA Swimming, according to the club’s Web site.

Last year, investigators in San Jose uncovered King’s lengthy history of molesting child swimmers.

The Oak Harbor swimmer who was allegedly raped by King filed a $15 million claim for damages against North Whidbey Park and Recreation District. The district’s insurance company is handling the complaint.


And at present there are several such cases either now under indictment or awaiting trial and as far as too often been the case many of the instructors in question simply left their positions with a prospective club or team only repeat the very same offenses elsewhere with a new team. Somewhat reminiscent as to how the Roman Catholic church moved their priests around the different dioceses as they carried out their pernicious acts of sexual debauchery on the young and innocent.

Commissioner Roger Goodell saw fit suspend Ben Roethlisberger but yet when Miami Dolphins’ GM Jeff Ireland saw fit to make what would in most peoples’ mind would be offensive statement. Absolutely nothing was done by the commissioner’s office. During an NFL rookie interview Ireland had the temerity to ask Oklahoma State football player Dez Bryant whether or not his mother was a prostitute (whore). Now what this has to do with the player’s abilities on the field is beyond me ! But this now appears to be what NFL executives may seek to be the norm. Were those the actions of an African American NFL executive asking that question there would have been a public outcry ! As to the lack of inaction by the commissioner’s office or that of Miami Dolphins front office will no doubt set a bad precedence within collegiate football and many of its young players. Conducting unbecoming the image of the league is meant not just to apply to the NFL players but also the entire league as it relates to the owners and executives. Goodell it appears, is only willing to fight the battles he sees fit to pursue .

Of all the executives who govern the four major sports . It might just be that NBA Commissioner David Stern has always been about the image of his sport and the conduct of its members. What recently took place between Bulls’ executive John Paxson and that of the team’s now recently fired coach Vinny Del Negro left a lot to be desired. Paxson physically assaulted the team’s then coach and threatened him. Now if Stern and the Bulls’ owner Jerry Reinsdorf is willing to overlook this action. Then what does it suggest about the hierarchy of the sport in general ? The now infamous incident wherein Latrell Sprewell in a premeditated attack choked his coach P J Carlessimo , led to the player being suspended nd fined. Sprewell an African American , was never able to live the incident down and became to be thought of as a street thug. After the incident his career essentially was derailed and spiraled out of control. Now were Paxson an African American NBA executive, one wonders what the outcome may well have been ? But in the midst of this all a public statement has not been forthcoming from either Stern , Stu Jackson or from Bulls’ owner Jerry Reinsdorf or the team’s GM Gar Forman .

I no longer take with credence anything that’s forthcoming from the hierarchies of any of the “governing officials of the four major sports” ! . It is not as if they have ever taken the fans’ interests to heart with regard to any decision that they make. For them it has and always will be about the bottom line at the expense of the fans’ goodwill. And on a bye-note if conservatives are known for being entrepreneurs and great businessmen. Then why is it the meltdown of the banking industry and automotive industry took place ? Either the conservatives on top that piece of piece of dog crap just aren’t as bright as some of the spokespersons would have us believe ? Hypocrisy on both sides of the political aisle knows no boundaries , much as in the same it knows no boundaries when it comes to the realms of sports.

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ………………….

Chris Isaak ……………..”Wicked Game”

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

12 thoughts on “Hypocrisy Is The Norm Nowadays ………. !”

  1. It has gotten so bad in this Nation of ours…not enough care, those who do (and take action) are beaten down to a pulp. Some or many may disagree but it all started with the atheist O’Hare in the 60’s when the wonderfully enlightened Supreme Court ruled in her favor…from there the civil liberties of the many were taken away by the few.
    Separation of Church and State came to mean a group cannot pray in school, can’t say “…one Nation, under God…”, a young student can even be chastised for wearing a shirt with Jesus on it or bowing his head in silent prayer.
    The Courts now pay more attention to the criminals’ rights than those of the victims…..it will only get worse.


    1. al clements

      You know what’s really bad about this situation ? It’s the fact that no one from the USOC or USA Swimming wants to make a statement as to what has gone on. These rat fink bas_ards would rather work in conjunction with the IOC ___ FIG to chase down Chinese underage gymnasts ?

      But here in the US they’ve suspended over 20 athletes in the last 5 yrs that have competed at the international level and while doing so have used illicit and banned substances. Never mind the fact that we now have these allegations now coming to the fore concerning a number of certified swim coaches and their assaults of not only female swimmers bu also young male swimmers. Much of the time as the stories came to light both USOC and USA Swimming chose to turn a blind eye to it all . What does that tell you about both organizations ? They make the Roman Catholic church and their handling of the sex abuse scandals seem like paragons of virtue at this juncture !

      Alan Parkins


  2. Further….Pope Roger has not done anything about the other “rape” in addition to Ireland. Hell the Colts said they weren’t going to do anything either.
    For what it is…had Ben been black and the girl black, wonder what would have happened….after all we are still racially trouble in this society…no one wants to make waves. Would Al Sharpton come to the fore if Ben and the girl were black to defend him? Had the swimming coach been black…prolly hung out to dry…course he wouldn’t be coaching to begin with.
    Ah wel, mebbe the Mayans’ are right….Dec 29, 2012.


    1. al clements

      Pope ‘Roger’ much like the NBA’s David Stern …they’re both as_holes who pick and choose the battles they want to be seen winning in order to enhance their so call pristine reputations.

      A senior NBA exec physically threatens a coach (Bulls’ VP of Operations John Paxson and the team’s now fired coach Vinny Del Negro ) but yet he goes unpunished. But an African American player having choked ( Latrell Sprewell _______ P J Carlesimo ) his coach in a premeditated attack gets fined and suspended for almost a full NBA season ? What’s wrong with that particular picture from the get-go ?

      Alan Parkins


  3. Wow, that’s pretty crazy I didn’t even hear about the Chinese team getting stripped of their medals. I’m not surprised, anything goes in China.

    I wish sports were more about the athletes than the politics. I think I liked it more when I was a kid and didn’t know about all the behind the scenes stuff and just rooted for my team and guys I liked. I guess I still do, but it’s a lot harder in this TMZ driven world…


    1. chappy 81

      They’ve stripped one Chinese athlete but there’s the belief that subsequently in Athens , Sydney and Beijing, there was still cheating going on. Be that as it may, what I find even more abhorrent is what has gone on concerning the USA Swimming at the junior and youth levels with the allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of the coaches either raping young boys and girls for their own gratification and then moving on elsewhere to repeat the same crime all over again.

      What the hell are either the USOC or USA Swimming doing concerning that issue ? They’ve simply let these coaches merely leave and go elsewhere. It’s akin to watching what the Roman Catholic church did in suborning the rape of young males and females within the church by their own friggin’ priests . How messed up are both of these situations to begin with ?

      Alan Parkins


    2. chappy

      At least with TMZ you know what you’re getting and what to expect ! Here you have individuals who’ve been entrusted to safeguard these kids and at the same time teach them . But instead they’ve preyed on these kids in the worse possible way imaginable.

      Alan Parkins


  4. To be honest, I want some stats on the total number of negative sports stories this year so far.. it has to already match or exceed past years… just seems that way. Big Ben and Tiger can breathe sighs of relief due to LT news… though Tiger back in the news now with the neck injury which is adding new speculation and wonder


  5. KP

    Those stats’ll probably pale into insignificance if measured against the attack rallied against the Obama ___ administration and that of anyone who just happens to sympathize with any left leaning tendencies. That asides this is friggin’ bullsh_t wherein the USOC is more concerned with chasing down a couple of Chinese gymnasts when here in the US over the last two years there have been the suspension of 20 US athletes that’ve competed in the Olympics and each of the suspended athletes have been caught using an illicit substance.

    Now you’ve got these same damn morons in conjunction with USA Swimming overlooking this egregious matter concerning the sexual assault of young female swimmers . Never mind the fact also that it is now coming to light that there’ve also been sexual assaults on several young male swimmers as well. Makes you wonder what the difference is between USA Swimming and that of the Roman Catholic church and their treatment of the priests and the sexual assault allegations leveled against them .

    Alan Parkins


  6. KP

    As for Tiger Woods much like A-Rod they’ve now become stories of none interest as far as I’m concerned ! Both of these guys are a bunch of f_cking hypocrites of the highest order ! There are far better people out there in and outside the world of sports that kids can look up to and aspire to be like . Woods and A-Rod lost that goodwill and respect the moment they betrayed the public’s trust .

    Alan Parkins


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