Stupid Is As Stupid Does ………… Another Dumb Ass Athlete Who Simply Has No Brains

Stupid Is As Stupid Does ……. Another Dumb Ass Athlete Who Simply Has No Brains

So at one point did it occur to the Los Angeles Lakers’ __ Andrew Bynum that’d it be better to forgo having surgery in the offseason and attend the World Cup in South Africa ? The player whose participation in the NBA Finals was somewhat limited albeit that the team ended up defeating the Boston Celtics in what turned out to be somewhat of a lackluster series. Finals’ MVP Kobe Bryant was ably abetted by Pau Gasol and able cast of teammates but the series itself could’ve been far more enthralling had Bynum been at full strength.


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As I stated earlier in the piece the Lakers’ center sought to visit to visit the African continent for the FIFA World Cup. The player rather than having surgery in the offseason now has chosen to undergo surgery on his right knee just as the preseason and opening training camp is set to get underway. Questions must abound as to why now would the player seek to have this surgery when he had the whole offseason to have the surgery and then fully recuperate and rehabilitate his knee ? Now in having the surgery it’s said that with rest and therapy he’d miss the greater part of the preseason and quite possibly miss the first dozen or so games of the Lakers’ regular season schedule. Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson and team GM Mitch Kupchak can’t be entirely happy with these set of circumstances but in all probability they may well have already voiced their displeasure with the player.

Now in the midst of this all, we know as defending champions the Lakers will want to be ready and firing on all cylinders as the season begins. They’re now for all sense and purpose the bulls-eye with all the other 29 teams in the NBA looking to take them down. Bynum for his part has yet to live up to the potential that many believe him to have and this is a player who after five years in the league has yet to play more than 50 games in of the quintet of seasons his career has been established. That in of-itself ought to be of no surprise to anyone who’s seen the player up close and personal. His raw talent is exceptional but his game has yet to be polished where he’d be viewed as one of the top centers in the game. That being said the talent within the NBA at the position isn’t that plentiful or particularly talented. Other than the histrionics of Dwight Howard whose talent is unquestioned we’ve yet to see any other player that could say match the work ethic and talent shown by the likes of Shaquille O’Neal , Patrick Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon at the height of their illustrious careers. In the case of Howard we’ve yet to see consistency and the leadership qualities that one would come to expect of a player looking to step into those illustrious shoes.

This upcoming season on the agenda is the triumvirate of Bosh, James and Wade as they seek to lead the Miami Heat back to the summit of the NBA world. Now while I’m under no illusion as to why this was engineered by Heat President Pat Riley and the now idiotic talk that the Heat will be able to surpass the 72-10 win tally of the Michael Jordan led championship winning Chicago Bulls. I do know this from a business standpoint Heat owner Micky Arison needed this type of infusion from an economic outlook if the franchise was to show any type of profit this season. Collectively this NBA lost in excess of $ 350 million and is fore-cast to lose close to $500 million collectively(half a billion dollars) for the 2010-11 season. And one would have thought that the owners around the league would be now crying poverty ? But they are , aren’t they ? I mean why else would Commissioner David Stern see fit to avail a number of teams in excess of b> $250 million in loans which have been made possible a number of retail consumer banks ? Then at the same time Stern and the league’s hierarchy would have us believe that it’s not to be viewed as a bailout. In the last decade alone teams within the NBA have borrowed in excess of $1.65 billion dollars either to facilitate major upheavals of their venues or for an assortment of deals that they’ve been reluctant to make public.

David Stern and the league hierarchy have got to be overly concerned over the league’s financial struggles albeit that their industry is a $ 6 billion a year plus industry. Now there has got to be something missing from the midst of this all when Stern now alleges that the current collective bargaining agreement is an inequitable one between the NBPA (union) and the league. If these teams and the hierarchy can’t find a way to split their revenues wherein they can survive and still eke out a moderate profit then clearly the template that the NBA operates under is askew and is need of some thoughtful consideration as to how best to proceed. Clearly the days where the owners , players and league hierarchy think that they can simply ignore the fans and in particular economic climate and operate in the same manner is now no longer possible.

Well with the Golden State Warriors now under new ownership it appears that the new incoming hierarchy was looking to bring in their own man. And for incumbent coach Don Nelson the writing was on the wall. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Nelson would be fired. The Warriors have been a lackluster franchise who under Nelson consistently underachieved and to my thinking he should have been fired long ago rather than kept on in order to surpass Lenny Wilkens’ wins record. Why keep a coach in place in order to attain a record that simply no one cares about when that franchise isn’t winning on a consistent basis much less in with a chance of winning an NBA title ? Pardon me for saying this but Chris Cohan, the team’s former owner is either an ass or he clearly has no idea how to run a professional sport’s franchise despite the millions in his bank account. I liken many of the owners of a professional sports franchise as simply egotistical maniacs who simply use these teams as mere baubles to entertain their peers and acquaintances. Doubt my word, then simply take into account owners such as Dr John York and his wife Denise DeBartolo York ( San Francisco 49ers), Frank and Jamie McCourt (Los Angeles Dodgers), Bob Nutting ( Pittsburgh Pirates), Al Davis (Oakland Raiders) and formerly Oren Koules and his partners (Tampa Bay Lightning). Here you had owners whose excesses simply haven’t amounted to much . OK one can say that amongst the owners listed Al Davis has won multiple Superbowls but since those wins , success has been rare even though the elderly owner is still admired around the league(NFL). If there’s a chance that we could have some semblance of common sense from these owners and their executives who are their subordinates then quite possibly some of these franchise would actually achieve some success.

Though I’ve come to love the NBA , I personally don’t get totally enamored with the season until the season gets over its Christmas schedule. By then the NFL season though it hasn’t yet reached its climax we’re almost pretty sure which teams will be in the midst of making it to the postseason. From thereon in the fans ought to be simply gearing themselves up for all of the intrigue of the NBA season. Well for me that’s most definitely the case and I have to admit while I’m not about to be watching the Miami Heat and the circus that’s about to be created as the noted trio’s showcase goes on the road. Now undoubtedly for teams scheduling the Heat this will be a boon for their gates and the homes games to be played at the AAArena in Miami will see a boost in attendance. And for Heat President Pat Riley and team owner Micky Arison this exactly what they wanted for the franchise. The franchise will reap a harvest but the biggest bonus would be if the team is able to raise the Larry O’Brien Trophy in June of 2011. But much of that will be predicated on the form of Chris Bosh , LeBron James and Dywane Wade as that could well be the deciding factor as to how this team will fare throughout the season.



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Given what we’ve seen happen over the postseason within the NBA how do you see the upcoming season panning out ? And if anything can see this present Heat team matching the feat of the Chicago Bulls and their history making season of 72 wins ? And is Pat Riley justified in now criticizing those whom he sees as being vocal as to how he engineered the signings of both James and Bosh ? Chime on in with your thoughts on the topic and any other thoughts on this upcoming NBA season ?

Alan aka tophatal ………… 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Stupid Is As Stupid Does ………… Another Dumb Ass Athlete Who Simply Has No Brains”

  1. Bynum will always be a retard. He’s good, but won’t be mistaken for a pulitzer prize winner. They need him as another big long body and nothing else. Never liked the guy, so I kinda hope he gets injured.

    As always, I’m excited about the Warriors. I doubt they will be competing for a championship, but hopefully the team will stay healthy enough for us to figure out what we have. Last season was lost because we broke a record for most games missed because of injuries in one season, not a good record to break…


  2. chappy

    And here’s me thinking that you’d have put a ‘hit’ out on his ass ! Bynum much like Dwight Howard could never be mistaken for Ivy Leaguers . As Forrest Gump says “stupid is as stupid does”.

    I’m glad for Keith Smart and the fact that he takes over as coach of the Warriors. Hopefully this’ll be the year where they can contend within their division and throughout much of the season .

    Injuries can’t really be avoided but it does come down to the team’s preparation during the offseason . I mean Bynum undergoes surgery and is out for quite possibly a dozen or more games . How’d you think Kobe’s going to feel about that ? It’s not as if Bynum has really ever contributed to the Lakers winning the championship to begin with. Kupchak and Jackson should be ripping the player a new one instead of treating him like a prima-dona !

    They ( Lakers) could’ve gotten far more out of Adam Morrison had he been dressed naked and was singing ‘In The Navy’ !

    tophatal 🙂


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