The King Is Dead The King Is Dead ………. Long Live The New King ………

The King Is Dead The King Is Dead ………. Long Live The New King ………

Well OK then the ghost of Brett Favre has finally been exorcised from Lambeau Field . And Aaron Rodgers has been able to lead the Green Bay Packers to the ” Promised Land” and that of further notoriety as the team was able to overcome overwhelming odds in defeating the presumptive favorites the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Superbowl (SBXLV).


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From an entertainment standpoint this game (31-25) was filled mistakes by both teams as the event played itself out in front of a global audience of hundreds of millions and those entrenched at Cowboys Stadium , Arlington , Texas to watch the NFL’s showcase event. And for Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff this was their time to shine as they were able to keep the Steelers in check. For Rogers this has been a season to prove the doubters wrong as to show them that finally the wait as was worth it . The Lombardi Trophy comes home to Green Bay and the NFL has a worthy claimant of the trophy.

Rodgers and his teammates now know that their heroic efforts will be recognized and at the same time the fans there in Green Bay and nationwide know that Favre no longer needs to be the topic of conversation whenever it comes to associating the Superbowl to the organization’s history . And inasmuch as the former Packer is still revered across the NFL , I for one can’t help but feel that he burned some bridges in the way he departed from the Packers and his somewhat laissez-faire approach to the organization where he made his name. This much we do know, the fans in Green Bay now have a new working class hero to look up to, in Aaron Rodgers . But it’d be somewhat inappropriate to suggest that this merely about Rodgers alone as it has been more of a collective effort on the part of this team with such young studs as Clay Matthews , James Starks , Jordy Nelson and others simply stepping up to the plate throughout the regular season and into the postseason itself.

Rodgers stakes claim in Titletown lore with Super Bowl journey

By Albert Breer NFL Network

Dallas , Tx,. — This night wasn’t about Brett Favre.

The Packers said good-bye to the most decorated quarterback in franchise history 30 months prior to the day of Super Bowl XLV, and the Favre questions were really only coming up again for Aaron Rodgers in big moments like the one he had Sunday night. And all that stuff was really superficial anyway, since the shadow Favre casted hardly seemed to have any effect on the rising, young team he left.

But for a brief minute in Cowboys Stadium, still picking confetti out of their hair and with older brother Luke Rodgers toting Aaron’s trademark title belt, those closest to the newest Packers legend let the scars show.

I told both Luke and father Ed Rodgers that for all the things Brett Favre accomplished over his career, No. 4 never won Super Bowl MVP, like the kid from Chico, Calif. just had.

“He didn’t?” Ed said, grinning ear-to-ear. “Oh, I didn’t know that. OK, I like that, though. That’s awesome.”

“I didn’t know that,” Luke responded earlier. “That’s fantastic. Now Aaron’s got one up on Brett.”

If those words have a tinge of edge to them, well, then so be it.

That’s what happens when you see your son or little brother told, for the first six years of his career, more about what he isn’t than what he is. That’s what happens when the kid finally erases that last “isn’t,” leaving only room for what he’s become. And for Rodgers, that’s the biggest star on the game’s biggest stage.

Despite some uneven moments on Sunday night, particularly in the third quarter of the game, Rodgers was, to use his family’s words, awesome and fantastic.


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Throughout much of the season this Packers’ team had been beset by injuries and McCarthy had to literally look to many of the younger and inexperienced players on the roster to put forth their best . In doing so and continually showing faith in those players paid dividends for the Green Bay Packers. And while many had viewed the likes of postseason hopefuls the Atlanta Falcons , Chicago Bears as teams within the NFC that could perhaps have a chance of raising the Lombardi Trophy , the Packers simply played to their strengths never once doubting themselves or the fact that they were good enough not to win.

As an avid NFL fan I simply looked for this to be an entertaining game between two evenly matched teams. In reality however it was a game fraught with errors by both teams as they looked to stamp their identity on the game. Pittsburgh Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin was looking to become the youngest coach in NFL history to have won two Superbowls before the age of forty and the organization’s seventh win of the title itself. What transpired was that the Steelers got somewhat complacent and it led to them being too reliant on an aerial attack and for their Pro Bowl quarterback Ben Roethlisberger quarterback having to lead the charge once they found themselves with an eighteen point deficit early in the game . The team responded heartily but you simply got the feeling that it might not be enough as they were never able to fully dictate the pace of the game for any prolonged stretch as the events played themselves out in front of the fans in attendance and the countless tens of millions watching globally.

Now while the NFL can feel proud that once again their brand is in a unique position as an event it has to be said that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell now has a great deal on his hands now that the postseason has ended. The league and the NFLPA are no closer to reaching an amicable agreement in their labor negotiations and what might even more surprising to the fans out there is that this past Friday was only the second formal meeting between the two sides to discuss to impasse between the two parties. Don’t you think that the situation itself has become so insane if they’re only meeting as and when they choose to rather than actually getting together with some urgency and hammering out an agreement. Instead we have the various factions either through intermediaries or through their respective leaderships making public statements that give the impression the fans and public in general that an impending labor stoppage isn’t all that far off. NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith , NFLPA President Kevin Mawae have remained steely eyed and aren’t prepared to budge from their position unless the owners and league are prepared to make a number of concessions.

The collective bargaining agreement expires at midnight March 3rd and it remains to be seen whether or not the two sides will be able to resolve this matter . From the fans’ standpoint if in viewing this Superbowl they’d come to realize that this might just be the last NFL game that they might see in quite a while were there to be a labor stoppage , I’d dare that any goodwill that the the NFL and NFLPA thought it had amongst the fans would readily disappear at the drop of a hat . The sheer stupidity being shown by both sides borders on that of two kindergarten pupils fighting in the sandbox over a toy , only this case the toy in question just happens to be the tens of billions of dollars that are at stake. Multi-millionaire owners and players all fighting over who can have the largest slice of an ever diminishing slice of a pie. Nothing says stupidity than that what we’re now seeing being played out by both sides. The league’s showcase event is meant to be the celebration of the ultimate that the game has to offer but yet there’s still so much acrimony between the two sides !


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For the Green Bay Packers , their fans there in the city of Green Bay , across the state of Wisconsin and nationally this is a time for a great deal of pride and joy. The foundations upon which this organization was built under its first coach Vince Lombardi is still adhered to . And it goes without saying that being one of the NFL’s most storied franchises has given the Green Bay Packers that air of legitimacy and even the appreciation of fans nationwide and deservedly so !

Over the last five years since Rodgers’ introduction to the league it has to be said that he’s dealt with a great deal much of which could have been avoided were it not for the actions of Brett Favre and to a lesser extent that of the front office of the organization. In large part however I think that we can all agree that the primadonna attitude of Favre has been one of a petulant child who wasn’t simply allowed to get his way ! Now the Packers’ fans can appreciate what it is that they have within their midst and simply forget about the histrionics of Favre and all that he brought to the Packers in his latter years with the team. The King Is Dead The King Is Dead ….. Long Live The New King !

What observations if any did you have on this Superbowl ? And as such were you thoroughly entertained by the game itself or did you feel in part that it was something of a letdown ? Simply chime in with your thoughts on the matter and thanks as always for the continued support !

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(1) Dallas , Tx,. February 7th 20011. Head coach Mike McCarthy of the Green Bay Packers speaks to the media during a press conference at Super Bowl XLV Media Center on February 7, 2011 in Dallas, Texas. Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images …….

(2) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (left) and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers pose with the MVP trophy after speaking to the media during a press conference at Super Bowl XLV Media Center on February 7, 2011 in Dallas, Texas. Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images ……..

(3) Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers celebrates with teammate Josh Sitton (71) after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 in the NFL football Super Bowl XLV game Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011, in Arlington, Texas. AP Photo/David J. Phillip ………

(4) Ben Roethlisberger (7) of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates after a touchdown in the fourth quarter against the Green Bay Packers during Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium on February 6, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images …….

(5) Green Bay Packers’ Clay Matthews, right, is congratulated by his father Clay Matthews Jr after the Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL football Super Bowl XLV game on Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011, in Arlington, Texas. The Packers won 31-25 . AP Photo/Paul Sancya ………

(6) The Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie performs with Slash during halftime of Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on February 6, 2011. Gary A. Vasquez/NFL …….

(7) The Vince Lombardi Trophy is delivered to the Green Bay Packers by Roger Staubach celebrate winning Super Bowl XLV over the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on February 6, 2011. Perry Knotts/ NFL ……

(8) Green Bay Packers’ Tramon Williams, bottom, fights for the ball during a fumble as Pittsburgh Steelers’ Keenan Lewis and Green Bay Packers’ Sam Shields chases NFL Super Bowl XLV football game Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011, in Arlington, Texas. AP Photo/ Marcio Jose Sanchez …….

(9) Green Bay Packers running back James Starks (44) runs up field during Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on February 6, 2011. Gary A. Vasquez/NFL ………

(10) Feb 6, 2011; Arlington, TX, USA; Green Bay Packers running back James Starks (44) is tackled by Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark (25) during the first half of Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium. Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE ……….

(11) Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) during Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on February 6, 2011. Kevin Terrell/NFL ……

(12) Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin during Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on February 6, 2011. Kevin Terrell/NFL ………….

(13) Aaron Rodgers (12 )of the Green Bay Packers meets with Brett Favre (4) of the Minnesota Vikings after the Packers defeated the Vikings 28-24 at Lambeau Field on October 24, 2010 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. A sure sign that the torch had been finally passed and the exorcism had began ! Getty Images / Jim Pirsching ……


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19 thoughts on “The King Is Dead The King Is Dead ………. Long Live The New King ………”

    1. Ravenation LLC

      The dye was cast and the fact that comparisons will be made. Consider this however Rodgers now has as many postseason wins than Favre ! But yet Favre has had the longer career .

      tophatal ………….


    1. Ravenation LLC

      Maintain all you want …. we’ve been told that Social Security is safe and we needn’t worry about the deficit or the national debt . But yet somehow it hasn’t stopped the situation from being grave as the members of Congress , Senate and the present administration have us mired further in this cluster fuck !

      And it’s essentially not unlike the shit that’s now happening with the NFL and NFLPA collectively ! Some 800 fans who’d paid for their tickets to the Superbowl (SBXLV) weren’t allowed in and they were told that they couldn’t have their money refunded. At the same time there were some 1,200 fans who’d been asked that they had a choice of obtaining refunds or being moved to another part of the stadium because of a safety issue.

      The NFL is a joke as a business concern and it’s now becoming almost as corrupt as the NCAA !

      tophatal ………….


  1. It’s a little different because I’ve grown up pretty much expecting Social Security to be bankrupt by the time I reach that age if I even do which I doubt I will.

    As for the deficit and the national debt, as sleazy as it sounds I’ll be dead so I really don’t care.

    I read today that the league did offer the ticket holders double their money back as well as tickets to the SB XLVI in Indy. They probably had to be moved as it was a violation of the fire code, as if Cowboys Stadium isn’t the biggest fire hazard in the Northern Hemisphere anyway.



    1. Ravenation LLC

      The miscreants within both legislative houses of Congress and the Senate have done nothing but gloss over the real problems of the country. GOP , Democrats and the Tea Party simply haven’t an original idea in their damn heads and they’re simply screwing up the country for future generations.

      Am I to assume at present you’ve got no kids ? Because if you do then as of now they’re in deep shit because these successive administrations and both legislative chambers of Congress !

      ‘Look here boy I’m the owner of this team and I don’t give a shit what you say we need a wardrobe malfunction to make this bitch sell and be more appealing ‘ . ‘ But Jerry Christina’s titties and nipples aren’t anywhere as perky as Janet Jackson’s’ .

      Goodell and the NFL hierarchy knew well in advance of the problems within Cowboys Stadium and simply did nothing about but at the last minute they issue an apology and then say that they’ll refund tickets at three times face value. So what about the expense of the fans who traveled by car or air ? They ought to bring a civil lawsuit against the NFL’s ass to begin with rather than accepting the current offer from Goodell and that bunch of corrupt bastards ! I see Jerry Jones remained ever so silent on the issue ? How is it that scheduled Cowboys’ home games were allowed to be played without any such worries for the fans in attendance then ? Ask yourself that for one minute and then think about the fire marshal’s request of the league ?

      The NFL played the fans and have continued to asked the fans to spread their cheeks so that they can fu_k ’em in the ass repeatedly ! And it’s not about to change anytime soon !

      tophatal …………


    1. Chris Humpherys

      That’s the bye line that makes us feel good ! And in essence it’s not necessarily just about a good guy winning but their journey there and the respect that they’ve gained from their peers along the way. In my humble opinion Rodgers is more widely respected now around the NFL than Favre has been over the last five years of his career !

      Aaron Rodgers will certainly be going to Disneyworld or Disneyland but his first stop may well be to suck on these titties .

      tophatal ……………


  2. I am tired of Brett Favre and his crap. Aaron Rodgers played well. He isn’t the second coming. Let’s see how Rdogers career plays out. he ain’t no Joe Montana or Terry Bradshaw. let’s see.


    1. Bobby Gee

      Favre is like a nasty ‘STD’ that simply won’t go away unless you take the right prescriptive medication . And for the fans in Green Bay that’s what the Rodgers’ story and this win is all about . Now they don’t have to hang their hats on what Favre did for the organization and the city as a whole. And in reality if it wasn’t for Reggie White the Packers would never have won the Superbowl (SBXXXI) because before he joined them no wanted to go to that God forsaken place and that’s what the fans there and the idiot tv analysts seem to forget. And that’s essentially why you see so much ass kissing of Favre by the likes of Berman , Clayton , Hoge , Jaworski and Schlereth there at ESPN and the other networks that cover the NFL !

      You can’t deny what Rodgers achieved for this team wasn’t totally unexpected ? I’d dare the vast majority of fans out there didn’t even have this team making the playoffs much less winning the Superbowl ? So now all we can accordingly say that Rodgers has equaled the number Superbowl victories of Favre and he could go on to actually surpass that achievement . Then what about Favre ………. who’s essentially behaved like a petulant spoiled brat in the latter part of his career !

      tophatal …………


  3. Would it have been preferable for Aguilera to have had a wardrobe malfunction rather than her messing up the National Anthem ? And really TBEP are that good and is such a great producer then how the fu_k didn’t he notice the sound problems prior to them taking the stage ? I presume they’d do a run through and sound check hours prior to make sure things are OK ?

    The pregame and half-time shows were a complete farce ! It made The Stones’ renditions now seem legendary when adjudged against Sunday’s spectacle .

    tophatal ………..


    1. chappy81

      I’d mention to Chris (Sportschump) earlier in one of his posts that the Packers were my dark horse to win the Superbowl and it prove to be intuitive and fortuitous. And you’re right it’s hard to dislike Rodgers and he simply says and does the right things . It appears that he’s also well rounded and by no means full of himself or aloof or self aggrandizing ! Which to my mind makes a complete difference from assholes like Favre , Roethlisberger , Vick and Cutler !

      I’d like to see Aguilera like this much of the time or I’d like to see her like this most of the other times ….. see below .
      Is it me but was Aguilera that bad ? Just because she wanted to have her own perceived wardrobe malfunction it doesn’t give her the right to f_ck up her rendition of the National Anthem ! Good God how much time did she have to practice before giving her rendition ? It’s not as if she was chosen overnight or out of the blue ! And what the hell was wrong with the audio for the Black Eyed Peas’ performances at halftime ? I guess that they hired Hellen Keller to do all of the major sound checks at Cowboys Stadium ? The pre and half time shows were a complete waste of time !

      And now perhaps all of the Favre a_s kissers and lickers can finally shut the hell up once and for all ?

      And what’s not to like about that ?

      tophatal ……………


    1. aero

      Katie Price

      Ben could’ve been sucking on Katie Price’s tittie’s and the Steelers would still have come up short in the game ! It was a collective effort on their part that led to the loss . Kudos to the Packers however as they never lost sight of their objectives and goals . On the other hand Brett is now said to be offering heartfelt wishes to the Packers’ organization . Crocodile tears for sure !

      Katie Price aka Jordan …….. Want cleavage she’s got a great deal of cleavage .

      tophatal ………….


    1. JW

      I still think that Favre one more comeback left in him ! As for LeBron and ” The Decision “ you couldn’t have scripted that crap any better while having ESPN’s Jim Gray simply kissing any orifice that James wanted to show and that includes his sphincter !

      LeBron can I ask you a personal question ? How’d you feel about rimmin’ and spoonin’ ? There was so much man love and testosterone overflow I half expected Gray to offer LeBron his a_s so that he could rim him and spoon him !

      tophatal ……………


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