Got Yourself A Headache ? Try Being An NFL Player ?

Got Yourself A Headache ? Try Being An NFL Player ?

It’s often said ………’it takes a tragedy to happen before we truly understand or appreciate one’s mortality’ and truly that saying hits home every time. Sadly last night while having a drink in a bar with friends after work it was reported that former NFL star , two time winning Superbowl player and Pro Bowler Dave Duerson died from a self inflicted gun shot wound. Unfortunately this tragedy doesn’t encapsulate the whole facet of the player’s life after his retirement from the NFL. The player had taken his life this past Thursday at his South Florida home in Sunny Isles .


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Duerson lost his wife to an acrimonious divorce and his post professional life saw him lose his business to financial mismanagement and bankruptcy. Dave Duerson was also a rights’ advocate for current and former NFL players , specifically those who’d suffered from mental health issues related to chronic head traumas . In his will the player left specific instructions that his brain be donated to science for research into blunt head trauma injuries and chronic traumatic encephalathopy ( CTE). Neuro surgeons and Research Fellows at Boston University will be the recipients of the player’s brain and it has been there within the university’s School of Medicine and Neuroscience where research will and has been conducted into head traumas and other neurological health related injuries and diseases as it relates to the NFL. Duane Duerson during his career had suffered repeatedly from chronic symptoms of concussions on the field of play which saw him win a Superbowl with that heralded Chicago Bears’ team coached by Mike Ditka. His second triumph was gained with the New York Giants coached by Bill Parcells .

Courtesy of wire reports

Ex-NFL safety Duerson found dead; police await word on cause

Dave Duerson, a four-time Pro Bowl safety who played on Super Bowl winners with the Chicago Bears and New York Giants, has died. He was 50.

The Bears released a statement Friday saying they were “stunned and saddened” by the news and called Duerson “a great contributor to our team and the Chicago community.”

“Today is a difficult day for all of us who loved Dave,” the team said. “We’ll miss him. Our prayers are with his family.”

Miami-Dade Police Detective Robert Williams said the body of a Dave Duerson was found Thursday in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla. Computer records show that the Duerson who lived at the address was born the same month and year as the player.

Investigators haven’t determined the cause of death. Williams said detectives are awaiting the medical examiner’s report.

Duerson’s ex-wife, Alicia Duerson, told NBC Chicago that the former player “loved and cherished his family” and was “extremely proud” of Notre Dame and the Bears.

A native of Muncie, Ind., Duerson was a third-round draft pick by the Bears in 1983 out of Notre Dame and became a key figure on one of the greatest defenses ever assembled.

Who can forget the 1985 Chicago team mauling opponents while shuffling all the way to the championship with Hall of Famers such as Mike Singletary, Dan Hampton and Richard Dent up front? With Todd Bell sitting out the entire season, Duerson played a big role in the backfield with five interceptions that year and made the first of four consecutive Pro Bowls.

“He was a great player for us,” former Bears coach Mike Ditka told The Associated Press. “He stepped in and did a great job. It’s very sad.”

Click on link to read article in its entirety .


With all that’s now going on concerning the NFL , the NFLPA and their ongoing collective bargaining agreement . It goes without saying that this issue may not be a part of the two parties’ ongoing negotiations. And with the two parties now said to be hard at trying to eke out and reach an amicable agreement as both NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith , union President Kevin Mawae have met with a US Federal Court appointed and mandated mediator to mediate and address the issues brought up by both sides. In spite of the league’s and union’s appearance in front of the House Congressional Oversight Committee and their investigation into head traumas , their cause and effects with regard to the concussions and other neurological injuries. What we’ve now come to know is that the NFL and the union have never taken these issues seriously and that’ s in spite of the statements attributed to Goodell, Smith and members of the union’s Executive Committee .

Sadly, it may well have to take such tragedies as this , Duerson’s death, before the whole world wakes up the acute problems that players current and former face when they put their very health at risk all in the pursuit of excellence and wealth on the field of play. Granted, the life span of an NFL player on average is no more than six years at best but for those who’ve been involved in th game even longer the long terms effects of repeated injuries be they head trauma or some other inury, the aftermath at times can be catastrophic ! We now have players who’ve been retired no more than two years now suffering from early onsets of Alzheimers’ disease , debilitating and chronic head pains and other far more acute neurological disorders. Dave Duerson was a victim of repeated chronic head pains in the aftermath of the repeated concussions suffered over the course of his career. I’ve often heard the idiotic comments by fans and members of the public alike who state ….‘ let them play because this is a man’s game and they know the risks’ . Well one of the risks isn’t as such to end up in a damn wheelchair and then not knowing who members of your family are or what day of the week it is . This is the sort of asinine , idiotic statement that one would come to expect from someone who’s completely undeducated and without about as much common sense as an invertebrate !

If there’s to be an in depth study into these medical issues by independent as well the NFL’s own medical professionals then it ought to be a concerted effort by all of the parties concerned. Goodell and his predecessor Paul Tagliabue had repeatedly and it certainly hadn’t help that Smith’s predecessor Gene Upshaw were about as contrite in dealing with these issues as former Iraqi leader Sadaam Hussein had been before he decided to gas several hundred thousand Kurdish refugees in Northern Iraq as a precursor to the first Iraqi war. In realiy it has only been in recent years that the NFL and NFLPA have been proactive in dealing with this issue. Goodell and the league’s own inhouse medical professionals have long held the view that injuries suffered by players within the game , many of them at times have been or were pre-existing . Now they’ve begun to change their tune and shown a change in their attitude but they haven’t yet been completely swayed. Goodell’s counterpart , DeMaurice Smith has merely given the public sound bytes but in reality his stance hasn’t been any different than that of Gene Upshaw.

And Upshaw as a player has been someone who I’ve admired but as a union representative he has my complete and utter contempt ! His primary concern has always been how much money came rolling into the NFLPA’s coffers by way of the league’s collective bargaining agreement. His concern , if any , was never for any of his peers or the retired players and there have been public statements that can be attributed to the late union chief executive. Meanwhile the fans out there continue to be completely in awe by what they see on the field of play but rarely do they show any real wish to view after the after life of an NFL player and many of the problems that they face. I liken it how the VA (Veterans’Administration), the government and public at large say that they stand behind the troops in their support but most days they wouldn’t give a soldier the time of day much less say hello . Doubt my word ? Then ask yourself this, when was the last time you offered some form of assistance to a returning veteran much less having spent some time with one either at a military facility such as a hospital or VFW lodge ? Go ahead give it a try and let me know what the experience was like ? It may well change your mindset as to how you actually view their plight. I mean the whole world felt aggrieved with the loss of former NFL star Pat Tillman even in the advent of his death being due to friendly fire but you’d be hard pressed to hear anyone say what happened in the aftermath as to the coverup concerning his death by the Defense Department and the US Army itself ?

The NFL has long maintained that it cares about the players and their well being but you’d be hard pressed to actually believe that statement . And I do believe that the league as a whole as well as the owners as a fraternity are a bunch of conniving and greedy bastards ! Nothing that they’re liable to say as it relates to the health issues of current and former NFL players can be taken with any type of veracity and the NFLPA for their part will merely act as if their concern has always been that of their union members. What I find galling by this whole travesty has been the utter contempt shown by the league in treating this matter with the seriousness ad dignity it deserves. But instead it continues to sweep the matter under the carpet until the next crisis or incident catches the public’s and media’s attention and then it tends to act in something of a diplomatic manner.

I’d certainly like to think at this juncture some common ground can be found where both the NFL and union can work in conjunction with the medical community as well as academia in thoroughly investigating and looking to safeguard the well being of current and former NFL players not just neurological disorders but also all forms of life threatening injuries that can and are suffered over the course of a player’s career. Rather than then seeing a player being pushed aside then left to fend for themselves and more often than not being egregiously denied benefits that’s rightfully due to them. At present there’s a civil suit filed by current and former players against the NFL as the sole defendant that charges them with gross malpractice , fraud and grand larceny in the denial of benefits due to the plaintiffs , in this case a collective of seventy five current and former NFL players. The suit has been filed within the US Federal Court System in Los Angeles for which a trial date has yet to be set. The plaintffs seek unspecified as well as punitive damages . The NFL and owners for their part haven’t as such issued a public statement concerning the matter but I’ve no doubt that the league’s general counsel in all due time with gave that rather perfunctory statement saying that …..” the plaintiffs’ case is without merit”.

In light of Duane Duerson’s death and the health problems that the player is said to have sustained during his professional post NFL career do you firmly believe that the league and union has done enough with regard to safe guarding the well being and health of the players ? Or do you believe that they’ve simply obfuscated their responsibilities and would rather see the players simply deal with their own health concerns themselves ? Bear this in mind the rate of neurological health issues suffered by NFL players is far higher than the general population at large and when compared to the geriatrics (elderly) the actual rate is almost 33% higher . Cause for concern don’t you think when players in their late thirties and forties in some cases are suffering from the early onset of such afflictions as ALS , Alzheimers’ disease , Parkinson’s disease , epileptic seizures, or CTE or an abundance of other life threatening maladies ? Say what you will but at this juncture but this is no longer an issue that can be swept under the carpet as it has been repeatedly done by both the NFL and NFLPA over the years . It’s time for them to do what’s morally and legally right rather than hiding behind that veil of ignorance and complete stupidity !


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Simply chime in with your thoughts on this matter and any other issue you feel is pertinent as it relates to the NFL and this topic . Thanks as always for the continued support as it’s greatly appreciated !

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(1) Dave Duerson (right) is seen here testifying before Congress in June of 2007 . In the background seated is former Dallas Cowboys’ player Darryl Johnston . Duerson’s testimony to Congress dealt with the issues of neurological disorders suffered by current and retired players. He was a stauch advocate also for the rights of players with regard their medical plight , denial of benefits and numerous other health related issues. He was only 50 years old at the time of his death. AP/ Malcolm Warren ……….

(2) Duerson seen here during an game for the Chicago Bears playing against the Dallas Cowboys at Soldier Field in Chicago , Illinois . AFP/Reuters / Phil Pressman ………..

(3) Chicago Bears former safety Dave Duerson holds up his drivers’ license during a public tribute to his teammate Walter Payton at Chicago’s Soldier Field in this November 6, 1999 file photo. Duerson, a key member of the team that won the 1985 Super Bowl, has died, police said on Friday. Duerson, 50, was found dead this past Thursday night at his home in Miami, said detective Robert Williams, a spokesman for the Miami Dade Police Department. No immediate cause of death was given. REUTERS/Sue Ogrocki …..


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28 thoughts on “Got Yourself A Headache ? Try Being An NFL Player ?”

  1. Today’s “Sad but True” moment. We simply aren’t good at handling things in this country that aren’t immediately and dramatically apparent. Snap a leg Theismann-style, we can handle that. But stuff like this…it will take years of generating awareness and educating to get people to understand this.


    1. JW

      In reality education won’t be enough because this has been an ongoing situation for years. The NFL and NFLPA have been complete asses over the last decade ignoring the pleas of the medical establishment as well as the players’ fraternity. How else can you simply explain the ignorance shown by Goodell his predecessor Tagliabue as well as from the union side Smith and Gene Upshaw the biggest piece of dog crap on the face of the planet while he was alive when it actually came to players’ issues ! They (union) may well have honored him but quite frankly he didn’t really give a s_it about the players. I’m sorry but Upshaw was an undignified as_hole and complicit in of the league and players’ problems.

      If we know that cigarettes can kill , and if you give a child a loaded gun explain the consequences of aiming at someone telling them to fire you know the consequences ?. So how is it that the NFL and union simply don’t comprehend the dangers of this all ?

      It’s not merely about education but the mere fact that both parties have chosen to ignore this most acute of issues. That’s as succinctly as I can put it !

      tophatal ……………


  2. Congress has no business involved in this. The NFL needs to take care of their own. This however does not mean that sucide is okay. It is not. He made the mistakes in his personal and business life. Yet, the NFL needs to address this issue.


    1. Bobby Gee

      That’s where you’re wrong where Congress shouldn’t get involved because the NFL’s antitrust exemption puts them directly in the midst of this all as it relates to the NFL’s business practices . In denying players benefits that adds to the league’s bottom line (profits) .

      This isn’t about Duerson’s mistakes but the fact in his post NFL career the player suffered tremendously through with chronic ailments that were directly attributed to his time in the NFL . What is it about that you simply don’t comprehend ? Your stance is mildly idiotic and somewhat stupid ! You’re the sort of person who’s of the believe that if left undealt with a problem can always solve itself in time ! Here’s the problem players are dying in the most embarrassing conditions possible not unlike with the same way the military veterans are known to have done over the years . What’d you have them do simply live with the situation ?

      The NFL and union have had time and they’re still ignoring the pleas of the players . So what now ?

      Think before you make some of your statement as they come across as asinine !

      tophatal ………………….


  3. Think one can look directly to head trauma over the years as a causative factor.
    Same thing with Iron Mike Webster and too many others. Some Steelers went this route also. Some one must wake up


    1. al clements

      And didn’t Mike Webster end up dying in embarrassing conditions ? It was said he was at the point where he’d become a drooling vegetable , defecating on himself at times because he simply couldn’t handle some of his bodily functions as an able bodied human being .

      Tell me someone where’s the dignity in that ?

      Webster Mike

      Webster seen here as a Steeler on the sidelines

      Goodell , the league , the league’s medical counsel and the union have been complete idiots in addressing these issues !


      Webster and Bradsahaw seen here in Cantion , Ohio, home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame .

      tophatal …………………..


  4. The NFL has the money to address this problem through what ever means necessary.
    Owners and players alike know that these men need to be treated both medically and physchologically, they just don’t agree who should pay for it. The answer (in my opinion) is that they both should. It’s too bad that every one involved is so blinded by greed.


    1. aero

      The NFL is approximately a $9 billion ($9,000,000,00 year business and they simply can’t set aside a mere 1% of that to take care of the medical needs of their most prized assets and that’s the current and former players.

      Neither side wants to come out and openly admit to the fact that they’ve ignored this issue. Now all we’ve been getting are mere sound bytes not unlike the same crap we see from either the members of Congress , Senate or from within Obama’s —- cabinet !

      The real tragedy here is that this won’t be the last such incident concerning a former NFL player and their untimely demise. Like I said look at what took place concerning the death of Pat Tillman and the guy was serving his country as a member of the US military as an Army Ranger ?

      There’s fun to be had at a fairground isn’t there ?

      Reduction you say ? Hell no !

      One has to feel the produce to make sure that they’ve fully ripened good to taste !

      Greed is the be all and the end all of the issue ! Neither side will willingly admit to that very fact !

      tophatal …………


  5. Exactly why the NFL shouldn’t expand to a 18-game season. One’s body can only take so much, and this is going to be brutal. In my opinion, the NFL is all about stacking their pockets. It’s a shame that this has to go to court just to be addressed.


    1. jgome

      The NFL and union (NFLPA) are simply like any other publlic or private business entity they put profits first ahead of their employees and simply don’t give a sh_t about them or the fans for that matter !

      The civil suit in the courts doesn’t even begin to completely address the issue because it only directly involves the 75 plaintiffs adjoined to the suit and not the NFLPA as a whole .

      Well honey it’s definitely not the brakes .

      tophatal ………………………


    2. jgome

      The league and owners may well want an 18 game season but they’re simply not wanting to compromise where it means them having to pay more in terms of players’ compensation. The <a href=";. union want team rosters increased by 2 players which in effect also means an increase in the practice squads as well . But if it means that type of additional cost to the teams then they simply won’t acquiesce with good intentions of a meaningful compromise be it with a Federally appointed mediator.

      Goodell takes his instructions from the owners and when they say ” jump ” ………. he simply asks “how high” ?

      tophatal ……………..


    1. Chris Ross

      You want to know what’s really sad is the fact the US military just like many of these now retired NFL players are treated the same way ! The league and union simply have never cared what happens to the players in spite of them paying their dues and allegedly getting what they believe at the time was the appropriate medical coverage .

      Roger Goodell and NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith . are two of the biggest hypocrites going in professional sports !

      tophatal ………..


  6. If the NFL and union can ignore the players’ health when they’re suffering from not only neurological condition but also nerval condition such as ALS , Parkinson’s and Hodgkinson’s then what would give anyone the impression that they’d now all of a sudden simply care ?

    tophatal ………….


  7. What an absolutely bizarre and upsetting story this was.

    As long as players and owners continue to argue over who gets the biggest piece of the pie, they will continue to lose sight of what’s truly important.

    And that would be a shame.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      You know who ought to be donating their brains to scientific research the owners , league hierarchy and the entire Executive Committee of the NFLPA ! Because those assholes have never been empathetic or sympathetic or shown any compassion to current or retired players now said to suffering from debilitating career ending injuries be they neurological or otherwise .

      Duerson isn’t the only former NFL player who has decided to donate their brain to scientific research in the field of neurological disorders as it relates to injuries suffered from playing in the NFL . As he’s one of several who are now joining a growing field in this endeavor donating apart from BUMC , UCLA Medical Center for Neurological Research & Medicine , Stanford and John Hopkins to name but a few .

      Over the years both the NFL and union have continued to ignore the findings raised by accredited professionals in the field of neuroscience while simply agreeing with case studies with their own inhouse medical professionals where the studies conducted have been minimal at best. And their findings have never been fully discussed with others outside of those who conducted those original test. Is it any wonder that Congress questioned the veracity in large part as to the case that Goodell , union and the owners tried put forward concerning this ? They continue to be a bunch of damn hypocrites on this sole issue never mind what took place with Mike Ditka and his charity Gridiron Heroes where much of the money raised there actually went directly into the pockets of the speakers who were paid handsomely for a speaking engagement rather than simply the foundation paying their expenses. Now only in the light of an outcry has the foundation changed their whole way of doing things .

      These hypocrites wouldn’t know the definition of doing the right thing if it came up and bit them on the ass !

      tophatal …………..


  8. Chris Humpherys

    We all know that if the league , owners and union stood in a room and someone farted they’d begin to point fingers at one another rather than someone there owning up to an act of flatulence .

    I never intimated that either side was that bright to begin with as I feel that Goodell is a dope and Smith merely likes to preen himself in front of the waiting press because of the glare of the cameras and journalists as he’s now become the most powerful African American in all of professional sports .

    Simply Red …………. ‘Holding Back The Years ‘

    But like I said in your most recent post come midnight 3rd March this’ll be the lament being played if these assholes don’t come to some sort of equitable agreement !

    tophatal ……….


  9. Suicide is rough stuff. But, in all fairness it’s a side effect of almost every profession. I remember reading somewhere that dentists have an extremely high suicide rate compared to other professions.

    Another thing that I think that you’d find if you surveyed these guys WHILE negotiations weren’t going on is that almost all of them wouldn’t have done things any different. Sports is all about glory, and the price you pay (and GET PAID) to have a shot at glory is super high. Look at Muhamad Ali.

    Still really sad.



    1. Meehan raises a great point. While this is clearly a tragic issue that we must address, there is also a HUGE element of “You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.”


    2. Ravenation LLC

      Let’s get one thing straight I think Duerson’s situation could’ve been avoided had there been help there for him provided by the league and union . But both sides have been negligent in assisting most noticeably retired players. Now many of them aren’t just suffering from neurological disorders but also from ailments such as osteoporosis brought on repeated bone injuries leading early signs of arthritic pains then them being chemically dependent on prescriptive medication to ease the pain. It’s not unlike the shit that many of the vets are going through with because of the bullshit that they have to put up with from the VA and federal government and their own state agencies at large !

      I’m broke but will work for food ! Sprewell

      I’m broke , my ex is suing me for alimony , unpaid child support and to top it all I’m playing in the fuc_ing NBA D League and Troy Murphy is playing for the Celtics ! Nigga’ show me some love please ? ‘ntoine Walker

      Sports may well be about glory and financial reward but unless these are in the mould of the Sprewell’s and the Antoine Walker’s of the world they’ll still have money at the end of their career .

      tophatal ……………….


  10. JW

    Ravenation LLC – Meehan

    Ali’s problem stemmed from a number of things , bad financial advice , an entourage that were simply parasites and Don King who essentially sucked him dry financially and who never had his best interests healthwise or financially at all. Simply look at Mike Tyson who over the course of his career earned over $350 million in fight earnings alone but now is stone broke ? You can’t tell me that King cared about him at all ! That’s why the likes of Holmes and Foreman successfully sued his (King) ass for grand larceny which he settled out of court .

    Ali and King

    And this was the fight that Ali should never have had against Holmes . After that fight Ali essentially became a vegetable and a shell of himself !

    tophatal …………


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