Wrap Yourself Around The Flag This 4th July

Wrap Yourself Around The Flag This 4th July

If like me you’ve now become extremely bored by the comings and goings of the NBA free agency period you can well liken it to having a tooth pulled. Nothing says boring than having a bunch of multi millionaire players and owners act as if their world is coming to an end. As for David Stern and the NBA hierarchy they have to be loving this as the postseason was something of an uninspired disaster. They might suggest that because the finals were between the two most storied clubs in professional basketball. The fact of the matter was the series itself between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers wasn’t that great an NBA Finals to watch and the play itself overall wasn’t that exciting to begin with.


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Now we have to put up with a bunch of self absorbed athletes and owners try to weigh their futures and in the midst of it all the fans are now wondering what to make of it all. Never mind the fact that for a mere $ 30 million extra some players will be squabbling with their agents merely to make sure that they get the top dollar available . Now don’t get me wrong I’m not against the players getting the maximum available to them but what I’m now getting sick and tired to hear is a player complaining that they’re not being paid enough or the fact that the NBA owners are now depriving players of their right to earn a fair wage. I’d dare say that at the vast majority of NBA fans will never see $120 million in their life time much less be able to fathom how the hell some of these players can complain that they’re not earning enough . Pardon me but when the unemployment rate as a national average is now at 9.8% and with each day the unemployment rolls seem to be growing by the hour . I can only surmise that this is the last thing on the mind of the likes of Dywane Wade or LeBron James and how they might feel that the fans may well view this all !

Now while many of us are about as interested in the many scenarios arising out of this all as we would be about the life-style of Paris Hilton the paparazzi’s main staple. Some of us will be about as interested the events as one might be in having a tooth pulled without anesthesia . It’s becoming very painful to see this all played out and the fans are meant to get excited by it all. So unless you’re an avid Cavaliers or LeBron James’ fan I can only surmise that you’re all so in awe of the events now unfolding. All I know is that from this moment on I’ll be making sure to completely avoid the news cycle of ESPN and the various outlets covering this all.



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While I know that Sunday is the 234th anniversary of this beloved country which I now call my home. I’ve got to say to you all and that’s in wishing you all a glorious 4th July . Have a great and safe one ! Wrap yourself around the treats I’ve left and hopefully you’ll enjoy it all ? Have a safe and happy 4th of July !

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………….

Jennifer Hudson gives her rendition of the the “Star Spangled Banner ”

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

19 thoughts on “Wrap Yourself Around The Flag This 4th July”

    1. Ravenation LLC

      They’re making this all out to be something that’s so important that it’ll have world like repercussions for years to come ? No in reality it’s nothing like that as it’s all about a bunch of overpaid millionaires wanting more money than they could ever know what the hell to do with.

      Alan …………….


    1. Ravenation LLC

      It’s not the agents who are to blame but the damn NBA hierarchy and the NBPA’s _____ (union) collective bargaining agreement that has lead to this all. No wonder so many teams around the league are having financial difficulties.

      The Cavaliers are said to be worth an estimated $475 million . But when LeBron first got there the team was barely worth $250 million at best. Now should he leave it’s estimated that their net worth would shrink by at least 50% .

      The current business template that the teams now operate under isn’t a viable one by any stretch of the imagination and Stern and the owners are now beginning to realize that fact. Last year $250 million was made available to at least 15 teams around the league for financial stability purposes. But yet a small business owner operator couldn’t get a loan from any major commercial bank . What the hell would that suggest to you ? All of this money was arranged courtesy of several banks in conjunction with David Stern who let it be known that it shouldn’t be thought of as the form of a bailout for the teams. If it’s not that then what the hell is it then ?

      Alan …………


      1. Yeah, I mean I guess I agree with some of that, but do you consider it to be the responsibility of the NBA and the players union to monitor these teams and how far they are in the red (which most are at the moment)?

        I would think that if you purchased a sports franchise, it should be up to you as to how to manage it. It shouldn’t be Stern or the “Hierarchy”‘s responsibility to bail anyone out.

        If it’s a business venture, and you screw it up, you lose. Donald Trump could tell you that. Look at how many times he’s been broke!



  1. Ravenation LLC

    Some of these NBA owners and GM’s make the guys behind the Enron , GM and AIG fallout seem like astute businessmen. Never mind the fact that Stern has been selling the public a damn lemon over the last few years. The NBA will lose in excess of $450 million this year alone . ‘nough said !

    Alan …………….


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Myself it was very much the same thing. Saturday I took the girlfriend out as she wanted to see a movie. Unfortunately for me the movie she wanted to see was the most recent in the saga of the Twilight series ……”Eclipse”. That piece of crap is mind numbingly boring and about as memorable as having hemorrhoids ! I came out there almost brain dead while she says she loved the romanticism of it all . WTF ? If she wants romance I can give her romance but not on the scale of the drivel that was served up in that movie . It wasn’t even escapism at all.

      As for this teams Edward and team Jacob … to me it sounds all so gay and pitiful !

      Alan …………


    2. Chris Humpherys

      I’m sure that next year Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut will show their man love for each other by biting down and tasting each others hot dog if you know what I mean ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Joey Chestnut

      Takeru Kobayashi

      Nothing says that’s so gay than a guy swallowing a hot dog between a bun to foster the competitive spirit !

      Alan …………


  2. Ravenation LLC

    It’s certainly not the agents where the blame ought to be apportioned . It ought to rest squarely on the shoulders of the NBA hierarchy and the NBPA ___ (union). A guaranteed salary cap but the basis of it in terms of reward shows complete stupidity and naivete. Especially when you’ve had the likes of Starbury and Jermaine O’Neal earning in excess of $18 million a year and their stats arent’ worth sh_t !

    “Starbury ” When was he ever a great player ?

    Betty White has quicker foot movement than Jermaine O’Neal and she’s a great deal funnier as well !

    Alan …………


  3. Ravenation LLC

    The real disappointment in terms of the postseason was how bad the Finals itself were. I’d have had more enjoyment watching some porn !

    If you guys were so really bored with the NBA postseason then why didn’t you watch some porn ? Jenna Jameson

    Alan ……….


  4. Man, I had a great fourth, and hope you did too! I seem to have a hard time making it to the fireworks but fortunately the booze didn’t make me miss out this year!

    I agree these guys are way overpaid. I think this will come up in the new CBA. I think the mid-level exception is what’s bogging down the league. Nobody pays to go see the mid-level guys people just want to see the “superstars”


    1. chappy 81

      The girlfriend came down from Orlando to spend the weekend . We saw the fireworks display in the rural town where I live. But unfortunately after that the weekend went downhill as I had to take her to see the new Twilight movie “Eclipse”. That piece of crap is mind numbingly boring and the acting is so wooden that I felt like regurgitating my meal !

      Alan ……………


    1. Ravenation LLC

      Which was a better option do doubt ? Some guy in NYC lost his arm in a 4th July accident as he was leaning over rocket projectile when it went off . Dumb asshole !

      Alan …………..


    1. chappy

      Finally a voice of reason in amongst a sea of utter madness. The books and films are aimed at teenagers but I hear adults state that it has the tenets about good versus evil and that it’s a flight of romanticism that follows in the footsteps of Romeo & Juliet. What a load of bulls_it !

      If I want something that deals with vampires then I get my dose of it from the HBO series True Blood. Terrific series and plenty of gratuitous sex thrown in for good measure.

      Anna Paquin has grown up somewhat from her Oscar winning role in the movie “The Piano” and in X Men (Rogue) to play the sexually shy Sookie Stackhouse. But once she tastes some vamp _ick all bets are off !



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