Hey Geno For Once And For All Shut The Hell Up And Simply Bask In The Glory

Hey Geno For Once And For All Shut The Hell Up And Simply Bask In The Glory

Now while I’ve no real love of women’s sports barring the rather lasciviousness of tennis wherein the likes of Maria Sharapova , Martina Hingis , Ana Ivanovic , Caroline Wozniacki and one might say the Williams sisters made that sport sexually gratifying to watch. Now I could go on to say that the LPGA Tour is also wonderful but herein lies the real problem other than Natalie Gulbis , the scene on the LPGA Tour with its plethora of players seemingly has a number of females that on appearance alone would have one questioning their sexuality.


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Now it goes without saying that amongst women’s basketball at present Geno Auriemma and his U Conn Women's Huskies reign supreme over the sport of women's basketball. Other than Auriemma in recent years the only other ascendant program has been Pat Summitt's —- Tennessee Volunteers (Lady Vols. All else simply pales into comparison and beyond that there isn't really much else to say. Tonight the U Conn Huskies take on the Florida State Seminoles in a game that should the team win would surpass the wins' total of John Wooden's renowned UCLA Bruins&#039 basketball teams which went on an 88 game winning streak that was ended by Notre Dame . And while that mark is embedded in our memories and sports' folklore it has to be said that this U Conn feat should it be accomplished will be remarkable but to my mind nowhere near as impressive as that of the UCLA Bruins. While both teams have a common factor in the fact that they have remained dominant I do feel that it's somewhat asinine to make comparisons between the two feats by way of their overall achievements ! Look we're talking women's basketball here and one hand the men's game remains far more physical and exciting whereas watching a women's game is somewhat akin to watching paint dry. Dominance being all well and good but please we are talking women's basketball here !

Courtesy of The San Francisco Chronicle

UConn Women Victims of Realism, Not Sexism ……..

By David Whitely of The San Francisco Chronicle

HARTFORD, Conn. — UConn won its 89th game in a row Tuesday night, and I’d like to write about what a fabulous deal it was.

I’d like to, but it might ruin Geno Auriemma’s image of sports fans in general and the media in particular. He thinks most of us were “pissed” that the Huskies were closing in on UCLA’s record of 88 straight wins. And having to cover their quest had turned us into “miserable bastards.”

I don’t presume to speak for everybody, but I wasn’t pissed that UConn beat FSU, 93-62 , at the XL Center . It was a grand occasion, right down to President Obama calling in his congratulations and Auriemma giving away Nintendo Wiis to two lucky fans after the game.

I’d say Richard Nixon never called John Wooden, and that UCLA’s coach probably didn’t give away a Pong after the Bruins won No. 88. But the accomplishments of UConn and UCLA should not be compared in any way.

Or should they?

I say no way, and not because I’m a miserable bastard. I’m happy for the Huskies. It’d be fine by me if they won 8,800 straight games. Given the depth of women’s college basketball, they just might.

That’s a big reason why their streak should not simply be called “The longest in college basketball history.”

It is the longest women’s Division I streak. Yet not lumping it with UCLA has become evidence of gender bias. Auriemma essentially turned it into a national referendum when he ranted about the lack of coverage after win No. 88 two days ago.

To be precise, he said women are happy for the Huskies. Most men who have to cover it are miserable and pissed. And as soon as UConn breaks the record, we’ll just pat them on their heads and say, “Send them back where they belong in the kitchen.”

There’s no doubt a lot of people are biased against women’s basketball simply because they are women. But Auriemma’s attitude has exposed bias isn’t limited to the media and fans.

First, he assumes women automatically like women’s basketball. I know a lot of women who don’t, and it’s not because they hate women.

Click on link to read article in its entirety .

And while no amount of praise can't be heaped upon Auriemma for the way with which he's made his program so dominant I do feel that former Hoosiers’ coach Bob Knight went completely overboard in an assessment stating that if he were an AD looking for a coach to start a program men or women by far the best coach out there would be Auriemma. Now while I've great deal of respect for Knight I do feel that he may well have been at one time been in the accompaniment of Miley Cyrus when she was hitting that bong and digesting that salvia. Bitch grow up get laid and stop trying to impress everyone with the fact that you're in reality nothing more than a talentless teen with an average voice and very little else by way of any redeeming talent. As to Knight, hey Bob it's time to shut the hell up and stop making a complete ass of yourself with some of your nonsensical comments . If Auriemma to your mind he is the best coach in collegiate basketball then you obviously haven't got a damn clue . I'd have thought that Duke's —– Mike Krzyzsewski would be atop of your list ? But what the hell do I know I'm merely a British guy who happens to be black and who's resided here for almost two decades and has watched Krzyzewski make that Duke program one of the pre-eminent athletics program in all of sports . And oh yes along the way he's done something that you've never achieved and that's to win an Olympic title and World Championship as the national coach in your reign . And less we forget his four national collegiate titles (NCAA) along the way as well.

Now it goes without saying that whatever the outcome tonight Auriemma ought to be praised but the coach himself ought to respectful of the convened press rather than bitching and whining about the fact that the sport and this particular feat isn't getting enough publicity . What Geno Auriemma seems to forget is that until the women's game reaches the heights of its male counterparts on an athletic and competitive nature then the public's interest in women's sport , in particular women's basketball will remain somewhere along the lines of watching paint dry and mating ritual of pachyderms (elephants). So for those of you now who'd prefer to switch to Animal Planet then by all means do so.

It may well be that the U Conn Huskies will win this game with a great deal of ease after all more than almost 40% of their victories have been by double digits or more . Do you get what I'm simply saying about the game and in particular the dominance of Auriemma's teams ? They're simply aren't being tested at all whereas that wasn't necessarily the case for Wooden and his teams during their reign and basketball immortality. Suffice to say let this merely be about what this team is about to achieve by its own measure and simply stop with the comparisons to Wooden's program . It's a no contest and that's with due respect to USA Today's Christine Brennan and her renowned love of women's sport and its promotion in all circles. Even she can't be foolish enough to think that matching this feat of John Wooden ____ one can say that the U Conn Huskies would ever be that team's equal by any stretch of the imagination .

And to Auriemma once again I simply ask and implore you to bask in the glory and the acclaim as of now because once it's all gone there won't really be that much notice being taken about your sport much less the U Conn program other than the Huskies' faithful who choose to follow the happenings in Storrs, Connecticut and nationally.



What thoughts if any do you above on this feat were it to be achieved by Geno Auriemma and the U Conn Huskies ? Is it merely much ado about nothing or should it be really considered an amazing feat merely by the fact of its precedence amongst women's sports ? By all means simply leave a comment as to your thoughts on this matter and as usual thanks for the continued support as it has always been appreciated !

NB: This piece was completed prior to the Huskies lopsided victory (93-62) over the Seminoles last night.

U Conn Huskies Women’s Basketball Schedule 2010-11 .

U Conn Women’s Basketball Roster 2010-11 . Could they actually now surpass the century (100) mark for consecutive victories ?


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10 thoughts on “Hey Geno For Once And For All Shut The Hell Up And Simply Bask In The Glory”

  1. Title IX may well have come into being for a reason but one really doubts that a validity can be made now where we ought to adjudge women’s feats against that of the men in a specific sport. Let each feat stand on its own merits in ofitself and to hell with all this stupidity . Women’s basketball when judged against that of the men its competitiveness and athleticism in essence are on two different levels. What next should there’ll be calls for the WNBA to have an 82 game schedule ?

    Auriemma should simply be happy that there’s some gleaming interest in the sport from some standpoint. Because it’s not as if the WNBA itself is setting the world alight to begin with. He should be happy that Obama even called his ass ! He’s (Auriemma) a condescending bastard to begin with !

    tophatal ………… 😉


  2. Chris Humpherys

    If Geno were a female who’d been as successful as he has been would anyone really have taken notice as to what he’s had to say ? Food for thought don’t you think ? Pat Summitt has won numerous titles and is the alltime winningest coach in women’s basketball but you don’t hear here bitching and whining . Let me ask you this do you honestly think that Auriemma would have this much success were he coaching a men’s team ? There are but four or five programs in women’s basketball that’s worth talking about. How many do you think in the men’s game where it’s more competitive ? Now come on Chris !

    tophatal ……………..


  3. I think this guy is just cheerleading for his sport. Surely he can’t be complaining about his team’s media exposure. If he is then he’s delusional.
    Have a happy and safe Christmas my friend.


  4. aero

    I’ve nothing against Auriemma but if he think it’s OK to start berating the press because they’re not making a big brouhaha about the achievement he ought to remember that women’s sports has never really been taken or looked upon with a great deal of intensity . Granted high profile female athletes like the Williams sisters have come to the fore but beyond that when it comes to women’s basketball the interest has never really been there. I mean the WNBA like the NHL struggles for an audience at their venues as well as on tv and there has to be a reason behind that don’t you think ?

    I doubt seriously if the majority of sport’s fans out there could name three players on the current women U Conn Huskies ‘ team !

    Tina Charles (31), Maya Moore (23) far right and Tiffany Hayes (3) of the U Conn Huskies women’s team .

    Brittney Griner of Baylor .

    Perhaps four of the most talented females in the game that the majority of us have never heard of .


    tophatal ………………… 🙂


  5. I actually watched a little of their blowout for the 89th win. I wanted it to mean something for me, but it really didn’t. I’m not sexist or anything, but if the greatest winning streak in college hoops can’t get me excited about a womens sport then I don’t think anything will. I don’t really want to compare the streaks, it just doesn’t feel right!


    1. chappy 81

      A lot of us are in the same boat on this as when it comes to female sports I think it’s the perception thing as far as their athleticism is concerned . And nowhere is it more magnified than when it comes to basketball. There are no real powerhouses at the collegiate level other than the Huskies, Vols , Baylor Bearcats , Stanford Cardinals and perhaps the Sooners. Other than that it’s putrid. In the men’s game there are at least a dozen teams that on any given day you’d be hard pressed to bet against when they meet. And the NCAA tournament is proof of that fact.

      And once the women’s NCAA tournament comes around Auriemma’s team will be all but a shoo-in for the NCAA title . I mean who’s out there now to really challenge them ? Certainly not the teams I mentioned and once they do get beat is anyone under the impression that’s going to be a worthwhile newstory ? Maybe for 15 minutes and that’ll be it . Like I said Auriemma should simply bask in the limeligt that he and the team are now getting and simply shut the hell up rather than berating the press and general public alike . If these females were playing semi-clad then perhaps there might be more interest taken in them to begin with .


      tophatal ……….. 😉


    1. al clements

      U Conn may well be a force to be reckoned as of now as there’s been nobody to really challenge them over the last few years. I mean they’ve won multiple NCAA titles and now the win streak . Auriemma should be thankful for the fact that some members of the public have taken some notice but he ought to quit his bitching and whining . He’s a condescending bastard to begin with who has on numerous occassions been critical of not just the press but also of the coaches and teams that he’s come up against . And now he’s looking for respect ? What an as_hole !


      Hopefully this’ll keep the warm fires burning ?

      tophatal ………….


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