The Sporting Weekend And All That It Entailed …………

The Sporting Weekend And All That It Entailed …………

Here’s a thought has the World Series been a complete a disappointment for you ? Are the teams within the NFC really that bad or as the NFL hierarchy would have us believe that parity is a good thing ? The NBA season has already began and all of the hyperbole concerning the Miami Heat has been tempered by the team’s loss to the Boston Celtics in their season opener .


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College Football is still trying to creat the intrigue and suspense by alluding to the fact that for the very first time we could end up with an apperance of a none BCS conference team playing in the national championship. I liken that particular premise to the fact that we’re no closer to finding the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden but US intelligence sources repeatedly tell us that we have Al Qaeda is on the run. The caveat here being that the words intelligence sources and US being used in the same sentence as it concerns an agency within the US government. Isn’t it bad enough that the nation at large has little or no faith in either political party much less the President and his Cabinet ? But these are the idiocies of the times we now live in , where we’re asked to follow like sheep and listen to the venerable diatribe of waste and see the incompetency of our elected officials. Come the November 2nd change may well be coming but not in the real shape or form that many might be seeking . It’ll be more of the same as usual , so simply be prepared to take more of the now prescribed medicine .

Week 8 in the NFL and we saw how bad namely the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings really are. And needless to say the two main focal points here are two individuals who simply don’t know how are willing to accept any responsibility for their actions. Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones offered an apology to the team’s fans for their failures this season and when one bears in mind that this was one the teams favored to make it to the Superbowl . Then one might begin to ask isn’t this now all …… too little too late , now coming from the team owner ?

Vikings’ quarterback Brett Favre has seen his and the team’s season simply spiral out of control. Statistically Favre’s ratings are on the lower rungs of the league’s list of quarterbacks . And for those who held out hope that the addition of Randy Moss would bring about some change in the team’s fortunes well they might as well have been looking for some semblance of intelligent thinking being put forth by Paris Hilton or one of the elder Kardashian sisters. Now all one awaits are the statements to be made by team coach Brad Childress and that of Favre , himself and the latest reason’s behind the team’s dismal failure. The Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings between them are a combined 3-11 within the NFC and it doesn’t augur well for their rest of either team’s season. Favre is now said to be suffering from his injury and it was there for all to see how much he labored in the Vikings’ loss 28-18 to the New England Patriots. And one could easily surmise by saying that the Vikings’ season has all but come to an an end. Any thought of them being in with a chance of the making the playoffs would be minute at best.

With the Texas Rangers now down 3-1 in the best of seven World Series I can’t help but wonder if this is what the MLB ___ hierarchy had in mind ? And one sincerely doubts this is what Fox Sports had in mind when they envisaged what they may well have felt what would be an evenly matched series between the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers. In the four games played so far it now appears that the Rangers are bereft of the will to win and the series is about to become an unimitigated disaster for the broadcast network’s coverage. Ratings’ wise it has been none plus and the fact that Ron Washington’s _____ team’s showing has been none descript and must now have fans wondering why bother to carry on watching ? Giants’ know that with their team now having Rangers on the ropes all that is needed is the decisive knockout punch to make what would be the inevitable result a foregone conclusion .

So Oregon lives to fight another day and not a moment too soon as the number one ranked teams were falling off the top of the BCS rankings as if there’d been some sort of voodo ritual cast upon those teams. The Ducks’ annihilation of the USC Trojans ____ 53-32 was enough to justify to me that they are the best collegiate team in the nation bar none ! And I certainly don’t think that coach Chip Kelly is overly concerned what the rest of the nation thinks as he now knows that his team’s fate and destiny is theirs to decide. Win out and they will be playing for the national title …….’nough said !

For me the NBA season doesn’t truly start until after Christmas as by then most teams should be in a steady rhythm and finding their way. The NFL on the other hand will be close to winding down and there several teams will most certainly will know their immediate fates. But let’s all put our hands together and applaud the hapless Cowboys and Vikings for putting together such a hideous and mediocre season. All that allaged talent on the field and even less coaching talent off it. Zygi Wilf and Cowboys’ counterpart Jerry Jones might just be two of the biggest dickwads in professional franchise sports ownership today and that is with due with respect to the Pittsburgh Pirates’ ___ ownership group. And any hopes that Wilf and the Vikings front office had in perhaps conning the city of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota in financing a new stadium has essentially gone up in smoke after this disastrous season . And Favre is still guaranteed $20 million for this season ? WTF ?

Whatever ails us doesn’t neccessarily cure us but I’d certainly like to think that all of the hyperbole will now die down and we can forget about the Miami Heat marauding through the Eastern Conference and then plundering the rest of the NBA like the Norsemen ___ Vikings. This team after all is human in spite of the idiocy of the claims being made for NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy . Now here’s someone whose lone claim to fame to my mind was his idiotic action in trying to fell Alonzo Mourning by grabbing the center by his ankles and trying to separate him from a Knicks’ player during a multiple player altercation and melee’ that took place at Madision Square Gardens somes years ago . It was comical enough to have me in stitches and I’m sure that people who witnessed it live or via television may well found the scene laughable as well ! Van Gundy for his part seems to have backtracked on his claim that the Heat would surpass the 95-96 Chicago Bulls’ 72-10 win tally of that historic season. Now I know why it is that famed character actor Vincent Schiavelli may have spawned Jeff through some genetic mutation …… stupid is as stupid looks !

The season is still in its infancy and we’re not about to see anything truly spectacular about to happen as of yet but I’m sure that the NBA hierarchy led by Commissioner David Stern will still want us all to buy into the feeding frenzy created by the offseason circus and travails of his of superstars and a number of teams . The league in its infinite wisdom has made its brand more about the ego and marketing of its players rather than the teams themselves and it’s now coming back to bite it in the proverbial ass in more ways than Stern himself would care to admit. So let’s hope for Stern’s sake that the season is a truly competitive and successful one for his sake because if as he’s alluded to they’re on their way to losing in excess of 450 million this year alone then someone has to put a smile on his and the owners’ faces. So why not the long suffering fans who’ll be asked to part with much of their discretionary income for a a brand that has become so out of touch with reality , the marketplace and even its very own fans ?



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What sporting event this past weekend has been or provided you with the most interest ? And as such with the San Francisco Giants being newly crowned as the 2010 World Series champions were you entirely happy with the outcome and baseball season as a whole ? Simply chime in with your comments as you see fit and thanks as always for the continued support !

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10 thoughts on “The Sporting Weekend And All That It Entailed …………”

  1. Someone needs to explain to me the difference ‘tween a cardio vascular deficiency and not being able to comprehend the ‘two minute drill’ as Shanahan is now claiming concerning McNabb ? Last I saw Rex Grossman couldn’t kiss his own ass much less complete a pass of over 10 yards !

    Mike Shanahan had better watch out or he’ll become NFC East’s answer to Wade Phillips. Since Elway he hasn’t coached a qb worth a damn ’til now and it looks as if he’s about to fu_k things up for the Redskins and their fans. His biggest concern ought to be that lame ass defense and offensive line of theirs and not McNabb.

    ‘I am the master of my own destiny ….. I am the master of my own destiny …. I am the master of my own destiny ‘ ! Rex Grossman

    tophatal 🙂


  2. Deanna Favre released a press statement recently… “Those pictures Brett sent to that reporter were meant for me… but you know Brett… they were intercepted.”


    1. aero

      But wasn’t Brett trying to allude to the fact that he did send the explicit text messages but the pictures were of someone else ? Could it be that they were photo-shopped ? And if so who’d have got ahold of Brett’s camera phone to do such a thing ….. Mangini while he was coach of the Jets ? LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!

      Speaking of which is Mike Shanahan looking to now make a complete ass of himself as well as the Redskins ? But then again they do have Dan Snyder to do all of that to begin with !

      I wonder if Brett'd be prepared to place his member in between her cleavage ?

      tophatal 🙂


  3. Man, where to start, I guess I’ll start with Saturday and laugh at all the people who said USC was going to challenge Oregon. I thought they’d be able to put up more points than most teams, but there’s just no way to keep up with Oregon’s offense! They are as fun to watch as some of those Suns teams!

    Big Ups to the Giants! I didn’t think they’d be able to do it and doubted them every round, but they came through!

    I actually didn’t catch much football this weekend, but that Saints-Steelers game showed us the champs aren’t dead yet!


    1. chappy81

      We all know that this McNabb story is hogwash when Shanahan’s son Kyle gets involved by making another asinine statement . Now he wants to bring in both J P Losman and Jamarcus Russell for qb tryouts with the team . WTF ?

      I runs this bitch ! Dunkin Donuts

      J P Losman couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn were he afforded the latest missile guidance technology ‘nough said !

      Son you can’t go in players’ locker and showers and ask the players if you can play with their “Johnsons” just for the fun it. You’ve got to wait to be asked . Mike Shanahan speaking to his son Kyle.

      Kyle Shanahan should be still suckling on his mother’s nipples what the fu_k does he know about coaching ? Has anyone watched the ‘skins as of late they’re god-damn awful !


      tophatal 🙂


  4. chappy 81

    Oregon I don’t believe will be challenged ‘tween now and the end of the regular season . The BCS national title game might well be the only time that we’ll get to see them actually challenged at all competitively .

    As to the Giants their win of the World Series was far easier for them than I thought it might be. I really felt that this could and should have been a far more competitive series . But unfortunately for the public the Rangers simply didn’t play that well at all throughout any part of the series. And that’s a real shame !

    Week 9’s games between the Raiders vs Chiefs , Bucs vs Falcons and your pick Steelers vs Bengals will really tell us a great deal about the directions that those teams are heading in and their identities as a whole .


    tophatal ……….. 🙂


  5. I’m praying the Raiders beat the Cheifs. Hopefully the Cheifs used up all their luck early in the season, and it’s the Raiders turn to get lucky!

    Shannahan is making Zorn actually look like a decent coach with all these erratic decisions. Not sure how you could justify benching McNabb and bringing in Jamarcus!


    1. chappy81

      I think that the Chiefs may well be doing it all with smoking mirrors but then you look at the coaching staff and you can see how disciplined they’ve become. Romeo Crennel , defensivve coordinator, Charlie Weis , offensive coordinator , Todd Haley as the team’s head coach. To top it all off they have Scot Pioli as their GM. Pioli also happens to be Parcells’ son in law.

      The Chiefs had better show up or the Raiders will lay a can of whup ass on them !

      A chimp could’ve coached the ‘skins and have been more successful than Zorn. The team simply didn’t buy into his ideas. As to the this present ‘skins’ team I personally don’t think that they’re that good to begin with. That team is need of an overhaul and that way they can get rid of the dead weight bogging them down .

      And the surveys says that sportschump (Chris) wants to lay this piece off ass ! 9/10 guys would in the first place ! The odd one out has to be gay .

      tophatal 🙂


    1. Chris Humpherys

      What did you expect ? There wasn’t as such an East Coast West Coast rivalry that could’ve been built up in order to have the fans clamoring to watch the event . And it certainly didn’t help that the Rangers simply played as if they’d been hit head on by a Mack truck ! Never mind the fact that you had Dubya and pappy put the nail in the coffin of the team in game 5 by throwing out the ceremonial first pitch .

      Bud Selig knows as much about the game of baseball as you or I might know about the mating habits of the sperm whale and any other ocean creature ….. ‘nough said on the matter I think !

      tophatal 🙂


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