A Good Workman Never Blames His Tools But You Can Be Sure That Others Will ………………..

A Good Workman Never Blames His Tools But You Can Be Sure That Others Will ………………..

Well the ramifications have been felt from the abrupt departure of the Cleveland Cavaliers from the NBA Playoffs and they’re being bounced out in the Eastern Conference semi-finals (4-2) by the Boston Celtics . Anyone who was of the opinion that the Cavaliers were in for an easy ride to begin with , obviously were riding on the LeBron James’ bandwagon. And for much of the season it was quite a pleasant ride. But for me when I’m taken on a journey I also like to have a change of scenery and view many of the different venues on that journey. In essence what I’m saying is I just don’t want to see how LeBron plays but also how his teammates contribute to the play of the team and its makeup. And it would be fair to say that for much of the season it was essentially all about LeBron . I mean the NBA writers and the broadcasters such as ABC/ESPN , TNT and NBA Tv wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Never mind what the tv pundits had to say about it all.

To see the like of Kenny Smith , Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller fawn over LeBron was akin to watching several pubescent teenage boys discover a Playboy centerfold expose’. I’m not saying that their erections lasted way beyond 4 hours but it wouldn’t have surprised me if each had used more than the average dosage prescribed of Cialis “Charles have you got a hard on for LeBron ” ? Kenny Smith . “Course Kenny , I gets a hard on anytime I sees something that I want to stick my di_k into and that includes your momma” !


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With the fallout , now comes the speculation as to whether or not James leaves the only professional franchise he’s ever played for or whether or not he remains with the team and gives it another shot at chasing that elusive first NBA title . Given the fact that the Cavaliers’ front office placed a team around around the player that was hardly complementary to his skill-set. I can see how some would surmise that this isn’t all LeBron’s fault ! But is it Mike Brown’s fault or that of his coaching staff ? Or does the blame actually lay with GM Danny Ferry who essentially was the architect of this roster with some input from the star player (LeBron), himself . Apparently , it was mentioned that the player and the executive couldn’t agree upon whether it was prudent at the time to acquire Amar’e Stoudemire from the Phoenix Suns just prior to the trade deadline. Instead the team went after and acquired an aging Shaquille O’Neal .And the rest as they say is history.

As the three tv pundits and former NBA players made claims as to the argument to be made. It was plain to see that all three were enamored with the two time league MVP and the prowess shown throughout much of the season . But not once did any of them make a case that any of LeBron’s teammates had contributed to the team’s success as they perceived it. Albeit, that TNT show host , Ernie Johnson did try to set them straight on that very fact. But to see Johnson try and interject himself between the triumvirate to make a case was in essence, a losing battle.

What we can candidly take away from this all without reservation is that LeBron James while being a phenomenal player, he is no leader either on or off the court. If he is , then someone show me a clear indication where that is in fact the case. He strives to be like his childhood hero , Michael Jordan . But he’s so far away from reaching that pinnacle of excellence that it doesn’t bear talking about. And even if you start to make comparisons as to either player’s abilities at varying points of their careers. What is it that we already know about Jordan that we’ve yet to see in LeBron ? It is the fact that Jordan over time trusted those around him and made them an integral part of the success that he and his teammates strove for . Can we actually say that about LeBron at this juncture ?

Now one could make the claim that James has been given little to work with. And that may well be a fair observation. But how can one explain away the abrupt demise of the team that posted the league’s best record of 61-21 ? And then the next minute they fall as flat as a pancake ? And this was a team that many believed to be the prohibitive favorite to win it all this season . So much so, that they were even favored over the defending NBA champions , the Los Angeles Lakers . And the talk was of a finals for the ages with a matchup of the two best players of this generation in LeBron James and Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. As we now know , it wasn’t to be.

With there being little left to say on the matter other than to say stop with the inanity of making comparisons between James and his predecessors and that of his peers as of today. All we’re now seeing from those who choose to chime in with comments are tidbits of idiocy that as such have no merit on where , how and what may well happen in the future. It is the immediacy of the here and now that actually counts. And what I believe that we can now all agree upon is that the lavish praise and hype heaped upon LeBron James while to many it was deemed justified . It has now in fact cast a giant shadow over the player and his presumed greatness. If we’re now questioning his abilities then what do you think is going inside the player’s head at this moment in time ? He was expected to lead the Cavaliers to triumph and he’d been given the tools to get the job done. Instead , not only did he fail miserably but his leadership now comes into question as does his temperament and whether or not he’s capable of handling real adversity when it looks him in the face.


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And while this is all going on James can only look from afar and admire while Kobe Bryant makes it all look so damn easy ! The Lakers are now embarking upon making a successful return and defense of their title. Having defeated the Phoenix Suns – ____ 128-107 in game one of the Western Conference Finals. Phil Jackson’s __ team are now but three wins away from making an impressive run and return to the 2010 NBA Finals .

There’s a great deal to happen between now and the culmination of the NBA postseason. Come July 1st we could know a great deal more about what lies ahead for the NBA and its future. Chances are we could see LeBron James with a new set of work tools , a new team or we won’t. Which is it to be ? How do you as such view the debacle surrounding the Cavaliers and where as such should the ultimate blame lay ? With the player and his teammates ? With the coaching staff or indeed the front office ? By all means chime in with a comment and I’ll do my utmost to answer succinctly and in an appropriate time frame.

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………………………….

Johnny Cash ………………..”I’ve Been Working On The Rail Road”


Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

14 thoughts on “A Good Workman Never Blames His Tools But You Can Be Sure That Others Will ………………..”

  1. It’s tough to gauge how much he cares… I think he thought his talent would win him a ring, I guess he’s finding out that you need to be more than a athletic freak to win a championship…

    And, I don’t feel bad for the city of Cleveland. They should stop making highlight reels of all thier failures it just reminds fans that they should be depressed…


  2. chappy

    It’s as you said the kid has become all glitz and glamor rather than applying himself to being the best teammate he can be. He may well be admired in Cleveland by the fans. But in reality how much is he really liked by his so called ” teammates” ?

    Alan Parkins


  3. chappy

    If LeBron chooses to leave Cleveland then he’d better make sure he’ll be going to a team that has aspirations to win and not just have him as a meal ticket to make money.

    Alan Parkins


  4. LeBron should have to give the MVP trophy to the rightful owner Kobe.
    He will be a NJ Net next year with John Wall.


  5. Ah well…wit no education, he better make mo money an git a counselor he can trust…not be Mike Tyson.
    Really, I know not much about the situation, but seem that King James is enamored of himself and like another bigtime athlete, needs to matrue.


  6. Ronin Storm

    If LeBron goes to NJ it won’t be because of Jigga but because the new Russian owner made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. ‘nough said !

    As for the league MVP awards’ balloting . When you get NBA writers merely getting an erection at the mention of LeBron’s name then what do you expect ?

    Alan Parkins


  7. al clements

    It’s Cleveland and LeBron is either going to become the most revered or most reviled person there since Art Modell left the city like a thief in the night. LBJ has a choice to make remain in his home state or seek more fame and fortune elsewhere. What do you think is liable to happen at this juncture ?

    Alan Parkins


  8. “Hey Delonte’ there’s a rumor going round that you had sex with my momma ” ? “Yeah that’s right who’s your daddy now bit_h ? I had her speaking in tongues and using hers as well to su_k my d_ck ! And we both loved it “!

    Alan Parkins


  9. I will say this.

    Kobe’s Game One performance against Phoenix sealed the deal for me. He’s still the best all-round player in the league.

    That cat is cut from a different cloth.


  10. Chris Humpherys

    You’d be hard pressed to convince the NBA writers in the 32 markets that covers the teams therein that Kobe isn’t better than LeBron in every facet of the game. They’ve all got their lips pressed so hard on LeBron’s sphincter that he can feel them licking his prostate each time he clenches his butt cheeks.

    It’s not yet “LeBron’s world” as the press and NBA pundits would have us believe . It’s still Kobe’s ’til he walks away from it all under his own steam . All LeBron is doing is amassing stats and not much else at this juncture .

    Who’d you think that Shaq’d rather at his side now if the choice were between Kobe and LeBron and it meant the inevitable winning of a title ?

    Alan Parkins


  11. LBJ should just sign with the Lakers or Celtics and tip the power one way. he can sign a two year MLE deal and claim his ring. he doesn’t have to be Jordan, he can be Pippen


  12. Steve

    I don’t think that the Lakers or Celtics will want to go over the NBA mandated salary cap merely to sign LeBron . That being said if he does leave Cleveland for sunnier climes then I could see him going to either Chicago or Miami ! Wade wants him there and so too does Derrick Rose in Chi-town . And if he plays his cards right I’m sure our boy in the White House will be chiming in with his thoughts on the matter. It’s what Obama does best when he’s not trying to solve the country’s problems.

    ” LeBron is more than welcome to the White House if he signs with my hometown Bulls ! It’s how I roll ! He scratches my back and I’ll get either the CIA or Secret Service to “take out” Delonte’ West ” !

    Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Rivalry ? What rivalry ? I thought it was meant to be a figment of the NBA writers imagination !

      But then again when you have Stephen A talkin’ out both sides of his mouth as well his a-hole then what do you expect ?

      ’til LBJ wins a title he’ll still be viewed as a phenom and that’s it. MVP awards as such don’t hold much in the wider scope of things. Ask the likes of Stockton, Malone , Iverson , Human Highlight Reel aka ‘nique Wilkins if they wouldn’t prefer an NBA ring instead of a league MVP award ?

      Those guys would trade theirs in , in heartbeat if they were guaranteed winning an NBA title .

      Alan Parkins


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