Big Al’s Gone Big Pimpin’

Big Al’s Gone Big Pimpin’ ……

Well guys for the next few weeks (two at best quite possibly three) I’ll be inundated with work as I’ve been asked to assist and participate in a multi office task . When there’s a call to arms and money to be made then there’s nothing else to be said ! I will however try to still contribute pieces over the ensuing weeks as and when I can . In the meantime as I such I’ll provide you to links of sites where I’ve found the pieces to be insightful and at times thought provoking . The contributors in question are some of the most interesting bloggers around . They’re informative , funny and irreverent when they need to be but at the same time they can be serious as and when needed. So without much ado simply click on the links provided below to read.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Slide show for your perusal .

The subject matter in question will be varied but more often than not it’s always sports related so do give it a try . …..



Picture gallery for your perusal and by clicking on a gallery image you can view each frame in its original formatted size.

However if there’s any of my work you’d like to review from my other sites then click on any of the following : All are under the tophatal moniker . So check out the different categories and chime in with a comment as you see fit.


😛 _ 🙂

Alan aka tophatal ……………….. 😛 _ 🙂


Anyone for tennis ? Here’s Ali Milan and I don’t think that she minds whose balls are in court !


Jay Z ….. feat’g UGK …… ‘Big Pimpin’

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

13 thoughts on “Big Al’s Gone Big Pimpin’”

    1. al clements

      You jest ? Because I’m sure you’ve laid the ‘wood’ to your fair share of females over the years ! And I get the impression that none of ’em have been ugly ? You don’t strike me as being the type of guy who’d nail an ugly chick !

      tophatal 😛 __ 🙂 _ 😛


    1. Chris Humpherys

      I know that rocks ’cause the quality of the work there is really great and the writing is excellent !

      Got to earn the ‘paper’ cause mama needs are so excessive even if she doesn’t live with me.

      Real reason behind it offices in NYC , Orlando and Miami and on the West Coast are working on a big IP0 for a company and all of the details have to ironed out and in order before it’s sent to the client and then the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) for their approval.

      Bucs’ ____ game this weekend blacked out ? What’s that not at least three of their games this season ?

      Perhaps we can have the Bucs’ cheerleaders perform naked as a way of luring more fans to Ray J ?


      tophatal 🙂


  1. Chris Humpherys

    There are some great inter conference and divisional games on the slate for this weekend .

    When Jeter gets married later on this month you’ll get to see his new wife (Minka Kelly) there in Tampa

    tophatal 😛


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