You Want An NBA Storyline …………………… ?

You Want An NBA Storyline …. ?

It’s been something of an anticlimax to the say the least as the NBA season has got off to a rather inauspicious start. The Miami Heat of late has been the storyline that everyone wants to follow as the ‘Big Three’ have become the talk of the town . LeBron James , Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade have made the Heat relevant once again. That being said to my mind the story that has me wondering how asking what else can befall a team has been that of the Houston Rockets . It’s hard to comprehend the misfortune that has beset this team as having lost All Star center Yao Ming for the season to a recurring injury . While much of this has been happening the one constant to this all has been the play of Kevin Martin and the fact that without him the Rockets would simply just another byline to the NBA season.


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The troubling here there though has been the fact Yao hasn’t played a meaningful game in over a year and the danger is that his career now seems to be on the verge of being at end. Barring a miracle I seriously doubt that we’ll see this player back on a basketball court in a competitive NBA game. Say what you will but Yao Ming had his admirers as well as his detractors . At his peak, he was certainly one of the most admired but also one of the best centers in the game but herein lies the caveat to this all once injiries started to befall the player , you simply knew that it was only a matter of time before things would go south for both he and the organization . What now happens for the Rockets is now merely dependent upon the players and their desire play the remainder of the season with the zeal one would come to expect of a team looking for some type of redemption. If nothing else they owe it to themselves and their fans.

The NBA Western Conference has now become awash of the unexpected and as the plot thickens the idiocy surrounds the sudden lull in the play of the Los Angeles Lakers . Don’t be fooled by anything you’ve heard or read at this point of the season teams will have their ups and downs and it’s how they respond that will define them. The Lakers have rebounded back and Kobe Bryant and his teammates seem to now back in the driver’s seat and their resolve will be to play the games as they come and then in the postseason show the NBA world why it is they’re the reigning NBA champions . If nothing else you simply have to respect that pedigree and until they’re toppled off the pile then due respect has to be given .

The Lakers’ neighbors within the Staples Center the Los Angeles Clippers and their sudden recognition around the league. No one person is more responsible for this other than Blake Griffin and his play through much of the season so far . In the same way that Dominique Wilkins came to be known as the “Human Highlight Reel” , Griffin has single handedly made that nom-de-plume his very own this season with his spectacular dunks. Unfortunately for the Clippers and their fans this hasn’t resulted in that many wins and at the same the Clippers still remain the same old Clippers. I’ve often maintained that when an organization simply lacks the will and ambition to win then whatever befalls that team is simply one of its own making. Is there now a more despised owner in professional sports than the Clippers’ Donald Sterling ? OK, so we could add the Redskins’ Daniel Snyder , Pittsburgh Pirates Bob Nutting and last but not least Jerry Jones of the Cowboys.

I understand that the business of sports is primarily about making money and any bye product sought is to win championships but what can be said as to morass that continually extends and surrounds the Los Angeles Clippers ? Someone needs to explain to me at what point will their fans simply say enough is enough ………? It’s apparent that NBA Commissioner David Stern and the league hierarchy isn’t overly concerned as to the mediocre plight of the Clippers under the tenure of Donald Sterling. But then again simply but as long as the league is reaping the vast rewards of the billions of dollars that unyieldingly comes into its coffers he’s not going to be concerned. For Stern the storyline here is that of the attention gained by the likes of the Heat , Boston Celtics and Lakers . If they’re being repeatedly on by the press then Sterling’s concerns aren’t that great but then again this is the same individual who last season issued the statement that the $250 million paid to a number of teams should not be viewed as a bailout because of those teams’ financial plight due to the economic climate. Kind of makes you wonder what perception the commissioner is trying to create with that rather asinine statement ?


Clueless in Phoenix as that appears to be the situation with the Phoenix Suns at present under Alvin Gentry as the Suns’ coach. Ever since their most recent trades with the team acquiring Vince Carter and a number of other players which in turn sent Jason Richardson to the Orlando Magic . This team can’t find a win much less play a lick of defense and statistically they rank in the bottom half of the league with that rather dubious distinction. And now with rumors circling that the franchise may well be willing to offload Steve Nash with a view as building for the future , the question being asked is where they go from here ?

With the competitiveness of the Western Conference where week in week out it’s something of a dog fight one could say that last season’s Western Conference finalist’s this season appears to be something of a regression back to the ways of old. In all likelihood if Gentry is unable to have the Suns playing with any semblance of a will to win then team owner Robert Sarver will look to bring in a coach who can take the team back to the heights and expectations that he feels befits the organization .

There’s reason at present for noted film director Spike Lee and avowed basketball fan to be happy as his New York Knicks are once again relevant . Coach Mike D’Antoni and his coaching staff has the team playing with a great deal of resolve within the NBA. Amar’e Stoudemire , Raymond Felton , Landry Fields and Wilson Chandler have been playing at a pace that not many may well have expected. And those in attendance at Madison Square Gardens for the Knicks’ home games have to be more than pleasantly surprised but also extremely excited.

With what we’re now seeing within the Eastern Conference there’s no reason to believe that the Knicks cannot play themselves into contention within the conference and garner their first playoff berth in almost a decade. At their current pace the Knicks are on target to win 47 games, albeit that a sub .500 record or slightly above can garner a playoff spot within the conference. If that’s not enough of an indictment as to how bad the conference can be, then simply look over the past seasons and the records of the teams that have prevailed within the conference in garnering a postseason berth ? It hasn’t been uncommon for the teams ranked four through eight to have a record barely above .500 (41-41). It remains to be seen if this season we can see a vast improvement of the teams in the lower half of the seedings within the conference and how they may well fare. If nothing else the remainder of this season will be proof of that and what we ought to expect from some of those teams within the conference.



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Should the Knicks make the playoffs there’s a distinct possibility that Mike D’Antoni could very well be in with a chance of winning the NBA’s Coach of The Year Award . Given what he’s been able to achieve in assessing and building this team with the help of President of Basketball Operations Donnie Walsh this has been a season of redemption for the Knicks and their long suffering fans . One can only hope that barring injuries they can remain on course of achieving their goals .

Chime in with your comments as to your thoughts on the NBA season and any of the topics raised within this piece .

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5 thoughts on “You Want An NBA Storyline …………………… ?”

  1. If all the press and networks that provide coverage of the NBA will give us is what the Big Three are now doing on South Beach then sooner or later the fans will become sick and tired of it all. They’re not the only piece of news in town as far as NBA is concerned . But Stern‘d rather us believe it’s in our best interest to simply follow the exploits of the Heat and their cadre of stars.

    If the Heat Lakers’ Finals isn’t on tap this season then what will he do ?

    tophatal ………..


  2. As is usual with the NBA, we have a select bunch of top-tier teams that could win it all, some minor pretenders and then a bunch of really crappy teams.

    On a side note, it’s sounding more and more like this ‘Melo deal is gonna go through. Remind me again why anyone would want to play for the Nets.

    Oh, Prokhorov, that’s right.

    And how much longer until Joe Dumars is run out of Detroit?


    1. Chris Humpherys

      The top tier teams will always be in the mix but it’s the upstarts that really do tend to create much of the intrigue and excitement once the postseason comes around.


      Who is this Mark Cuban and how much money does he have ? $2.5 billion ? That’s nothing I have $14.5 billion and counting . Mikhail Prokhorov of the Nets.

      Well in the case of Prokhorov and his billions (estimated $14.5 billion ) it’s easy to see why some players would want to come to the Nets . But then again wouldn’t you if you got to see Beyonce’s touche while she’s at Jay- z’s side ? They’ve the right management in place in terms of the executives but I’m not entirely convinced in terms of the complete coaching staff led by Avery Johnson .

      As for Dumars if he can pull off this coup that’s being widely reported I seriously doubt that he’ll be ran out of town !

      What’s she whispering in his ear ?

      See link below for details . Courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle

      Nuggets Respond to Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors

      DENVER — Carmelo Anthony sure didn’t look like a guy about to be traded.

      Before starting Sunday night’s game against New Orleans at the Pepsi Center, the Denver star forward was boasting about his hometown Baltimore Ravens winning big over Kansas City in an NFL playoff game earlier in the day.

      In a brief interview with FanHouse, Anthony did say he was aware there are numerous reports he soon could be going to New Jersey, along with teammate Chauncey Billups, in a three-team trade that also includes Detroit.

      Anthony didn’t want to talk about the situation. But he was told there was one important question that needed to be asked. If traded to New Jersey, would he be willing to sign a three-year, $64.47 million contract extension with the Nets, one he has been unwilling to ink with the Nuggets?

      Click on link to read in its entirety .

      There’s talk that ‘melo and Billups could be in Detroit with Rip Hamilton and assortment of players going to the Nuggets in return. Make of it what you will .

      tophatal …………………


  3. I feel bad for Yao. Not just because he’s Asian 🙂

    I guess it goes to show you that Chinese people weren’t meant to be 7’6″!

    The big three have been what we thought they would be, very good.

    It’s amazing how well the Clippers have been playing lately. Griff has definitely figured it out, and after seeing him live last night, I’m a beliver that he can turn this franchise around. That is, unless Sterling gets in the way. Which is a very likely scenario…


  4. chappy 81

    It’s unfortunate about Yao but given what’s happen to him repeatedly over the years I think his career is now at an end ! He comes back now and has a another injury essentially that’ll be it . No team out there will be willing to take a risk on a player that repeatedly breaks down quicker than aging race horse with only three sound legs .

    As for Blake Griffin once his rookie salary contract is up he won’t be remaining in La La-Land with the Clippers not when they can’t even be competitive enough within their own division much less the Western Conference as a whole . There’ll be a bevy of suitors for his services when his contract is up. He can turn the franchise around but Donald Sterling has never been known to spend money not on anything that’s worth his while in order to make the franchise a success or even competitive. The guy is one of the most despised owners in all of professional sports and both you and I know it to be true !

    Why don’t the Clippers’ fans like this man…….team owner Donald Sterling ? Does anyone really need to ask ? Celebrities supporting this team merely do so because they’re not considered A listers amongst the Hollywood elite ……… either that or they’re completely brain dead …. which is it ?

    tophatal ……………


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