He’s Got Game …………. The Magic Are Who We Thought They Were It’s Just That Now They’re Proving To Us That They’re Simply Just Not That Good !

He’s Got Game …………. The Magic Are Who We Thought They Were It’s Just That Now They’re Proving To Us That They’re Simply Just Not That Good !

If you remember these particular sound bytes then you’ll know that the coaches in question simply were being animated and couldn’t hide their disappointment of the failure of their respective team’s performances. We have Dennis Green’s now infamous meltdown and rant …….” they are who we thought they were” ! It’s become legendary and will there for all too see in the annals of sport’s history. We also have former Indianapolis Colts’ coach Jim Mora’s ……….” playoffs ? What playoffs” ? And who can forget Herm Edwards’ ……..”you play the game to win” !

Former Arizona Cardinals’ coach Dennis Green’s now infamous meltdown after his team’s loss to the Chicago Bears.

Unfortunately , all of those anecdotes as they relate to the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA Playoffs may well be now falling on deaf ears. This coming from a team that swept its way through the first two rounds of these playoffs with effortless ease . Who knew what we’d now be seeing from this Stan Van Gundy coached team would be a worthless effort and more so out of complacency and the lack of a will to win ? While one cannot deny that Van Gundy has been thoroughly out-coached by his opposite number in Doc Rivers of the Boston Celtics . It’s been made to look worse, given the fact that the Magic were presumed to be the prohibitive and outright favorites to take this series with some ease.

Jim Mora reminds us what the “playoffs” are allegedly meant to be about ?

With the Orlando Magic down 0-2 to a Celtics’ team that’s playing with a renewed vigor and being commandingly led by point guard Rajon Rondo who may just be the best player in the 2010 NBA Playoffs based on his performances throughout the entire NBA postseason so far. Last night at the Amway Arena in Orlando , we saw the difference between two teams that are about as close in ability as one could envisage. But based on the effort being put forth they are about as far apart as the city of Los Angeles is from Cape Town, South Africa. And that’s a distance of approximately 9,974 miles. Could the distance between the two teams be any farther apart than that ? Let’s just say that while one team appears to be heading in one direction to an NBA Finals’ appearance while the other may well be on its way back home unable to fully understand what went wrong and why it all went wrong.

Hem Edwards let’s us know that you play the game to win. Unfortunately Herm’s record ___ (139 games__ 57 wins , 87 losses) as an NFL coach , simply doesn’t bear this out.

The game two loss by the Magic to the Celtics 95-92 now places the Eastern Conference second seed in an unenviable position. Having lost home-court advantage they now have to go the Celtics’ home court at the TD Banknorth Garden Center , Boston looking to at least win two of three to keep themselves in contention for the remainder of this series. And while the talk has been the match-up between the two opposing point guards. It’d be foolish to suggest that the Magic’s Jameer Nelson is anywhere near close to performing as effectively as Rajon Rondo . He’s yet to show it in this series and while he was center stage for the Magic’s earlier sweeps of the Charlotte Bobcats and Atlanta Hawks . Those two teams collectively put up about as spirited a performance as a wet sponge would’ve been about as much use on-board the Titanic .

The Orlando Magic lives and dies by shooting the threes and if their center Dwight Howard isn’t posting up then their offensive presence in essence becomes one dimensional ! And for Van Gundy and his coaching staff the tenets “adapt” and “evolve” don’t appear to be in their glossary when it comes to strategy. And one wonders why they’re being completely outplayed and annihilated in this series so far ? If Howard isn’t on top of his game then this Magic team has the tendency of wilting under pressure. It’s become the norm thus far as the Celtics have found ways to negate the presence of the Howard’s teammates such as Rashard Lewis , __ Vince Carter and Matt Barnes . Players whose contributions will be greatly needed if the team is to stand a chance of evening the series and perhaps win it outright. But in reality , this will be more about the collective effort of the team more than anything else and their capability in overcoming in adversity when it’s staring right back at them. Dwight Howard , however, will have to show that he’s the leader of this team rather than trying to live up to a rather asinine caricature of a superhero. If Howard thinks that he’s Superman then it’s become completely obvious to those watching ____ the Boston Celtics are a large dose of Kryptonite that’s not only negating Howard’s alleged powers but it is also making Magic look all the more ordinary as a team !


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At this juncture it’s hard envisioning the Magic overcoming this two game deficit ! At best this series is liable to go no more than six games at best. They’ve simply not shown enough resolve to even come within a hair’s breath of beating the Celtics in this series. Everything they’ve thrown at Doc Rivers’ teams they’ve been able to withstand and in return the Celtics have merely demoralized the spirit of the Orlando Magic , its fans and in large part those who thought the Celtics were past their “sell by date” . As the title of this piece would suggest ……………”He’s Got Game …………. The Magic Are Who We Thought They Were It’s Just That Now They’re Proving To Us That They’re Simply Just Not That Good” !



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As things now stand how do you as a fan see this series ending up ? And which teams do you feel that we’ll be seeing in the upcoming NBA Finals ? By all means chime on in with a comment and as usual thanks for the continued support ! I look forward to reading your responses and commenting in kind.

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ………………….

Public Enemy ……………”He Got Game” If only Dwight had the game of Jesus Shuttlesworth ? Oh I forgot , Jesus is playin’ for the Celtics and he’s none other than Ray Allen . Well fancy that ?

* NB Allen co-starred in the Spike Lee directed movie He Got Game ___(1998) . The movie starred Denzel Washington in the lead role as Jake Shuttlesworth , who’s son Jessus is portrayed in the movie by the NBA star. Also co-starring in the movie are Milla Jovovich and Rosario Dawson .

Movie trailer for “He Got Game” .

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

14 thoughts on “He’s Got Game …………. The Magic Are Who We Thought They Were It’s Just That Now They’re Proving To Us That They’re Simply Just Not That Good !”

  1. I guess the Magic have showed us that you need a few stars on your team not just 1.5 stars. I’m counting Jameer, Vince, and dwight as .5 each.

    I found it funny the halftime show was Howard interviewing himself, maybe he should’ve worried about the game instead of making cameos!


    1. chappy

      Dancing With The Stars , Search For A Star , A Star Is Born . The Magic couldn’t find a star let alone hit one with a jump shot at this juncture ! How embarrassing could it be for this team and Van Gundy were “they to be swept” by the Celtics in the conference finals ?

      Stan baseball isn’t your thing stick with what you know and that’s the Magic. Let Fredi deal with his problems for himself , as he’s a grown man , not a damn kid !


      Dwight haul your ass on the court and kick the ass of your teammates before you’re swept out of the series like a bunch of whipped pu_sies you’ve now become !

      Dwight needs to grow up and get the job done ! He’s about to feel the wrath of the Magic fans should they bow out the playoffs like this. In Cleveland the fans love LeBron but in Central Florida the fans are fickle. You f_ck up and they’ll hound through the various mediums and make your life a living hell ! That’s what he’s got to get use to should they get upended by the Celtics.

      Alan Parkins


  2. Dwight is under the impression that a thespian and a lesbian are somehow related ? That’s what not going to college does for you !

    Alan Parkins


  3. Tough call, Al. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

    Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

    Do you blame the players for not getting the job done or Van Gundy for not effectively getting his team to execute.

    In this case, I’m going to blame the players. Van Gundy is telling them what to do – minus a few time outs he could have called in timely moments – but the players on the parquet are not getting it done.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Telling them what to and them not doing it gives credence to the fact this isn’t a very “good team” to begin with when they stare real adversity in the face. And the same can be said of Van Gundy as a coach.

      There’s a military saying that I often tell the kids I use to teach karate to. “Adapt and evolve to your surroundings” . Clearly this hasn’t been the case with the Magic in this series !

      Alan Parkins


  4. Pingback: Kulture Dump
  5. Kultre Dump

    Allen’s play last night belied his years in the league and there could more from where that came from . Let’s see if Garnett can do the same thing ?



  6. Look, the Magic weren’t really special in my opinion this year at all. They were weak, old and beaten. Jameer is a stud but Diwght Howard gets away with being a dirty player because of his “squeaky clean image” and it’s a crock of sh_t. Vince Carter is much older now and they lose Turkgolu and there you have it. They just looked good coming out of that division next to an Atlanta or a slow (at times Boston)

    Magic = overrated



    1. Ravenation / Meehan

      The Magic and Van Gundy were overrated from the beginning and their regular season while impressive. In the postseason they were found wanting against the Celtics .

      Someone please tell Dwight Howard that krytonite makes sure your s_it look terrible just like his game becomes when he’s pressured. He’s no friggin’ Superman by any stretch of the imagination. And when it comes to dunks he could learn a thing or two from Dr J ! ‘nough said !



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