Thanks For The Memories …………. But No Thanks !

Thanks For The Memories …………. But No Thanks !

Can answer be found for the utter stupidity now being shown by both the NFL , the owners and that of the NFLPA . It now appears the line that couldn’t be crossed has been as Commissioner Roger Goodell , NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and the union’s executive committee seems to be now at a point where no one seems to be making any sense. Both sides claim that they want there to be a 2011-12 season but it’s becoming abundantly clear that scenario isn’t about to happen anytime soon. An NFL imposed lockout and labor stoppage will lead to a cataclysmic problem for the NFL from a financial standpoint and that of their major corporate sponsors. It has been estimated that each week of the regular season schedule of the NFL brings in an estimated $ 300 million in gross revenues for the league . And less we forget the postseason reaps an even bigger bonanza for all concerned .


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What might now be a cause for concern will be the fate of the unrestricted free agents that will come to the market in the offseason. Any lockout leaves those players in limbo without an existing contract and as such without a team . And while we know that the NFL Draft will still take place the contention of the league is that process goes ahead without any hindrance. At what point does the idiocy stop with regard to the demeanor of the league’s hierarchy and the union itself. Both parties seem to be self serving and completely oblivious to the image created for the fans . Each side has seen fit to produce their own ads portraying their situation from their own standpoints but in reality the discerning NFL fan out there isn’t concerned with what they want or think. All the fans want to know is that there will be an NFL season to be played rather than a league imposed lockout. And while the House Oversight Committee watches from afar you simply get the feeling that they’d like to wade into this issue and leave their own mark on it all.

Courtesy of ESPN

Roger Goodell: Latest talks ‘beneficial’ news service

Dallas — Quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Drew Brees were among the star players who attended a negotiating session between the NFL and players’ union Saturday, league sources told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

While it is not unusual for players to occasionally sit in on negotiations, the presence of Manning was a surprise and is an early indication that the union is successfully getting the support of its superstar quarterbacks. During the 1987 players strike and subsequent labor strife, several of the league’s star passers broke union ranks by signing licensing rights with the NFL which weakened the union revenue pool.

Manning was also joined at Saturday’s meeting by Brees, who has been an activist as the team’s player representative. Sources did not reveal if any players spoke during the negotiating session but their presence was considered symbolic, at the very least. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who was named the NFL’s MVP on Sunday for the 2010 season, also has been an outspoken pro-union player rep.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the two-hour meeting with the players’ union was “beneficial.”

“It’s always a positive when both parties are talking,” Goodell said.

“My focus is on the next three or four weeks,” Goodell said. “I’ve often said, our agreement expires on March 4th. We have to use that period of time to reach an agreement that’s fair for the players, fair for the clubs, and allows our great game to grow for our fans.”

In an interview with “Fox News Sunday” that aired the morning of the Super Bowl, Goodell called drug testing a key issue in labor talks. Goodell also addressed the NFL’s labor issues on Sunday in an appearance on ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning”.

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Given Smith’s background and the fact that he worked in DC with the litigation firm Patton Boggs LLC , I’d say that the union’s Executive Director’s circle of friends within Washington could very well be in his corner . The NFL not to be outdone have their own supporters up on Capitol Hill and the very fact that they’ve their body of lobbyists pleading their case there within Congress and the Senate has me believing that the NFL’s hierarchy is in this for the long haul even with the financial mayhem that’s bound to follow. Words fail me at this juncture as to how the two sides can’t seem to find their way to come to an amicable resolution when a $9 billion a year industry is at risk ?

The broadcast networks ABC/ESPN , Fox , CBS and NBC aren’t going to be entirely happy with this outcome should the two sides not be able to come to an amicable solution. From their standpoint they clearly won’t be happy to the fact of the loss tv viewership ad revenue . And let’s not forget the NFL stadiums around the league that will stay empty around the NFL should there be a lockout ? And what might be even more telling would be the loss in terms of the economic impact each week brings to the cities concerned when an NFL game takes place. This situation has become so acute that it’s hard not see there not being a fallout on such a seismic scale that it won’t undercut the economic impact on those communities.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft , Jerry Jones and Woody Johnson of the New York Jets had all provided the public with statements stating they believed that a compromise could be reached . But obviously the league had forgotten to make the owners aware that their private thoughts and their public stance weren’t in line with this triumvirate. In terms of open transparency the NFL is not unlike of that of MLB , NASCAR , the NBA , NHL and MLS in the fact that they never choose to open their finances up for public scrutiny. And with each of these having been given antitrust exemption courtesy of Congress it’s clear to see why the league would rather not let that happen.

The league has sought concessions from the NFLPA requesting a give back initially of $1 billion annually from off the top of the gross revenues over the next seven years . But that’s just the topping for many of the other concessions sought by the owners and Goodell. And it’s easy to see why the union led by Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and union President Kevin Mawae have been averse to these and many of the other concessions sought by the NFL hierarchy. The league states one thing while the union has another idea as to what the NFL really wants and that’s specifically to add to their coffers while not acquiescing to any additional financial rewards sought by the players.

Courtesy of The Nation

DeMaurice Smith: On an NFL Lockout and Inspiration from Egypt

By Dave Zirin

There is no form of entertainment in this country more popular than football, and there is no one, save Barack Obama, being scrutinized more closely these days than DeMaurice Smith . Smith heads the National Football League’s Players Association—a union that’s being threatened with being locked out unless players give back substantial amounts in wages and agree to lengthen the season to 18 games. NFL players make large sums of money but risk a lifetime of physical debilitation and the average career lasts only 3.5 years. Owners are banking on the fact that players, with their short window to make money, will cave to every demand. Smith is banking on something bigger: a sense of history, sacrifice, and community that’s bigger than sports.

I spoke with Smith last Friday, the day after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell walked away from the table during negotiations. I asked Smith, on a scale of one to ten, whether he felt there would be a lockout. “On a scale of one to ten, it’s still 14,” he said. “We’re preparing our guys for the worst, we’re hoping for the best. I’m going to keep negotiating. We’ve got our guys on standby right now to be virtually anywhere in the country whenever they want to talk. That’s the way we’re going to roll. I’ve told them that we’re going to negotiate day and night until we get it done, but it takes two.”

Smith is negotiating with—or trying to negotiate with—some of the most powerful, politically connected corporate actors in the United States. Their reach truly inspires awe. When the NFLPA produced a television ad in an effort to garner fan support, the networks first agreed and then refused to air it, presumably after pressure exerted by the league. DeMaurice Smith deemed the censorship “stunning.”

You might think, faced with such power, this would make him pessimistic about the prospects for players, but Smith finds himself inspired by events far removed from the world of football.


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If the NFL isn’t prepared to look at their own financial template on a regular basis then how will they be able to recognize the fact that along the way there has to adjustments made that can be dealt with by the interested parties in a manner befitting of each where they actually have trust in one another. And that’s clearly not the case here between the NFL and the NFLPA ! Neither side at this juncture have shown that they can either be trusted much less the fact that they can be openly honest with one another. Each side seeks the public’s empathy and I think that as of now the fans and general public aren’t overly interested in what either side has to say ….. other than perhaps them stating that there won’t be a lockout or labor stoppage .



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Now as an avid fan of the NFL I’ll say this, a lockout would to my mind be a mistake that won’t be of any help to either side . The goodwill that the league and union felt that they had amongst the fans is now hanging tenuously by a single thread . Their mistake is that they’re of the fans believe that they really care ………… the fact of the matter is the vast majority of the fans simply no longer care ! The league and the unions continue shoot themselves in the foot and will continue to do so now for the foreseeable future. The March 4th deadline for both sides to get a deal done before the current collective bargaining expires is not that far off but at the same time both Goodell and Smith act as if they have all the time in the world at their disposal , but it could in reality time is of the essence given the fact that the two sides only met for the second time twice in the last three months trying to work out a deal.

Should there be a lockout within the NFL what thoughts if any do you have and how do you envision this whole scenario panning out ? Simply proffer up your thoughts on the matter .

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(1) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has until March 3 to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Players Association and executive director DeMaurice Smith.
AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt …….

(2) NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith speaks during the NFL Players Association press conference at the Super Bowl XLV media center on February 3, 2011 in Dallas, Texas. The Green Bay Packers will play the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV on February 6, 2011 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Scott Halleran / Getty Images North America ……….

(3) National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell, Rob Manfred, executive vice president of labor and human resources in the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball, Major League Baseball, NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, Michael Weiner, general counsel for the Major League Baseball Players Association, Travis Tygart, CEO of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, Gabriel Feldman, associate professor of law and director of the Sports Law Program at Tulane University Law School, and Jeffrey Standen, professor of law at the Willamette University College of Law (L-R), testify on Capitol Hill on November 3, 2009 in Washington, DC. The hearing focused on doping in professional sports. Getty Images North America / Brendan Hoffman ………..



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6 thoughts on “Thanks For The Memories …………. But No Thanks !”

  1. I understand that people are upset because they want to see more football. I get that. But there are a lot of things going on inside those meetings that John Clayton or Adam Schefter aren’t reporting.

    Money is the main issue here, but at the same time pride is rearing its ugly head as well. These are competitive people…they’ve been competitive their entire lives, and neither side wants to be on the losing end of this.

    Right now it appears there won’t be any season at all. We can hope, but we can’t will them to an agreement.



    1. Ravenation LLC

      I know they’re (NFL and NFLPA [union]) competitive but that has nothing to do with it here it’s simply about greed ! The owners have never opened up their books for financial scrutiny so it’d be easy to suggest that the league has some veracity behind their case. But simply put the NFL has never done that and Goodell and the owners will never agree to do that unless subpoenad by Congress or the US Federal Courts .

      If I’d been born a woman I’d love to have had sex with Brett Favre and bear his child ! Chris Mortensen

      How can the league justify requesting a rollback from the union of $1 billion ($1,000,000,000 )a year for the next seven years and still not be willing to make any real concessions ? Have you even read what the league is said to be asking of the players ? It’s a complete joke !

      Brett Favre and I have a special relationship ……. I love pitching a tent in my pants when he’s right close up next to me ! Berman of ESPN

      As for ESPN those rat bastards will be like a sail they’ll follow the whichever way the wind blows . Mortensen , Clayton and Schefter possess about as much business acumen as to the real inherent issues as Sarah Palin’s knowledge on world affairs . They merely feed into the bullshit that’s served up to them by the program producers and directors !

      It’s been that way since the cable outlet essentially sold their souls to the Devil. They can’t even show objectivity much less give you a fair and balanced state of affairs when reporting even the most menial of stories ! They’ve (ESPN) become a sham and are merely there as entertainment and shtick value !

      tophatal …………….


  2. Mebbe we need a strike/lockout. Both are wrong in spades. Problem is all the “little people” who will suffer losses. Time for everyone of them, including my beloved Steelers, to wake up and smell the roses.
    How much money does anyone need to have? Fans won’t do it, but here should be a boycott by the fans….shit 900 bucks to see the Super Bowl…if one got in. Member when the cost to get in was 10 bucks?


    1. al clements

      It’s clear for everyone to see that there’s an impasse between the league and the union . But in reality it has more to do with simple greed more than anything else !

      The owners and league opt out of the CBA …….. what the hell did they think was going to happen ? The union would accept it all like a child being scolded ? Of course not now they’re about calling each other liars and a whole perfunctory of names rather than dealing with the underlying issues. They’ve only met formally twice in the last three months and much of the time it was the paeans within both organizations meeting to hash things out rather than it being Goodell and Smith . So what does that indicate to you from the outset ?

      At the same time the NFLPA has decertified itself in order to clear the way for a challenge in the Federal Court System by lodging a suit against the NFL and team owners .

      If there is a prolonged lockout it will affect each of of the major markets and lead to unemployment rates spiking in those cities . You’d be surprised as to how much money would be lost by the businesses there . It would go well into the tens of millions of dollars each week that there isn’t a game scheduled within the NFL . Do the fans much less the public and broadcast outlets really want that ?

      Here’s something to cheer you up as the Steelers lost the Superbowl . Don’t worry be happy .

      tophatal …………………


    1. Chris Humpherys

      The negotiations were never going anywhere to begin with ! Neither Goodell or Smith took each other seriously from the get-go or how else can you explain that the two leaders having only met twice formally in the last two months ? Everything else has been done behind closed doors with their subordinates present . The NFL won’t open up their books for public scrutiny so we have no way of telling if they’re being truthful so we simply have to take their word for it. That’s like taking a politician at his word when he says a vote for me will serve you well in the long run. We all know that to be nothing more than a crock of shit !

      Personally I’d like to see them be subpoenad to open up their books either by Congress or the US Federal Court System then we’d know for fact who’s damn well lying and who’s actually telling the truth. The NFLPA (union) has decertified itself in order to take the NFL to court at the federal level and if anything I do believe that they’d go all the way to the US Supreme Court if needs be should their not government mandated mediation.

      Owners such as Woody Johnson , Bob Kraft , Jim Irsay , Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder have been making statements that simply don’t tie in with the NFL but have been merely their own wishes as to what they’d like to see happen.

      That group of owners between them are worth in excess of $20 billion but I doubt you’d see them conceding any of their ‘scratch’ to make this whole situation become more amenable and equitable for all !

      The values of the teams won’t decline greatly as many of them have cash on hand and in some cases not that much debt. However in the case of the Chargers their situation could become extremely grave. As it is CEO and owner Dean Spanos sold off a minority stake in the team to billionaire Philip Anschutz co-owner of the Lakers , Staples Center and entertainment conglomerate AEG Inc .

      tophatal ………..


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