Intriguing Questions That Need To Be Asked And Answered In The World of Sports ………….

Intriguing Questions That Need To Be Asked And Answered In The World of Sports ………….

If LeBron James as he’s now stating , having been interviewed by that elder statesman of menial tv journalism, Larry King . Wherein , James stated that the Cavaliers’ organization stands a better than even chance that he’ll remain with the team . The question I for one would like to ask did his mother force him to make such a statement , bearing in mind that it’s been alleged that she (Gloria James) has been having a sexual relationship with James’ teammate Delonte’ West . Could it be that Gloria James will miss Cleveland more than LeBron will ? And two, what does that say about the players of some of the potential teams that are said to be interested in luring James to their organizations ?


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In the Bible we’re led to believe that it took God six days to create the Earth and on the seventh day he rested . The question I’d like to ask if it can the “Supreme Being” such a short time to create this world . Then how is it that it has now taken the NCAA in “excess of three years” to conduct their investigation into the basketball and football program of USC ? I mean with all of the evidence that has come to light and the fact that the likes of Reggie Bush , Matt Leinart , O J Mayo , Pete Carroll , Tim Floyd and the US Trojans’ AD Mike Garrett have been less than forthright in answering any questions as to any transgressions concerning the program. Is it a matter of mere perception and we’re completely misjudging what has gone on within the school’s athletics program ? I guess that $1,000-00 paid to Mayo by Floyd , was a mere oversight at the time ? And the fact that Bush’s parents were living in a residence that at the time was way beyond their means was a mere faux-pas and nothing untoward was happening between Bush and an interloper acting on his behalf at the time.

Well the 2010 NBA Finals are upon us and the series commences on the 3rd June , 2010 . The game’s two most storied franchises are set to meet for the the eleventh time in the game’s showcase event. Between them the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers have won 32 NBA titles and have made a combined 51 appearances in the NBA Finals. It’d be remiss to suggest that it does make the other teams within the NBA irrelevant because that’s most certainly not the case. But in this era where we’re always being told that there’s parity in sports . The dominance of the Celtics and Lakers of the NBA does make the case for that argument seem somewhat mute. But in reality when either of these two teams are making an appearance in the finals , then it augurs well for the viewing figures for the event and it most definitely brings a smile to the face of David Stern and the entire NBA hierarchy .

As a more than avid fan of the NBA I just hope to see a very entertaining series. But above all I’m hoping that the officials don’t interject themselves into each and every game and event when there’s a tinge of controversy. More than often than not the real reason why a series can be bad or becomes bad isn’t necessarily because of the poor play. But more so, it has to do with the poor officiating. I know that David Stern says that he trusts these officials implicitly . But would he actually trust them with his life or perhaps to be in the accompaniment of his wife or daughters ? I mean if he trusts them that much then he shouldn’t have a problem with a referee spending a night with his wife I would’ve thought ! Squash that , Tim Donaghy suddenly springs to mind .

Apart from seeing future Hall of Famers , in , Kobe Bryant , Ray Allen , Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett . We’ll also get to see the burgeoning talents of such young players as Rajon Rondo, Andrew Bynum and Jordan Farmar . As to whether or not the careers of these players will aspire to be as great as that of their peers mentioned , it remains to be seen over the course of time.

Ben Roethlisberger has returned to the fold and is now allowed once again allowed to undertake team activities with the Pittsburgh Steelers . I for one still feel that the player got off lightly ! But given the fact that he’s said to be on a tight leash and he’s still under a six game suspension that can be lowered to four games should NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell see fit. The scrutiny under which Roethlisberger will be followed will most certainly make him feel as if he’s rat on a wheel undergoing a watchful social behavorial experiment. I just hope that the player understands the implications should he screw up again . There have been players within the NFL who haven’t been afforded a second chance that has been given Roethlisberger. So the slightest inappropriate act on or off the field and he can essentially kiss his career goodbye.

My buddy Sportschump suggested that many of the problems that came to the fore under Goodell’s watch were inherited after his assuming the position of his predecessor Paul Tagliabue . But that was most certainly not the case. From the Plaxico Burress affair , to Donte’ Stallworth to Ben Roethlisberger . All of this has happened under Goodell’s watch and the commissioner hasn’t necessarily always been proactive in his handling of these matters. He at times placates the situation by saying that many of the cases in question should be dealt with after legal ramifications are sorted out. However , under the collective bargaining agreement with the NFLPA , he has the power to suspend a player for conduct detrimental to the sport and that includes any matter that might also tarnish the image of the NFL.

My question to Goodell and Sportschump , should “Big Ben” be caught once again, whereby a 20 year old female college co-ed should suddenly find her lips around a certain part of the player’s genitalia. Can we believe Ben if he states ……………” she tripped and fell and her mouth suddenly found itself around my member ” ? More to the point how is it that it is always the fault of the other person in the incident ? Isn’t Roethlisberger mature enough to be now held accountable for his own actions ? Or is this what a football college scholarship now gets you at Miami of Ohio ?

Still no word as of yet but with Terrell Owens seeing his buddy , Chad Ochocinco appear on Dancing With The Stars . Is there now a possibility that “TO” will lean more towards retirement as he remains an unsigned free agent within the NFL ? That’s not to say that his agent Drew Rosenhaus won’t be making overtures on the player’s behalf to see if he can be signed by none other than the Minnesota Vikings. That way the organization and the the team can then have “two of the biggest and most self absorbed narcissists” ever to have set foot within the NFL. Don’t forget now boys and girls , Brett Favre still hasn’t made us privy to the impending decision as to his NFL future and that perceived comeback , “yet again” !

If you think it not audacious situation for Rosenhaus to approach Brad Childress and his coaching staff to quite possibly gauge their interest in the veteran wide receiver. Not so long ago the thinking was that Favre would be the player to put the team over the top and guide them to a Superbpowl . Well one year on and one year older and the Vikings were about as close to the Superbpowl as Sen. John McCain (R-Az) was, in gaining entrance into the White House as the 44th President of the United States. C’mon now , please don’t use the excuse that Brett got ’em to the NFC championship game. Brett also cost ’em an appearance in the Superbowl with his capricious play in the closing stretch of the loss to the eventual Superbowl champions __ New Orleans Saints .

So what do you think is there a remote possibility that we could see that Favre Owens’ tandem gracing us within the NFL as part of the Vikings’ team looking to be not only dominant within the NFC North but also within the entire NFL ? Or will me merely see the return of Favre to the Vikings with Owens toiling away elsewhere within the NFL with some none descript team ?

Well now that we’ve more than got a quarter of the way through the baseball season . A number of teams are trying to jockey themselves into position for the mid-stretch of the season. To my mind this is the one part of the season that will go a long way in telling us the resolve and determination of a team. You simply have to look at the standings to see which teams can be taken for real and which cannot. Sorry Baltimore and Houston but there’s always next year I hope !

I can’t for the life of me understand how two teams such as the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers of the AL Central tend to under achieve. As good as both teams appear to be on paper , up close and personal once they begin to play it’s like looking at an abstract painting and trying to understand what the subject matter is all about. The White Sox are simply are simply an embarrassment and for Jim Leyland and Tigers , I’m not about to suggest that the team is spiraling out of control. But were they an airplane, I’d be looking for the nearest emergency exit just as a precaution.

GM’s Dave Dombrowski of the Tigers and Kenny Williams of the White Sox know that in Leyland and Ozzie Guillen they have two very good managers. But the problems now facing both managers are that their respective teams either aren’t listening as to what they and the coaching staff are trying to instill. Or quite possibly the teams just aren’t as good as first thought. By my way of thinking it has to be the latter but if things don’t change as to both teams’ fortunes . Then quite possibly before at the culmination of the season both managers could very well be fired by their respective organizations. I’m not about to suggest that they should both be deserving of such a fate. But as a last resort that’s always how the executives and owners tend to alleviate the problem to quieten the angst of the fans.

I’m not a big NASCAR or IRL fan but I’ve got to admit that I made the rare peek to watch snippets of the Coca Cola 600 and parts of the Indy 500 . The latter race I’ve been led to believe is said to be “the best auto race in the world” . Someone must be friggin’ kidding if they’ve never witnessed the Monaco Grand Prix from Monte Carlo and the nuance of F1 Grand Prix Racing. OK , so Indy Car has female drivers Danica Patrick and Milka Duno . But unless they’re about to let those ladies race in nothing more than two piece bathing suit , then quite frankly I’m simply not interested ! However, with Dario Franchitti happening to be the victor of the Indy 500 , we all got to see that rather “hot wife” of his Ashley Judd . But good God almighty, was it me but what the hell was she wearing ? I thought it was Franchitti’s mother at first until the cameras drew in for a close up shot . Then I realized she still looks as hot as ever ! ‘nough said !

Ashley Judd please don’t give the legions of male fans around the world such a scare again ! We all love it when you look exceedingly hot and chique`. We’d prefer for you to not to look so dowdy as it belies your sensational looks . As to Franchitti , I can only surmise that once he and his wife returned home all bets were off as to how they’d end up celebrating his second victory of America’s most prestigious race. A great deal of intimacy was no doubt called for I’d dare say ! So we know that Ashley Judd is hot but can someone answer me this, when will Danica Patrick win her next race ? And two, are we ever liable to see her adorning a stripper’s pole ? Because by my way of thinking the circus has but left town with regard to her alleged ambitions within both NASCAR and IRL. Making excuses for Danica Patrick now is very much in a similar vein in excusing why it is that Dale Earnhardt Jr can’t find the winner’s podium but yet he’s being paid an exorbitant amount of money for merely being average at best. Can I get an amen here ?



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Well these are but a few of the questions that I think in some ways we can find amusing and in some cases serious in the world of sports. What questions if any would you want to pose concerning a certain are of the sporting landscape. It doesn’t necessarily have to be serious at all. So feel free to chime on in with a question and perhaps we can all debate it in the appropriate manner ? Thanks as always for the continued support !

Alan Parkins aka tophatal …………………………

David Bowie ……………..“Heroes”

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

13 thoughts on “Intriguing Questions That Need To Be Asked And Answered In The World of Sports ………….”

  1. That is a lot of questions Al. I don’t care what Lebron has to say to LArry King, it will be dry and rehearsed. Boston vs. LA, whoopty do. Rivarly blah blah, I hope the Celtics win 🙂

    It’s too bad Griffey retired, he was one of a kind!


    1. chappy

      That’s the only reason why Larry King tends to do these sort of interviews as he fawns over his guests like a kid in a candy store.

      It’s probably more down to LeBron’s mom as to the ultimate decision and his final destination for that matter ! If she can’t get her va-jay-jay tagged in Cleveland on a regular basis then I guess some other team around the league will have to do.

      As for Jr_________ he , Pujols , Rivera and Jeter may well be the last legitimate players of this era who may well be viewed as clean legitimate future enshrinees for Cooperstown .

      Alan Parkins


    2. chappy

      I know that a lot of people may well be viewed of the monotony of repeatedly seeing the Celtics Lakers face off against one another. Especially when it comes to an NBA Finals . But much like a soap opera the story will either be boring or quite possibly full of intrigue at some point during the series.

      “Come on fans I need you and so too does does the NBA . So please watch “.

      The point is are the fans wiling to stick around and to watch it all in its entirety waiting for those particular moment ? That’s what Stern and NBA hierarchy are counting on.

      Alan Parkins


    1. aero

      “TO” is a has been ? Who knew ? I guess that’s why Rosenhaus will try and get the Vikings to sign him so he can keep Brett company for their upcoming season .

      The Rays had better look over their shoulders as the Yankees appear to be closing ground on that lead . What was once a 5.5 game lead is now down to a bear 2.5 games and all of that has happened over the last ten days.

      Sportschump (Chris) seems to be of the impression that this is much ado about nothing. But with the three through five starters on the Rays having their inconsistencies . This isn’t the time for the team to start regressing.

      Alan Parkins


  2. Well, Al, to answer your question, I think that if Big Ben were to be caught once again in a compromising position, he’d probably be looking at something like a year-long suspension.

    It’d be his third strike.

    Although Pacman Jones got more chances than that, didn’t he?


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Ben knows he’s skating on thin ice and one more screw up and that’s it !

      As for Pacman Jones it wasn’t so much the chances as it was from the mere fact that there were so many legal entanglements he was involved in.



    1. Watch Southpark

      What’ve you got against oil spills ? Wasn’t it down to George his cronies and BP that the Gulf is now so f_cked up ? He made sure that certain legislation was put in place under his watch that circumvented safety protocols.

      Don’t bitch , don’t moan , simply enjoy the spill and that it’ll bring to this wonderful country.



  3. Why are only some athletes selected to be taken to
    trial over steroids and other chemical use ???

    Shouldn’t all (at least professional) athletes be
    tested or at least have to sign a statement that
    they either “Did” or “Did Not”, take performance
    enhancing drugs ?

    If they all had to sign a legal document, it would
    clear the air and then the new/sports casters could
    stop being so holier than tho, and they too could
    admit that they have been a major player in the cover
    up of drug use since the 1950’s !

    Let’s all come clean . . . not just the few “selected”
    athletes who have been taunted to the hilt and even
    imprisoned for doing something not illegal at the time.
    (heaven forbid they should “Lie” to the American Government.
    who shouldn’t have been involved in the first place.)

    Just asking

    Bob Boadway


    1. Bob Boadway

      It’s the athletes that have been caught that are taken to trial and there the ones who ought to be punished with impunity. At the same time the governing bodies plus their respective unions in large part have been complicit in the subterfuge .

      Look at the amount of money spent by the Justice Dept in the subsequent BALCO and Bonds’ cases ? The MLB hierarchy are a bunch of fu#@ing idiots who simply can’t be trusted to do what’s right ! Your proposal about athletes signing a form declaring their taking an illicit drug couldn’t be accepted as any part of a trial unless they willingly signed that document without coercion and are admitting to an illegal act. And that’s not something that usually happens as part of any hiring process. Well that’s unless you happen to be employed by a governmental agency . When I last looked professional sports hadn’t become part of the governmental process.

      As far as the press are concerned they’ll only get involved if there’s a real story to be had . And there’s a great deal of intrigue with regard to that drama or expose`. Besided were it not Fainura-Wada and Lance Williams most of us would never have taken this all seriously . The likes of Gammons, Kurkjian , Olney and others who cover the sport of baseball are pussy whipped and would rather have kept quiet on the whole issue of the illicit use of steroids in baseball . The vast majority of sport’s journalists are a bunch of simpletons to begin with !

      tophatal …………


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