Wall St , Main St Who The Fu_k Can Tell The Difference Nowadays ?

Wall St , Main St Who The Fu_k Can Tell The Difference Nowadays ?

It’s really asinine to hear these late sports’ radio talk show hosts regale us about how passionate they are abourt sports and how they view it as part of the fabric of society. Well if that means lying cheating and stealing then it now most certainly is . Nowhere perhaps more so than within the sport of MLB (baseball) where Bud Selig and his pals have simply shat upon the fans while trying to portray themselves as the paragons of virtue . And for the imbecile who has his own syndicated late night talk show on Fox Sports Radio please shut the fu_k up once and for all as you’re making a complete ass of yourself kissing and licking the ass of Selig as if it’s actually the nectar of the Gods ……………. for the unitiatated that’s wine.

Within the past forty eight hours it’s come to the public’s notice what sort of fraud has been perpetrated upon the public and barely a damn thing will be done neither by the hierarchy of baseball , or for that matter the so called journalists who actually cover the sport in great detail. One thing I can assure you won’t hear anyone from within the so called hallowed halls of ESPN or Fox Sports question the actions of the teams and the office of Bud Selig as it has come to our notice the actions and antics of Bob Nutting ( Pittsburgh Pirates) , Jefrey Loria ( Florida Marlins) and to a lesser extent the Tampa Bay Rays’ front office in their business dealings . We’ve had Congress via the House Oversight & Reform Committee subpoaena Selig and slew of inidividuals within the game and representatives from the MLBPA in order to question them upon the actions that took place during the steroid era. Those hearings have turned out to be a farce and a complete waste of time as nothing has been resolved other than the idiotic claim by Selig that the game now has the most stringent testing policy of the four major sports . When Selig has the mind and wherewithal to blow smoke up someone’s ass he certainly doesn’t confine himself by doing it with half measures . He simply proceeds to commit you to bend over and drive that ramrod right up your rectum for good measure. In light of that I’m now beginning to wonder with the revelations that the profits earned by the Marlins , Pirates and Rays. And with them each having been in receipt of not only monies by way of MLB’s tax sharing revenues but also from the very fact that state governmental agencies as well as municipalities____ have gone out of their way to make sure that these teams have been given overly beneficial tax cuts and exemptions whilst little tangible has been recouped by those agencies in return.


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It never ceases to amaze me when I hear certain individuals state that there ought not to be any government intervention when it comes to sports. Well to hell with that when the federal government has seen fit to give their governing bodies of all four major sports anti-trust exemption and then sit idly by when those hierarchies simply defraud the public and fans alike without doing anything . I beg the question why then did they seek to throw their full wrath against the likes of Bernie Madoff and the entire board of Enron , WorldCom Inc. and a slew of corproate entities who in effect through creative accounting were allowed to get away with bleeding billions out of the pockets of hard working employees and their shareholders. Granted, the SEC couldn’t find its ass from a whole in the ground . Simply another government agency that is about as much use as a piece of fecal matter stuck on the sole of one’s shoes. But when will the members in particular of the House Oversight Committee wake the hell up and actually do their jobs . Because as of now Bud Selig and the team owners cannot be trusted at all tell the truth much less be completely transparent in their dealings. The actions of the team in question though on the surface may appear to be legal but in some respects I do believe that were the FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) brought in to take a comprhensive look at the books of not only MLB but aslo each of the thirty ballclubs there would be some eyebrows raised as to what has gone on and what the heirarchy of the game has most certainly allowed them to get away with .

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Marlins’ profits came at taxpayer expense

By Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports

The swindlers who run the Florida Marlins got exposed Monday. They are as bad as anyone on Wall Street, scheming, misleading and ultimately sticking taxpayers with a multibillion-dollar tab. Corporate fraud is alive and well in Major League Baseball.

A look at the leak of the Marlins’ financial information to Deadspin confirmed the long-held belief that the team takes a healthy chunk of MLB-distributed money for profit. Owner Jeffrey Loria and president David Samson for years have contended the Marlins break even financially, the centerpiece fiscal argument that resulted in local governments gifting them a new stadium that will cost generations of taxpayers an estimated $2.4 billion . They said they had no money to do it alone and intimated they would have to move the team without public assistance.

In fact, documents show, the Marlins could have paid for a significant amount of the new stadium’s construction themselves and still turned an annual operating profit. Instead, they cried poor to con feckless politicians that sold out their constituents.

The ugliness of the Marlins’ ballpark situation is already apparent, and the building doesn’t open for another 18 months. Somehow a team that listed its operating income as a healthy $37.8 million in 2008 alone swung a deal in which it would pay only $155 million of the $634 million stadium complex. Meanwhile, Miami-Dade County agreed – without the consent of taxpayers – to take $409 million in loans loaded with balloon payments and long grace periods. By 2049, when the debt is due, the county will have paid billions.

Most harrowing is the takeaway that baseball’s biggest welfare case could have funded a much greater portion of the ballpark. In 2009, when the Marlins started spending some of their profits on their portion of the stadium, they still had an operating income of $11.1 million. The team fought to conceal the $48.9 million in profits over the last two years because the revelation would have prompted county commissioners to insist the team provide more funding. Loria, an art dealer with a net worth of hundreds of millions, wouldn’t stand for that. He wanted as much public funding as possible – money that could’ve gone toward education or to save some of the 1,200 jobs the county is cutting this year.

Surely Samson was joking when he called the leak of the Marlins documents and those of five other teams “a crime.” No, the real misdeed occurred when the head of a professional sports franchise misled the public in order to secure money that wasn’t his. When Forbes in 2007 reported the Marlins had the highest operating income in baseball, Samson denied the team profited, saying: “Very often the mistake that’s made is they look at revenue sharing numbers and the team’s payroll and take the difference and see profit without looking at our expenses.”

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Marlins’ owner Jeffrey Loria and his stepson , team President David Sampson seems aggrieved that documentation has come out detailing the profits of the ballclub and the fact that they have misled the Miami Dade County Government as well as the city of Miami Government with regard to financial well being. And all of this was done during and prior the leadup of the vote that would clear the way for a new ballpark to be built for the team on the land where the Orange Bowl Stadium was situated in downtown Miami. Whilst this has gone we’ve also had the rancourings of Nutting whose simply tried to abate the growing resentment of his actions and that of the Pirates’ front office . Their lackadaisical approach to what Nutting believes is a step in the right direction as to the competitiveness of the team belies what has taken place since he took over the organization. He and his syndicate members have pocketed tens millions of dollars while the team still remains the laughing stock of baseball and around the entire league . As many of you will no doubt know the monies given to the teams via thei league’s tax sharing revenue scheme is meant for the organizations to bolster their rosters in order to place a competitive product on the field of play. In all honesty can anyone actually attest to that the fact that is what has been done by the Pirates who play their games at PNC Park ? In recent years the same could be said of the Marlins , albeit that they have won two World Series titles in the past fifteen years.

Now Bud Selig could well plead to the fact that he simply knew nothing of what has taken place and the actions of the teams therei . But given what we’ve seen from Selig and his handling of the steroid and the total intransigence shown by him and then union Executive Director Donald Fehr . Once again has to ask if he actually knew nothing then he should’ve made it his business to know . It’s not as if the actions of the owners have been completely above board and at the same time the naivete shown by the respective governmental agencies at all levels has to come into question. I mean who the hell nowadays simply takes the word of multi-millionaire or billionaire franchise owner as if their word is gospel ? Only a complete idiot one would hazard a guess but then again simply look at the actions of the present administration and that of both Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke ? Inaction on both their parts and that of what many believe be collusion on the part of Congress and the US Senate has led many to believe that the financial meltdown could have been avoided had both legislative chambers not been in the pockets of the lobbyists of Wall St and beyond. The same can be said of Selig and his interaction with the owners around baseball. How can anyone tell the difference anymore with regard to the actions of those on Wall Street and that of the actions of the owners within MLB ? Can you actually say that there’s no difference between the two given the most recent revelations made ?



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What thoughts if any do you have on the revelations that are now coming to light as to how many of the teams within baseball big and small actually now derive their profits ? Do you believe that in any way the government ought to intervene ? Or do you believe that this is best handled by the hierarchy of baseball and the team owners themselves ? Simply chime on in with a comment as to your own thoughts on the matter either way .

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I’m Sorry Tony But You Just Might Be In The Minority Of One !

I’m Sorry Tony But You Just Might Be In The Minority Of One !

Now there’s no denying that former Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ coach Tony Dungy has is admirers around the league ___ (NFL) amongst the coaches , fans and the teams . But his latest interjection with regard to the behavior of New York Jets’ coach Rex Ryan and his use of profanity within the HBO reality series Hard Knocks has me wondering why Dungy is now once again up on his pulpit calling out the coach for his use of profanity. Granted, I know that being around NFL players can be at times hazardous for one’s health given their proclivity for dropping F-bombs during the heat of the moment . And I’m quite sure that Dungy had to have been in the midst of it all not only as a coach but also as a player during his professional career within the NFL . This is the same Tony Dungy who took Michael Vick under his wing seeking to give the player some guidance after the player’s much publicized fall from grace. Never mind that Vick having served his time was given a second chance with the Philadelphia Eagles within a year almost once again had him being questioned by law enforcement in the apparent near fatal shooting of one of his former accomplices at his birthday party at a night club. Wherein , Vick sought to evade the glare of the public spotlight by lying about his whereabouts at the time of the incident. That asides , Vick’s return to the league has been something of a charade and his productivity with the Eagles has many wondering whether or not it was all worth it .


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Ryan for his part isn’t a shrinking violet nor does he claim to be . But what we do know is that he demands from his players the best that they can be and nothing less than that is satisfactory for the second year coach. Coaches have their own ways of communicating with the players and their coaching staff. And I’m sure that the case for Rex Ryan , the Jets’ team members and his coaching staff . Now I’m not one to think that every utterance from the coach is a profanity laced tirade or merely his only way of communicating with the players. But if they’re not offended by the utterances then I hardly feel that Dungy should be bothered by it at all. With Dungy being a devout Christian I can understand his wish for common courtesy and decorum being applied in all walks of one’s life. But no one amongst us can clearly act with such devotion . If that’s the case then I’m sure that there are those amongst us who are definitely living something of a a lie . Now don’t get me wrong I’m a great admirer of Dungy not only as a coach but as also as a great human being . His devotion to his beliefs whilst admirable and his efforts not only amongst the impoverished but men of color who are incarcerated is to be greatly admired and praised as being noteworthy. There are few men in and out of the league who actually devote their time in such noteworthy causes . But this is one instance where I fail to see how Dungy’s actions can be seen as being somewhat well meaning. If there is any action to be answerable then it ought to be between Ryan , and the front office of the Jets if they feel aggrieved by his actions.

And what might now be even more asinine is for Dungy to be calling on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to intercede in the matter. Doesn’t Goodell have enough problems as it is to deal within and around the league ? And if Dungy, himself, wants to be seen as some paragon of virtue and really do something that would be of benefit to the league concerning its image and of its players in particular. Then would it not be more prudent for him to be working in conjunction with the NFLPA and its Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and NFLPA President Kevin Mawae to clean up the NFLPA’s already tarnised image ? I mean how often is it now when we can’t go without hearing or reading about another NFL player running afoul of the law for one reason or another ? But low and behold we have the well respected Tony Dungy aggrieved because as an NFL coach drops several F-bombs during a training regime ? Which would you as an NFL fan would feel more aggrieved by ?

I’m not about to blow smoke up anyone’s ass but as the baseball season now begins to hit the home stretch there are one or two teams whom I now feel are either going to blow it all or by some inexplicable reason going to make it to the postseason . Can we now count out and thank both the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets for turing up this season ? I’m not about to say that both organizations have hit rock bottom but they’re now making the likes of the Kansas City Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates seem admirable in the way with which they handle futilty and mediocrity year and year out. I can only surmise that owners Tom Ricketts of the Cubs and Fred Wilpon of the Mets and his immediate family cannot wait to cast off the shackles of this season !

Now asides from the failures of both the Cubs and Mets this season who amongst would have thought that the San Diego Padres would be playing such a high standard of baseball ? Never mind the fact that the AL West as a division can be about as entertaining as listening to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca,.) offering us all her views as to why she feels that there’s so much partisanship within Congress . All I can say is that Pelosi may well be one of the many reasons why the Republicans will be sweeping back into power within both legislative chambers. And I can tell you this I’m no great admirer of either party as I find them both disingenous and about as honorable as having to listen a lie being told by a pedophile who’s been caught in a lie as to their crime or multiple crimes . Now that’s not to say that the Padres haven’t been challenged within their division. But in all honesty the San Franciso Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers have posed about as much of a threat as Clay Aiken would were he challenging Manny Pacaquiao in a boxing match. Here endeth the lesson as to the divsion as it’s now the Padres to lose should they deem it fit to self implode.

If you’re now Ozzie Guillen of the Chicago White Sox do you go off on a profanity laced tirade as you now see your team basically being smacked about like a whore being beaten on by her pimp because she gave a customer a freebie ? How is it that this team can be so inconsistent from moment to the next ? Never mind the financial resources at GM Kenny Williams’ disposal and what must White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf be thinking at this juncture ? The Minnesota Twins (70-50) have essentially opened up a five game lead within the AL Central and it appears that the White Sox have all but given up hope of erasing the lead. On the other hand if you’re Twins’ manager Ron Gardenhire you’ve got to be entirely happy with the situation and the way that your team is now playing as they enter the closing stretch of their season . I think it’s pretty much safe to say that the Twins will be revisiting the postseason once again unless they’re another of these teams looking to self implode.

And back to the NFL and as the whole world knows by now Brett Favre has returned to the fold in Minnesota and for some inexplicable reason he’ll be well rewarded by getting an extra $3.5 million tacked on to his $13 million salary due to him this year with a further $3.5million in incentives should the Vikings make it to the Superbowl . I don’t know about you but if I had treated my employer in the way that Favre has treated the Vikings front office my ass would’ve been kicked to the door long ago. Alas, I’m not an athlete but merely an analyst and economics researcher for a a law firm within their corporate division. That being said it’s a well paid and respectable position and my colleagues don’t fawn over me the way that Favre’s teammates are said to be now doing . I can only surmise that Vikings’ coach Brad Childress , his coaching staff and Zygi Wilf the Vikings’ owner are now happy that his rather asinine saga is over . As to those dithering idiots within ESPN namely Chris Mortensen , ______ John Clayton and Mark Schlereth __ their erections now will have to be looked at by a urologist as they may well overdosed on Cialis awaiting the player’s return to the NFL . This will be my last statement on the matter until the regular season starts as I don’t feel it appropriate to continue to make this story a “cause-celebre” when it’s not ! So as of now all I have to say is welcome back Brett Favre but now please simply shut the hell up and play the game. And should the team fail to make it the postseason then simply have the good grace to call it quits and walk away like a real man would ! .



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What thoughts if any do you have on the subject matters raised within this piece ? By all means simply chime in with a comment as you deem fit and thanks as always for the continued support !


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Truth , Fact or Fiction …… ?

Truth , Fact or Fiction …… ?

The wonders of the modern media , its journalists and reporters never ceases to amazet at all. It’d appear that rather reporting a story a reporter would prefer to make themselves the story and in large part interject themselves in whatever way possible even when there isn’t a reason for doing so. We’ve all seen it countless of times and more often than not it does proves to be annoying. ESPN’s —- Jim Gray has repeatedly proven the point that he’s no more a sports reporter or journalist than one could consider Snooki from MTV’s reality show “Jersey Shore” to be a doctoral candidate for Harvard University or any other prestigious educational establishment . But somehow individuals such as these two repeatedly crop on our tv screens and continue to make completes asses of themselves !

Gray’s mea-culpa was to call US Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin a liar concerning a conversation he had with the PGA Tour professional with regard to his captain’s pick of the US team to play Europe in the upcoming event. Gray insinuated that Pavin had categorically stated that Tiger Woods would be definitely included on the team to play the Europeans . Pavin’s take on the issue was that he would consider the player only on the basis of his form and whether or not he felt that the player would be an asset to the team . Based on Woods’ present form I for one am not too sure the world’s number one golfer would prove to be an asset at all ! Given his most recent finish in the WGC Bridgestone Invitational Akron , Ohio where he finished in 78 th place in a field of eighty golfers. It does beg the question are Woods’ off the field problems still proving to be a hindrance to his form on the Tour ? An impending divorce and the fact that the custody of his children have become an over-riding issue may well have played a great deal in the player’s particular fall from atop the leaderboards on the PGA Tour.


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Now with the final major of the season now starting as of today all eyes will once again be upon Woods as he chases Jack Nicklaus’ total of 18 Grand Slam major tour wins . The PGA Championship from Whistling Straits Golf Course in Kohler , Wisconsin is the lone major left on the PGA schedule . Apart from the fact that the US teamm will picked with top ten points’ holder getting an automatic berth the captain ( Pavin) is entitled to have his two picks that will be the final makeup of the twelve man field. As it now stands Phil Mickelson is atop of those standings with the next nine players set in place. The event itself will be held in Europe at The Celtic Manor Resort Golf & CC in Newport , Wales. And the European fans will be attending en masse to support their hometown heroes led by their captain Scottish European Tour player Colin Montgomerie . The event will take place between the 1st – 3rd October , 2010 and is expected to be a soldout event with countless of millions more watching worldwide.

Gray’s credibility and his stance at this juncture can’t all be taken seriously especially in light of the fact that his rather tedious and boring interview with NBA player LeBron James was such a complete waste of time and added about as much to journalistic integrity as Jayson Blair’s career has been viewed as being one of prestige in the field of news reporting. What we do know is that ESPN paid $250,000 to James’ representatives for the exclusive rights to the interview in which the player let the whole world know that he would indeed be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to make his new found home and NBA future with the Miami Heat . Credibility comes to those who earn it by carrying out their duties judiciously and who’ve earned the respect of the fans and their peers alike. One sincerely doubts that can be said of Jim Gray amongst the fans of the sports world but on the other hand within the world of the glad handing and backslapping amongst his own. Where the mere morsel of controversy is seen as something worthwhile and of journalistic integrity. One certainly has to wonder how it is that anyone can continue to take Jim Gray and his work seriously ?

As a New England Patriots’ fan I always admired the play of Tedy Bruschi as part of the team’s Superbowl success in winning three Superbowl titles. As an analyst with the four letter network his choices and prognostications while sound at times. He tends to make the most asinine of assertions from time to time and perhaps no more than his most recent statement that the now retired former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive player Derrick Brooks is not to his mind a bona-fide first ballot Hall of Famer . Now to each his own but given the fact that Brooks has been a Superbowl winning player and a perennial Pro Bowl caliber player for much of his entire career. I’ve got to ask myself what hallucinogens has Bruschi been on and also was ESPN aware that when they hired the former Patriots’ player he would prove to be such as idiot to begin with ? Now all kidding asides when you’re going to put such statement out there you’d better have the balls to back it up ! In Bruschi’s case then there was none whatsoever and unfortunately his co-hosts and panelists on the show didn’t question his thoughts on the matter . Once again showing another reason why the sports outlet now has become nothing more than an entertainment medium rather than a source of information and good sports reporting. Has broadcast journalism and in particular within the field of sports really sank that low ? More to the point where are the really salient sports stories that the fans would expect to see being reported ? Instead now we’ve got a bunch of clowns who espouse the idea that they are indeed analysts or journalists as the case maybe and that they’re the best that the network has to offer.

As the NFL season beckons some of the stories that’ll be reported upon will no doubt be bound in very little fact but even more fiction. And that now tends to be the case the vast majority of the time with ESPN ! Be on the lookout for the next Brett Favre story as we’re now liable to hear from the likes of Chris Mortensen and John Clayton that Favre’s hemorrhoids have been playing up and that his surgically repaired ankle is now the least of his problems as it regards his impending future with the Minnesota Vikings . Somehow until Favre is actually suited up in a Vikings’ uniform this will be pretty much the staple as what to expect from the sports broadcast outlet.

When you’re said to be $40 million apart on a contract negotiation I can only surmise that youre agent and the team’s GM are either too drunk to carry out what they’re doing with great effect or that the lines of communication are indeed crossed. Such may well be the case with the ongoing negotiations concerning Jets’ cornerback Darrelle Revis and the team’s GM Mike Tannenbaum . The New York Jets are said to be offering the player a ten year $120 million contract with what is said to be as much as anywhere between $75 to $85 million plus in guaranteed money . The player and his agent are said to be looking for a 10 year $160 million contract with at least $90 million in guaranteed money and incentives. Now don’t get me wrong but when the NFL salaries are now escalating in line where we’re now seeing the type of salaries being offered to major league ballplayers I’ve got to begin to question the sanity of the teams around the NFL and their respective heirarchies. Never mind what the NFLPA might well have to say about this all because as we all know for them it has and always will be about the money and not much else !

With the Jets’ first preseason game just a few days away there’s talk that Revis is prepared to sit out the entire pre and regular season in order to get what he feels he deserves and that’s to be the highest player at his position and therefore putting him to be paid along the lines of Peyton Manning in terms of a compensatory package. Nnamdi Asomugha of the Oakland Raiders at present is the highest paid cornerback in the league herein lies the caveat the player has a proven track record whereas , Revis after one productive year expects to be paid as one of the elite at his position. Perception is everything but it can also mean absolutely nothing whatsoever ! Whether or not Rex Ryan his coaching staff and the team can do without Revis over the prolonged season remains to be seen. But this much is certain all of Ryan’s brevitas at this juncture now seems to have lost a great deal of its luster if as thought they could be without their much hyped cornerback . Never mind the fact that coach has his team winning the AFC East as well as the Superbowl this upcoming season.

Now that Tracy McGrady has signed with the Detroit Pistons I do believe that this might well be the player’s last hurrah . Once thought of as young phenom, the years and age have caught up to a player whose best years it can honestly be said are behind him. Somehow however he and Pistons’ GM Joe Dumars still feel that the player has something to offer and that he can contribute to the team . From where I sit McGrady should have hung up his spurs long ago. His dwindling ability cannot hide the fact that he’s now playing like a geriatric with only at times rarely showing glimpses of brilliance. Long having been “the lions” of the Eastern Conference the Pistons have seen other pass them by and they’re now having to look at a roster that’s lacking in leadership and real star power. Never mind the fact that in terms of sheer ability they may not have what it takes to usurp many of the now more resilient teams within their conference.

Now with the Davidson family looking to sell the team in order to curtail the estate taxes and Bill Davidson’s wife Karen since her late husband’s death is no longer keen to be a part of what he had established . The Pistons are now said to be looking for a new owner and the NBA hierarchy are now keen to make that happen expeditiously. The only real person to have shown an intense interest in purchasing the team is Detroit Tigers and Red Wings’ owner Michael Ilitch . His main reasons are the fact that he’d like to see the organization remain within Michigan and particularly at the Palace of Auburn Hills where they’re very much , still a fan favorite. He does believe that if the team were bought by an outsider then it may well be relocated and that may well be something that most Pistons’ fans would certainly feel disgruntled with. As to how that would also go down with NBA Commissioner David Stern would also be of concern . But then again Stern and the Thunder ownership certainly made light work of misleading the city of Seattle when the Sonics were moved out of town to Oklahoma City. So at this juncture nothing is written in stone and with a complete certainty concerning the storied franchise .



The truth can be viewed in a number of ways …….. your’s , mine and somewhere in between. As to what the real truth is in any given story what we do know is that for the vast majority of the time most news gathering sources really do go out of their way to make sure that what we’re being told is the truth and that it has some rationale behind it. In the case of the likes of ESPN much of it is merely created to ramp up the interests of the viewers and that’s now become their overall claim to fame. So next time be weary of what it is that they’re reporting but even more so take a keen look at the source of the story and how it is being reported. Much of the time you get a clue as to what’s fact and what is indeed work of fiction. Chime in with a comment as to this and any other sporting topic that as of late has been of a real interest to you. We can then dissect it and perhaps in some way get to the real truth of what’s said to be happening ? Thanks as always for the continued support as it has always been appreciated !


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Hey Did You Hear The One ’bout the NFL ? It’s Back

Hey Did You Hear The One ’bout the NFL ? It’s Back

Well the NFL season unofficially kicks off this weekend with the Hall of Fame game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Cincinnati Bengals . Suffice to say, that with the Hall of Fame induction of seven legendary stars of the gridiron and then the commencement of the game we can truly say that ….. “football is back ” ! And hopefully it’ll be as good as ever ?

Now given what we know about the NFL and all of its machinations the possibility of seeing a repeat champion might not be out of the question. But as we all know the successful defense of a Superbowl championship is such a hard thing to achieve. For the New Orleans Saints , their fans and the entire organization this will be uppermost in their minds. Sunday’s game pits two of the league’s more exuberant teams and the mere fact that a great deal is expected of both this upcoming season makes it something of an intriguing match-up. Granted, as usual the Cowboys are continually feted as America’s team which to my mind is like viewing Rosie O’Donnell as the best looking female you’ve ever come across in your life . But unfortunately there are some out there who can continue to jump on this Cowboys’ bandwagon even when they’re traveling on three wheels with a busted tire . Ugly ! Really ugly !


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We know that the Bengals have somehow seen fit to offer Terrel Owens somewhere to lay his head and call home but in the cold light of day what happens when Owens aind the rest of this roster faces real adversity ? Never mind how he and Chad Ochocinco feel that they’ll grace us with their presence. Now they’re trying to come cross as the NFL’s answer to Martin and Lewis ?

Let’s stop for a moment of silence while we pray for Brett Favre . To Jenn Sterger if the text image of Brett’s “crank” was such a shock to you then why did you not make law enforcement aware of what he’d allegedly done ? Let’s hope that for the Vikings’ sake this season Brett’s showing less of his crank and more of his prowess on the field of play the team . But that of course would be predicated upon the player making an announcement of his full intent to return to the NFL. Once again he’s playing us all ,thinking the entire fan-dom of the NFL awaits upon his every word. Perhaps that’s the case for the dundering idiots within the ESPN who hang unto his every word as if he’d become Jesus Christ incarnate upon his return to earth ? But to them isn’t Brett , Christ __ himself ? Now Brett ranks up there with LeBron James being a very close second in all things futile when it comes to related sport’s journalism within that particular bastion of idiocy !

One good season doesn’t a great player make but were you listening to New York Jets’ coach Rex Ryan speak he’d have you believe that Darrelle Revis is by far the “best player” in the NFL ? He might be bordering on becoming one of the better players at his position but by no means is he the best at his position much less the best player in the NFL. It’s as one patron once tried to suggest to me because certain Pro Bowl player had been lauded by NFL coaches and analysts across the NFL it made him a legitimate player of with credence within the game. Being feted means nothing in the NFL when you can’t play with consistency week and week out . Unfortunately, this came from someone who because he felt he’d coached the game at a certain level , it made him ever so qualified to come up with his diatribe. Well I view that , like asking Sarah Palin her views on world peace , the US Constitution and the reasons behind the US Supreme Court and the reasons behind its very existence . Listening to Palin to try say something intelligent on a subject, is akin to listening to a drunk tell you that he’d been abducted by a UFO . Which begs the questions are crop circles possible within the state of Alaska ?

This season for the Jets could either be something to relish or they could be in for something of a letdown. Either way within the AFC East the division could become something of a two horse race between themselves and the New England Patrtiots . And for both teams this may well season where we’ll find out a great deal about their psyche’s and makeup in terms of their resilience and performance on the field of play.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell still hasn’t come to a decision concerning whether or not the six game suspension of Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be reduced or remain intact. Well that’s as he peases concerning the player. Upon his return to the team’s training camp in Latrobe , Pennsylvania, it looked as if the short lived memories of those fans had taken the stance of “forgive” and “forget” as the player was welcomed back with open arms by his teammates and fans alike . Which begs the question in light of an Indianapolis Colts’ defensive player still awaiting the league’s own adjudication as to his conduct concerning sexual battery upon a female . How is that Goodell has yet to make statement on that very matter , much less he’s yet to suspend the player ? The player conduct policy gives him the right to suspend a player for any action deemed to be conduct detrimental to the game and is in complete agreement with the collective bargaining agreement hammered out between the league and the NFLPA. Somehow isn’t Goodell now coming across as something of a hypocrite as to how he seeks to reprimand players when it comes to their conduct ?

When the NFL Draft came about this year the thinking was that there was a rich crop of talent to be had . And that may well have been the case but somehow I do feel that we’ll see a number of players struggle in within their freshman year in the league. This much we do know is that the NFL is extremely brutal and if there’s indeed a flaw in a player’s game then they will be found out. There are no if’s or and’s about it come to play or get the hell of the football field ! I just hope that EPSN’s Mel Kiper is now taking this to heart because his opinions on players such as Jimmy Clausen wherein he pronounced that the player had what it takes to be an immediate impact in the NFL must’ve fell on deaf ears. Claussen slipped so far down on everyone’s charts that you’d have needed not only a periscope to find the guy but also sonar . Be that as it may the player now finds himself or Carolina under the auspices of John Fox and the Carolina Panthers . Something of a comedown one would think from his days under Charlie Weis and the beleaguered “Fighhting Irish” program , where we were told the player was being coahed in an NFL type of an environment. Anyone who’d witnessed the play of Notre Dame under Weis can attest to the fact that their play was nowhere that of an NFL team much less a really bad NFL team . Suffice to say that shit would refuse to be seen in the same vicinity of anything said to be resembling football coming out of Notre Dame while Weis and his staff were coaching there ! It was that bad , if not worse !

If ever there was a time for Matt Leinart to prove to the fans in Arizona and around the NFL that he’s matured then this season with the Arizona Cardinals would be it. With the retirement of Kurt Warner this is now Leinart’s team to lead. And now we’ll see whether or not he’s mature enough and he’s shown signs that all of the coddling he’d received at the hands of Pete Carroll and the coaching staff at USC is a thing of the past . Certainly, if he’s not shown signs that he’s learned anything as the backup to Warner while still learning the nuances of the game from Ken Whisenhunt’s —- coaching staff then the Cardinals and Matt Leinart could be doomed for a bumpy ride and distinct failure in the NFC West this upcoming season. But then again this is the NFC West we’re talking about where mediocrity and barely above average is such a thin line that anything could happen and will no doubt happen. So inept and mediocre has been the play within the division that the consensus has been that whoever turns up on the day in uniform within the division ready to play could be considered to be the favorite to win the division outright. If you don’t believe me then consider the make up the division and the rosters of the teams therein ?



What I for one am hoping for from this NFL season is an exhilarating one where the teams are eager to play and the stars of the game are ready to show us what they’ve got. I can only imagine that the TO , Ochocinco show on the road should be something of a blast . However, if the Bengals aren’t fairing at all well within the AFC much less the AFC North then look for the roadshow to implode with that bitch simply turning into a circus and freak show all rolled into one. It’ll make the antics of the guidos and guidettes of the Jersey Shore seem like academia in one form or another . What thoughts if any do you have on the kick-off the upcoming NFL season ? Chime on in with a comment as always . Thanks !

NB: Click on the link provided to see who the 2010 NFL Hall of Fame inductees due for enshrinement in Canton , Ohio. Russ Grimm , —- Rickey Jackson , _—- Dick LeBeau , Floyd Little , John Randle , Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith .

Inductees due for enshrinement in 2010


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“I got to see Brett’s crank because he text me a picture of it . What have you got show for yourself ” ? Jenn Sterger .

We’s Be Bugging Man ……..

We’s Be Bugging Man

Well it was meant to be the social event of the weeend and unfortunately neither myself or President Barack Obama were invited to festive nuptials of Chelsea Clinton and her new husband Marc Mezvinsky . Can’t have too many brothers in that part of New York I’ve been told. I’ve been informed that the bride wore white having been dressed by noted designer Vera Wang. Well, let’s just hope that Chelsea and Mark’s wedded bliss is more favorable than that of her parents. With the President having not been invited quite possibly due to the security concerns in the rural town of Rhinebeck , New York and the mere fact that there might’ve ben those who’d have questioned the fact that he was in attendance of a wedding when the nation is teetering on the brink of a catastrophe and there’s no leadership to be had from either political party . We ought to be thankful that the nation can as a whole rely upon the sporting landscape to provide us all with some solace.

Well over the weekend with not having to RSVP for the nuptials I took the girlfriend to see the Tampa Bay Rays play the New York Yankees in their three game series played at Tropicana Field , St Petersburg , Florida. Well given the fact that the Joe Girardi managed team leads the AL East with the best record (66-38) in baseball and their closest rivals within the division and record wise are the Rays. This series had a great deal going for it as it meant to the winner of the series at this point of the season would have the bragging rights as to the series played between the two teams thus far.


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In front of a soldout crowd over the three days of this series the Rays simply laid to rest that the Yankees are best team in all of baseball. Record wise that may well be the case but nothing about the series proved unequivocably to me that the boys in Pinstripes are indeed the best team there is at this present juncture. Everything about this Joe Maddon managed team suggests otherwise and those Rays’ fans in attendance at the “Trop” will have you know that they consider their team to be the best. Having won the series rather convincingly taking it 2-1 with the last game of the triumvirate being a rather lopsided 3-0 victory . Suffice to say that the Yankees and their fans now cow-tow it out of town with their tails between their legs knowing full well that the should two teams meet in the postseason by no means would the New York Yankees be duly favored to win that particular match-up outright .

It’s now pretty safe to say that unless there’s a monumetal meltdown by either team then the winner and the wildcard entrant for the American League will come from within the division. And it’s pretty safe to say that apart from it being the desire of the Rays’ front office and their fans to win the division , nothing would give them a greater presence of mind than winning the AL Pennant for the second time and thereby making another appearance in the World Series . Though not being a fans of this Rays’ team I’ve watched from afar over the past few years as they’ve built themselves into a contender under the tenureship of Stuart Sternberg and the coaching staff of Joe Maddon . The years of futility under the previous ownership of Vince Naimoli and the rather tyrannical management style of Lou Piniella thankfully are long gone and a thing of the past ! Now it’s time for the Rays to shine and for their erstwhile fans to make hay while the sun shines.. Now while if there’s one thing of concern for the organization it would have to be the ever growing uncertainty of the stadium issue and the rather bloviated opinions of the municipalities in the midst of the furore as to who will ultimately house the team in what is said will be a multi-million dollar facility. Never mind the fact that ther cost of the stadium has never been broached as to where the financing will actually come from . Another boondoggle where ultimately we’re to be told that is in the best interests of the community as a whole. Sh_t when it comes to politics and baseball can be made to roll both up and downhill at the same time dependent upon where you just happen to standing when it comes to this particular argument . Commissioner Bud Selig and baseball’s hierarchy pushes one way and in the opposite direction the political diaspora either is smelling what Selig is cooking or making rather asinine statements as to what they would like to see happen without actually truly listening to their constituents at the present time. But should we be expecting anything else from our politicians at present where the presence of mind to show leadership is liking asking stripper if she’s willing to initiate sexual contact and oral sex for a fee .

Now as the season turns into the home stretch it’s going to be interesting to see which teams are in the hunt for the wildcard spots within both leagues and how those teams will seek to manuever themselves by way of their rosters. Albeit that the trade deadline has come and gone there’s still a chance that one or two deals are still there top be made.



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As a fan of the game who’s since left their allegiance to the Florida Marlins behind primarily because of the sheear and inane bumbling stupidity of the ownership and front office I’m now looking for a team to lay my hat and swear allegiance to. It may well be the Rays when it’s all said and done but then again it might not. What I do know now is that this Rays’ team can no longer be overlooked as an also ran but first thye have to prove to me that they do indeed have what it takes to go all the way. They showed a great deal of tenacity in this series and if they’re able to replicate that in the postseason then I for one believe that there’s no reason why they can’t go all the way . Let’s go Rays let’s get crunk’d as we’s be buggin’ man !

For details concernig trades that went down and further MLB news then click on link shown . MLB News & Views

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