Hey Did You Know That The MLB Postseason Had Already Started ?

Hey Did You Know That The MLB Postseason Had Already Started ?

It seems no one got the message but the MLB postseason has started but there’s disturbing evidence to show that almost no one seems to be watching the games on broadcast or cable television. What might be even more disturbing is the mere fact that in the ALCS games staged at Yankees Stadium have not sold out and the in game five itself the upper decks of the venerable edifice one could see that those areas were actually deserted. Whether or not that is an indictment of the team or the mere fact that because of the economic climate such a situation was to be expected really does also cast doubt as to how the league hierarchy now markets the game nationally.


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The postseason for MLB is the highlight of a long and arduous season within league and if fans aren’t seemingly interested in watching the televised games but also unwilling to turn up and watch even the New York Yankees. Then that ought to tell not only the fans but also MLB Commissioner Bud Selig that there’s something wrong with the game from the fans’ perspective and how the brand itself is being marketed to the consumer.

Both the ALCS and NLCS match-ups have been every entertaining to watch and with the presumptive favorites in both series now trying to stave off elimination it remains to be seen whether or not the Philadelphia Phillies can erase a 3-1 deficit against the San Francisco Giants . Not to be outdone the New York Yankees seem to have dug a hole for themselves albeit that they were able to come back and show some resilience in game five with a decisive 7-2 defeat of the Texas Rangers at their home venue. The series resumes at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington , Texas __ with the team seeking to eliminate the Yankees by looking to take game 6 in what will have been a memorable series for this Ron Washington led squad. The series lead by the Rangers 3-2 is theirs for the taking should they now desire it enough and make the Yankees’ presence in this postseason come to an abrupt end .

It has to be said that both series has given us tremendous pitching performances with a plethora of All Star caliber players taking the mound. It has been surprising to see the Phillies rotation led by Roy Halliday seemingly being put in their place by a Giants’ rotation led by Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain . Not only that but the lightly thought of offense of the team has suddenly come to light and made the Phillies much lauded offense seem somewhat pedantic. Cody Ross in particular seems to be a star in the making and I do believe that the Florida Marlins may now have some regrets having traded the player away to the San Francisco Giants. But in truth the Giants’ success in this series doesn’t solely rest with one player because it has been a collective effort all round from the team and it’s a credit to their manager Bruce Bochy and his coaching staff . They’ve felt no real undue pressure and have shown that they can play their game while outmatching their opponents .

Joe Girardi and the Yankees know that if they are to play themselves right back into contention then they will have to play aggressively throughout the remainder of the series no matter what. Now a great deal will be made of the fact that their bullpen has been very inconsistent and much of that can be laid squarely on the shoulders of the manager . That if anything has been the team’s Achilles’ Heel throughout much of the regular season and into the postseason itself. Furthermore with the loss of first baseman Mark Teixiera their situation has become somewhat more difficult albeit that Teixiera’s postseason stats aren’t what one would come to expect from the player. But defensively he’s still a player I’ve no doubt that Girardi would prefer to have on the team and that’s with due respect to Lance Berkman .

Now comes the hard part for the Yankees and that’s for them to show that they have the determination to claw their way back and win with a great deal of resolve. I know they tend to look to Derek Jeter to lead by example which is something that has been exemplified by the play throughout much of his career, especially during the postseason . But for this aging veteran now in the twilight of his career it has to be said that the passion once displayed doesn’t always seem to be there. It may well be that in a final year of his contract with the team we may well be seeing the final days of what has been one of the more storied Yankees’ playing careers in recent memory. Now in saying this, one might also ask does Alex Rodriguez have what it takes to step in Jeter’s shoes ? At this juncture the jury I think is still out as to whether or not A-Rod (Rodriguez) is even considered to be a true Yankee by their fans and the fans of the game itself in general. He may well be donned in a “pinstripe uniform” but that doesn’t make him a Yankees’ player where the legacy of donning the uniform essentially means life blood of the organization flows through your veins. His life seems to revolve around the fact that the notoriety and paparazzi catch him in the glare of the spotlight with a Hollywood starlet on his arm. I’d also preface this by saying that one good postseason with the team doesn’t allow you to become a venerable great in the eyes of many when it comes to the postseason and the Yankees’ fans in particular. His achievements will be judged by what he does more so on the field than anything that he’s been known to do off it and that also includes that mystifying suggestion by Rodriguez that he merely experimented with steroids. I think that we all know the answer to that particular question is ……….. which to my mind isn’t printable other than to suggest that the colloquial term for fecal excrement could be used here !

Now if both series as is perceived should play out as is being envisaged bearing in mind how each series now stands . Then we could see both the Rangers and Giants making it to the World Series. and I don’t think that there can be a cut case wherein one could make a definite decision that the Giants will be favored over the Rangers. I do believe that the teams are evenly matched on all fronts and it will come down to the intangibles and the experience shown by both managers and their respective staffs. There’d be something of a story book type ending to this season were either Bruce Bochy or Ron Washington to become the winning manager in the World Series . But as the whole scenario has yet to be played out we as fans will just have to wait and see what is left to absorb as things play themselves out in both series.

From the standpoint of a willing spectator of the MLB postseason I have to say that the league hasn’t exactly done a great job of marketing its showcase event. Overall I do believe that it has done a mediocre job throughout the years and that includes the years when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa had us on the edge of our seats as their spectacle played itself out in the Maris home run chase. Now we know how much of a subterfuge that all was given the evidence that has since arisen concerning both players’ involvement in the use of steroids and HGH. Do you think that all parties concerned had and still does have something to hide ?

Baseball’s integral problems as it concerns its popularity and financial state isn’t one that cannot be solved but it would appear that under Bud Selig’s leadership their so called tried and tested formula seems to have met an obstacle that they have no idea how to overcome . If an NFL Monday night game between two marginally attractive teams can still outperform a game wherein baseball’s most storied and most supported team can barely crack a 4 percentile share on the Nielsens’ Ratings nationally then you know that there’s something wrong with the game. Never mind the fact that Yankees’ Stadium was filled to less than capacity for a postseason ALCS game . If that’s not indicative of a problem then can someone please explain to me what is ?



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How do you view the remainder of the MLB postseason being played out and what thoughts if any do you have concerning the fact that viewership and to an extent attendance for some of the championship games are actually down ? Chime in with a comment as you’d deem fit.

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Eye candy video vixen Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans . I’ll let you decide as to the reason why she’s nicknamed ‘Superhead’.

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11 thoughts on “Hey Did You Know That The MLB Postseason Had Already Started ?”

    1. al clements

      Once the NFL season starts all bets are off as everything else pales into comparison and takes a back seat to football.

      If Bud Selig had any damn common sense when it comes to the postseason he’d stage the games for the early part of the afternoon evening and schedule some also on a Saturday afternoon in order not to be scheduled against NFL games. But that’s what happens when the game is being ran by a bunch of archaic goof balls ! Give these guys a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of and they’d spill the urine on themselves as that’s how dumb they are !

      tophatal 🙂


  1. Football is taking over as America’s game and baseball just doesn’t live up to our fast paced, intense modern world. Honestly, I have to say when I’m watching these games the pitchers are taking way too long to make their pitches especially with guys on base. I understand that these are big games but it’s just too slow. I love baseball to death but they have to do something to make the game faster. And as the guy above said the season is too long, and not enough fans are involved in the last third-half of the regular season, where as with football, especially college, every game matters so much.


    1. Chris Ross

      Baseball is in a financial mess , Selig and the game’s hierarchy simply have no idea how to extricate themselves from the mess that they created. More than 75 % of all teams barely eke out a profit without an assist by way of the tax sharing revenues or tax breaks afforded to them within their communities. So that explains all that you need to know concerning the business side of the game.

      One of your patrons pointed to the fact that one of the reasons why Yankees Stadium hasn’t been filled during the ALCS boils down to the plight of the economy. Do you think that the Steinbrenners were concerned when they spent $1.5 billion to build that monstrosity ? They’ve overcharged their fans exorbitant prices in some cases for tickets and God knows how much those executive suites run for. I think that guy has as much of a head for business as Sarah Palin knows anything about the economy much less the judicial system of the country.

      tophatal 🙂


  2. If the Yankees fail to make win the ALCS is it true that Cameron Diaz will have oral sex with the entire Yankees’ roster ?

    A-Rod  C Diaz

    She seems to have the lips that could do the job really well . I wonder how A-Rod feels about it all ? Will he also watch and participate as he’s been previously known to do when he was married ? Then it was he , his wife and another chick …….. an A-Rod aux-trois as they say.


    tophatal 🙂


    1. Chris Humpherys

      I hear if that happens Selig and his minions have a casting call and will furnish those who attend with free tv sets and ask them to watch the World Series .

      If the Yankees were to make it then we know that there’s a guaranteed built in audience merely because they have fans the country over.

      I know A-Rod has ‘hit that’ but does he actually have a hit in the postseason thus far ?

      tophatal 🙂

      tophatal 🙂


  3. It’s comical that the Yankees couldn’t sell out CC’s start in a playoff game. I don’t care though, hopefully the Giants and Rangers make it, because that’s the match up I want to see happen. I could care less what the ratings are as long as the teams I want to watch are in!


    1. chappy81

      You wanna know what’s really comical is the bitching and whining coming from Yankees’ fans as they now try and suggest that the economy is to blame in part for them not selling out Yankees’ Stadium . More to the point did it ever occur to them or the Steinbrenners that building a $1.5 billion monstrosity and then overcharging the fans didn’t play a part in this all ? They’re nothing but a bunch of whining overzealous cretins for the large majority of the time .

      Their usual comeback is always we’ve won 27 World Series titles and we’re world champions. Well considering that the game as such at the professional is played here I guess it does make ’em champions but not world champions that’s for sure !

      Ratings either way for the World Series are usually low to begin merely because of how the league schedules the games so unevenly .

      I’m with you in wanting to see a Giants Rangers World Series. It ought to make for a good series from start to finish. But either way we all know at the end of the day it comes down to money and the hierarchy wants the best possible matchup available in order to derive the most money available via the advertising revenues .

      tophatal 🙂


    2. chappy81

      It should be noted also that the Wilpons spent $750 million on the Mets facility and again we’re led to believe there that in both cases with the Mets and Yankees it was all private financing that made this all possible. When we all know that Bloomberg enabled that both ownership groups were assisted through sweetheart deals in terms of tax advantages and the fact that the public will end up footing the bill for both edifices. As bonds were issued and certain taxes and services were raised by the City of New York .

      tophatal 🙂


  4. A-Rod’s postseason contribution to the Yankees in the ALCS is almost on par with Bristol Palin’s contribution to celibacy and trying to preach obviously something that she doesn’t practice.

    Mama Palin is so proud of Bristol but then again what mother isn’t proud of their daughter when they’re both just happen to be hypocrites .

    A-Rod this does look extremely gay ! Members of NAMBLA are said to want to make you their poster boy for their association .


    tophatal 🙂


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