Failure Is Not An Option ………………….

Failure Is Not An Option ………………..

Well it was all about the San Diego Chargers supposedly marching to an AFC West title but alas it wasn’t to be . Repeatedly the Chargers and their fans seem to believe that for them the season is one of simply playing 8 meaningful games out of sixteen and then they’re assured a place in the postseason . Well for the prognosticators out there who felt that way it goes to show that for all of your bravura you simply have no respect for what’s happening within the division as a whole. What gave you the impression that this Chargers’ team was simply good enough to begin with ? Being in awe of the season of Philip Chargers and what he’s been able to achieve is simply meaningless when the rest of the team can’t respond to pressure when it really counts ? Excuses may well be made that that they’ve had injuries and then the off the field problems concerning Vincent Jackson but at the end of the day it all comes down to the preparation of the coaching staff and that of the players .


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Chargers’ GM A J Smith and Norv Turner’s coaching staff really now have to assess the needs of this team as clearly they’re not where they need to be . And with the team being summarily being dispatched by the lowly Cincinnati Bengals this past Sunday would suggest that the AFC West is no longer the Chargers’ personal domain. With the loss (34-20)the team was eliminated from the playoffs and with the now resurgent Kansas City Chiefs now winning the division, a playoff berth ____ Turner and the Chargers now have to look at their season as one of , what might have been.

Courtesy of Associated Press & Yahoo Sports

Bengals knockout Chargers ….

By Joe Kay , AP Sports Writer

CINCINNATI (AP)—This big chill isn’t going to ease anytime soon.

The NFL’s best team in December couldn’t handle its first snowy afternoon. The Chargers dressed for warmups like it was a day at the beach, then froze up the first time they touched the ball. With everything at stake, they went slip-sliding right out of contention.

Carson Palmer was nearly perfect in the swirling snow—four touchdowns, no interceptions—in the Cincinnati Bengals’ 34-20 win on Sunday that ended the Chargers’ streak of four straight years in the playoffs as AFC West champs.

“It’s tough anytime you’re eliminated from a chance of playing for the postseason,” said quarterback Philip Rivers , who had an ordinary game in his usually superlative month. “It’s something I haven’t dealt with since I’ve been playing here. This was the final straw.”

The Chargers (8-7) knew they had to win to stay a game behind Kansas City (10-5), which beat Tennessee earlier Sunday. A loss would knock them out of contention and give the Chiefs the title.

San Diego had won 20 of its last 21 games in December, though most of those came in favorable climates or domed stadiums. Playing their coldest game in nearly three years, the Chargers froze and cracked.

“Words can’t really explain how we feel right now,” safety Eric Weddle said. “Our season is done. It’s probably the worst feeling you can have.”

The Bengals (4-11) are ending one of their worst seasons with telling satisfying moments.

Palmer, a Southern California kid, led them to their second straight win with a cast of reserve receivers. His 59-yard touchdown to Jerome Simpson — playing in place of the injured Chad Ochocinco —highlighted a 21-point fourth quarter against the league’s top-ranked defense.

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Questions will be have to be asked and answered as what needs to done in order to make this team more resilient and consistent. It’s hard to see also how Turner can be retained as the team’s coach if even he can’t explain the team’s failings . As I alluded to earlier it makes no sense simply being in awe of a team that simply plays half the season and then the feeling is that they are the “team” to be feared .That’s complete idiocy and naivete to begin with and furthermore it lends credence as to how god-damn awful the division actually is when a team barely squeaks into the playoffs with mediocre play and not much else that’s actually substantive .

Hopefully team Presdient & CEO Dean Spanos and the infusion now made financially made by billionaire Philip Anschutz will make some sort of difference as to the direction to be taken by the organization . Qualcomm Stadium at present remains the home of the Chargers but with there being ever growing frustration between the city (San Diego) and the team now seems to be awry but the rumblings of a possible relocation to the greater Los Angeles area could very well be pushed to the foreground. The clamor for a team in LA s now reaching seismic proportions but given the city’s financial quagmire and the fact that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s intent of bringing the NFL back to the city is one of his top priorities I’d like to ask this question ….. since when does the NFL trump the needs of the city in terms of the city cutting programs when it’s running a large budget deficit and at the same time laying off and furloughing staff , then looking to spend money to refurbish a venue that would meet the needs of the NFL and that of the relocated franchise to the city ? Sorry but clearly the city of Los Angeles is showing its naivete’ and sheer stupidity at this juncture ! And it certainly doesn’t augur well for Villaraigosa if he does see this as his best bet of winning over the city’s populace not when he has more acute issues to deal within the “City of Angels”.

From my own perspective what has taken place this year with the Chargers is one of their own making but looking to apportion blame elsewhere would be plainly stupid. How else can one explain it when you’ve a coach who simply lacks passion and a team that is overly reliant one their quarterback repeatedly week in week out to pull them from the precipice of a cliff ? Defensively the Chargers have had their fair share of woes but it’s also clear that in spite of the injuries on offense this team I believe sorely misses LaDainian Tomlinson ! Releasing the player when they could clearly have retained him for one more season could have been the spur needed. Instead their fall from grace will show that the decision made by A J Smith and Dean Spanos would prove to be ever so costly. In the NFL failure isn’t really an option but clearly competitively it hurts an organization but from a financial standpoint it has also placed the Chargers in something of a conundrum as to what their next move should be and that of their long term future . At this juncture those failings are far more than the Chargers’ organization is willing to admit .



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What thoughts if any do you have on the Chargers’ fall from grace this season and what choices do you feel that they have as it relates to their immediate future ? By all means leave a comment as to your own thoughts on this topic and anything else as it relates to the NFL this season ?

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6 thoughts on “Failure Is Not An Option ………………….”

  1. Al…

    You’re writing a post about NFL coaches getting fired without mentioning Lovie Smith.

    You were on him pretty hard at the beginning of the season.

    Howzabout showin’ him a little love now.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Who’d have thought that the meltdown of the Vikings would indeed give Smith and the Bears the chance to win the NFC North outright ? They made the most of the opportunities afforded them and you’re right Smith and his staff ought to be commended but at the same time because of Cutler I’m not prepared to hang my hat in their corner as of yet. He’s way too inconsistent for my liking as he reminds me of Favre in so many ways ! With the offensive weapons that he has he tries way too hard to win the games by himself when it’s simply not needed ! Never mind the fact that the defense is so good and is one of the better ones within the NFC !

      Who’s the real brains here offensive coordinator Mike Martz or Cutler ?

      Cowboys’ wide receivers’ coach inset Ray Sherman .

      Is it me but is Jerry Jones making a mockery of the Rooney Rule ? We all know that even though he’s saying that he has and will interview two minority candidates there’s no way in hell he’ll hiring either of them at all . He has his eyes set on either Cowher , Gruden or Harbaugh of Stanford .

      Ray Sherman won’t be getting that job neither will any of other minority candidate unless their name happens to be Tony Dungy .


      tophatal ………………. 🙂


    1. al clements

      We don’t need no parity ! We need coaches who can actually coach and players who actually play with passion rather than being narcissistic a-holes !

      Teams may well have been better but once free agency came about if afforded players the high salaries and at the same time organizations were then making a boat-load of money. It became a win win situation for everyone involved from top to bottom with the exception of the fans that is .

      NFL’s Iron Man ….. and also a whining self absorbed bit_h as well !

      Rumor has it that Vince Young , Brett Favte , Moss and Ochocinco will be given pacifiers in the offseason ?

      Moss loves the Patriots …. pity he couldn’t keep his head straight .

      Vince Young and Fisher’s relationship has sank to an alltime low !

      He’s had a better season off the field than anything he’s done on it for the Bengals . What an as_ wipe ! Why can’t the Bengals simply cut his a_s once the offseason comes around ? Intelligence was never his strong point and neither too is his use of the English language !

      tophatal ……….


  2. Don’t forget the Packers are in that division too, Al. The Bears did what they had to do and did it well enough to win the North. The NFC playoffs should be wide open at this point.

    And Al, Jones isn’t the first owner and won’t be the last to mock the Rooney Rule. At least Frazier will probably get to keep his job in Minnesota.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      I hadn’t forgotten about the Packers and if you recall I said that I viewed them as a favorite within the NFC and in particular within their division. But once the injuries began to take a hold of the team they went off the rails somewhat . But they’ve shown that they are resilient and well coached by McCarthy and his staff . Everything simply evolves around the play of Rodgers .

      A brainless dimwit who now makes Bud Selig seem like a damn genius ! Roger Goodell .

      Well with regard to the Rooney Rule when a moron like Goodell simply sits idly by while executives mock the rule then what else should you expect ? The guy isn’t that bright to begin with !
      I’ve repeatedly said that to you and I don’t think that you’re convinced of it at all. I mean he has the facts concerning Favre and we know the guy is guilty of inappropriate conduct . Were this some lesser light on the totem pole their ass would’ve been suspended long ago ! He simply cherry picks the issues that makes him look good in front of the public all the while condoning the misogynistic behavior of players around the league as and when he sees fit. There’s still the unanswered sexual misconduct (sexual assault allegations) of a Colts’ defensive player that still has to be dealt with .

      Frazier will keep his job perhaps due to the fact that no one implicitly knows whether or not there’ll be football next season. And that’s a chance that a number of teams may not be willing to take in offering a hiree’ money and they’ve nothing at all to do. So the NFLPA and the league had better get their act together !

      tophatal ……………………….


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