Stupid Things Within The Realms of Sports That There Doesn’t Always Seem To Be Answer For

Stupid Things Within The Realms of Sports That There Doesn’t Always Seem To Be Answer For

There’s a time and place for everything and everything in its place. Much as I love the ardor with which an analyst expresses their passion for sports the one thing I cannot condone is when they choose to use that platform to express their political beliefs and views ! It’s not the appropriate platform and I seriously doubt that any sport’s fan really needs to hear that diatribe to begin with. My reason for saying this comes from the very fact that former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz saw fit to ask for public donations for the Republican National Committee on air during an ESPN broadcast. Had it been a Democratic supporter I still would have taken issue with that person expressing themselves in such a way !. The platform there for the mediator and hosts of the program was to discuss the landscape of the collegiate football scene and simply that. If Holtz wants to revisit the issue and look for donations then let him do so , away from halls of ESPN . He ought to go out in public and make his case there and while he’s at it Lou here’s a tip Republican politicians like their counterparts on the opposite side of the aisle also lie …….. I repeat they also lie.


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Holtz’s credibility after this can’t at all be taken seriously no matter which way one tries to spin it but somehow ESPN will look to make light of it all and that’s even if the former coach is somehow reprimanded after that display. I was under the impression that the outlet was a sports broadcast network and not a political platform for the thoughts and views of their employees ? Isn’t it enough already that we have both Fox News and CNN out there squabbling like petulant children about the state of the nation without being able to offer up any solutions whatsoever for what ails the nation ?

Here’s a thought why would a respected journalist such as Brent Musburger make a statement ….. ‘that the use of steroids has a place within sports if handled correctly’ . Brett isn’t it enough that the governing bodies of the four major sports can barely deal with the issue of their athletes using steroids and other prohibited substances ? But yet you come out and make a statement that you’ve clearly not placed much thought into . And by trying to negate it somewhat by stating you don’t see where steroids has a place in varsity sports only further complicates your argument to begin with . Students athletes as well as high school athletes are still impressionable minds and by seeing what their peers are doing within the professional ranks they’ll look to do the same. At the same time by trying to use the rationale that having a medical professional be there to prescribe the medication to these athletes will stem the tide of illegal use is completely asinine to begin with ! Medical professionals like anyone else can be easily corrupted when the price is right. Simply ask Dr Anthony Galan how that can happen ? This medical professional is currently under Federal indictment for the possession of several banned steroids and the trafficking of HGH and selling of the substance without a prescription. And through this doctor’s testimony it is believed that he could very well implicate several noted athletes in each of the four major sports. The following are or have been patients of Galen and they are Alex Rodriguez , Tiger Woods , Evander Holyfield and Andy Pettite to name but a few. And while no one would insinuate that Tiger Woods may have used an illicit substance to further his career , any association with this doctor seems to have brought about a great deal of controversy.

Tour de France champion Alberto Contador was recently suspended UCI the international governing body for cycling after his blood sample tested positive for the substance clenbuterol . This substance apart from prescribed to alleviate asthma symptoms is used in the field of agriculture for the fattening up cattle and poultry before they are then slaughtered for consumption within the food chain. Contador claims the reason for such high levels in his blood stream stems from his having eaten tainted meat and that in doing so he also suffered food poisoning. Have I missed something ? For the levels registered within his body in producing such a high level of the steroid Contador might have had to have consumed at least two cows. But then again what do I know other than the fact that the sport of cycling has become a complete joke over the last decade. It’s not as if UCI and L’Equipe who oversees the sport’s most famous race the Tour De France , has ever really been on the fast track to cleaning up the sport. And at the same time while controversy swirls around one of the sport’s greatest riders in Lance Armstrong. There too Armstrong has his detractors and is now himself currently under investigation by the Justice Department. It seems Armstrong can’t catch a break no matter what he does , even when he has and exhibits the best of intentions.

Armstrong despite all of the denials and the fact that he has never tested positive for any illicit substance still can’t escape the taint of his sport. And even now having retired it seems that there too with all of the controversy that there now is within the sport he has to find a way to deflect the negative publicity that now seems to be coming his way. Friends and foes alike have given affidavits as to what they say they know and what they have seen for themselves. As to how this will all play out is dependent upon the action taken by the Justice Department as to how they will proceed. What I do know is with them having spent in excess of $15 million on the Barry Bonds’ trial and the likelihood that a large enough sum will also be spent on the upcoming Roger Clemens’ trial I get the distinct feeling that we’re not about to hear the last of this, as it concerns the plight of Lance Armstrong. And with an outcome not yet to be determined concerning Bonds’ guilt or innocence and the fact that the trial will once again resume in early April 2011, I’d like to know who’s keeping tabs on the money that’s being spent on this all ? It doesn’t appear to be anyone within the Justice Department and certainly no one within Congress seems to be acutely aware as to what’s going on. But then again these are the very same buffoons who for two solid weeks in had the hierarchies of each of the four major sports up on Capitol Hill asking them routinely idiotic questions without ever once obtaining a succinct answer. Need I say anymore on the matter when it comes to Congress’ involvement in sports ?

Baylor basketball star LaceDarius Dunn has been thrown off the basketball team and suspended indefinitely by the coach Scott Drew. The reason behind this was the fact that Dunn has been charged with aggravated assault of his girlfriend Lacharlesla Edwards , mother of Dunn’s three year old son. The player was arrested by Waco Police Dept after an altercation took place in which Dunn is alleged to have broken his girlfriend’s jaw with a punch. What makes this now so surprising is the very fact that Edwards has recanted her statement and has pleaded with coach Drew to lift the suspension on Dunn. Pardon me for saying this but what the fu_k is wrong with this female ? She now claims that she was injured in a fall at her apartment and that her jaw wasn’t broken. One can only surmise that the other bruises suffered by Edwards either came from the fall or when her child may well have squeezed too tightly on her arms and legs in the midst of crying ? I mean you never know with three year olds and how angry they can become when a parent isn’t taking any notice of them.

Lacharlesla Edwards while now stating that Dunn never proceeded to hit her , it has to be noted that the police who answered the call aren’t thoroughly convinced that she hasn’t been coerced into seeking to have the charges dropped against her boyfriend. She also claims that she’s fully recovered and that the relationship between her and the LaceDarius is better than it has ever been. Well that might be until the next time the player goes off the rails and proceeds to batter her ………. again …….. allegedly. Any form of domestic violence where we are privee` to the actions that have taken place , be it in the public eye in terms of an athlete or just an incident inside the home of an ordinary couple cannot be overlooked and thought of as merely another incident. It is still an act of violence and where it involves the victim being a female who’s in fear of her life then it has to be dealt with appropriately. I for one at first glance find this story abhorrent but what might be even more distasteful is the very fact that the victim here is in complete denial and is now pleading with the coach to lift the suspension against the player .

And while no public statement has been made by any official from Baylor over this incident. I can only hope that in this particular case Scott Drew sticks to the action that he has already taken and doesn’t rescind the suspension of LaceDarius Dunn as it would send the wrong message and at the same time condone the actions of the player. There was a reason behind law enforcement being called to the residence in the first place for this incident and I hardly think that it had anything at all to do with a slip and fall. How about you ?



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What thoughts if any do you have on the topics raised within this piece ? By all means leave a comment concerning your feelings on the issues raised .

Alan aka tophatal …………… 😦 _ 🙂

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

13 thoughts on “Stupid Things Within The Realms of Sports That There Doesn’t Always Seem To Be Answer For”

  1. Loose lips sinks ships and should Dr Galan opens his mouth the shit will roll downhill.

    The likes of A-Rod and others can’t be happy if he spills the beans .

    tophatal ……………….. 🙂


  2. It’s ridiculous to say that players should take steroids. It makes kids go for the wrong things. I don’t disagree that in the right situations they probably aren’t super harmful, but you have to be rich to have that situation. If your young trying to make it, you might get the wrong advice from a bad doctor. I’d rather see everyone clean. Baseball survived this year without it!


    1. chappy 81

      I think with a lot of these aged sports analysts on tv once they past a certain all logic goes out the window and they tend to make some rather asinine statements. Simply look at Musburger and then the uncalled for actions of Holtz and you simply know that these guys are past their sell by dates.

      That’s wishful thinking on your part because if neither the hierarchy of the NBA or MLB can or want to really clean up their respective sports then what else is there to do ?

      tophatal 🙂


    2. chappy 81

      There’s no truth to the rumor that Joe Maddon is prepared to jump off the Gandy Bridge should the Rays lose in the ALDS but I have it on good knowledge that sportschump (Chris) has offered $10 g’s for a hit to placed on ass …. LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Any takers ?

      tophatal 🙂


  3. I’m afraid your facts on Contador are a bit wrong. Clenbuterol is not used to fatten up animals – it has historically been used to reduce fat levels to make meat more lean. It is now illegal to use in animals intended for human consumption in both the USA and Europe. The amount of the drug found in Contador’s sample was a tiny trace – actually much lower than WADA requires labs to be able to detect. However, as there is no minimum limit for clenbuterol, Contador nonetheless could be banned for up to two years. Furthermore another test, using a process not yet validated by WADA, has detected large concentrations of a plasticiser found in blood bags, suggesting a possible blood transfusion (which also counts as doping). Investigations are ongoing.

    I’ve covered the facts and allegations as we currently know them in more detail on my blog.


    1. Tim

      Clenbuterol can be used to lessen or fatten meat and poultry produce. It’s all dependent upon the dosages used . Furthermore since the suspension it’s come to the fore that a second failed test has come up concerning Contador. See link provided below.

      What a Doping Scandal Could Mean for Lance Armstrong, Livestrong, and Its Cancer Crusade

      Two positive drug tests for Tour de France winner Alberto Contador have raised new questions about doping in cycling, U.S. champion Lance Armstrong’s own involvement, and how a scandal might affect his charity work. But the CEO of Armstrong’s Livestrong insists the Contador news “isn’t on my radar.”

      Click on link to read in full.

      As to WADA that particular body can’t be trusted to be utterly consistent at times as they’ve been somewhat ambivalent concerning many issues involving prohibitive substances over the years.

      tophatal 🙂


    2. Tim

      It has been used in a variety of formats and even though it has been banned . It has surfaced here in the US and is being used by athletes surreptitiously. That being said even in small doses and it’s not produced in the human body Contador’s explanation to say the least is asinine. Where was it allegedly that he had this meal if the alleged drug is banned for use ?

      As I stated also WADA has been ambivalent in the way that is coordinates and deal with manu of their testing protocols.

      tophatal 🙂


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Whatever he’s (Brett) on if the Vikings fail this season then all the blame will be placed on his shoulders and that of Brad Childress .

      Someone ought to force feed Brent Musburger either ‘crack cocaine’ or ‘opium’ and see how he likes it . Dumb ass ! Musburger is actually using either Viagra or Extenze as it stiffens the parts that he didn’t know that he still had or uses . Jimmy Johnson swears by it and we all saw how it helped him out on ‘Survivor’ didn’t we ? He got ‘no tail’ and got ejected from the show for being an ass .

      tophatal 🙂


    1. al clements

      The only thing I’m comfortable with in my bed is a half or completely naked female who has the looks of either Halle Berry or Heidi Klum ! I can’t help it as it’s just the way I roll. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Halle Berry …….. oh my oh my what a lovely pair of melons !

      Heidi Klum

      Lou Holtz is a dumb ass that’s all I have to say about the situation as for Musburger I think he’s been breathing to many fumes from the outdoors .

      Armstrong and Contador can’t escape the scrutiny that they’re now under. And no amount of denial can hide the fact that people will now be suspicious of their achievements.

      Scott Drew ought to be complimented for not rescinding the suspension of Dunn and it sends a message to the rest of the team that they had better not step out of line.

      tophatal 🙂


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