The Fallout …………………

The Fallout

Well it’s happening the ramifications of not living up to expectations. It is to be expected in the highly volatile world of competitive professional sports. The NBA has seen its first casualty of the postseason as the Atlanta Hawks’ ___ Mike Woodson was informed that his services will no be longer be required as coach of the Eastern Conference __ team . A rather somewhat understated and lackluster performance in the playoffs was enough for the Hawks’ front office to come to a quick and conclusive decision.

With Woodson now out as coach of the Hawks this makes it four vacancies within the NBA. The Chicago Bulls , __ New Jersey Nets and New Orleans Hornets now are in search of a coach. Now one might think that this might not have any bearing on the prospective free agency market. And with all the hype over LeBron James and his impending free agency decision. With at least five or six teams said to be in the mix for James’ service apart from his home state team . It has to be said that should James decide to leave the only club he’s played for professionally. It’s obvious that should he make the decision to leave then he could overnight become the most despised person in the state of Ohio. Well we know that former Browns’ owner Art Modell is about as liked within the state as Osama Bin-Laden is said to be liked by the US government and the rest of the Western hemisphere.


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Now there’s no denying that the whole NBA universe will be waiting with baited breath as to impending decision to be made by LeBron James. He can remain in Cleveland and re-sign with the team for the maximum contract possible. Or he could seek out pastures green and make his desired destination either to the East Coast or stay essentially within the mid-west. That asides Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert and team GM Danny Ferry have a great deal to think about concerning James and building “a team” that would be complementary to his skills .

While it was clear that during the regular season the Cavaliers were a competitive team. It became increasingly clear that once the postseason was under way there were a great many flaws that came to the fore concerning this team. None of them more transparent than the fact that James failed to live up to those perceived expectations of grandeur. Only rare glimpses of brilliance did we actually see from James in his postseason performances. That being said it was far better than the contributions made by his teammates . And for Ferry this has to be frustrating to see a team that was assembled in mind towards winning an NBA title . The team’s abysmal performance in the Eastern Conference semi-finals loss (4-2 the Boston Celtics) indicated to us all that this squad was actually no nearer to an NBA title than Lindsay Lohan could be considered to be a legitimate contender or nominee for an Oscar . Would it be fair to say that the Cavaliers under achieved this season ?

Now with the conference finals now set to get under way with the Los Angeles Lakers taking on the Phoenix Suns and in the East we have the Boston Celtics taking on their conference rivals and perhaps most competitive adversary in the Orlando Magic . And it would be fair to say that the quartet of teams would have something to prove to not only their respective fans but also to the rest of the NBA. The Magic as the defending conference champions will be looking to defend their crown successively and make a return to the NBA Finals . As the losing finalists in last year’s finals . The Magic led by their dynamic center Dwight Howard will be looking to avenge their 4-1 series’ defeat at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers. And for coach Stan Van Gundy this will give him the chance to prove once and for all that he’s finally ready redeem himself after last season’s loss in the NBA Finals.

It ought to come as no surprise that NBA Commissioner David Stern looks to the game’s showcase event as a way of ensuring the game’s burgeoning popularity . To be sure that the game has its fans the world over. The game’s popularity in particular in the Pan Pacific basin is astonishing.. And when one considers that the three most popular selling branded jerseys are that of Yao Ming , Kobe Bryant and LeBron James . It gives you the evidence that suggests that the , Beijing Olympics did more than open up the Asian market for the NBA brand.

Either way the stage is being set for what could be the decidedly perfect setup of a possible rematch of Celtics ___ Lakers’ NBA Finals . But then again the Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns might have a great deal to say about that. Suns’ coach Alvin Gentry can use this to prove to his peers and the fans alike that he’s more than capable of leading “a team” to the NBA Finals. He has been widely accepted as a very good coach at the assistant level. But we’re now finally seeing how capable he is as a head coach . And the possibility of Gentry leading this Suns’ team to raising the Larry O’Brien Trophy would be viewed as quite a tremendous achievement and accolade. And given the fact that for Suns’ veterans Grant Hill , Steve Nash and Jason Richardson this may well be the last chance that they will have to grace the game’s grandest stage with their presence.

The Los Angeles Lakers are simply looking to add to last year’s triumph and for this team to cement their own legacy. At the same time Lakers’ guard Kobe Bryant merely wants to show the rest of the world that having reached the NBA summit once , without the assistance of Shaquille O’Neal he can still do it a second time with a much understated cast of players. And at his side once again providing the venerable advice will be the team’s legendary coach Phil Jackson . And for Jackson with the speculation once again rising as to his immediate future with the team. It will be very interesting what arises out of this all at the culmination of the NBA postseason. Speculation may well begin as to who his immediate successor might be should he choose to step down from his position, as coach of the team.

The two conference finals are now being viewed as something of a mismatch. And it has to be said that in reality at the end of the day ” this is a win win situation for the NBA” ! . The viewership will be there for the event , no matter what the two final teams might be. The preordained belief that a Cavaliers ___ Lakers match up would be of benefit to the game as well as the fans was essentially shot to hell. And the given reason was due to the fact that the Cavaliers were vastly overrated to begin with. As I’ve alluded to in earlier pieces, it’s all well and good to rave on about LeBron James. But it is becoming abundantly clear that the player is not in the class of Michal Jordan , Magic Johnson , “Dr J or Larry Bird when it comes to leading a team in the game’s premiere event. His supporting cast has been anything but glorious and the player himself , has finally shown that he has what it takes but clearly can’t do it all by himself. And the reality may well be that it is now in the best interest for the player to go to a team that would better serve his needs and ambitions. Truth be told there’s the suspicion that the player may well choose to remain in Cleveland and give it just one last shot at a title run . Why you say ? Essentially because James is a businessman and economically it is in his best interests to do so. I’ve read the asinine assumption that the player would seek to go to a club were he would be offered a stake in the franchise. Well given the fact that the contributor was using the most ridiculous of and speculative of situations and the notion from the outset that this isn’t allowed by the NBA hierarchy . One has to assume that this individual has very little knowledge about the game, much less the rules governing the sport. And from a business standpoint his knowledge might be in light with that of Sarah Palin’s knowledge on the US economy and its macro economic diversity upon the nation and around the globe.

The one thing that we can however be sure of is , that as of now , absolutely nothing will be out of the ordinary as these series now unfold. You make your choices now and simply just stick with them. As for what the future holds for LeBron James does anyone really care ? Well perhaps those teams who are actually in with a chance of landing him to begin with. And the way I view it , if you haven’t even assembled a core group of talent that would complementary to the player’s talent to begin with. Then why in hell’s name would you even consider trying to lure the player to begin with ? I mean we’ve seen what has taken place with the Cavaliers to begin with. An aging Shaquille O’Neal and a player in Antawn Jamison who simply couldn’t get the job done with the given talent there. So anyone who’s under the assumption that the New York Knicks might fare any better simply ought to look at the team and their legacy recently . Need I anymore on the matter ? They haven’t a coach worth a damn or a general manager who knows what the hell he is actually doing !


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The resumption of the “NBA Playoffs” may well tell us a great deal about the remaining quartet of teams and their ambitions ! Who do you view as being the final pair left standing and ” which team” do you actually see being triumphant in the end ? By all means chime in with a comment . I look forward to responding with as succinct a response possible . Thanks in advance for the continued support as it’s always appreciated !

NB: Prospective list of 2010 NBA restricted and unrestricted free agents. Simply click on link provided to view the list of names in question. Click here to view . Heading the list as we know is LeBron James but there will be a wide and assorted list of names coming to the market. Here are but a few of the names.

1) Carlos Boozer __ Utah Jazz
2) Ray Allen __ Boston Celtics
3) David Lee ___ New York Knicks
4) Dirk Nowitzki _____ Dallas Mavericks
5) Dwyane Wade ___ Miami Heat
6) Amar`e Stoudemire ____ Phoenix Suns
7) Chris Bosh ____ Toronto Raptors
(8) Carlos Bozer ____ Utah Jazz

To view the list of restricted and unrestricted free agents for the 2010 NBA Free Agency class just click on the link provided. 2010 NBA Free Agents ………..

For details of the ongoing 2010NBA Playoffs click link provided for further information. 2010 NBA Playoffs ……….

Alan Parkins aka tophatal


Mary J Blige ……………… “I’m Going Down”

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

8 thoughts on “The Fallout …………………”

  1. There’s bound to even more fallout when LeBron tells us that the reason for his terrible performances against the Celtics was because of a bulging disc. I was worried that should he use that as an excuse then Tiger would be liable to come after him and sue him copyright infringement.

    I mean that’ll be Woods’ excuse for the foreseeable future. Only in this case the bulging disc wasn’t in his lower extremities but in his neck ?

    Alan Parkins


  2. I look for King James to leave…if any other team takes him seriously. Problem is the public….most don’t have a clue what it REALLY takes to play any sport, let alone professinal sports. Some players don’t either. That said, when James leaves it will be a media circus….but BB is a team sport, right?


  3. al clements

    Despite LeBron’s outward appearance he at times comes across as still being somewhat immature and the fact that he speaks and enunciates eloquently. I liken him somewhat to Tiger Woods (pre-sex scandal that is) in the fact that he’s been enabled and very few people have said “no ” to him ever ! And that’s what could become his very downfall at some time in the future.

    His best option would be to remain with the Cavaliers economically. But if he’s looking for immediate success then his best chance may well lay with either the Bulls or Miami Heat .

    Alan Parkins


  4. Is it me but I get the impression that the Magic thought that they were part if Madonna’s infamous ” Vogue” video ! Did they not take the Celtics seriously or they felt that this would be a stroll in the park for them ?

    And once again Dwight Howard simply proves that his game isn’t big time when it counts the most !

    Another loss at Amway Arena and this series will definitely be out of their reach for sure !

    Alan Parkins


  5. Lebron is LEGONE.

    I’ve never been to Cleveland, and don’t really have a desire to. If I were him, and had only lived in one city, I’d head out just for the change of scenary… I like him on NJ… No reason really, I just think they have some good pieces he could work with…


  6. chappy

    I had no idea that LeBron had a little bit of French in him ! But then again that now attests to the fact why the Cavs can be viewed as a ” bunch chickens and cowards ” with a yellow streak down their spine ! .

    Mirielle Mathieu sings “La Marsellaise” (French national anthem)

    Now this is something that the Cavs have so successfully aspired to live up to. Being very much like the French. Proud but overbearing and a complete pain in the ass !

    If LeGonad really wants to play on a real team the he can either remain in Cleveland and get Ferry to overhaul the piece of crap in place. Or LeGonad could either go to the Bulls, Heat or Nets . But no friggin way should he go the Knicks ! That’s NBA purgatory that’s for sure ! Anyone who thinks otherwise ought to come off the crack cocaine and meth-amphetamines.

    Alan Parkins


  7. Chris Humpherys

    What’s really going to be interesting is whether or not LeGonad as I’ll now call “him” will stick around with the Cavs and give it one last shot. Or chase after the money no doubt . But in doing so he’d better make sure that he makes the absolute right choice ! Six years of a costly misjudgment and people will still be ridiculing his ass even if makes gazillions of dollars in the offset and not win an NBA title .

    But one thing is clear if he stays then they’ll have to get rid of the driftwood on the team . So Ferry had better pull his fingers out of his ass get things done right this time !

    The four teams that I feel are in the mix are Chicago , Miami ,__ New Jersey and of course the Cavaliers !

    Alan Parkins


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