Classics And Then There Are Classics …………..

Classics And Then There Are Classics …………

Well with the NBA Conference Finals culminating in “two rather lopsided series” that ended with both the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers prevailing 4-2 over the respective conference opponents. We’ll now have the two most storied franchises in the NBA tussling out for the Larry O’Brien trophy and quite possibly supremacy of the NBA.

This match-up now gives us the chance to see if the Lakers can avenge their series defeat from the 2008 NBA Finals when the Celtics prevailed over the Lakers. In Doc Rivers and Phil Jackson we are seeing two of the most successful coaches in the NBA in recent years. Jackson will be seeking his 11th NBA title as a coach and his twelfth overall. Rivers will be seeking his second NBA title in the last two years . And with these two former players matching wits and squaring off against each other. This series could very well be one of the more intriguing and interesting finals series of recent times.


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Kevin Garnett , Ray Allen , Paul Pierce , Rasheed Wallace and Kobe Bryant are all potential future “Hall of Fame” candidates. And their legacies though etched already with regard to the game. The outcome of this series could very well be the define how that legacy will become a fact. Either way in all like this quintet of players will one day make their way into the Naismith Hall of Fame .

In all likelihood the Lakers will be looked at as the presumptive favorites once the series gets underway. But it’d take a foolish person to underestimate the resolve of this Boston Celtics’ team . Anyone who witnessed their dismantling of the Orlando Magic in the Easter Conference Finals will know full well that Doc Rivers’ team has if anything shown everyone that rumors of the being old and uncreative as merely just that . The Celtics have proven that they can outplay a team who was thought of as being more athletic and offensive minded. What has made their appearance all the finals more surprising , was seeing the team steadfastly defending with such zeal. The Celtics made sure that the Magic were never able to gain any traction against the Doc Rivers’ coached team. Much of this came down to stoutness of the Celtics’ defense and the presence shown in the leadership qualities shown by Celtics’ Rajon Rondo . And the Celtics’ point guard may well the best performer in these playoffs.

The Los Angeles Lakers make a successful return to the finals looking to defend their title and further add to the franchise’s and Phil Jackson’s legacy. And though there has been wide speculation that this might be Jackson’s last season with the organization . It’s clear to see that Jackson has no intention of going out from the game without a bang and big send off . As a coach Jackson has made his presence felt within the game. And the coach’s presence has been made and felt across the game and the entire “NBA fraternity”.

As Jackson looks to add his name to the annals of NBA history . Lakers’ players such as Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher will be looking to add their names to that legacy as well . Though there have been a number of players that’ve won multiple NBA titles . There are but a handful of players who’ve won five NBA titles with the same team. Normally the case has been where those players amass that many titles with just one team. That has been the case with the all-time greats such as Pippen , Russell , Jordan , Johnson and quite possibly the names of Bryant and Fisher will be added to that illustrious list. But that last scenario is one that will be played out in this upcoming series . Ultimately, whomever the victors are, will be will be played out in front of a world wide audience of tens of millions of viewers. The global visibility of the game and its popularity grows greater each year as the names such as Bryant , LeBron James , Dywane Wade become more widely popular and recognized. The game at present has never been as popular as it is now.

And for those of us who are supporters of both teams playing out our allegiances . It is going to be a great deal of fun watching this series play out between the NBA’s two most storied franchises. The rivalry between “these two teams” would rival that of say Ali vs. Frazier, McEnroe vs. Borg , Federer vs. Nadal and the Chicago Bulls versus the rest of the NBA at the height of their unprecedented success. A Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers finals’ match-up tends to bring out the best that the two teams has to offer as well as serving up the crème-de-la crème of the NBA . Doubt that, then consider this, how enthralled or interested would you have been, were the proposed finals were that of a series of seven games between the Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns ? Would you still be showing the same anticipated eagerness ?



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So what if anything will you be looking forward to during this NBA finals match-up between the Celtics and Lakers ? Will it be Kobe Bryant seeking to show why he’s viewed as the best player in the NBA ? Or could it be Kevin Garnett or Rajon Rondo stepping up to the plate to show why he could be the next player to be considered amongst the elite players in the NBA ? This and a great deal more will be answered in this upcoming series . Will you be tuning to see what the outcome will be ? And if so where might your allegiance lay and why ? I’ll look forward to reading your comments in this regard and as usual thanks for the continued support . It’s greatly appreciated !

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ………………….

Jay-Z ……….“Show Me What You Got”

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11 thoughts on “Classics And Then There Are Classics …………..”

  1. Once again Kobe will prove to the world why he is the MVP every year even if LeBron holds the the trophy.
    Lakers in 4 or 5.


    1. Ronin Storm

      This series will go beyond five games as you’re simply of the opinion that it’ll be ’bout the Kobe show. That Celtics’ team and in particular their defense shouldn’t at all be taken lightly . They’re simply that good and so too is their bench which is a great deal better than the Lakers’ allround.

      Alan Parkins


  2. I’m sure the NBA is more than stoked on the matchup. I hope the Celtics can take them out, I don’t think I can handle another year of Lakers fans gloating! It’s scary how good Kobe is looking though, and I wonder if anyone can really deny him of a title. I hope I can catch some of the games in China. Mceezy and I are going there for a family vacation on Thursday for a couple weeks.


    1. chappy

      I think that the series will be great. It could go either way and I just want it to be an exciting well played series without the officials having to play an integral part in it all.

      This series will be about Kobe and who has the resolve to stay with him and try and take him completely out of this series altogether ! If that can be done then the Celtics will have a better than even chance of winning another NBA title .

      Whilst on vacation have fun and stay safe !
      And stay away from the young Chinese females as you’re liable to end up in trouble. And that includes mceezy as well. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Alan Parkins aka tophatal


  3. Haha, I’ll try to stay away from the young ones! I’m not sure they can stop Kobe, I think they have a better chance in trying to shut down everyone else, but I guess we will see! It should be a fun series, and hopefully we’ll get to catch a few of the games!


    1. chappy

      I get the impression that you love the cougars ? But that asides I doubt that the Celtics can stop Kobe from getting his. But they may well have better luck stifling the offensive presence of Odom , Bynum , Gasol and Fisher . If they can hold Kobe to under 30 pts a game then there’s a chance that they can win the series outright.

      Please tell me you’d love a bit of Michelle Yeoh ? Now that’s a tasty delicacy that I wouldn’t mind playing a round with !

      Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpherys

      If you were hoping for Dyan Cannon to have a wardrobe malfunction then you’d be out of luck.

      Series now tied at 1-1 with Celtics eking out a 103-94 win. Now there really is something to play for .



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