There’s No I In Team ………….. In Miami They’ve No Team But They’ve Got A Great Many Flaws !

There’s No I In Team ………….. In Miami They’ve No Team But They’ve Got A
Great Many Flaws !

Explain this to me the Miami Heat were meantt to be the team to beat and the conventional wisdom of thinking was that they would be the presumptive favorites within the Eastern Conference to win the NBA title . Pardon me for saying this but when you’re 1-7 against the five of the top teams within the league it shows that you’re simply overrated !


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Coming off giving up a 24 point lead in a loss to the Orlando Magic at the Amway Arena the Heat would fall flat in their blowout loss to the San Antonio Spurs . And as a statistic consider this the Spurs were able to hit seventeen 3 pointers in the game as the Heat and their big three were simply no match for the conference and division leading Spurs in their runaway win .

The “team” that Pat Riley built is more style over substance and it continues to show despite the rationale of Dwyane Wade , LeBron James and Chris Bosh talking about growing as a team shows that this Heat roster still has a long way to go. And it simply hasn’t helped that the bench play of this team has been awful throughout the season and defensively their inconsistency continues to be a cause of great concern.

Though the Miami Heat has the third best record within the Eastern Conference the thought is that now Eric Spoelstra and his coaching staff will now have to truly prove their worth over the remainder of the season. It’s all well and good when a team is winning but in reality when the expectations of the fans and the front office are so high that failure is not an option and by failure I mean winning this season’s NBA title. The Heat players may well tell you that this season is simply about playing with consistency but their most recent trials and tribulations have been anything but that .

From a coaching standpoint I certainly don’t believe that Spoelstra’s position is in danger as of yet but if things continue to get worse then I do believe that Pat Riley may well have to rethink that issue and be quite possibly willing to step down from his executive suite of the Heat’s front office and step back into the fray as an NBA coach. The mindset of this team is the belief that three players all with their own abilities makes a unit considerably better but then you don’t complement them with a core group of players that can play at both ends of the court then any aspirations that you might have won’t at all come to fruition. Players such as Zydrunas Ilgauskas , Eric Dampier are past their sell by date and please tell me that Carlos Arroyo has something to offer the Heat rather than simply just portraying a mannequin !

If there’s anything that the Heat can take away from this loss is the mere fact that they still lead Atlantic Division even in light of the Orlando Magic’s loss to the Chicago Bulls . Next up for Miami is a game against the Bulls at the United Center in Chicago , Illinois. And their situation won’t be made any easier with the fact that the next six of their eight games are against teams with records above .500 within the NBA .

For Gregg Popovich he had to have been pleased with what he saw from his team and in particular the play of Matt Bonner , Gary Neal and Tigao Splitter but simply put this was a collective effort in the team’s seemingly effortless 30 point victory (125-95) which was the Heat’s largest loss inflicted on the team this season .

The Spurs’ trio of Tim Duncan , Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker may well believe that this team is quite capable of winning their first title since 2007 . And most certainly bodes well for the rest of the regular season for the San Antonio Spurs as they look to put their own seal of approval on the year .

This NBA postseason promises to be one filled with a great deal of intrigue and it remains to see what will transpire from it all . As to the immediate fate of the Heat and how they might fare over the remainder of the season it all comes down to the fact this team has no heart when they steer real adversity in the face and that was plain for all to see in this rather humiliating loss . At no point did anyone step up to the plate and show any semblance of leadership in any regard . Certainly not from Wade , James or Bosh much less anyone else on the team and the postgame interviews of the triumvirate merely reiterated that fact with usual rhetorical response as to their disappointment. This Miami Heat has simply shown more style over substance and far too many people have bought into that hype rather than looking at the heart and soul of this team and that has been what has been missing all along. It’s all been style over substance and you simply no that style points get you nowhere when it comes to the postseason. And as to the asinine summaries from TNT analysts such as Chris Mullin and Mark Jackson as they really need to look at how the Heat play rather than simply being in awe of LeBron James !


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What thoughts if any do you have with regard to the play of the Miami Heat and their season so far ? Simply chime in with your thoughts on this topic and anything else as it relates to the NBA ?

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(1) Tony Parker (9) of the San Antonio Spurs takes a shot against the Miami Heat at the AT&T Center on March 4, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas. Ronald Martinez/ Getty Images ……….

(2) Dejuan Blair of the San Antonio Spurs at AT&T Center on March 4, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas while the Heat’s Chris Bosh is unable to defend the play. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images …..

(3) Guard Dwyane Wade(3) of the Miami Heat takes a shot against Tim Duncan(21) of the San Antonio Spurs at AT&T Center on March 4, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas. Ronald Martinez/ Getty Images ……………

(4) Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra speaks with referee Michael Smith during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the San Antonio Spurs in San Antonio, Friday, March 4, 2011. The Spurs won 125-95. AP Photo/Bahram Mark Sobhani …….

(5) San Antonio Spurs center Matt Bonner shoots a 3-pointer as players on the Miami Heat bench watch during the second half of an NBA basketball game in San Antonio, Friday, March 4, 2011. Bonner was 6-for-7 on 3-point attempts as the Spurs beat the Heat 125-95 . AP Photo/ Bahram Mark Sobhani ………


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9 thoughts on “There’s No I In Team ………….. In Miami They’ve No Team But They’ve Got A Great Many Flaws !”

  1. Pat Riley knows how to pick ’em and the boogers out of his nose . Bosh turns up once in a blue moon and when LBJ’s head is down he merely walks away and it’s left to D Wade to make the excuses for this mentally and physically soft team !

    Perhaps Riles’ can rest his head on these because I know he’s now having sleepless nights !

    tophatal ………………..


  2. I wonder how those millions are going to pay off if the Heat drop down to the 4th seed come playoff time lol. This team has no offensive identity in the clutch.


    1. jgome

      One of the main reasons behind bringing LBJ and Bosh to Miami was in part to stave of the mounting financial losses of the organization . Attendance at AA Arena in Miami had been dwindling , Riley and the owner Micky Arison had to do something drastic to lure the fans back to the Heat’s games . Now we all witnessed for ourselves Jim Gray all but licking LeBron’s ass of every piece of fecal matter the guy could’ve shat out with his interview ‘The Decision’ and we all saw how immature James was and still is ! The guy can’t take criticism and he can act so damn infantile you can’t be sure whether or not he’s actually potty trained !

      People continue to make excuses for him even when it’s the inexcusable ! I can tell you this though if they fail make it deep into the playoffs then all three players will be ripped especially James !

      Perhaps certain members of this Heat team should try dribbling with these in order to get use to playing some round ball ?

      They have identity but what they actually lack is a defensive posture ! There are female hygiene products that can soak up more adversity than this damn team !

      tophatal …………………….


    1. Chris Humpherys

      They may well be two of the best but as of now they’re acting like immature kids who’ve had their favorite toy taken away from them ! Have you heard the crap coming out of both of their mouths concerning these most recent losses ? Instead of holding themselves accountable and acting like leaders they continue to bitch and whine !

      ” I’m now the King Nigga up in these parts fo sho’ ” ! ‘Nah we’s the King Nigga’s up in here ‘ !

      Now if there continues to be even more criticism of the team watch Riles come out and start to say everyone is picking on em ! The Heat are soft both mentally and physically and the real problem here is that they think it’s all going to be hand to ’em on a damn silver platter . Like I said we all saw what befell the 2004 Lakers in the Finals against the Pistons . Arrogance and complacency got the better of the team as they got kicked in the ass , and deservedly so !

      Even Xena has ‘more stones’ than Bosh !

      And answer me this why is Bosh on this team ? The guy has more nights off than Charlie Sheen on a bender !

      tophatal …………….


  3. It’s going to be really interesting to see if the Heat can figure it out because right now they have a lot of problems, and its starting to all come back to the coach again. I think they could still be a force but they need to run the offence more through Bosh and also allow their role players more shots so they have the confidence in late and close game situations.


    1. Chris Ross

      The problem isn’t the coach or his assistant coaching staff but the fact that beyond Wade and James this team simply isn’t all that good. Hasn’t anyone actually figured it out as of yet ?

      This is the team that Riley has built as to what he feels it’ll take to win an NBA title . Perhaps some should’ve reminded him that beyond James and Wade you need someone who’s a leader and who can play a lick of damn defense ?

      If they get these two female to play PF for the Heat then perhaps their season would be as such better than it now is ?

      Bosh is simply along for the ride and he’s contributed as much to the team as a rabbi would to an Islamic festival ! In other words he’s done fu_ck all to justify the money he’s being paid even if it’s at a reduced rate !

      tophatal ………………..


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