Who Gives A Rat’s …….

The sporting weekend saw two old foes make their way to the knockout stages of the World Cup and for the reigning world champions and runners up from the 2006 tournament . Well they were bade a bon-adieu. Not that anyone really cared about the French or Italians to begin with . What they brought to this tournament was limited appeal , limited success and all of the pomposity that one might come to expect from a bunch of over bearing and untalented individuals . So much so , that their departure has been more than welcomed in some circles.

Now as we set about closing out the group stage of the event now comes the real excitement of the knockout stages of the World Cup. So let the games begin and the chips fall where they may. We’ll now get to see the men separated from the boys . And for the asshole who goes by the name of topcat and all of the alleged knowledger that he profoundly states that he knows about the game of soccer. Go back to sucking on your mom’s tit and make sure that her dietary supplement of semen that she so eagerly adores . Well why not supply her with some of your own you ingrate ! The “Oedipus complex” was something of a common sign of angst the Romans and no doubt within your own family ! And given your infantile behiavior in wanting to disparage me , merely because I stated a fact and and opinion concerning the Italian team that wasn’t to your liking ? The question I’ve got to ask you now …. “where’s the so called greatness of this Marco Lippi coached team They just got the bitch slapping they deserved at the lowly hands of Slovakia . How ’bout them apples ?

Alan Parkins aka tophatal

Outkast ………. “Atliens”

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

15 thoughts on “Who Gives A Rat’s …….”

  1. Well, I dunno. Didn’t really care in the first place since like roundball, soccer ain’t of interest to me.
    That said, I liked how the US team wound up…better coached, more determined or just plain lucky??


    1. al clements

      I think that now we’ve got to the knockout stages of the competition . This is where we’ll see the men separated from the boys !

      I’m still not convinced that England has what it takes to defeat Germany much less make beyond the quarter finals stage of the World Cup !



  2. It appears that the World Cup has you all fired up my friend. I know nothing about the sport, but I watched the England-Algeria match and was suprised how much I enjoyed the game even though there was no scoring.
    Good luck to your team brother and have a great weekend.


    1. aero

      The only reason why the event got me riled up was because of this “dick” topcat . If he wants to call me out he’d better come prepared and be able to handle the consequences . I’m not the typical Brit who’s about for God Queen and country . I’ll rip that moron’s head off and gladly p_ss down down the remnants of what’s left just for the fun of it !

      As to the upcoming games it ought to make for an interesting situation.



    1. classic 17

      Had it been about you I’d have mentioned you by name. Topcat is merely proving what an asshole he really is ! His knowledge borders on the imbecilic notion that Italy as reigning champions were simply too good to beat. I merely mentioned that in 06 both they and France were hardly the epitome of class during that World Cup Final and how the game was played . A complete lack of class and sportsmanship from both sides on the day.

      If he can’t be succinct in putting together a meaningful sentence without denigrating me then I’ll gladly rip him a new orifice and denigrate him and his family with a great deal of pleasure !



      1. Since it just said “you know who you are” I figured it was me because of what I wrote a bit ago about there not being many upsets before the Swiss got to Spain.

        I was pretty happy to see Italy and France crash out early, though.


  3. Italy and France are out but at least your boys advanced?

    Are you watching this Portugal-Brazil match?

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two facing off again down the road.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Both France and Italy came into the World Cup with high hopes but they disappointed many as well as their fans .

      Portugal are playing for the draw in the hope that should the game go to extra time or penalties then they’ll have what it takes to defeat Brazil. Should Dunga (coach) and the Brazilians lose this game then they’ve only themselves to blame.



    1. chappy

      This is the side of me that no wants to get on the wrong side of. A pu_sy like topcat must’ve thought I was one of these “soft spoken English guys” that he’s come across. Well sorry , I’m nothing like those guys ’cause I can get down and dirty in the trenches much like my Caribbean ancestry. We beat up sh-t like that for breakfast lunch and dinner !



  4. Guys

    If Germany loses to England what chance do you think we’ll get to see of Heidi Klum baring her ta-tas ?

    Hedi Klum

    Leilani Dowding .

    If England loses to Germany then we can have either Susan Boyle or Leilani Dowding ?

    Susan Boyle is most definitely not the epitome of glamor ! But there are guys out there drooling at the lips and with an erection in their pants because of dear ol’ Sue.



      1. Ravenation LLC

        If you’re on ” the down low” with Susan Boyle that’s fine but do know she’s still a virgin and pure as the driven snow . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

        Eva Mendes

        Czech American Denise Milani

        Chinese actress Gong Li

        Actress Meagan Good

        Just a few of my favorites mind you !

        Alan …………

        Personally , I’m an equal opportunity lover when it comes to the ladies ……a lover of various ethnicity’s.


  5. classic 17

    France and Italy think so highly of themselves much like their ravenous fans . But what they tend rarely do is to look at things realistically . I personally don’t even think that England are good enough to make the quarter finals or beyond in this tournament ! I think that the Germans could actually show the rest of the world how weak this team actually is. Most certainly it was there for all to see in the group proceedings in Group C.

    This might be the only thing we’ll have to celebrate at the end of it all… the models from page 3 of The Sun newspaper in the UK. The Rupert Murdoch owned tabloid has fully thrown its weight in their support of the team.

    Keeley Hazell and the rest of the girls of page 3 of the eponymous rag have also shown their support of the team. As you can see Keeley’s attributes are understandably admirable don’t you think ?



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