It’s Been DC Or Bust ……………….. But In Reality It Was Always Going To Be A Complete Bust …… !

It’s Been DC Or Bust ……………….. But In Reality It Was Always Going To Be A Complete Bust …… !

You’d have thought with a coaching pedigree acquired over the course of his career a two time winning Superbowl coach such as Mike Shanahan would prove to be decisive ? But what’s now happening with the Washington Redskins now under his reign is proving to be not only embarrassing to his immediate legacy but also to the tenure of owner Daniel Snyder . Consider this, that since the end of the second tenure of their former Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs the Redskins have been a complete mess . With their season now in a complete tailspin the organization are now at a point where it seems that Shanahan feels that it’s best to bench the team’s starting quarterback Donovan McNabb in favor of his backup Rex Grossman . And if Grossman’s reintroduction proves to be unsuccessful then it’s left to John Beck . From thereon in who the hell cares because as by then one seriously doubts that there’ll be a Redskins’ fan out there interested in this team !


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The coach in a public statement given at the team’s headquarters in Ashburn , Virginia , Shanahan stated that he’d like to see what Grossman and third string starter John Beck has to offer the team over ‘the final three games’ of the season. If that wasn’t enough to contend with the team still has to deal with the wayward and unrepentant Albert Haynesworth and his less than productive season . The player has been benched , suspended for the remainder of the season and fined for conduct detrimental to the team. Haynesworth , however has lodged a formal complaint with NFLPA with the intent of fighting the fine. And given the details and action taken by Shanahan and his coaching staff in coming to the decision there’s a chance that the suspension could very well be rescinded by an arbitrator.

Granted at 5-8 there’s little else to suggest that the Redskins have much to fight for beyond their pride . With a season of expectation from the hiring of Mike Shanahan , his son Kyle , coaching staff and Bruce Allen as the team’s general manager it’s pretty much now safe to say that those expectations have fallen completely flat. There’s been little to suggest that the Redskins were capable of contending in the NFC East and against the division’s incumbents the Dallas Cowboys , New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles . As we all know the Cowboys’ season has faltered and with owner Jerry Jones having since fired Wade Phillips with his interim successor Jason Garrett assuming the position the Cowboys are now gauging Garrett’s tenure with a view to making the position permanent. The Eagles and Giants will meet this weekend in a game that has divisional implications as they both fight to gain a playoff berth with the winner being in the driver’s seat with regard to winning the division.

The comedic nature of what’s been happening with the Redskins doesn’t seem to have gone unnoticed with the nation’s press and furthermore the fans in the nation’s capital have to be wondering what the hell is going on ? Fedex Field in Landover, Maryland still is awash with fans for the Redskins’ home games. But that in ofitself can’t counter Shanahan’s gross mismanagement of the team and the antics we have all witnessed this season. It’s now twice that Shanahan has benched McNabb this season and what might be even more unbelievable has been the fact that the organization signed veteran quarterback to a five year $72 million deal of which $45 million was guaranteed money. That being said with the way the deal was constructed the organization does have a $3.5 million buyout clause which it appears they will actually use in releasing Donovan McNabb at the end of season. Now it’s hard to say what the future holds for McNabb given the fact this has been the most unproductive season of his veteran career. It seems improbable that there’ll be a team willing to take a chance on McNabb but no doubt given the fact that there’ll be a number of teams out there looking for some time of veteran leadership if only as a tutor to a young rookie. Something of disastrous downfall for a player who has led his former team the Philadelphia Eagles to four NFC Championship games and a Superbowl (SBXXXIX ) appearance. The saying most associated with McNabb and Eagles’ coach Andy Reid ………. “always the bridesmaid never the bride” .

Once again for Daniel Snyder it comes to a situation where he’s overpaying for talent that in reality has been something of an immense failure. From my own perspective it appears that the game has left Mike Shanahan behind and his abilities as a coach has to now come into question. Consider this, while in final years as coach of the Denver Broncos having relieved then quarterback Jake Plummer in favor of their then first round draft pick (2006) Jay Cutler the Broncos never made the playoffs and the coach’s record over that period has been a meager 22-28 including his tenure this season with the Washington Redskins . One could say that much of that malaise came down to the fact that the Broncos talent wise has been a mess and that’s most certainly been the case given what we have all witnessed this season with the team under Shanahan’s successor Josh McDaniels who has since been fired by team owner Pat Bowlen . McDaniels has been succeeded by Eric Studesville as the interim head coach and as of now the Broncos’ season still remains in an abyss .

With the regular season about to come to an end it appears that Shanahan now believes this latest maneuver to be his best option. But it’s becoming abundantly clear that Shanahan has no belief in either Haynesworth which given the present circumstances is understandable. In the case of McNabb it’s hard to see what he was trying to achieve much less do in acquiring the player to begin with as there were always risks. Fundamentally the team wasn’t that sound to begin with on either side of the ball and it’s clear that Shanahan and his coaching staff have failed to address those issues straight off the bat. Kyle Shanahan who has been given the role as the team’s offensive coordinator has produced nothing that would indicate that the Redskins offensively were good enough to compete within its own division much less the conference and the NFL as a whole. The team’s productivity can be best described as being anemic in terms of its offense. And defensively it certainly leaves a great deal to be desired . Injuries asides the Redskins simply aren’t a cohesive unit and they lack leadership both on and off the field of play.

Now with the upcoming NFL Draft it’s clear that the Washington Redskins feel that their greatest need will be a quarterback . And with the likes of Andrew Luck , Kellen Moore , Cameron Newton , Colin Kapernick amongst those who may well declare themselves eligible for the NFL it will be interesting to see the steps taken by Shanahan and his staff. And given the money that Dan Snyder has been known to have spent over the years could it be that we’re about to see another maelstrom and inane stupidity by the Redskins ? The ongoing troubles with the the organization isn’t just about the talent but also the mindset of Shanahan as a coach and whether or not the game has really passed him by. I believe that to be the case but in reality Snyder and the front office clearly believe otherwise and it’s clear that the ongoing problems there in Washington has nothing short of being a bust and it will continue to be that way for the foreseeable future !.



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Where do you see things going for the Redskins and what of the future of Donovan McNabb and where do you as such see him ending up if indeed he still has a future in the NFL ?

NB: This piece was completed prior to Sunday’s scheduled game against the Dallas Cowboys .

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10 thoughts on “It’s Been DC Or Bust ……………….. But In Reality It Was Always Going To Be A Complete Bust …… !”

  1. Why I do now get the feeling that the idiocy we’re now witnessing with the Redskins is no different from the bull_hit we’ve been seeing up on Capitol Hill within both legislative chambers of Congress ? Good God almighty there’s more stupidity being shown within both organizations is it any wonder we can’t trust either to do the right thing ?

    ‘Don’t worry tophatal you can always trust me to keep you and your patrons happy’.

    😉 __ 😛 — 🙂

    tophatal ………………… 😉


    1. Chris Humpherys

      I know it’s the Redskins but we all use to think that the dumbest sons of bitches in Washington DC were the members of Congress ! Snyder , Shanahan and the entire staff of the Redskins now make the congress members seem like guys who attended MIT or are members of MENSA ! And I definitely know that those assholes are nowhere near that bright to begin with ! Trust me I know what I’m talking about.

      Monique Alexander

      Porn star Monique Alexander even agrees with me .


      tophatal ………. 😉


    2. Chris Humpherys

      Marion Barry and the bruthas are going to protest McNabb’s treatment by Shanahan. As far as he’s concerned the man has done another ‘nigga ‘ wrong . No word as of yet whether or not Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson and the Nation of Islam will become a part of the protest . But I have it on good authority that Limbaugh has Shanahan’s back . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      This time my friends a bitch and the man are bringing another brutha down to his knees for no good reason. You saw how whitey did me wrong didn’t you ? Marion Barry …… what a joke !

      tophatal ……………… 🙂


    1. chappy 81

      Not even Jesus Christ would raise this bitch from the dead . As the saying goes God don’t like ugly and that’s exactly what the Redskins have now become under Shanahan. Not even Spurrier or Zorn fu_ked up this badly I don’t think !



      tophatal ………….. 🙂


  2. The Deadskins traded for McNabb. The Eagles knew McNabb was on the hill side of forty in his career. The Deadskins are idiots. They used to be a good organziation now look at them. This has been the history of skins. I hate the Cowboys. The Eagles are different this year. Vick is making a differnece. Usually the Bums quit. Not this tme. I am not holding my breath.


    1. Bobby Gee

      No one is denying that McNabb is on the downside of a great career . But what’s now happening in DC with the Redskins makes what happens within the House and Senate seem like a complete joke !

      With regard to Vick as he goes so too goes the Eagles .


      tophatal ……….. 😉


  3. Fat Albert deserved what he got, but some shyster will make him out to be the victim.
    Daniel Snyder is the worst owner in football.
    Shanahan needs to cut his son loose for the good of the team as well as for the kid himself.


    1. aero

      The character Fat Albert resents you using his name without his consent . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Shanhan not only needs to cut his son loose but he should cut his own damn throat for the complete ineptitude he’s shown this season . The Redskins are now years away from being a half decent team and that’s even if they do end up drafting one of the top quarterbacks coming out of college. The rest of that team at present would even give fecal matter (sh_t) a bad name !

      Megan Fox needs to be transformed with a big slice of black meat ! My meat as a matter of fact .

      Thank God for Vick and the Eagles at present as the NFC East stinks to high heaven ! What the hell is wrong with Eli and the Giants ? That defense couldn’t hold water much less catch a friggin’ cold !


      tophatal ………….. 😉


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