Not Twenty Questions Can Count That High But Don’t Want To!

Not Twenty Questions Can Count That High But Don’t Want To!

So herein lies the dilemma Terrell Owens is still without an NFL home . Does he or is he deserving of one with an NFL “team” ? More to the point if you were a general manager would you be inclined to sign him for the long or short term? Teams now said to be interested in the player , the St Louis Rams amongst others . Why ?

Courtesy of News service

Rosenhaus confident T.O. will sign soon

Terrell Owens remains unsigned, but that might change soon, according to agent Drew Rosenhaus.

Rosenhaus texted ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that he was “very confident” that Owens, who played for the Buffalo Bills last season, will have a new team “within the next few weeks.”

In an appearance on ESPN’s “NFL Live” last week, Rosenhaus said five teams were interested in Owens. However, the San Diego Chargers aren’t one of them, despite Vincent Jackson being suspended three games by the NFL and threatening to hold out over his contact situation.

“We’re all set right now with our receivers,” general manager A.J. Smith told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The Seattle Seahawks are also out of the picture.

“No, you know, I go way back with T.O.,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told 710 ESPN Seattle on Monday. “I was there [as an assistant coach] when he showed up with the 49ers when he was a rookie and nobody knew he had any initials or anything. And I really liked Terrell. But we won’t be able to do that this time around. I think at our time in our program development, we’re going to continue to work with the guys that we’ve got and go in a different direction than that. … We’re really looking to get the young guys going as much as we can.”

Owens said recently that he believed teams are swayed by the perception he’s a troublemaker. It’s a perception he believes he disproved with his agreeable behavior in Buffalo during a disappointing season in 2009.

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Owens has had his shot and essentially wherever he’s been he’s simply outstayed his welcome for one reason or another. If Owens can’t cut it with any of his four previous teams , then who’s of the belief that he’ll be successful with a fifth at this stage of his career ?


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What thoughts if any do you have on this subject ? Chime on in with a comment.

tophatal ……………………….. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Not Twenty Questions Can Count That High But Don’t Want To!”

    1. Ravenation LLC

      Rosenhaus will fight tooth and nail to make sure that TO is with a team by the preseason at best if not then it will come down to the regular season itself.

      “We’d like for TO to be on our team ” !


      tophatal ……………. 🙂


    1. al clements

      He can’t do that as VH1 hs given him a commitment to film another season of his reality show “The TO Show”. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      We know that some team will end up signing him to be sure.


      “Hope TO loves to squirt cause I’d like for him to sqiurt all over and inside of me ” !


      tophatal ………..



    1. Chris Humpherys

      Drew Rosenhaus is your typical South Florida skeezer ! He’d sell his own kids if it made him look good in the public’s eyes.



      “Drew would you and TO be interested in a threesome ? OK I know the answer next question” ! Pauline_Nordin


      tophatal …………… 🙂


  1. Sounds like he’s going to be a Bengal! I was kinda hoping he’d go to the Jets like they were talking about earlier today, but may as well go where there’s a lot of successful disfunctional guys!


  2. So, he’s a Bengal, but there are a lot of people that say that Marvin Lewis has never really had control over that locker room to begin with. And it’s not shocker, look at how many arrests they’ve had in the past three years.

    It would not shock me one bit if Cincy finished under .500



    1. Ravenation LLC

      I don’t expect the Bengals to do anything special this season in the AFC North . But as far as the antics of Ochocinco and TO goes . Well anything can happen and that might the only respite that the Bengal’ fans might have all season. Carson Palmer to me is simply overrated much like many of the recents qb’s that’ve left USC for the NFL over the last decade.

      This season Mark Sanchez will either sink or swim by his own makings as a player within the league.

      Mark knows how to lay “the wood” ’cause I’ve seen his 2 by 4 and I like it ! Jamie Lynn Sigler .

      tophatal ………………….. 🙂


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