I’m No One’s Bitch But My Own …… !

I’m No One’s Bitch But My Own !

OK so someone explain to me what was so noble about what was done by Reggie Bush ? Giving up his Heisman Trophy after the cheating that took place when from the outset as he lied as to the fact that he took nor did he licit any gifts from an agent or boosters from within the US Trojans’ organization. From start to finish this has been one complete charade and much of that may well have been done with the knowledge of his former coach Pete Carroll and no doubt former athletic director Mike Garrett. Pat Haden who as successor to Garrett has thanked the former Trojan for his actions and stated that…”it was a commendable thing to do”. Now as the Heisman Board of Trustees makes a decision as to whether or not to award the the trophy to runner up Vince Young or to completely vacate verdict of 2005 one has to ask what sort of a deterrent will this be seen as to other athletes ?

Clearly Bush has profited from the award financially not just from his draft status in 2006 but also from the commercial endorsements garnered by the player. The NCAA in their dealings with USC found that the program there was rife with numerous infractions stemming from 2005 and prior. In pronouncing their findings they sought punish the program with impunity. The loss of multiple scholarships and none appearances in BCS bowl games for two consecutive years. We may think that the punishment was too severe but when one considers that the program sought to hide behind this subterfuge without an admission of guilt. And the idiocy shown by former USC students in trying to negate the wrongdoing by saying that the cheating didn’t take place on the field of play was as asinine as it comes !


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The NCAA doesn’t stipulate as to how cheating is prescribed as it concerns on the field endeavors because they simply state infractions of any kind aren’t tolerated. If that’s not a clear enough definition for those individuals then the education that takes place on the campus of USC isn’t all it’s cracked up to be ! As to Young being the recipient of the award, well it may not viewed as the right thing to do but to my mind it would not settle a situation that the Heisman board members and the NCAA were in some ways fully aware as to ongoing inconsistencies going on within the Trojans’ athletic program. But the idiocy here was that they all chose to turn a blind eye to the actions that had been rumored to have taken place. ere it not for the investigative journalists who sought to seek out the truth then much of what came to light would’ve remained hidden.

The NFL season is but a week old but already injuries could well become the culprit that waylays the year for several teams . It could play a great deal as to what transpires for numerous teams. So far the New York Jets , New England Patriots , Indianapolis Colts and are but a slew of teams that has lost players to season ending injuries. And it will become a test of wills for their coaches to see if the players plugged in to fill those gaps will prove to be sufficient to keep their seasons intact .

Did I miss something concerning the San Diego Chargers’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs ? I’m no great admirer of Norv Turner as a coach as I don’t view him as someone who knows how to handle real adversity within the NFL well. The Chargers’ defense was about as resolute as the passengers on the Titanic as they sought to save themselves. In the case of the Chargers there was nothing to be saved here other than the reputation of several veterans. The upheaval that there has been within the team where we’ve since seen the departure of future Hall of Famer LaDanian Tomlinsion and the discord between wide receiver Vincent Jackson </a? and the organization . GM A J Smith and team President & CEO Dean Spanos while looking towards the future seem to be unsure as to the what direction that they want the team to be heading in.

The AFC West long seen as the Chargers’ own personal backyard but this season could turn out to be somewhat different as the Chiefs now seem to be more resolute with the addition of Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel as the offensive and defensive coordinators for the team . The two experienced veteran coaches will provide a great deal of assistance to head coach Todd Haley . We may well also get to see how much growth there will be quarterback Matt Cassel’s game as he seeks to more cohesiveness with his team and in particular with the offense. The defense showed depth and signs of maturity in their season opener but it was special teams that brought about the victory for the success starved Chiefs.

Say what you may about the Oakland Raiders but I now get the impression that many of their fans aren’t always willing to deal with reality. And if they are, they’ll tend to wax on lyrically about past achievements rather than the reality of what’s happening at present. Can a Raiders’ fan simply explain to me how from one moment to the next this team simply plays as if they’ve no sense of acceptance or responsibility to their fans ? And from a coaching standpoint Tom Cable just hasn’t instigated any sort of discipline into this team. If there’s a Raiders fan out there who believes that he has then I’d like to hear your ideas as to where there’s evidence of that ? Two years on and it could well be that should Cable and the team not have a winning season then we could see the organization part with the coach and the ever revolving door of coaches departing from the team once again commences. It’s strange to see how far this organization has fallen from grace all under the tenure of owner Al Davis . And as storied as Davis’ legacy as been there comes a time when the keys to the kingdom has to be turned over to someone who actually knows the hell what they’re doing.

As week two approaches a number of things may well fall into place as a number of teams will actually begin to find their footing as the season progresses. My biggest concern is how realistic the league will be in the declining attendances across the NFL. Granted the cavernous edifices of Cowboys Stadium and Meadowlands Stadium may not initially reflect that given that both venues are still in their infancy but it remains to be seen whether or not the teams who call it their home can fill the venues without the anticipated success. Overall revenues are now on the decline for the NFL and so too has been game attendance although television viewership appears to be on the rise. The economic recession has played its part in this all but now with the uncertainty of a possible labor stoppage and the mere fact that there’s an impasse between the league and players’ union. And one could ask whether or not Commissioner Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith of the NFLPA are actually making a concerted effort to reach an amicable agreement that would curtail a lockout ? What we’ve heard from either side would indicate that the chasm between the two sides appears to be wider than first thought . And neither side it appears wants to be seen as the villain of the piece but clearly neither side wants to be seen as the culprit that brings about a strike within the NFL. The good faith and will built between the league and its patrons , the fans , will suffer should the league shutdown for the entire upcoming season. Chances are if that scenario were to arise then we all might as well take up needlepoint as a replacement for watching or attending NFL games.



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What thoughts if any do you have with regard to the points raised in this piece and how do you view things panning out specifically with regard to the league ?

Alan aka tophatal 🙂 * 😦


Bria Myles’ 22’s but I’m sure headlights and rims are far bigger than that ! And who wouldn’t want to polish Bria’s headlights ?



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7 thoughts on “I’m No One’s Bitch But My Own …… !”

  1. Reggie got what he wanted out of that trophy, he was the second pick with a nice contract to go with it! I think the comitee’s are stupid for dragging it out more than it needs to be.

    If the Raiders can’t beat the Rams this weekend, our season is already over…


    1. chappy

      Well now that Bush reckons that his actions are a none admission of guilt to my mind it simply shows his statement was prepared by his lawyers . As they knew that if he admitted any wrongdoing he could be indicted by the Feds. And you’re right he made out well financially from the winning of the Heisman and his ensuing draft status. But who in the first instance believed that that he’d have told the truth to begin with ? He settled with his intercedents concerning the monies owed on the property his family was leasing. And for those fuc_ing idiots who claim he was young and naive they ought to shut the fu_k up once and for all. If he hadn’t been approached and accepted the gifts which he knew were against the NCAA rules then why they simply gloss over those facts ? Are people inside the school and the outside observers that friggin’ stupid to begin with ?

      As for the Raiders if Cable and his staff can’t turn things around this season then look for Al Davis to fire his ass and for the revolving door to start all over again as far as coaches are concerned.

      Things that Bush has “laid the wood to” enjoyed with great aplomb Kim K and Carmen Ortega .

      How’d you like them apples then ?


      tophatal 🙂


    2. chappy

      And I hope for Goodell and Smith’s sake they get their sh_t together and stop playing around like pubescent school boys. There’s a great deal at stake and should there be a stoppage then they’ll never regain the faith and goodwill lost amongst the fans.

      Carmen  Ortega

      When Kim K says that she and Reggie were no longer seeing each other this was the real reason why. Reggie was gettin’ his knob waxed by this “hot Latina” (Carmen Ortega) down on South Beach.


      tophatal 🙂 * :)* 🙂


    1. al clements

      Mmm indeed ! Goodell and Smith are having a pissing contest within the NFL. The same situation is now going on in the NBA with Stern and his union counterpart Billy Hunter. And as we know all it’ll take within baseball is one of the teams to fold before Selig pulls his head out of his ass once and for all !

      As for Reggie Bush his statement was so well scripted by his agent and lawyer that it was hard to see where the bulls_it starts and the contrition began. He’s made his money from the trophy and now he hands it back to the board of trustees with their reputation sullied and him still coming off looking like a dumb ass clown . Thankfully he can’t step back on USC’s campus ’til their probation is over ! That BSc. degree in Political Science that he’s said to be after might just come in handy considering all of the bull’ and smoke he’s blown up everyone’s ass over the last 5 years .

      ’bout the only good thing he’s got going for him other than a Superbowl ring has been the ‘tail he’s laid .

      tophatal …….. 🙂


    1. Chris Humpherys

      This merely saves the Heisman Board of Trustees from doing something that inevitably had to be done. But at the same time I also think it hypocritical that they didn’t choose to take back OJ’s given his resulting situation . Bush made his money albeit that there’s now a taint on his legacy at USC .

      To my mind the NCAA is a gutless organization whose bark is worse than its bite !


      tophatal 🙂


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