David Stern Proves Why He’s An Ass !

David Stern Proves Why He’s An Ass !

It seems unusual that NBA Commissioner David Stern would seek to punish with impunity through a fine any mention of LeBron James with regard to his impending free agency. By perception alone if any team or team executive should make a statement regarding the player’s status it would be viewed as tampering by the NBA hierarchy . This same edict also applies in the NFL , NHL and MLB .

It would appear that Stern sees fit to show his autocratic power in a number of ways that would give cause for concern. Far too often Stern much like his NFL counterpart , Roger Goodell , tends to fight the battles he presumably can win.


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It is now being widely reported that the Chicago Bulls are in the midst of hiring the Boston Celtics’ assistant coach Tom Thibodeaux. Now pardon me for saying this but with the Celtics being in the NBA Finals where they’re undertaking a highly anticipated contest against the Los Angeles Lakers . Now from where I sit the Bulls are tampering in making overtures in looking to hire Tom Thibodeau while his team are still in the playoffs , which by the NBA’s own mandate would be viewed as tampering. Somehow the league and in particular Stern seems to have overlooked or chooses to overlook this matter. In light of that it would seem somewhat strange that Stern would seek to fine Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban with impunity, $100,000 for the owner merely expressing an opinion as to where he thought that LeBron James might end up concerning his impending free agency status. At no point did the owner expressly make a statement that he’d be seeking to lure the player to his franchise. But yet somehow he gets punished for this ?

Courtesy of Washington Post

Report: Boston Celtics assistant coach Tom Thibodeau to coach Chicago Bulls next season

By Michael Lee , Washington Post

El Segundo , Calif. Boston Celtics assistant and defensive coordinator Tom Thibodeau accepted a three-year deal to become coach of the Chicago Bulls, according to multiple reports on Saturday.

Thibodeau was also a candidate for the vacancy in New Jersey and was offered the New Orleans head coaching job, which was reportedly filled by Monty Williams. The Bulls don’t plan to consummate the deal or make a formal announcement until after the NBA Finals.

Celtics Coach Doc Rivers was unable to confirm the reports, but said that he “hopes it’s true” because “I think he’s the best candidate out there. I’ve said that for three years now.”

Thibodeau joined the Celtics’ staff in 2007-08 after first accepting and leaving a similar job with the Washington Wizards. He devised the defensive strategies that led to the Celtics claiming the franchise’s 17th NBA championship in 2008.

“Tibs brings a passion for defense, I think,” said Celtics forward Kevin Garnett, who won the defensive player of the year award in his first season with Thibodeau.


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Now if Stern purports to be the person he believes and claims to be, as being a dutiful custodian of the game. Then he had better begin to show some semblance of intelligence and stop spewing up this asinine notion that the game of basketball is above reproach. Because if this matter goes down wherein, Thibodeau is hired by the Bulls and there’s no investigation as to how this potential hiring came about . The Bulls front office if it is believed that they approached Thibodeau while his team still remain in the playoffs. Then that act alone by the Bulls can be viewed as an act of tampering.

With its showcase event now in full motion and the world watching . This is the last thing that Stern would want to address. But then again as I alluded to earlier the perception is and has always been about what makes David Stern looks good in the eyes of the fans and public alike !. And one thought that politicians were the only “pompous narcissists” out there ? Meet David Stern perhaps the most pompous of all the four major sports‘ commissioners .

David Stern for all of his supposed business acumen is now facing a situation where the NBA this year alone will lose in excess of $400 million . That averages out at $12,500,000 per team . With declining gates, in terms of attendance at all games and declining viewer-ship in North America. But globally the game has seen a spike in its popularity, in particular in Europe and the Far East. The worrying thing is that Stern and the NBA hierarchy are oblivious to the fact but the real problem is that they appear to have no notion as to how deal with the situation and address it in the appropriate manner.

Courtesy of NY Daily News

Rejection! David Stern sings financial blues but NBA players not listening

By Mitch Lawrence , NY Daily News

NBA players are planning to respond within the next few weeks to the league’s last contract proposal, which calls for a major overhaul to the current economic system and would drastically reduces salaries.

When the players respond, they are expected to reject David Stern’s contention that the league is going to lose $400 million this season. Since Stern brought up that figure — around twice what the league has lost annually over the last few seasons — at the All-Star Game last month in Dallas, the players union has not officially responded. Union officials say they are still conducting their own financial analysis, but more than a few players think that the commissioner has engaged in a negotiating ploy, with the current collective bargaining agreement entering its final season in 2010-11.

“I’m sure there are some owners who are not doing great these days,” said Denver’s Chauncey Billups. “But we’re not totally buying that figure. It’s a negotiating tactic, absolutely. Through our own investigations and due diligence, we have found that not to be 100% true.”


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The commissioner for all of his bombastic attitude you just can’t help to dislike his demeanor and presence as a person. Could he the most despised person in all of sports amongst the executives ? We know that the athletes themselves are continually in awe of the pedestal that they’re placed upon by the fans and press alike. But rarely are they prepared to reciprocate by showing themselves in being supportive of the fans. Moreover, they’re prepared to just sell that their wares rather than showing the fans the respect that they’re undoubtedly due. Similarly the same can be said of David Stern and his attitude towards the fans and press alike.



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What thoughts if any do you have on the situation and how do you feel that Stern should address the matter concerning the potential hiring of Tom Thibodeau ? Chime on in with a comment on this matter and any other observations that you may have on the world of sports.

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10 thoughts on “David Stern Proves Why He’s An Ass !”

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Inconsistencies ? Hell the Bulls have been allowed to run right through and break the damn league’s own mandated rules. When Thibodeau was originally interviewed by the Hornets it was before the end of the regular season so that wasn’t a problem. But in the postseason that’s meant to be when an organization can’t approach another with respect to interviewing a another club’s coaching staff if that team is involved in the playoffs.

      Stern simply doesn’t adhere to the rules that he apparently takes so seriously. The guy is a pompous ass !



  1. I don’t know… the more I watch, the more frustrated I am getting with just watching the NBA…. nothing but complaining about calls… from the players, from the fans… from the coaches… then the whole conspiracy theory around the officiating and extending playoff series… it kind of takes it away for me.


    1. KP

      There’s always been the inconsistencies in the officiating in the playoffs . It’s just that there it becomes so much more glaring because a great deal is on the line. During the regular season there isn’t that much fuss if there’s a bad call .

      Stern will live and die by his officials as he trusts them implicitly.



  2. Chris Humpherys

    Phil Jackson is 47-1 when it comes to the postseason and there’s a pivotal game three to be played. Do you think that specific stat would now appear to concern the Celtics ? Now that they’re up 2-1 in the series one could surmise that the finals could then be pretty much over ?



  3. Tophatal,

    $12.5 million per team? That’s a lot of money. And I’m sure it isn’t evenly distributed but if it is even close, that could put a huge dent in a Memphis or a Toronto (who will probably relocate anyway).

    I think the LeBron fines are coming from the FACT that the NBA stands to lose that much money, but in the end what good will that do? It’s not exactly a self-serving prophecy.

    A lot of people are skeptics about the NBA as of late and (especially after Game 2 of the Finals) of course after the Donaghy thing they’re skeptical about the refs. They need to do a better job investigating some of these games like game 2 and seeing if maybe there is something else going on there. If I remember correctly, there was an OKC / Boston game earlier this year (I thought we was playin’ Michael F___ng Jordan out there tonight…the way he (Durant) was getting the whistle – Kevin Garnett)where this was also the case.

    And it’s sad, because I love watching basketball. I just wish it weren’t such a mess right now. It didn’t help either that the playoffs couldn’t have possibly refelcted the regular season any less. OK, maybe if the Mavericks played the Bucks…lol



    1. Ravenation

      The NBA has its salary cap and their profits as such are distributed evenly. But teams can also go out and do their own marketing as they so wish.

      But here lies the caveat as to the league’s shortcomings. Their teams have their own price structures as it relates to general admissions and skyboxes in terms of their leases. Not only that the corporate sponsorship and endorsements are down and it has hurt the league greatly. In 2009 Stern made sure that at least 20 plus teams were the recipients of over $400 million via a loan from several major financial institutions. Think of it as the NBA’s own bailout but in this case they’re using taxpayers’ monies via the federal bailout given to the banks. Sucks doesn’t it ?

      As for the controversies concerning the officiating , each postseason we see this crap happen. It only becomes more heightened because it’s the playoffs. No one really complains about it at all during the regular season because there’s not so much on the line.



    2. Ravenation /Meehan

      If you think that the NBA is the only sport that’s screwed up right now then think again. NHL is there anyone actually watching the Stanley Cup Finals ?

      NFL for all of the bullshit concerning Roethlisberger and Favre . They go into this season with it being uncapped and there’s still talk of a lockout. The NFLPA (union) will have a field day. And there’s not a damn thing Goodell can do about it at all. The NFL can ill afford to have a lockout and close down this league this year or next as there’s too much money to lose and their credibility is at stake.

      MLB has been f_cked up with Bud Selig in charge ! It’s like giving a blind man matches, a stick of dynamite and not explaining the dangers to him. That’s how dumb Selig , MLB <hierarchy , owners and the MLBPA ___ (union) are !



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