Sex Shouldn’t Be Less Important Than Sports …………. Confessions of A Sports Junkie And Couch Potato

Sex Shouldn’t Be Less Important Than Sports …………. Confessions of A Sports Junkie And Couch Potato

Well the NBA Finals for this season has reached its last hurdle and at the end of tonight’s game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. We will either be crowning a new NBA champion or the the Los Angeles Lakers will have successfully defended their title in defeating Boston Celtics . Momentum is with the Lakers and in all likelihood should they prevail then Kobe Bryant will have won his second successive finals’ MVP award . This much we do know however, as good as these finals have been in terms of the Nielsens’ ratings . The series itself, can’t exactly be described as having been exciting and especially not in the mould of the old Celtics , Lakers finals’ series of old that you watching Bird and Magic go at each other with it all on the line .


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The series is now tied at (3-3) three games apiece and both coaches Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers will be looking to add to their own legacies as well as that of their respective teams . And the feeling now being purveyed around the league is that this just might be the last hurrah for Jackson after an astonishing coaching career. Rivers has widely expressed the fact that he’d like to take a year’s Sabbatical away from the game to be with his family , given the undue pressures of the game . And in many respects that is more than understandable.

What we do know concerning both of these coaches each different in so many ways . It is that they both have a healthy respect for the game and that their players have a healthy respect and an unbounded loyalty to both Jackson and Rivers. Both men are also respected by their peers around the league and no doubt by the vast majority of NBA fans.

At this juncture I’m sure that it’s safe to say that there’s bound to be a bi-coastal bias as well as that “East Coast” “West Coast” supremacy thing in terms of who we’d like to see win this series. Well thankfully , this isn’t wrapped around the inane stupidity shown between the rival coasts when it comes to rap music. But then again I’m sure that there are a few Celtics and Lakers’ fans who’d like to bust “a cap” in each others’ ass ! And given the degree of animosity that there’s said to be between the two sets of fans. I’m wondering why it is that we’ve never seen any violence between the two groups ?

If tonight’s game is expected to go as I deem it might , then I do feel that the Celtics will come gunning right out of the gates expecting to take the Lakers off-guard ! If they are able to do that solidly throughout four thoroughly competitive quarters. Then I would expect the Celtics to prevail ! If not then look for Kobe Bryant to put on an offensive display like only he can in the game today. Don’t get me wrong I do feel that Bryant is the best all-round player in the game today ! And though LeBron James has been anointed by the NBA writers as the league’s MVP . It’s not even close between the two when it comes to showing leadership qualities and that zeal to win. LeBron plays to his public whereas, Bryant is a cold blooded assassin ! His mantra is , fu_k you get out of my way or I’ll run your ass over. LeBron hasn’t even learned how to spell those words as of yet. Plus he’s still probably psychologically damaged from knowing that his mother has been having sex with one of his teammates.

At the culmination of tonight’s series a lot questions will be answered about both of these teams and the ultimate directions that they’re said to be going in. A triumph for the Lakers and another storied chapter will have been written concerning one of the teams most beloved franchises. A triumph for the Celtics and in all probability comparisons will have begun to be made about Kevin Garnett , Ray Allen and Paul Pierce to Bird , McHale and Parish . The latter triumvirate who had unparalleled in winning multiple championships for the Boston Celtics.

It’s the height of summer and thankfully the chatter concerning Brett Favre continues to be light. However, the NSA in conjunction ESPN have been monitoring the player’s every move. If he so much as takes a sh_t outside his abode then you can expect the cable outlet to report it. What would the life of Mark Schlereth and Chris Mortensen be like without them regaling us with the latest snippet there is on the player , bowel movements included ? Chris Mortensen reports that Brett Favre was seen leaving an I-Hop where he was seen having the lunch special before leaving for the men’s room and then returning to finish his meal. Upon inspection of the cubicle used Mortensen was able to ascertain that his fecal matter stank and that his urine was indeed yellow. These things and more will be brought to you courtesy of ESPN and Mortensen. They go after these type of stories with a real zeal and fervor. After all that is what good journalism is meant to be about isn’t it ? Well in the eyes of ESPN this is purportedly good journalism. Only marginally better than that of the other noted news gathering agencies CNN and Fox News . But that’s a story for another day .

And that same zeal is now being used to report Tiger Woods’ every move this week, as he embarks upon trying to win his fourth US Open (17th_20th June) which this week is being held at Pebble Golf & CC in Pebble Beach , California. Woods’ sternest and staunchest test will come in the guise of his closest competitor in the world rankings ,__ Phil Mickelson . And having won The Masters at Augusta National , Mickelson will be looking to win his second major of the season . In doing so he’d edge closer if not supplant Woods at the top of the world rankings. And given Woods’ poor play this season there’s every reason to believe that the player will struggle to recapture the form that vaulted him the top of world golf rankings. Woods’ off the course problems have provided more news for the sports pages and news in general than anything that he’s strived to achieve on a golf course this season. And when you know that something like that is happening to a player Woods’ stature then you can be sure that there is indeed something seriously wrong.

As to whether Woods can pull himself out of this rut, wherein not only are the fans now questioning his abilities as to his return to form. But some are even wondering whether or not we’ll ever see him win another major tournament not only for this year but also as a way to ease the stress and burden which he now finds himself. Many of you are already aware as to what brought about Tiger Woods’ amazing fall from grace. Now the player is trying to reinvent himself and repair that tattered image. One way of actually getting many of the fans back on his side would be to have a very good showing at Pebble Beach and quite possibly winning the tournament. But his struggles mirror that of his unwillingness to be held accountable for his actions and speak openly as to his underlying issues. And until he’s that open then his struggles will continue manifest itself with continually poor play on the course and in the tournaments entered. Sunday’s culmination of the event shoul be enough to tell us a great deal about what’s now still happening with Tiger Woods.

As an expat Brit now residing here in Central Florida , I’ve got to admit that I’ve looked forward to and relished the start of the World Cup in South Africa. As an avid fan of the sport and a staunch supporter of England . I was expecting a great deal more than I’ve now witnessed from the team in their opening game in Group C against the USA . Suffice to say that this may well be the poorest team ever sent to represent the nation at the World Cup. Coach Fabio Capello looks as if he’d assembled the team by using a pin and merely sticking the said instrument down a list of names offered to him by a blind man !

About the only thing that one can say about the team’s performance in eking out a 1-1 tie against the USA , was that the performance was about an inept a showing as one would expect from a team that played without any pride or passion. A loss or another poor showing and this team might as well pack their bags and take the first flight home back to the UK. And it certainly hasn’t helped their situation in knowing that Slovenia the sole winners within the group were able to defeat Algeria in their first opening match 1-0 . Goals, a victory , productivity and team cohesion are certainly things that the England team is finding it hard to come by. And most certainly a lack of leadership from an authoritative figure on the team.

And where we to ask Capello who in fact is meant to be the leader on this team I seriously doubt that he could point to one player and unequivocally say that this player was in fact the the leader on the team. One would be hard pressed to believe him and anything he’d be saying. He knows that the press and fans alike are extremely unhappy with the team’s play. And it hasn’t helped that he’s stuck steadfastly by the poor performance of goalkeeper Robert Green after his inexplicable “gaffe” in the game against the USA. What’s even more asinine is to read the explanation of bloggers who are supporters of England writing within this forum , explain this all away as an unfortunate mistake by the keeper in letting Clint Dempsey’s shot completely evade him. Let’s put it this way, the velocity of the shot from Dempsey was so innocuous that a child on a tricycle could’ve sped past it !

Now with the impending Group C games set to resume as of the 18th June with England meeting Algeria and the USA meeting Slovenia . The outcome of both games could have a bearing as to which of the two teams could quite possibly face elimination in the first round of the World Cup. So high have the stakes now become for both England and the USA that it simply doesn’t bear thinking about should either team be eliminated at such an an early juncture when so much more had been expected.



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Well these were the mere scribblings of an avid sport’s fan who loves his sports passionately but most certainly loves sex a great deal more. Couch potato or not when duty call this one hombre` who drops the remote and answers the call of the carnal pleasures most avidly and passionately. So what’s your excuse then ? Chime on in with a comment as usual . And as of now I’m chiming out . Boom shack-a-lacka homies !

Alan Parkins aka tophatal …………………………..

Dre Dre ….. feat’g Snoop Dogg …………….Ain’t Nuthin’ But G Thang

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

8 thoughts on “Sex Shouldn’t Be Less Important Than Sports …………. Confessions of A Sports Junkie And Couch Potato”

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Left you a message concerning that very piece. It now looks as if the Lakers will reign successfully defending NBA champions thereby raising the Larry O’Brien Trophy once again.

      It also looks as if Kobe will win his second finals’ MVP award . But I may well have spoken all too soon. As it seems as if the Celtics aren’t prepared to give up without a fight.

      82-79 with a few seconds left.



  1. In terms of entertainment value this may well have been one of the worst NBA Finals in recent memory. It may well have proven to be a ratings’ winner in some circles but the play of both teams were marginal to average at best !

    “Fu_k y’s all as you don’t what’s you’s missing cause I am the King not Kobe ! I’m gonna prove it to you’s all next season , bit_hes” !

    Kobe gets his fifth ring and second Finals’ MVP award. Unfortunately for LeBron he’s now bitching like the prom queen who missed out on the invite to the party.

    “I wonder if Shaq and LeBron can sniff my ass and smell what it is I’m brewing ” ?



  2. I couldn’t believe that LA won…Kobe musta really been on fire for the last game too.
    Think Tiger’s problem is the unending difficulty of his marriage…think he really loves his spouse and that is tearing him up…my opinion…..still a good guy, just couldn’t turn down woosy.


    1. al clements

      That game seven of the NBA Finals just might be one of the sloppiest games on record ever for the finals . Over 25 turnovers poor shooting and even worse the Celtics had the game and series within their grasp and they let it all slip away.

      Lakers were deserving of the win and Bryant for his second successive MVP award .

      As for Tiger he’s got more problems as a female here in the Tampa Bay area is claiming that the fathered her child .

      Now we also have porn star Devon James having filed a paternity suit against the golfer.

      See link to read article in full.

      Courtesy of New York Daily News

      Tiger Woods scandal: Porn star Devon James asks judge to ‘establish paternity’ of her son

      A temptress took Tiger to court Thursday to prove he’s the father of her cub.

      Porn actress Devon James filed papers in Florida under her real name, Melinda Janette, asking a judge to “establish paternity” of her 9-year-old son – and named Tiger Woods as the respondent.

      James made the move after reported that a DNA test done eight years ago on her son proved another man was his daddy.

      The TMZ account is “false,” a source close to the 29-year-old siren told the Daily News.

      “The DNA test done in 2001 was on a man who is a white guy, a complete white guy,” the source said. “His name is Matt. The test showed he is not the father, and Tiger has never taken a DNA test.”

      There was no comment from Woods, who is competing at Pebble Beach, Calif., in the U.S. Open after being battered for months by reports he cheated on his wife with a bevy of babes.

      James claims she was 19 and working on a Christian charity project in Hawaii when she hooked up with Woods.

      “She became pregnant, but she decided not to tell Tiger,” the source said.

      James claims she told Woods years later about their love child, Austin, when she was working as an escort and allegedly hooked up with him again for a “dirty” threesome, which earned her and the other gal $2,000 a piece.

      “She and Tiger both recognized each other,” the source said.

      Woods, the source said, “was huge by then; he was married. Devon was afraid he would take her son away.”

      James didn’t mention her son in March when she joined the parade of porn stars and party girls who claimed to be Tiger girls.

      James’ mother, Sandra Brinling, later called her daughter a “pathological liar” who was trying to squeeze Woods for money.

      James is the second woman to claim she bore a Woods love child. Theresa Rogers said in December she had Woods’ baby in 2004 and negotiated a multimillion-dollar settlement to keep it under wraps.


      Porn star Devon James

      And James gives some of the lurid details.

      What is it with Tiger , porn stars , skanks and ho’s ?



  3. There was nothing at all enthralling about game 7 of the NBA Finals . It was perhaps one of the worst executed games ever to define and end a series in recent memory . 25 turnovers suggests that this was ,a terrible game to watch from start to finish. And the fact that the Celtics had the game within their grasp and couldn’t finish tells you all that you need to know.



  4. Ravenation LLC Meehan

    Thankfully we won’t hopefully have another game 7 in the NBA Finals that will be that bad ! That was a horrendous display of basketball from both teams. The Celtics had the game and series within their grasp but they couldn’t close it out. So in that respect the Lakers deservedly won outright !



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