It’s Now Phil’s World And The Rest of The NBA Are Simply Just Living In It ….

It’s Now Phil’s World And The Rest of The NBA Are Simply Just Living In It ….

Well the NBA __ season is just around the corner and the Los Angeles Lakers/” will soon begin its quest to win its seventeenth NBA title. In doing so it’d equal the tally attained by the Lakers most heated rivals the Boston Celtics. In saying that also should Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson win what will be his twelfth title as a coach . And having surpassed Red Auerbach’s total of ten titles as a coach. That being said Jackson’s legacy as a coach and across the panoramic landscape of sports has been set. And if he’s not one of the most beloved coaches in all sports it says a great deal that finally Jackson is now attaining the respect that he so rightfully deserves. Before the criticism was that Jackson has only coached and won with superstars. Well this time around Jackson in his last two triumphs has won with merely Kobe Bryant and a complimentary supporting cast .


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While on paper that Lakers’ team may not look all that impressive other than Bryant’s name being already circled in . You do get the impression that players such as Bryant, Derek Fisher , Pau Gasol , Ron Artest and Andrew Bynum have simply loved the experience of being part of this most revered coach’s legacy. Phil Jackson’s contemporaries such as Pat Riley and Gregg Popovich may well be viewed as charismatic and deferential . But now at the end of it all no one can deny the achievements this triumvirate. Over the course of their tenured careers within the NBA these three have won 19 NBA titles between them.

My own feeling this upcoming season is that the Los Angeles Lakers are most definitely the team to beat _____like it or not. OK so “Hollywood” has come to “South Beach” with the much heralded move of LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the Miami Heat where they’ve joined Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley as team President , as the club looks to win its second NBA title . And with the thinking that the Heat will be the presumptive favorites within the Eastern Conference and an odds on certainty to win the title outright. I certainly do believe that while there might be some justification in that there’s no reason to think that the Heat will have this season all to themselves. As good as that triumvirate will no doubt be the supporting cast most definitely have to contribute greatly if the Heat are indeed to succeed. The challenges for the Heat within the Eastern Conference will come from the likes of the Orlando Magic , Boston Celtics , Chicago Bulls and quite possibly the Atlanta Hawks if they can actually believe in themselves.

Stan Van Gundy and the Orlando Magic to my mind in terms of their window of opportunity I truly believe it is quickly closing . Dwight Howard , Vince Carter and the supporting cast (team) continually disappoint. For a team that was built to win the past two seasons Howard if anything has been an utter disappointment and the coaching prowess of Stan Van Gundy has come into question. If Van Gundy can’t guide this team back to another run deep into the NBA playoffs then my view is that GM Otis Smith may well have to rethink his view that the team is built for an NBA championship run and title. If the team simply isn’t good enough and the idiocy of the local writers within the market who cover the team simply have no idea as to what is they’re watching as they continually try and sell the fans a ‘bill of worthless goods’. Power forward Rashard Lewis rarely can put together a series of competitive minded games and the physical aspects of his game is so limited. It’s almost as if he’s gun-shy and scared to attack the low post and rim but yet Van Gundy continues to stand by a player who’s somewhat lazy and often at times lethargic in his play. In Carter you now have an aging veteran whose best days are behind him and if nothing else the explosiveness which once signified his game is no longer there.

All Star center Dwight Howard either wants to be an NBA caliber center or the “class clown”. I’ll best leave it for you all to decide as my own opinion of Howard is that he’s a player who still has a great deal to learn about this game and what it takes to apply one’s self to that specific task.

The Celtics and Bulls could prove to be problematic for the Heat and I do believe that although the Celtics have added both Jermaine O’Neal and Shaquille O’Neal to their roster that already has Ray Allen , Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce . I think that the Doc Rivers’ coached team will face an uphill task in making to at least the Eastern Conference semi-finals. And while this team can only go as far as Garnett can take them much of the team’s play I do think will be predicated upon the performances of Rajon Rondo throughout the season and beyond. The Bulls given their performances of last season we saw the maturity of Derrick Rose , Joakim Noah and with the addition of Carlos Boozer from the Utah Jazz via free agency. If the Bulls can get off to a great start and continue show improvement on the form they showed last year then I do believe that they could prove to be a team contend with , within the conference.

The Hawks are an enigma wrapped up within a conundrum and as a team I just can’t understand how it is that they ended up as the number three seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs last season . While the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic were deemed to be the immovable force within the playoffs. The Hawks made their way to the postseason and then had the proverbial meltdown in the playoffs and never got beyond the second round . And while I believe that a team can simply learn from their experiences in order to make themselves better I’m not so sure that the Atlanta Hawks have actually learned enough wherein they can actually make it beyond the first round of this season’s playoffs , should they even get there.

Now as I alluded to earlier within this the Western Conference it will be all about the Los Angeles Lakers and whomever amongst the teams there who visibly have the will to take them down. Teams such as the Oklahoma City Thunder , Phoenix Suns , Denver Nuggets , San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks would all like to think that they’re in with a chance of usurping the Lakers. The added advantage however is in the fact that the Lakers possess Phil Jackson as their coach and with his postseason experience which is unmatched by any of his contemporaries so how can you simply bet against him ? Percentage of postseason victories and victories themselves are amongs the highest in NBA history and let’s not forger also those eleven NBA titles as a coach.

The Thunder could well be a team given their maturity and the play of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook __ this is a team that seems intent on making their presence known this season . And given the year long growth for this team last season their fans fully expect them to make improvements on last year. It would not surprise me at all to see this team fully make the playoffs as one of the top four teams claiming a playoff spot this upcoming season. I fully expect this team to upset the applecart amongst the top tiered teams within the Western Conference.



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What thoughts if any do you have on the career of Phil Jackson ? And what if any are your hopes as to the upcoming season within the NBA ?

NB: Below are news and views as well as the NBA itinerary for the season.

Miami Heat roster ….

Los Angeles Lakers’ roster …

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NBA schedule


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9 thoughts on “It’s Now Phil’s World And The Rest of The NBA Are Simply Just Living In It ….”

  1. Phil is one of the greatest coaches at getting players to stay in their roles. He’s amazing at talking great players into doing less, but more for the team at the same time. The Zen master will never be matched with his three threepeats, and if he gets his fourth there’s no way anyone gets close to that… I hope someone stops that from happening this year, but they are for sure the team to beat!


    1. chappy 81

      I concur with that and at the same time I’ve admired the guy (Phil) from afar. Any guy who can get the likes of Rodman and Artest to buy into what he’s trying to achieve to me is a friggin’ genius !

      I fully expect him to lead the Lakers into the playoffs and beyond . But I’m hoping that my Spurs can make it somewhat difficult for them and hopefully derail their ambitions !

      tophatal 🙂


  2. The argument between the two greatest NBA coaches ever can really only boil down to two guys: Phil and Red. And in that sense, it’s essentially and old school-new school argument.

    Before any of the haters crack Phil for only coaching Michael and Kobe, let’s look at who Red had in his lineups. Those Celtics were loaded and considerably better than any other team in the league.

    So go easy on the guy, people. So what if he smokes a little weed. He got it from Bill Bradley.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      There are three guys in professional teams sports in terms of coaching that one has to admire Auerbach , Bowman (NHL) and Jackson . But what Jackson has done is simply amazing and less we forget he had also to massage the egos of many of the guys he coached ? I don’t think that was the case with Auerbach or Bowman at any time.

      I’m not being harsh on the guy simply admiring his achievements that’s all .

      tophatal 🙂


  3. I wouldn’t mind if the Spurs derailed them! And getting guys like Artest and Rodman to play in his system has to rank pretty high on his personal all-time achievements list!


    1. chappy 81

      Can you name a current or past coach who might’ve been able to handle and coach both Rodman and Artest ? I’d rather try to juggle two sticks of dynamite than having to deal with those two numb skulls !

      Jeanie’s favorite saying ‘ I simply love having Phil’s balls resting on my chin’ !

      Zen Master or not Phil’s psyche is simply no another level . I think he’s got to thank Jeanie Buss to thank for that as he gets to go home and tap that ‘fine piece of ass’ on a regular basis !

      tophatal 🙂


  4. I give your boy Pop a lot of love, Al. You know that.

    But Riley, even though he dissed Stan Van, still won with that Miami team.

    Can’t we just say they were both great coaches and leave it at that?

    Even though New York never won a title, Riles did fare pretty well with those Knicks teams.

    Could you ever see Pop coaching, and winning a title, anywhere else?


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Both are tremendous coaches but Riley at times for obvious reasons tends to come off looking like an ass because of narcissism. Well how can any Knicks’ team compete during the era that Riles coached them when Jordan and the Bulls were at the top of the heap ? The Bulls at that time were simply blowing away everyone’s dreams within the Eastern Conference as well as the rest of the NBA .

      tophatal 🙂


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