If You Can’t Face Adversity Square On And Look At It Face On Then What Use Are You If You’ve Learned Nothing At All From It ?

If You Can’t Face Adversity Square On And Look At It Face On Then What Use Are You If You’ve Learned Nothing At All From It ?

Bitch and whine but yet throwing out statistics merely to justify a loss in a competitive match simply shows complete naivete and a lack of understanding as to what it takes to win. But low and behold forty eight hours after bowing out of the World Cup we still have US fans trying to justify the claim that the US team were better than their nemesis Ghana in the round of 16 . So the US out-shot Ghana 20-16 but it’s the end result that counts and this what I believe is the asinine realization that seems to be lost on many of these fans. Wake up and smell the friggin’ coffee the US lost 2-1 to Ghana. The African nation made it to the quarter finals and the US didn’t so for God’s sake stop the bitching and fu_king whining as you’re all coming across like children who’ve been told to take a damn timeout ! If you want to be constructive in assessing the loss then look at what positives if any have come out of this all and not harp on about why you lost the game . The result most certainly can’t be changed at this juncture . And besides who says that the US team coached by Bob Bradley was the better team to begin with ? Was it because a numb-nut like Alexi Lalas said so ? His understanding of the game and his opinions are about as warranted or merited as Paris Hilton’s views would be on peace in the Middle East ! For want of a better word who gives a sh_t to begin with ?


Bob Bradley’s team was never that good to begin with and in terms of defense and their frontal players in attack. Well let’s just say there’d have been more presence upfront were it Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken as the frontal players on this US team. Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan showed the creativity and presence of a docile mouse. Now with the US having returned home US Soccer President Sunil Gulati can assess what went wrong, where, when and why. Personally, until there’s a real competitive presence within the MLS in terms of the “talent level” then we’ll never see the maturation of US soccer on the international stage. The respect that the US craves won’t be given and it first has to be earned which is something that the fans and their players simply have yet to learn. Nothing could be more prevalent than the attitude and demeanor shown by Bradley and in particular by Landon Donovan in their post game interviews after the loss to Ghana .


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OK, so here we are on the first day of the NBA __ free agency period and as of yet we’ve yet to hear whether or not Lebron James will be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers or making a move elsewhere around the NBA. The thought was that James would be the “domino effect” that would set everything into effect. But that now appears to be not the case as it would appear that Toronto Raptors’ power forward Chris Bosh could well be the carrot that lures James into making a decision. Bosh as one of the second tier free agents on the market, is the most desired of the power forwards out there. And the thinking amongst several NBA analysts and general managers around the league is that whomever lands Bosh will have the upper hand in luring and signing Lebron James.

Now in assessing the situation my own feeling is that LeBron if he’s to win an NBA title then for his alleged Jordan persona will be in need of a Scottie Pippen. James despite being saddled with Antawn Jamison and Shaquille O’Neal , this Cavaliers’ team was merely doing it all with smoking mirrors. And for the ass kissing morons at ESPN who simply had their lips pressed so closely to James’ sphincter that they couldn’t see the reality that this team was simply not good enough to beat the Los Angeles Lakers much less the Boston Celtics . Mike Brown and former GM Danny Ferry simply built a team for the long haul of the regular season but not for the rigors of the postseason . And now with Brown having been fired and Ferry inauspiciously choosing to relinquish his position with the team. It has now been left to Dan Gilbert the team owner and newly installed GM Chris Grant to try and gauge the situation concerning James and his status. It doesn’t appear that there has been a great deal communication between James’ handlers and the Cavaliers’ front office . If that’s not enough of an indicator that things could quite possibly change with regard to the Cavaliers’ future then the situation could well be lost on the Cavaliers’ fans and their executives. What I find very telling concerning the coaching staff of the Cavaliers was that not one of their members has played professionally in the NBA. That’s almost unheard of amongst the coaching staffs of a number franchises around the league.

Now with the Cavaliers now rushing to sign Byron Scott as the team’s next coach, with the position having been turned down by Lakers’ assistant Brian Shaw. This off season has been a very interesting one for the Cavaliers to say the least.

At one should a team give up on the season in baseball ? Now approaching the league’s mid-season showcase of the All Star Game to be held at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California __ for which the event should prove be a great spectacle. The season has been filled with one or two surprises in the league and perhaps the biggest surprise might be that of the Cincinnati Reds and their ongoing battle for supremacy within the NL Central . While that has gone on , the Chicago Cubs seemingly finds with each passing game ways of sinking into further realms of mediocrity . I’m not about to say that the Cubs are done but my God if this team were a lame dog or horse they’d have been put down and euthanized. Cubs’ manager Lou Piniella seems to be out of touch and his team even more so but then again we are talking about the lovable and hapless Chicago Cubs where losing has now become the norm and winning has become a thing of the past .

Reds’ manager Dusty Baker could very well end up becoming the NL Manager of The Year should his team win the division. Other than that there’s not much more that can be said about the Cubs and their situation . As to the surprising ascendancy of the Reds it’s hard to bet against them and their season thus far. The play of Joey Votto and the middle order of the team’s offense has been simply astonishing . Their play seems to epitomize what this team seems to be about and what they’re doing makes them the NL story of the season.

Close your eyes and you’re liable to miss the image of the NFL as it sinks lower under the tenure of Roger Goodell . As for my own view on Goodell , well, let’s put it this way, for the highest ranking executive in the NFL to seem all clueless as to the players of the NFL and their behavior. Star players such as Michael Vick and Vince Young bring the image and reputation of the NFL into further disrepute and Goodell can only act like a Roman Catholic priest caught in the midst of another sex scandal . Instead of dealing with the situation with some authority , instead what we’re seeing from the NFL commissioner is the very fact that he’s a gutless individual ! Never mind the fact that there have been some serious allegations that have arisen concerning an Indianapolis Colts’ defensive tackle Eric Foster and a rape allegation . If Goodell handles this the way that he handled the Ben Roethlisberger situation then we might as well shut up shop as far as the image of the NFL is concerned. Because it’s not as if the NLPA and Executive Director DeMaurice Smith are in the least bit concerned with the image of their members to begin with. It’s as one patron of my site stated he’s not in the least bit concerned about an NFL player being involved in a fight . My question to him was what if the situation had escalated wherein the player ended up losing his life in an act of gun violence ? For which he’s yet to respond to my question but then again I shouldn’t expect anything less from someone who thinks that gun violence is probably the best way to resolve an issue. But then again amongst young African Americans that’s probably the be all end all when they’re severely lacking intelligence. Word to wise for Vince Young and in particular Michael Vick grow the fuck up and stop being and behaving like an asshole ! You’re both doing yourselves and your race a great disservice !

As for the Indianapolis Colts and their GM Bill Polian they’ve been less reticent to issue a statement concerning the matter and the alleged rape. The so called “pristine image” of the Indianapolis Colts is about as clean as that of the Roman Catholic church and their wish to be seen as God’s representative of Christianity on the earth. By my way of thinking that’s akin to asking a group of neo Nazis to be the custodians of the Torah and a church filled with young African American school children. You simply know that no good can from the outcome much like the Colts’ need to keep this all quiet and completely away from the public domain . And nowhere is this more self evident than in the actions of the organization and that of the commissioner’s office. And as to the assumption of the NFL if it’s a first time offense by a player then the league has a right to deal with the issue as it sees fit. Well whatever happened to the league’s player conduct policy ? Goodell much like his edict is completely full of shit much like the rest of the crap that he’d like for us all to buy into. I wonder how Goodell might have dealt would’ve dealt with the Ray Carruth affair were he commissioner at the time ?

Doubt my word concerning the NFL then simply look at the actions of Goodell and the inconsistencies of his rulings over the past few years ? Show me the consistencies in his deliberations and how he has come by them and then ask yourself is there any justification as to the types of punishment that has been meted out ? Goodell actions haven‘t exactly been seen as a deterrent to the players who court trouble and then hide behind the legalities of a justice system that has been all too soft on celebrities and in particular athletes. Were the actions seen that of an every day citizen then we’d be asking what the hell is going on. But as I’ve alluded to before the justice system and that of what Roger Goodell deems as being fair is about as equal in its logic as the actions of a habitual liar., Their actions are that way as a safety mechanism because it’s the only way that they know how to act.



Picture gallery for your perusal .

Chime on in with a comment as you see fit and I’ll do my best to respond to your comments as succinctly as I can and once again thanks as always for your continued support and patronage. It’s been appreciated throughout my time here contributing within this domain.

Alan Parkins aka tophatal

Red Hot Chili Peppers ………… Give It Away

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

54 thoughts on “If You Can’t Face Adversity Square On And Look At It Face On Then What Use Are You If You’ve Learned Nothing At All From It ?”

  1. LEbron Lebron Lebron. Let me know when he’s actually somewhere, and I’ll have an opinion again!

    I’m pretty excited for the All-Star game, especially since it’s only twenty minutes away! I’m officially a Reds fan this year. I usually pick an NL team at somepoint during the year to root for, and it looks like they are the lucky winners this year!


    1. Chris Humpherys

      It’s only played out this way because we’ve had a little bit of everything in terms of the human drama. There’s been sex, drugs but no rock-n-roll . So let’s wait and see if Ron Artest’s CD goes platinum. Did you by any chance catch him a few weeks back on Lopez’s show rapping with his crew ?

      Artest performs on Lopez’s late night show.

      Alan aka tophatal


  2. First off, Goddell wouldn’t have needed to deal with Rae Carruth, because everyone knew that he was going to spend the rest of his life behind bars anyway.

    Yes, he is kind of letting guys get away with it. But in America you are innocent until proven guilty, the exact reverse of the way the media handles it. It not right, but it’s the way it is.

    That being said, Vick’s stories not matching up doesn’t surprise me one bit. He no longer has the benefit of the doubt that would allow us to believe him. (See Michael Irvin)

    Vince Young is just a d bag. he had all of the talent in the world and then he got drafted by an organization that wasn’t ready to tell Kerry Collins to get packing.

    Alan what do you think?



    1. Ravenation LLC

      Young now becomes the Titans’ problem child and they’re screwed cause they can’t cut him as they owe him a great deal of money. The Titans’ organization knew what they were getting into as a Longhorn he had issues to begin with.

      Alan ………..


      1. Well no wonder free agency is such a problem. It’s a big risk to sign a guy to longer than a three year deal because you don’t know whether or not a guy is going to wrap his Lamborghini around a pole or start a dogfighting ring.

        No wonder everyone is so afraid to sink money into some of these guys



  3. Ravenation LLC

    But the law isn’t equitable for all especially if you’re indigent so that mutes the case for the argument you’re making in part. Besides an athlete who tends to fall afoul of the law will usually try to hide behind any of the angles that his attorney will try and nowhere was this more evident than in the Roethlisberger case. A lot of the patrons were jumping all over me when I said that the player had lied all along and that he was guilty of something. You don’t get caught twice in the same situation and try and call it coincidence or consensual as Roethlisberger had tried to do. Now we know that he’s a sexual deviant. Had he gone to trial and been found guilty he would’ve had to register as a sexual predator and offender. So fuck all that shit about innocent’ til proven guilty ! . The defendants are no longer rendered worthy of that when they’ve been caught bang to rights .

    Only an idiot would think otherwise !

    Alan …………aka tophatal


  4. Think of me like Sunil Gulati. I like “assess what went wrong, where, when and why.” If that’s called bitching and whining, so be it. The point of our blog is to talk about what we like to talk about. I happen to like US Soccer.


    1. classic 17

      All you’ve stated in your blog concerning US soccer was things that had no bearing what was needed going forward . What point is there in that ? Or is it that you’d rather be all to vague on the subject matter ? I’d debate you on it but it’s clear that it’d be pointless. I left you salient points here and on your own site concerning what I thought was wrong and nowhere in your piece had you even brought that up.

      If you’re going to write about a topic at least spend some time researching it and come up with some pros and cons.

      And yes taken into context it was bitching and whining. You state stats about the US outshooting Ghana but you seem to forget to mention how anemic the US were in front of goal after they’d scored . Of the so called 20 shots taken barely half were on target so what does that suggest to you ?



      1. Haha, I responded to your comments in the comment section, I’m not going to dedicate a whole post to what you think. That’s what your blog is for. And you will continue to debate this with me, you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I get the last word in.

        You also ignored a large amount of my “salient points” as well, which is fine.

        As far as your odd research comment, I’ll be glad to leave you with some. I pointed out at least three times that we weren’t good up front. I said that in January. I’ve been saying it this entire time. We did outshoot Ghana. Since you mentioned it, only six shots were on net (which is not barely half, where did you do your research?) But there were 20 shots. That means that twenty times at least, we were in position to have an attempt on goal. That’s quite a bit.

        Now, from the official match summary:

        “Their best in the opening period came in the 35th minute, when Jonathan Mensah gave the ball away in his own third to Clint Dempsey. The Fulham man slid the ball to Robbie Findley, who raced clean through on Richard Kingson, but the goalkeeper reacted well to save with this left foot.”

        This is the best chance, not the only chance of the half.

        “Donovan’s pace made the chance down the right, and Jozy Altidore did well with the LA Galaxy player’s cross to feed the on-rushing Feilhaber. But Kingson came out aggressively and pulled off a fabulous reaction save.”

        That’s another good chance.

        “…on the hour mark Dempsey skinned Gyan at the edge of the area and broke free into the box. Mensah clattered into him to concede the penalty…”

        Good chance there. Led to the the penalty.

        “As the second half wore on, the US continued to ask questions of the Ghana defence, but Kingson saved the Black Stars twice in succession. In the 68th minute, he raced 15 yards off his line to clear the ball at Altidore’s feet, and eight minutes later he got down well to smother Michael Bradley’s shot after the coach’s son had beaten the offside trap”

        Two more good chances. It even says that were pressuring them, clear as day.

        “Altidore had another chance in the 81st minute, but the defence did just enough to put him off and he fired wide from ten yards.”

        There’s that finishing problem we see again, but the main point is that’s a pretty good chance.

        Now that I’ve given those to you, I’ll give you the main point of the post I wrote that you seem to have taken such great offense too:

        Ghana won the game. I know that. I can’t change it. I know that. We had the majority of the chances in the game as evidenced above. We carried the play throughout the game as evidenced above. Sometimes, the game beats you. This was one of those games. Full marks for Ghana. I question Ricardo Clark’s addition to the lineup. That falls on coaching which should be reviewed. Period.

        At that point, I moved on. Now, what you’re going to do is read this however you want, tell me I’m bitchy, whiny, and perhaps to suck on my mother’s tit. That’s fantastic because here’s the best part:

        Your opinion will have literally zero impact on what I write and how I think. Just the same way that all this researched evidence that you want won’t impact anything you write. You’ll call me whiny, say Ghana won, and refuse to acknowledge that I know a good bit about US Soccer in a Jim Rome-like style.

        So please, continue to leave comments, I’ll respond to most of them when I have time and write posts calling me naive. I don’t mind either way.


  5. Very nice guys…all comments work for me. You already know how I feel about Pope Roger and the NFL that he is supposed to administer….ain’t done much of late has she?


    1. al clements

      Pope Roger as far as I’m concerned is a blithering idiot who was placed in the position by a bunch of owner who essentially wanted someone to do their bidding. Goodell is a damn oaf !



  6. al clements

    When Goodell is up for beatification by the Roman Catholic church I think it’ll be a great day for the NFL don’t you ? LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!

    Alan ………..


  7. classic 17

    Gulati hasn’t done anything as of yet but you could see that he was thoroughly disappointed. As for Bradley and Donovan are those two dead from the neck up ? They’ve no damn personality whatsoever and their speech is monosyllabic. What the hell ? They deserved to be drummed out on their ass !

    Alan ………..


      1. Ravenation LLC

        Landon Donovan’s IQ could very well be lower than Paris Hilton’s . To show how dumb this guy really is he gave up this ….his now ex wife ….. actress

        Biana Kajlich

        Donovan is dead from the neck up and oh so overrated !

        Alan ………………..


  8. Ravenation LLC

    Well at least Artest’s rap career could end up being more credible that Kobe Bryant’s . Who the f_ck raps about Versace and wearing Prada ?

    It’s as the NAACP states ……. ” a mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste “!

    Kobe should stick to the moves on the basketball court ’cause he ain’t hard or from the streets. Clay Aiken could end up making him his bi_ch !

    Alan ……………..


    1. Ravenation LLC

      Wasn’t Bush __(Dubya) a Harvard or Yale graduate ? I know that’s not saying much to begin with but at least it’s something in someone’s eyes. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      So much is made of having an Ivy League education but it doesn’t count for sh_t when you show absolutely no common sense whatsoever !

      Alan ………….


  9. Ravenation LLC

    If Paris Hilton’s ambition in life is to make a great deal of money and come off as looking dumb what does that say about the education system in this country ?



    Alan …………….


  10. Man, I don’t get why anyone decided to put a “Best” title on the Americans. The games they won were out of pure luck. Ghana beat them far and square. The US are not great enough to earn the same respect that other teams in other countries have earned.

    It takes more than one win or another to gain respect at the World Cup.


  11. classic 17

    You yourself mentioned it in your post and on FIFA’s own site in their summary of the game it’s also mentioned there if you’d care to check it out ?

    Are you and topcat one and the same ? Because if you remember in the remark I made about the individual I called them out by name. And as I’d also remarked if I’m going to call out a person I’d do it upfront and not hide behind one remark. That’s not how I go about doing things. This is a forum where we can either debate things as adults or act like petulant children. And last I checked I didn’t refer to you or ask you go suck on your mother’s tit ! That was meant for the idiot who came in and started using profanity merely because I made a factual opinion about the Italian team participating in the event. Now if that’s not enough for you to comprehend then so be it !

    That being it can’t hide the fact that expectations were and the team failed miserably . And to have the temerity to suggest because a team out-shoots the other it in some way equates to being even better is absolutely absurd. Face it they’d better be better prepared for 2014 in Brazil . If not then they’ll once again meet the same fate !

    Alan …………


    1. No no, I did say we outshot them 20-16. You said that over half the shots were on goal. It’s in bold, underlined italics up there. I never mentioned that one, I’m not sure where you got it.

      My reading comprehension skills are fine. You have told me I was bitching, whining, called me naive, asinine and suggested I can’t read. You did not tell me to suck on my mother’s tit, which I appreciate. It did seem like the next logical step. My apologies.

      Also, I did not say because we out-shot them, were better. I said we out-shot, out-chanced, and out possessed them. If I tell you that your team will win all three of those battles before the game starts, you’d feel pretty good about your chance of winning, right? The only thing the match summary talks about is the USA’s chances. That goes back to the lack of finishing which we agree was awful.

      I also never said I expected the USA to do amazing things. To quote myself from May 25th “I don’t think I’m being optimistic to say we’ll reach the Round of 16 and with a little luck, the Quarters.”

      Those were my expectations. We didn’t fail miserably in my estimation.

      Also, I don’t like Jim Rome. Can’t stand him, actually.

      Finally, yes, we absolutely agree that this was a great learning experience for the younger players.


  12. generationnext

    And that’s the idiocy of the bull_hit that has been written ’bout them as if they’re world beaters ?

    Before they can get respect they’ve got to earn it and they’ve shown little of that in this tournament expecting that it was theirs by divine right to have gotten beyond Ghana .

    Alan …………


  13. classic 17

    I’m not some petulant child looking for the last word . I enjoy a healthy debate and I can admit when I’m wrong ! But it plainly doesn’t hide the fact that the team was overrated and much like the asinine notion that they were going to set the whole world alight ….. it simply didn’t happen . The positives that can be taken away from this are that the younger members of this team can use it as a learning experience for the next World Cup should the country qualify and whomever is picked for the squad then.



  14. classic 17

    So Jim Rome is your idea of someone who’s articulate when it comes to discussing sports ?
    So does that make Sarah Palin an authority on jurisprudence ?



      1. classic 17

        Jim Rome’s voice and antics are about as welcomed a dose of hemorrhoids . He continually thinks of himself as the voice of the everyman out there when it comes to sport’s talk !

        My brain is numb at the moment as the girlfriend dragged my ass to go and see the new Twilight movie “Eclipse “. It was about as entertaining as watching paint dry. What a complete load of crap !

        Team Jacob and team Edward are about as interesting as the political commentary on tv which isn’t saying a lot at present.

        Alan ………


  15. Ravenation LLC

    The sooner this “LeBron saga” is over with the better . It’s like having a bad dose of diarrhea that simply won’t go away. While all of this is happening ESPN simply bilks the story for what they believe it to be worth .

    Alan ………….


  16. Ravenation LLC

    The moment someone considers Romey-Rome to noteworthy as a sport’s talk show host . That’s the moment I know that the world has gone to hell in a hand basket. Rome is the idiot’s answer to Stephen A Smith !

    Nadal is now heads and shoulders above the other guys on the ATP Tour. It may well take Federer some time to climb back up to the top of the mountain. And at this stage of his career I’m not so sure that he can achieve those heights once again. Much like Serena has dominated women’s tennis for the last couple of years . It all goes in cycles .

    We certainly won’t see the likes of Federer again in terms of his accomplishments in Grand Slam tournaments. Thirty eight straight times of reaching at least the fourth round. Not even Rod Laver at his best was that good !

    Rome has an opinion and a thought process much like Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. Neither would know their ass from a hole in ground ! All you ever get from the guy are his cliched and idiotic rants.

    Alan …………


  17. Ravenation LLC

    Once this story heads off the back pages and cable outlets you know what’ll be happening next don’t you ? More on Brett Favre ! So much so that Schlereth , Jaworski and Mortensen over at ESPN will start to “jack off” (masturbate ) at the mere sound of his name. Never mind the fact that they probably each suffer from ED !

    Alan …………..


  18. Ravenation LLC

    No one is overly concerned with Paris’ education much less her intelligence. She much like Kim Kardashian are playing on the fact that they’ve no talent but yet somehow they both end up in the news cycle for some unknown reason.

    That’s how misguided and gullible the paparazzi and press are here in the US and the whole world over. A great deal of what we now read in the press is about as newsworthy as shit being shoveled for the use of ….. well dare I say it absolutely nothing ?

    Alan …………

    Alan …………


  19. Ravenation LLC

    Jaworski is a tool ? I’d liken him to a garden implement that’s often used to a describe a woman of the night ………” a ho ! He , Mortense and Schlereth have their noses so close to Brett Favre’s sphincter that it has become ridiculous just hearing them speak. I’m sure that they’ve each tasted the fecal matter coming out of Brett’s ass !

    Alan …………


    1. Chris Humpherys

      I don’t know that you specifically missed anything .

      So Amar’e is now $100 million richer but is he now any the wiser reuniting with the D’Antoni and the Knicks ?

      Especially as there’s no guarantee that Bron-Bron will be joining him in the Big Apple. There’s the talk that it’s now down to Chicago and Cleveland as to his choices. And given that D-Wade is also said to be leaning towards his hometown (Chi-town) because of his familial ties . What’s next do you think ?

      Alan ………….


  20. Ravenation LLC

    Well now that Landon has gone back to the Galaxy I can only expect the fans there to treat him like some deity. But at the end of it all the guy will make his money and that’ll be simply it.

    If the game wants to be taken seriously then no doubt it has to start developing real talent and not carrying on as if they’re already world beaters. The MLS when compared to other leagues from around the world well the apt comparison I would make is comparing vinegar to a fine wine .

    Steve Zakuani of the Seattle Sounders FC. No real talent but a great deal of passion for the game within the league.

    Alan ………………


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Bosh could put the ki-bosh on that as he’s stated he doesn’t want to play in Cleveland. He’s amenable to playing in either Miami or Chicago. LBJ’s mama is so disappointed as she was going to give up the va-jay-jay to welcome Bosh to Cleveland.

      Alan ……………..


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