Free Fall …….. In The NFL It’s Seen As Mediocrity

Free Fall …….. In The NFL It’s Seen As Mediocrity …

The sad thing is that when you see the free fall from grace of an NFL team it must leave the fans wondering what all went on during that time. To put it plainly, when it comes to no longer being efficient and then losing sight of what your objectives tend to be is to see what tends to happen when there’s little leadership within that team. If you want to make a comparison then simply look at the way the government goes about its business ? From the President’s Office office through his cabinet on down to the House and Senate it’s been indecision and some rather asinine comments as to the country’s direction. Is it any wonder there’s so much partisanship across both aisles and the fact that the country no longer has any real faith in the government and its decision making ?


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The league standings details the win-less Buffalo Bills at (0-8) as we enter week 10 of the NFL schedule . Not far behind are one loss teams the Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys both at 1-7 and seemingly now out of the running for a playoff berth for this season . The well documented chronicles of the Cowboys have been the press staple for much of the season and with Jerry Jones having fired Wade Phillips assistant coach and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett now assumes that role as he’s now entrusted to resurrect the fortunes of this team . From afar , those fans who literally hate the Cowboys are simply having the last laugh at the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones’ expense. Being America’s Team isn’t the divine right to be thought as the best team in the NFL. Far from it the team’s free fall has been simply mired in mediocrity and a great deal of dissension and tension within the team’s locker room.

For the ailing Panthers it has been an extremely difficult season and their languid play has seemingly put coach John Fox on the hot seat in terms of his coaching future. The team’s starting quarterback Matt Moore hasn’t been productive and repeated injuries have encumbered the Panthers’ progress and place them within the triage operations of the NFL . And it certainly hasn’t helped that with Moore’s backup Jimmy Claussen providing us with what many of already knew and that was the perceived hype concerning the player simply hasn’t been justified. His stats bear this out and statistically the Panthers rank in the lower echelons of the NFL’s standings .

<p><font face="garamond" size="2"> Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs (55) celebrates after intercepting a pass by Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre in the second half of an NFL football game in Chicago, Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010. The Bears won <b> 27-13 </b>. AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh    ..... </font></p>

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs (55) celebrates after intercepting a pass by Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre in the second half of an NFL football game in Chicago, Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010. The Bears won 27-13 . AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh …..

It’s extremely difficult to imagine from where the Bills will garner their first win and their schedule doesn’t get any easier over the coming weeks. Today they face the Detroit Lions in a game to be played at Ralph Wilson Stadium . And with the Lions now playing with a greater level of consistency the moral within the Lions’ organization and locker room . Jim Schwartz has his team heading in the right direction and it would appear that his opposite number Chan Gailey can’t seem to instill a sense of pride or purpose of the field of play with the Bills . Even with their drafting of C J Spiller , Torell Troup , Alex Carrington , Marcus Easley and a slew of other draftees their contributions to the team can be best described as being meager. As to h what remains over the remainder of the season for the Buffalo Bills and whether or not they can avoid joining the Detroit Lions as being the only team to go 0-16 since the NFL went a sixteen game scheduled season. Chances are serendipity might be the prevailing change in fortune that could stem the tide of mediocrity that has been shown by the Bills .

Looking at the standings based on the team records and we can see atop of the standings are the Atlanta Falcons (7-2) with four teams tied at 6-2 the New England Patriots , New York Giants , New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers . One game adrift of of that quartet stands the Baltimore Ravens , Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints . And within both conferences the AFC and NFC some of the divisional races are beginning to tighten up. A number of teams aren’t just playing solely for their survival but also that of the respective coaches around the NFL.

With one managerial casualty already having taken place this season with the firing of Wade Phillips by the Dallas Cowboys’ front office led by Jerry Jones one could surmise that between now and the end of the regular season there are bound to be many more. As to who those unlucky recipients might well be will be open to a great deal of conjecture and speculation. With that in mind the teams who now sit atop of their divisions have merely to play with consistency through the remainder of the season. Those teams are jockeying for their positions in order to not only win their division but also to obtain that elusive bye .



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This NFL postseason could be very intriguing and while there doesn’t appear to be a dominant team this season for the ever persistent and vocal fan there’s reason to believe that there’s still some great football to be played through the remainder of the year and into the playoffs.

What thoughts if any do you have concerning the fate of several teams around the NFL ? And how do you see the Bills’ season panning out at this juncture ? Chime in with a comment on this and any other topic concerning the NFL schedule this weekend ?

Alan aka tophatal ………….. 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Free Fall …….. In The NFL It’s Seen As Mediocrity”

  1. Is it me but is Favre proving what an ass he really is with his continuous statements concerning his and the Vikings’ poor play ? Face it Brett the fans are just not that into you !

    tophatal 🙂


  2. I like Atlanta….Parity is claimed by those pundits…There is parity, but only amongst the leaders….the rest…well guess there is parity too amongst the losers, they are all marching down to losing seasons.


    1. al clements

      The Falcons have certainly been laying the wood as of late around the league .

      Jamie Jungers always greeted Tiger at the door like this . And now we know why Tiger’s swing went away finally .

      Now that’s a crotch rocket ! I’d like to place Jamie’s head in between my crotch that’s for sure !

      tophatal ………… 🙂


  3. chappy 81

    The Bears have been kickin’ ass and taking names but I’m still not totally convinced that they’re good enough to be considered a Superbowl contender much less a Superbowl winning team !

    Cutler is good but he has the tendency to be a complete misfit and be a complete liability to his team .


    tophatal …. 🙂


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