My Horse My Horse My Kingdom For A Horse

My Horse My Horse My Kingdom For A Horse

Well the NBA ___ preseason will start within the next three weeks and all signs point to the fact that all of the power will return to the Eastern Conference. I could well be wrong in my interpretation but with the possible move of Carmelo Anthony moving from the Denver Nuggets to the New Jersey Nets . It would appear that the conference could see a re-emergence in terms of supremacy.

No doubt with the Miami Heat with its trio of stars corralled by Heat President Pat Riley , his three musketeers in the guise of LeBron James , Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will look to be the dominant team within the conference. However with such teams as the Orlando Magic , Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics all looking to make the Heat the pretenders to the crown that's still in the possession of the Los Angeles Lakers. And until the champions are knocked off their pedestal then all homage has to be paid to the Lakers.


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Courtesy of The New York Daily News

Donnie Walsh regrets using draft pick for Tracy McGrady, which may help Houston land Carmelo Anthony

By Frank Isola

Donnie Walsh admitted Wednesday that he second-guesses himself for including a first-round pick in last year’s Tracy McGrady deal.

In fact, the Houston Rockets are dangling that 2012 first-round pick in a potential deal for Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony, a player the Knicks are also heavily pursuing.

“I’ll second-guess myself forever on that,” Walsh said of including a 2012 first-round pick in the McGrady trade. “I’ve always wondered about that. I didn’t like it when we did it.”

On Feb. 18, 2010, McGrady was traded to the Knicks as part of a three-team deal involving Houston and Sacramento. The Knicks and Rockets exchanged 2011 first-round picks in the deal, and because the Knicks added their 2012 first-round pick, they are prohibited by league rules to trade their 2013 first-round pick.

In fact, Walsh revealed that he is trying to acquire a first-round pick that he theoretically could include in a deal for Anthony.

Both Walsh and coach Mike D’Antoni believed the McGrady trade helped the Knicks because it created enough salary-cap space to sign free agents Amare’ Stoudemire and Raymond Felton over the summer.

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Now while it's yet to be confirmed that the trade will go down it's expected that Anthony could be looking to land with a team that has the potential to be considered a contender not just within the conference but quite possibly as a title contender . And while there's every belief that a trade will happen , I'm not entirely sure that the player will go to the lowly Nets spite of the team now being owned by Russian multi-billionaire entrepreneur Mikhail Prokhorov. This much we do know Prokhorov is an ambitious owner who wants to set his seal of approval within the NBA. I'm under no illusion about Prokhorov, that he is serious about making the Nets a contender but this team is at least two years of actually being considered a contender within its own division much less the rest of the Eastern Conference. And while there's burgeoning talent there in terms of Derrick Favors, Brook Lopez and Devin Harris beyond that there's very little there to suggest that with the addition of Carmelo this team would make a sizable gain in terms of wins when measured against last season's total of 12 wins.

And while no one might view this as significant I'm in agreement with ESPN's NBA analys and writer Chris Broussard that either Chicago Bulls or the Houston Rockets could very well make a play for Carmelo Anthony. They have the contracts that are coming to a close an end and a number of players that are surplus to their needs. Acquiring Anthony would be of benefit to the team and Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey being as insightful as he is , he knows that obtaining a player of this magnitude would be of benefit not only to the organization from a business standpoint as it would help the bottom line of a franchise that has struggled eke out a profit and being seen as the lesser light within the “Lone Star State” , as the rise in prominence of the Dallas Mavericks and the four time NBA champions the San Antonio Spurs. For the Rockets they've not been viewed as a perennial contender since the halcyon days of Hakeem Olajuwon and the coaching pedigree of Rudy Tomjanovich.

What we do know is that the Western Conference is still the weighted conference in terms of quality laden teams. The talent is there and with the emergence of the Oklahoma City Thunder and two truly rising stars in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook we could well see the further dominance of the NBA by Western Conference teams. Now there are those fans within the Eastern Conference who view the Heat and their trio who are looking to bring back some prominence to South Beach. And while no one is under any illusion that the Heat are expected to have a dominant season it has to be said anything short of winning the title will be looked upon as a complete failure. There's a reason why Heat owner Micky Arison , team President Pat Riley, coach Erik Spoelstra and his coaching staff has set this all in motion. The franchise needed a boost and with declining revenues and the fact franchise's bottom line had shown a steady decline over the last four years something had to be done. And now with general ticket sales on the rise , that of the executive suites and memorabilia it could mean all or nothing for the club.

I'm under no illusion that the Heat are presumptive favorites I do feel that we ought not to overlook teams such as the Celtics , Lakers , Magic, Spurs and Thunder. The latter I've stated because to my mind I view them as contenders who could very well upset the apple cart. On the other hand I'll be looking to see whether or not the Dallas Mavericks can prove me wrong by showing that they can actually play with some heart. To my mind this team has always built on the premise that if they have a good regular season that's enough to satisfy their fans . Mark Cuban to my mind while he's demonstrative and highly opinionated his greatest problem is that the talent of the Mavericks isn't as good as he believes it to be. And unfortunately while Dirk Nowitzki is a year older the talent around him simply doesn't show that they can play with a passion and can be physical when needed to be. A closet full of "queens" (homosexuals) show more passion and physicality than the Mavericks have shown. Less we forget their sole appearance in the NBA Finals led to them having their asses handed to them on a silver platter. And at present there's nothing that'd lead me to believe that the same outcome isn't liable to happen again. Rick Carlisle as the team's coach hasn't the wherewithal to have the team batten down and the hatches when adversity stares them in the face. If anything as we've seen repeatedly over the years they've buckled under the weight of expectation. Is it liable to happen again this ? Well I think that will the case and there's not much that can dissuade me to think otherwise.



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Are you as a fan looking forward to the upcoming season in the NBA and how do you see things panning out for the Miami Heat ? Are they capable of usurping the Lakers and bringing the championship back to the Eastern Conference and in particular to South Beach ? Chime on in with your thoughts and observations and as always thanks for the continued support .

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Alan aka tophatal


Russian model , actress and former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko .


Less is more as they say and the more of Olga that we see the better off we are !

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

15 thoughts on “My Horse My Horse My Kingdom For A Horse”

  1. Melo could end up anywhere! I read something the other day that was saying the Nuggets wouldn’t trade him until they could bring him into camp to see if Chauncey and Karl could talk him into staying and signing an extension. Like that’s going to happen!


    1. chappy

      There’s way too much uncertainty within the Nuggets’ organization especially given the health issues of Karl. As for Billups as much as I like him as a player unless Nuggets’ management is prepared to bolster that roster I can’t see them doing a thing to persuade ‘melo to remain with the team .

      Karl’s assistant Adrian Dantley simply didn’t have what it take to make this team truly competitive in the postseason (4-2 loss the Jazz first round) last year at all.

      How’d you feel about the firing of Don Nelson by the Warriors? Warranted do you think or not ?

      tophatal 🙂


      1. chappy

        First he took $250k from ESPN for that faceless piece of promotional crap interview with Jim Gray and then he wants to know he’s so hated ? LeBron is a pu_sy !

        tophatal …. 🙂


      2. chappy

        A tough decision is when the girlfriend tells you she wants to have sex but you’ve made a promise to you boys that you’ll hit the town with them to go bar hopping. You don’t go with the boys they’ll think you’re being pu_sy whipped and if you stay with your lady and enjoy yourself . She then has that over you for the next time . That’s what a tough decision is meant to be about . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!


        tophatal …. 🙂


    1. Chris Humpherys

      LeBron isn’t yet playing for the Heat but the Heat fans are paying for LeBron jerseys and all other types of paraphernalia related to James , Wade and Bosh. So you got to know that all three are making money off of this .

      None more so than Riley (minority owner) and Micky Arison the billionaire owner of the team .

      This one’s for you bud ………….. lil’ ol’ Sofia Vergara

      As for Prokhorov unless he can get ‘melo really interested in coming to Jersey I can’t see the player going there. His chances would be far better teaming up with Rose and the Bulls . But there’d be a great deal of dissatisfaction were they to get rid of Joakim Noah as he’s a fan favorite there at the United Center .
      Make of it what you will .

      tophatal 🙂


    1. aero

      How can you not follow basketball ? There are some hot chicks not only at the game but also groupies there at the games .

      As for Olga who wouldn’t follow her anywhere ? That’s a “bod” that deserves some hot sex on top of sex !

      tophatal 🙂


  2. It all depends on what the occasion was for going out, if it was a buddy’s bday or some kind of celebration I’d probably pick the boys. If it wasn’t anything special I’d pick the sex 🙂


    1. chappy

      Sex should always ‘trump’ a night out with the boys unless there are strippers involved as part of the evening’s entertainment on that particular night out.

      tophatal 🙂


    2. chappy

      Riley doesn’t like the criticism being leveled at him and LeBron ? I look at this way both are supercilious pricks to begin with ! They both want to win so badly but should that not happen they’ll look to point the blame elsewhere .

      tophatal … 🙂


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